Make Today A Celebration!

start your day with gratitude

“Make today a celebration. Find all the magical moments. Seek out all the little things you can put your attention on and enjoy.

gratitude  magnet

Find the numerous reasons why today is wonderful. Look for all the fun and delight and amazement that you can discover.

its a gppd day to have a good day

What about this moment is good? What about this moment is new? What are you grateful for? Who are the special people in your life you appreciate? What are your special talents and abilities you are thankful to have?

gratitude magic

What if you could find more blessings today than you ever thought you could? Perhaps, you will if you will really try. Make it a point to make this day special by collecting special moments. Look for and find what makes you feel marvelous.

go without complaining

What makes you feel inspired? Who would you like to help put a smile on their lips? The more you look the more you will be able to find. Begin right now. Do it today!  Then do it tomorrow too. Aim high and keep going.” Rex Sikes

How many wonderful things will you discover about yourself, your life and others this day? Celebrate & delight!

See you next time. Have a great day!


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Positive Thinking Part 4 Stuck? How You Can Change!

grow the habit

“People remain the same because of excuses. Call it fear, call it resistance, call it reluctance, call it anything you want to call it but do you know what an excuse really is?

It is a thought!

An excuse is a thought that prevents you and ‘excuses you’ from being accountable and responsible for making positive changes. It is a thought utilized to defend your present circumstances, conditions and mindset. It is a way of giving yourself permission to not do anything at all.

When you have an excuse you are simply using your thoughts to make a case for why you won’t engage in making anything different.

You are making a case for ‘why not’, why you won’t. Sure, some people say they can’t but that is the same as saying they won’t because  the end result is the same.

You could be using your thoughts positively, constructively and powerfully. You could be creating the life you want.

The fact is you are already using them powerfully to prevent you. Yes, you may be citing reasons or pointing to others and events which you deem as  the ‘real’ cause for why you are ‘NOT’,  who and what you want to be, but the bottom line is that YOU, and you alone, are using your mind to limit you and limit your possibilities.

forget why it wont believe why it will

Part 4 How To Change.

What I discovered is this:

I believe that things are easier for me when my attitude is optimum and I feel my very best. I know that when I think positive thoughts and focus on what I can do I feel better. I know  that when I feel better I think better and am able to do more, more easily.

Our thoughts and feelings go hand in hand so I want the best of both. When I am thinking great thoughts and having great feelings  things not only seem much better but I am much better equipped to ‘tend to the garden’. I function better, it is that simple. I am better.

I understand that WHATEVER I am thinking I am endorsing. If my thoughts are less than glorious and are focused on not having enough, not being enough, or not doing enough the result is I feel less than glorious and not much like doing anything.

I understand that what I currently have in life is due to my thinking and my efforts. If I do not like what is going on currently,  then for me to have a better future, I must change or fix something now, in the present. I know I am not going to be able to wish things different, I am going to actually have to make things different.

My thoughts determine how much I am willing to attempt to do this.

In order  to make things different and better in my life  it is important for me to think and feel and do my very best.  I need to be at my optimum. I can’t be half way committed.

It is said, ‘you don’t get uphill thinking down hill thoughts’, and for myself, I have found that to be quite accurate.

The way I get there is to fill my mind each day with positive material. I mentioned reading each day to stimulate and help you focus on the positive and what you can do. I suggested doing no less than at least a page a day, more if you are able. You can listen to positive messages, podcasts, streaming, cds, it is all available online, much of it for free. There is no shortage of positive audio and video available.

See, if you become what you think about most of the time, the key is to be thinking well most of the time. We eat to be healthy we need to ingest the positive, the strong and positive each day and throughout the day. We need be surrounded by it and bathed in it. This helps immensely. Often, when I find myself off track is when I have spent time getting the proper mental nutrition. I cannot emphasize this enough.

It is not a matter of looking at an inspirational poster or platitude once or twice it is making the positive messages the preponderance of what you ingest and pay attention to. It is filling yourself up so positively there is no room for the negative to grab hold and keeping yourself there. It is maintaining this as a habit. Then you find that you get back more and more positive thoughts and feelings and even situations because  your overall being and life is positive.

I have a better life because I make it a point to think better thoughts and to feel better and to work smarter and wiser. How I feel better is determined by what I put my attention on. I almost never feel better by criticizing myself, loathing myself or my circumstances or thinking life sucks. I feel better by choosing to think better thoughts. When I pay attention to those things that make me feel better I FEEL BETTER. So it is important to have a great daily diet of positive inspiration.

I think about what I can do and what is possible instead of what I don’t think I could do yet. I think about who I am and what I have right now that I appreciate, that I count as a blessing and that makes me feel good. I look around at this glorious planet to find those things that inspire me that I can aspire to and that helps me feel better. I look at the beauty of nature, people, animals and find myself smiling and in awe.  I look to what is decent and good and pure to feel better.

I seek to find whatever is positive and inspiring because that changes how I feel for the best . I place my focus on those thoughts and things. Whenever I notice that focus waning from the optimal I return it to something positive. I keep doing this each day. This is how I live.

train your mind to see good

I’ll use the analogy of a tightrope, not because you could plummet downward because of a mis-step, although that is not an un-useful analogy to consider. Negative thinking tends to cause people to spiral down. Obviously, if one leans too much to one side they will fall off the tightrope.

I use the analogy because of the fine balance that is required to successfully walk it. When one shifts too much over to one side an adjustment  needs to be made to return to the balance point on center. The walker never walks perfectly straight but is constantly making  adjustments to stay balanced.

By constantly adjusting balance one moves forward walking on the tightrope. This process never ends. There is not a moment when balance (in this example) is not necessary.  It is always about maintaining balance.

The thought of walking a tightrope might scare some. When one learns to walk a tightrope they begin with a rope on the floor or only inches from the floor, not 40 feet in the air. It is difficult or seemingly impossible at first to walk without falling off. It takes relaxed effort to continue.

The novice walker gets better  with practice. It becomes a skill and eventually the walker maintains balance while being able to do other things. They might eat, read a book, juggle, lie down on the rope, jump or anything else because they have trained themselves how to. What they learned in the beginning still applies to the new abilities they add in.

The walker developed the habit of finding and maintaining the balance point to successfully walk the tightrope. Now, too, if they wish they can walk higher and higher in the air. The same skill, maintaining  balance applies to 40 feet as it does at 4 inches.

The point is, when they began it seemed impossible. Sometime later, they do it with ease. In order to get good at it they had to engage in it. Reading about it wouldn’t make them a tightrope walker. Thinking they could never be one would not make them one either. They had to try it and stay with it. They had to change some things in order to make it possible.

If you want you life to change you have to change some of the things in your life.

The balance point, the center, for me, is feeling and thinking in the most optimum way through most of each day.

It is the place of positivity that I want to be in. It is where my strength and encouragement comes from. When a less than glorious feeling arises I recognize it, I accept that it is there and then I gently return my focus to what I want instead.

I am learning how to allow whatever occurs and to not resist it. Oh yes, I am a novice. I am learning to not fight these moments when they occur because to fight it would be to give energy to it. I prefer not to waste my energy with what I do not want. I would rather put it into what I want and who I want to be.

I find positive thinking a place of power from where I can be more resourceful, more resilient or flexible. I think better, I feel better, I act better, I can do more and life is much more enjoyable when I am positive.

We will continue this next time. I hope you are enjoying and benefiting from what I am sharing. Life can be so much more incredible than I ever thought it could be. It isn’t only about having more, although that is possible, rather it is about making more of what you already have. I do not mean that you settle for less either.

I decided I might only have one shot at this life. It wasn’t always what I wanted or would have hoped for. I lived many years taking whatever came my way as if that was how it was supposed to be. Once I decided I could have a different life, a better life, I start doing those things that helped make it happen. It is still a work in progress.

I discover two things among many I would like to share and leave you with today. Two quotes attributed to J. P. Morgan. I found this to be so true, I invite you to consider these:

‘When you expect things to happen – strangely enough – they do happen.’ J.P. Morgan

As I point out in the above this is accurate whether you expect good things or bad things to happen. I know many of my worst fears came true and then I learned I could make my biggest hopes and dreams come true similarly.

‘Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.’ J.P. Morgan

I think of it this way. You never know what you can accomplish until you actually begin working at it. So go as far as you can in your thinking,  do as much as you are able, never let a thought stop you, go beyond where you are, because when you do you will discover that you can think and see and do more than you first thought. You can surprise yourself.

So surprise yourself today. After all, after today, it will not be here any longer, it will be a memory. Use the days you have to make them what you want them to be.” Rex Sikes

See you next time. Have a great day!

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Positive Thinking Part 3 What Is Your Excuse?

your mind is a garden grow flowers or weeds

… ” I daily read and filled my mind with positive thoughts. I created some positive AFFIRMATIONS. I thought of these through out the day. Later, I discovered the awesome power of asking DIRECTED QUESTIONS of myself. I have mentioned the power of directing your mind positively through the artful and scientific use of questions at other times in this blog and through the years in my writings and workshops.”

Later on I learned the, even more, awesome and incredible power of FEELINGS.

Part 3

It works like this: the mind (our conscious mind) determines the direction (good or bad) the feelings we have drive us there. Whatever we think and feel we end up magnifying. Our feelings drive everything. Our feelings are what help create our results based on our thinking. I will explore this concept more int depth as we continue.

If we worry and are fearful or anxious, angry, hateful or depressed our thoughts and feelings are paired powerfully. It makes if difficult to get free of either and we usually end up with more of the same. UNLESS sometimes, something occurs to shake us awake and we make a decision to be different. Sometimes it is a cataclysmic event in our life and we decide we must move in a different direction.

The same applies when we are positive and confident, joyous, open and powerful, delighted and living with gratitude. Our feelings and thoughts are powerfully paired. It is difficult to shake a person from this way of being, yet sometimes, cataclysmic events shake us and we find ourselves falling into despair. This is possible, yes.

Both negativity and positivity as habits are difficult to break and that is why we operate as we do. Whichever we are predominantly determines what we see, feel, hear, do and get. Positivity or negativity is the filter we use to label our life experiences. It is as  if we have rosy colored glasses or blue tinted lenses with which we see and experience the world.

Our habitual frame of mind determines how we experience life; whether we are mostly happy or not or mostly getting what we want or not. Our mind set, our attitude,  influences everything.

Being positive or negative – each is easy and each is difficult.

Frankly, as creatures of habit, we do whatever we have done.

Whatever we are accustomed to, whatever is most familiar and most comfortable  to us is what we continue to do.

Whatever we have done we keep doing. We proliferate it most of the time. This is why we stay pretty much as we are and experience living the life as we do.

It is either great or it sucks or it is okay. 

We are creatures comfortable with consistency.

Change is difficult for many of us because it means doing things other than how we have been doing them.

I mean consider this, WE like short cuts.  We state that the best way is the shortest way, ‘a straight line between two points’, yet nothing is ever actually straight in life, still that is what we want.

We want it quick, easy, fast, effortless, timeless, we want it perfect, yesterday, low cost, convenient and high quality without ever having to life a finger. We grew up thinking these things. We were influenced by  media, parents and peers. We have adopted many beliefs about ourself and the world from others.

Well, it is true, isn’t it? Who do you know who says, ‘I want to work and work hard to get what I got? If it takes forever so what? Bring on the effort and the delays I can handle anything?’

Yes, people parrot the phrase, ‘no pain. no gain’ but not because they prefer it. They only mean ‘crap, it is going to take some effort and that is painful’. They think that is the way things are, (like death and taxes) there is no choice, you can’t do anything about it and that is how it is. They put up with it.

Face it, most of us want it to be easy. Especially, those brought up in recent decades. We like fast, convenient, tasty food even when it isn’t the best choice for us because we are USED TO having it.

AT the very same time we want change!!! We want changes!!!


This is a huge issue for people. It is a big issue in the corporate world too. In this way people and corporations (run by people) share some practices in common.

The company takes forever to decide to implement a new protocol (they call this procrastination ‘research’) and they may utilize facilitators (within the company or from without)  to help things change BUT NOT TOO MUCH.

Change IS desired but not too much change.

Don’t shake the apple tree because as inefficient and ineffective as it presently is it is preferable to the unknown future and possible consequences.

‘We have always done it this way’. The known, while uncomfortable, IS frequently  preferable to the discomfort of the unknown future.

People and companies tend to remain the same.

They don’t really want to change NOR do they want to have to work at it. They don’t want to put in any effort to make it happen? It will be too arduous, to costly (energy wise or otherwise)  to maintain the new way of being.

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

People remain the same because of excuses. Call it fear, call it resistance, call it reluctance, call it anything you want to call it but do you know what an excuse really is?

It is a thought!

An excuse is a thought that prevents you and ‘excuses you’ from being accountable and responsible for making positive changes.

It is a thought utilized to defend your present circumstances, conditions and mindset. It is a way of giving yourself permission to not do anything at all.

When you have an excuse you are simply using your thoughts to make a case for why you won’t engage in making anything different.

You are making a case for ‘why not’, why you won’t. Sure, some people say they can’t but that is the same as saying they won’t because  the end result is the same.

You could be using your thoughts positively, constructively and powerfully. Ooops you are already using them powerfully to prevent you. Yes, you may be citing reasons or pointing to others and events which you deem as  the ‘real’ cause for why you are ‘NOT’,  but the bottom line is that YOU, alone, are using your mind to limit you and limit your possibilities.

Okay, again. YOU could be using your thoughts positively, constructively and powerfully to make desired changes and open the doors to wonderful new ways of being and having that, MAY AT FIRST seem uncomfortable for you, but you aren’t yet.

Yes, anything new may be uncomfortable at first.

When you buy a new pair of shoes you may have to ‘break them in’ and get used to wearing them, so they fit right. Once they are comfortable you barely notice them at all, unless something changes, you get a pebble in them, or they break, then your attention again goes to the shoes.  The point is once the new shoes are comfortable and fit, you don’t ever think about them or the process of breaking the shoes in.

Okay, you understand that example?

When people learn a new skill typically they are not great from the get go. They are awkward . It is difficult or even uncomfortable at first. The reason for this is because it IS NEW. You never did it before. The learning curve may be steep. Almost anything we do for the very first time is not our best.

Our best comes from doing it again and again correctly over time. We get better that is what progress means. We improve as we go along.

So what if it seems a little unfamiliar at first? So what if it is difficult or uncomfortable why should that stop you?

As you read that previous question did you think to yourself, ‘right lets keep going’ or did you come up with an excuse? Did you mutter, ‘Ya right, easy for you to say’ blah blah blah…

I say, don’t let a thought prevent you from acting in your own best interests.

You see, if fear of the unknown stops you it can stop you whether the change you want to implement is negative OR positive.  The same fear mechanism drives the show.

Some people don’t do anything unless the results are guaranteed. That is just another excuse. You can’t move forward unless you are certain the pay off will be what you want.

If you feel uncertain, or fearful, or can’t see the payoff then maybe you just don’t do anything. That is best way to stay exactly as you are. It seems that is what most people want. They want change but they really want to stay as they are. They don’t want to have to change anything.

Do you get it?  We want change but not really. We don’t want to give up our comfort. We don’t want to have to work for it. We do not want to shake up our current situation. Maybe, we are better off just as we are? they think. Then they find all the reasons to justify staying the same.

My guess is that you have done this countless numbers of times over countless numbers of things. Is it possible I am correct? I bet I am because I sure have done this.

We’ll discuss more next time.

Right now concentrate on those things that you enjoy about yourself and others, Take time to stop and smell the roses and really be grateful. Look for what is good about your life and what you want more of. Focus on finding delight. Continue to practice gratefulness and make your list each evening.

Pause to think throughout each day, how wonderful today is. Think this is the perfect day no matter what is going on. Keep your thoughts positive. Steer to center whenever you discover yourself off course. Enjoy it. Take time to enjoy it. DO this repeatedly.” Rex Sikes

Make it simply marvelous for yourself and others today!

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Why me? Why Should I Go First?

do good and good will come to you

One of the quickest ways to begin changing yourself for the better is to adopt The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule states ‘Do to others as you want others to do to you.’  or ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ This REALLY TYRULY means that you treat others as you want them to treat you. That is the simple instruction. It doesn’t mean you give lip service to it or that you intend to do it, it means you actually do it.

If you want to be respected you respect them first. If you want to be listened to you listen to them first. If you want help with the groceries you give them help first. If you want them to stop nagging you you stop nagging them. The list is potentially endless.

Why should we do this? Because it is powerful? Why s this so important and so powerful?

Because it begins with you. No one else. There is no waiting for anything or anyone else. It is up to you!

It is powerful because it starts with your thoughts. It begins with how you think about others and it puts the responsibility squarely on you. If it is going to happen you are going to have to do it. You initiate it and you maintain it. You begin it and you follow through. It isn’t up to how you are treated in return it is what you are able to do all by yourself.

You treat others the way you want to be treated whether or not they ever actually treat you the way you want to be treated.

WOW, that may have stopped a few readers! Your concern is not their actual response your concern is your mind set, your attitude, and your actions. You have to realize that YOU need to be the change you want to see in the world. You need to become fully responsible.

It isn’t about the other person returning anything to you.That would be you manipulating them. That would be you doing something just to get something back and that is selfish.

The idea is to consider how others want to be treated and then to treat them that way because that is the right thing to do. That puts you in the right frame of mind. It also takes you out of your own limitations of thinking and has you expand what you are capable of considering. ‘How might this other person want to be treated? Hmmmmm, How would I prefer to be treated? Oh, okay, so how might I better be able to treat them in that way?”  Just taking a moment to consider these questions when facing situations with others, stops you from reacting on autopilot and possibly begin to do new things. It opens you up, it opens your thinking up to be more positive and inclusive.

When you begin to really appreciate the power behind ‘Treat others how you want to be treated’ d o not be concerned with whether they reciprocate. That is not your concern. Just take care of you by doing good for them. Treat them well. You will do so much to transform everything about yourself when you are able to.

When you can adopt this attitude then you have shifted your mind powerfully!

When you realize it is completely up to you to think well and treat others well first, you are not depending on anyone to do anything for you. You aren’t relying on others to change you are relying on yourself. You are making it happen. This is powerful because now you are taking charge. You aren’t relying on circumstances to make a difference or what others do, you are just doing it.

You put yourself in the driver’s seat. You are not a passenger taken wherever someone else takes you. You determine the route, you decide where to go and what to see. This makes an incredible difference for people.

You are also ‘the other person’.

If you treat another person with respect, love, kindness, and appreciation then you should treat yourself the same way. Do not skimp on you either. You are important and deserve the best treatment. Stop getting down on yourself and start lifting yourself up. Inspire yourself and fill yourself with wonderful thoughts and feelings. When you first make it a prime concern to treat others well then you must make it your same concern to treat yourself well. AND when you make it a prime concern to treat yourself well then you must make it your same concern to treat others well.

When you first seek to ‘do to others as you want others to do to you’ you create the opportunity for them to reciprocate. You put your energy and focus into making others feel good (and important and happy) and FOR YOU to think and feel and act the same.

When you think and feel your very best you ARE more of your best. You become more open, happy, confident, upbeat, enjoyable and a person others may want to be around more. When you first treat others well they ARE more apt to want to return to you what you did for them. They are more apt to want to be around you.They are more apt to treat you better.

Some people say you vibrate at a higher level. Okay, I’ll go with that. You vibrate at a higher level. Your energy is more positive. When these things are true you attract others who have a similar energy or vibrational level. You radiate who and what you are positively. When you put this kind of energy out there you attract this kind of energy back. It will happen!

The point is you don’t just do it because you get something back in return you do it to do it! You do it because it is the right thing to do, the smart thing, the wise thing. When you do you will get it back. You may not always get it back from the person you give it to but you will get it back in return.

If you do something nice for someone and they don’t do anything back or they are mean to you THAT is an opportunity for you. Yes, of course it is a challenge and you may be inclined to get hurt or angry but then stop and think, if you were that person how would you want to be treated in this situation? What would YOU want the others to understand about you? If you were being difficult or nasty what do you really wish others would think about you and do for you to help you out?

Take the higher ground as best you can. They may wound you but do not let it fester. Aim high in your thinking. Aim to generate good will in your thoughts. The reason for this is that it isn’t up to the other person what happens it is all in how you respond. When things occur that you don’t want and don’t like what goes on in you that you can change for the better?

If you can learn that it is how YOU respond to life when life goes well or when it goes awry that will be a major learning for you. That will be a true highlight moment!

When you discover that you are able to evolve your thinking and feelings, so that no matter what it is that comes your way you are able to transform the moment, you become free. You are not tied to old negative habitual thoughts, feelings or actions you now have choice. You can chose which way you want to go and my guess is you choose the higher road. You chose that which is best for you and for others too. When life doesn’t dictate how you are to be but you decide then you are free and you are powerful. You are in charge.

When you are in charge you have more responsibility. You are responsible for your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. You are responsible for the results you get. As you take charge and take the high road you get better results too. You attract more positive people and all around and  your life improves.

Evolution begins in us. It doesn’t come from the outside it begins within. It is up to each of us and no one else. If you want your life to change for the better you must do it. Now is always the only time we have. We make a decision for what we want the future to be but now is the time we create that future. If you want your life to be better down the road you must act in this moment. If you want to transform this moment you must do something differently that will bring you a positive result.

It begins with your thinking. So ‘Do unto others the way you want them to do unto you’. Guard your thoughts, make them work for you and serve you well instead of being their servant. Everything begins with thought. When you can control your thought you control the results you are able to get.

As I have discussed in precious posts thoughts attract like thoughts. You want to control your thoughts because the first thought you think leads to others of a like nature. If it is negative you will get more negativity. Just as a snow ball traveling down a mountainside can trigger an avalanche so can your fist thought. It takes effort at first to train the mind and your thinking but you can do it. If you are going to have an avalanche at least think positive thoughts. It always matters what you do first. This is why I emphasize going first. Think positive thoughts first! Do for others first! Give First!  You will find an incredible world open up to you.

Become the person in charge you will enjoy the change. When you are filled with happiness, love, compassion, understanding, patience, tolerance, acceptance and all sorts of other wonderful qualities you and those around you benefit. You may benefit the most, but you won’t care, because you will be reaping what you have sown. That will be more than enough.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy you day! How many people can you make smile today?

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Life Is About Creating Yourself

life is about creating yourself

“You have the opportunity to make your life what you want it to be. You can become anything you want to become. It is all up to you and no one else. It is up to you to create the ‘you’ you want to be. You may not have realized it but it is your decision, it IS within your control and it is your responsibility.

Some people live as if they have no choice, no power and as if life is whatever comes along. They live haphazardly. They accept whatever life offers but they don’t like it. They wish it were otherwise.

If you want it to be different the fact of the matter is you can make it different. It is completely up to you.

Take charge, make the decision to be the person you have always wanted to be.

Take control of your thoughts because when you do you will take control of your feelings too. Take charge of your feelings and you will take charge of your thoughts. It works both ways. When you align your thoughts and feelings your actions come into harmony with your purpose and your desire.

I am in charge and I am choosing

When your thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony with your purpose you begin to powerfully create. You become like a targeted laser beam. Then you live with power, with confidence, with purpose and you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. You go after your goals with full commitment. Nothing stops you. You keep going until you accomplish what you set out to do.

When you are congruent in mind and body, when your thoughts and feelings are aligned, your energy is directed and not wasted.

You can clearly imagine the ‘you’ you have always wanted to be. You can see the life you want to enjoy in your mind. When who you are, or who you want to become and what you want in life are crystal clear and concise in your mind then you are able accomplish it. Then all your energy is freed up and focused on what you want.

When you are focus in this manner all your energies are concentrated on bringing it into being. You are not divided. You are whole. YOu are congruent. You are complete.

Your focus is established. You are determined.  You believe in what you want to accomplish and your abilities to accomplish it. You have complete faith that sometime soon this will be!

With this mind set you are able to persevere. You are better equipped to deal with challenges and never give up. You recognize difficulties as opportunities to get feedback. You learn from tough times and mistakes because your entire being is in ‘go’ mode and you are moving forward to making your dream come true.

forget why it wont believe why it will

Most people live tossed about in many directions. They are happy one moment and worried the next. They are determined one day and fearful and exhausted a few days later. They do not understand that if they want to make something happen they need to manage their thoughts and their emotions. If they want to make something happen then they need to make it happen. It will come about by the power of your will.

It may take some time to bring your thoughts, feelings and actions  under your direction but it is absolutely worth it. If you aren’t running the show the question is who is?

I liken the mind to breaking a wild horse.

The horse is beautiful and powerful and runs wild doing whatever it wants. To break a horse is to train it and give it purpose. The purpose you have for it. (Whether in life this is a good thing to do to an animal is not part of this discussion. My point is about the practice of training the horse). You teach it and you correct it. You repeat it and in time the animal learns what you want it to do. You carry this process out until the horse is dependable. It takes some time and some effort but when the training is complete you reap the rewards.

mind powerful

It is true for us too when we bring our thoughts and feelings under control. We spend time in training to be able to do what we want to do. We get the training to be able to carry out the goals and purpose of the training.

We train ourselves to go after what we want. We train ourselves to carry out the actions necessary to get the results we want.YES, it takes some effort at first but when once trained all that energy is the aimed at accomplishing our goal.

Train your mind, harness your spirit and make your life what you want. Create yourself!”

Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day and enjoy new ideas and opportunities.

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Learn to Wait and Wait Well! Then You Will Get It!

be patient things will chan ge for the better

“It is said, that ‘Patience is not the ability to wait, but the the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting’. (Joyce Meyer). How true that is.

When we begin to create a new life and future for ourselves by keeping focused on positive thoughts and feelings things inside us begin to change. They do! But they may not change fast enough or we may not see indications of these changes right away. We set a goal and work towards it but the outcome is not readily apparent.

This is understandable. When you plant a seed it takes time to grow. It grows in the invisible darkness underground for quite some time before it breaks through the ground and reaches toward the sun. Farmers know that there is a time for planting and a time for harvesting. You don’t plant Monday and harvest Tuesday. Seeds sown take time to grow.

So it is with all good things. We focus our attention consciously on what we want, we maintain it positively and infuse it with positive wonderful feelings and we wait.

It may seem like nothing is happening out there in the real world. Our inner world is transforming but we don’t see the results yet.

Well, they will come in time as long as you remain true. As long as you remain committed and continue to focus your life will change and you will eventually see the positive results come to be. SO maintain a positive attitude.

It takes time for the artist to conceive of the painting and complete it. However long that process is (or isn’t) it still takes some time. Nothing is instant. A building is still made brick by brick. Can you imagine how long it must have seemed to lay the track and create the East West railroad in the U.S.? Can you imagine the hardships endured to make that railroad a reality? It certainly wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen over night.

‘For everything there is a season’. It takes time so hang in there.

We become what we think about most of the time. We are today where our thoughts have brought us. We will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us. If you can see it in your head you can hold it in your hand.

And it takes time.

That is why the quote I cited in the very beginning is so relevant.  Patience is not the ability to wait, but the the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting’.

We always have to wait but how we wait matters.

We need to keep the faith and believe it will happen and not lose site of what we are positively creating. We must keep going even when it does not appear that anything is happening or changing. We stay focused on the positive images and feelings. We know there will come a time when we will harvest the seeds we planted. These seeds are currently growing.

‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ Faith is knowing that the invisible processes are taking place. Faith is knowing they are taking place even when we can see them. Faith is knowing that somehow it will all work out okay even when there is no reason to actually think that it will. In other words we can’t see what we can’t see yet.

We live by faith that the processes we initiated will continue to grow and come to fruition. We live by faith that we will accomplish our goals no matter what. We will go after and get what we want even if it appears that nothing is changing. We will stick with it no matter how many obstacles or challenges rise up in front of us to prevent us from reaching.

We need to believe and know that we will.

That is attitude! That is a positive determined attitude!! ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’.

You can’t let circumstances get you down. Even if everything is presently crumbling around you stay focused on what you want to make happen for yourself. Do not give in to the temptation to give up or feel bad. Stay strong, stay positive and feel your best. You will come through it but you must know that you will.

You can’t look back, you can’t look at the difficulty you must look ahead to what will be. You must stay focused on the future you want to create for yourself.

This is why we train our minds to remain positive so that no matter what occurs we live with the very best positive attitude. Attitude is everything.

It doesn’t matter what you don’t have you stay focused on what you want. Let’s say you want a brand new car, just as an example. Give yourself permission to want it and to have it. Accept that it is going to be yours because you deserve it. Imagine yourself driving it, see it, notice how good it feels to be in the driver’s seat your hands on the wheel. Smell it, hear what you are saying to yourself and thinking as your drive around in it. See it in your driveway. Imagine living with it. Doesn’t it look and feel great?

NOW it doesn’t matter if you don’t have money or a job, and have mounds of debt. None of that matters. NONE of it!!!

YOU focus on WHAT –  YOU –  WANT.

You keep the images alive and the feelings great because even if things currently suck (to use a scientific term) you still are entitled to get your dream car. I hope this makes sense. Many people will think ‘wow things suck so I will never be able to get my dream car’. That is not the attitude to have.

You have to keep the faith. You have to stay focused and not waiver. Believe that no matter what some day you will have the car you want. Feel great about having the car! Enjoy and savor these feelings. Keep it alive and stay passionate about it.

What you are doing is waiting well.

You have set your mind on course, in a direction, and you are traveling in that direction no matter which way the wind blows. When you keep the focus and the energy on what you want you are literally telling yourself ‘figure out how to make this happen’.

That servo-mechanism I mentioned in previous posts takes over and works at getting it. Your brain works on making a plan finding the opportunities to earn the car. Most probably it isn’t going to be magically given to you but by staying focused on your goal and not giving in to negative feelings or thoughts you optimize your chances to figure out how to get it in the future.

It takes time. However long it takes is what it takes. So…

If you have to wait, and you will, you might as well wait well.

I repeat: You have to keep the faith. You have to stay focused and not waiver. Believe that no matter what some day you will have the car you want.You can’t look back, you can’t look at the difficulty you must look ahead to what will be. You must stay focused on the future you want to create for yourself. Feel great about having the car! Enjoy and savor these feelings.

I used the example of a car to try to provide you with something you could easily imagine – a possession. It could be anything you want for yourself.

We become what we think about most of the time. We are today where our thoughts have brought us. We will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us. If you can see it in your head you can hold it in your hand. And it takes time.

Be patient! You will make it happen!” Rex Sikes

Make your day and all your thought outstanding!

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Gratefulness: How do you live?

be happy with what u have whle working for what u want

“What can you put your attention on today that delights you and causes you to celebrate? Hmmmmm.

Won’t you take a moment to look for and find those small, seemingly insignificant, moments that put a smile on your face?

What wonderful things might you discover if you were to relax and search, in a positive way, for the many good things you appreciate in your life?

Could you look to the people who surround you, the things you have, what you have done and are able to do that make you happy?

Imagine what it would be like to feel grateful more of the time.

How would you like it if you were filled with much more gratitude and appreciation each day? Can you imagine how much better this would feel?

Do you suppose you could  take a few moments each day to count your blessings and to spend a few moments feeling grateful?

Would you be willing to make it a point to count your blessings? Take an inventory.

Couldn’t you begin by spending only a little while each day to review and validate what makes you feel happy and fulfilled?

Because if you will you will get back much more in return.

i am thankful for all my blessings

As you collect and validate these special moments savor the feelings that accompany each.  When you do this you will open up the ways and the means to find more good feelings. You will begin to feel more marvelous.

You don’t know how much more wonderful your life may be until you actually try it.

Your life c an become even more incredible when you do little things that make a significant difference. You did know that, right?

It doesn’t take much to make great improvements but it does take something. It requires that you bring your attention to some positive things, at least for a little while, each day.

You could do this, could you not, if it meant your life would improve? Wouldn’t you, at least want, to?

Here is something that can make an amazing difference for you.

Each day, find at least 25 things you are grateful for and think about them and write them down before you go to sleep. Make a list, focus on these and enjoy them. Yes, count your blessings? Focus on these.

As you do will find other positive things begin to come into your mind. You know the saying ‘Seek and you shall find.’

I have suggested this to people in my seminars and workshops and writings for over 30 years and almost without fail many have said at first , ‘WHAT 25 things!!!’ They seem to think this may be impossible.

After a few days during my training programs participants would come to me and ask, ‘can we write down more if we think of them?’ OF COURSE YOU CAN. That is the point!

Some days you will be grateful for the same things as yesterday. Other days new one’s will pop into your head. Whatever you come up with that you are thankful for put down on your list.

Your capacity to discover and enjoy increases with exercise. Your attention and ability to focus improve  and increase as you use them.

Once you begin looking you will find much more. What seems to be ‘too many ‘ at first becomes a small amount shortly because you open up to finding good things and wonderful things. Just like my students you can do more than ‘just 25’! Enjoy this, because I know you will!

As you  find more to appreciate you begin to feel better and your life begins to change. Something so simple can have great power. It is amazing!  Wouldn’t you like to experience more of this for yourself?


It is one thing to read about it or be told about it. It is quite another thing to do it. You can get results that astound you but only when you actually do what I am describing.

In recent years some people have taken a 100 day challenge to find some things to be grateful for. This is marvelous because whenever you engage in an activity over and over again through time you may develop a habit.

This is especially valuable  WHEN you do this TO develop a positive habit for yourself. 100 days of emphasizing what you appreciate in your life is a fantastic start.

You can’t yet know how your life will change when you do this, but could you begin to see, begin to imagine how different you may feel if you did decide to carry out this program?

What if you were to reflect on these positive moments before you go to bed and whenever you are able to through out each day? What do you suppose that would be like?

So stop, and consider for a moment how your life will improve when you build a collection of things you feel really grateful for and positive about.  Imagine how it can be different. That would be worth doing wouldn’t it?

All you have to do is think about 25 things you feel grateful for prior to going to sleep. Write them down, make that list, think about these.

I mentioned in a previous post that your energy flows where your attention goes.

This is important to remember. What you focus on, what you pay attention to and accentuate actually enlarges and expands. It gets bigger or more prominent. It becomes a larger part of us. We spend more time with it.

When you focus your attention on appreciation and gratitude your energy concentrates there, and you get back more of the same. Your ability to find things to appreciate increases AS does your ability to appreciate increase. You begin to feel more grateful and more wonderful more of the time. Isn’t that something you would like?

Do you realize how much more enjoyable life would be if the bulk of your time was spent delighting in things you appreciate and value? If most of your thoughts were along these lines, positive, happy, and grateful wouldn’t you like it that much more?

your mind is a garden grow flowers or weeds

Consider how your life may improve as you do this.

Can you image what it can be like to live in gratitude?

Can you imagine how incredible it might be for you to feel more wonderful and delighted each and every day?

How many wonderful feelings could you discover as you look for those moments, those people, those things, those abilities, those events in your life that you are feel really thankful for?

When you make it a point, and a habit, to fill you day with more inspiration and gratitude you will discover more happy, joyous, wonderful moments each day.

Wouldn’t this be a good thing?

Start today! Before you go to sleep make a list, it doesn’t matter what is on it, the only thing that matters is that you feel thankful for it. Large or small write it down.

Find at least 25 things you feel grateful for. Reflect on these and then go to sleep. Do it again tomorrow and the next day and the day and after that. Yes, you can continue for more than 100 days, because I know you are going to want to.

It is really, actually, quite simple to do something this easy. Keep at it.

Don’t delay.  Begin today!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous fun filled day!

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