If You Are Not Doing This You Are Missing Out!

focus on & the universe will give

“What has no harmful side effects? It is good for your health. It puts you in a better mood. It relaxes you and releases endorphins increasing the body’s own natural pain killers. Plus, it is beneficial to your heart, your lungs, your stomach and other organs. In fact, is is wonderful for an overall sense of health and well being? Have you guessed it yet? I wrote about it the other day.

Smiling and laughing. I mentioned how it is a great way to begin each day. I mentioned that the more you can smile and laugh throughout the day the more pleasant your day becomes. Have you tried it yet? Have you got up in the morning and laughed for a full five minutes? If not what is your excuse? Okay, so that may be why you haven’t done it yet, now start doing it.

Another thing you can do to increase how much you enjoy your day is to appreciate the little things. Take time to do simple, easy things that put a smile on your face. Go for a walk alone or with a friend. Sit in nature and listen to the sounds or the silence. Enjoy a bath, relax, get a massage or give one. Go out for a delicious meal or make one.

Serve or be served. See a movie you have wanted to or watch a favorite TV show. Listen to some music, dance. Read a book. Chat with a close family member or friend. Spend time with your loved ones. Go for a drive take in some new sights. Do something fun, healthy and new.

Gift yourself in a special way. Take time to feel good. Stop and smell the roses. Meditate, take a nap. Make some art, music, poetry. Take some pictures or some video.Smile and laugh more. Just have fun, create some balance and time for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.” Rex Sikes

Savor the seconds by making them special!

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