You Are The CareTaker Of Your Dreams – Are You Getting What You Want?

your mind is a garden

“The caretaker weeds the garden as necessary. It is important to maintain a healthy environment for the seeds to sprout. You are the caretaker of your dreams and desires. You are the caretake of your thoughts and feelings. Rid yourself of defeatist thinking. Stop entertaining worry and doubt. Live strong by thinking strong!

We continue from previous blog post ‘You Are The Caretaker Of Your Dreams – So How’s It Going?’  This is Part 2.

Stop living as though life happens to you and realize you are the caretaker of your life. Generate positive appreciation, receptivity, thoughts and feelings and life will respond in kind! We attract good people and opportunities to us BECAUSE of who we are and what we radiate. Electricity will light a house or burn it down.

We get back what we put out. The seeds we plant we expect to harvest. Don’t expect corn if you planted peas. Don’t expect positive results if every thing you think and feel isn’t positive. Yet, this is what most people do. You don’t have pure water if you add mud to it. Stop mucking things up by negative thinking.

They focus on what is wrong most of the time instead of what is right. Then they wonder why nothing works out well for them. They may even plant corn but they let the weeds over grow and choke out the corn. If you are doing this, STOP IT! We become whatever we most think about! Our thoughts create our reality.

Think about what you want not what you don’t want. The energy we live by is returned to us many times over. We awaken to opportunities and people who benefit us because we set and tune our minds to these. When you tune to a particular radio station you get that station as you expect to and not something else.

When you tune your mind and feelings to positive thoughts and feelings you get more back in kind. It absolutely works! For some people it works faster than others but none of us in a race with each other. It works for all people regardless. It rains on everyone when it rains. Think, feel and entertain most frequently what you want!

Some people make the mistake of trying to force it. Some get caught in doubt or worry that it won’t be what they want or that it won’t happen. If you do this you will get back more of that worry and doubt. You have to understand YOU are responsible for what you plant and nurture. You get back whatever it is you keep doing.

All this works! If you plant negativity or tune to a negative channel in thoughts and feelings you get back more of the same. You get back whatever you most focus on. Decide what you want to get back! Take care of your thoughts and feelings so you get what you want!

Don’t burn down the house! It is really that simple. It IS that cut and dried. Don’t compare with others or be concerned with time frames. Don’t get distracted by the circumstances you may find yourself in presently. Focus on creating what it is you want and know you will make it happen. Light up the house!

Fill your moments with positive celebration and delight. Allow yourself to be pleased and surprised. Think ‘this or something better comes to me’. What you make happen is not nearly as important as WHO you become in the process. Be open to good things. Allow gifts to come to you and your life will transform in fantastic ways!” Rex Sikes

Delight in today!

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