The Number 1 Reason You Aren’t Getting What You Want!

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“Are you getting what you want with ease or is it a struggle? Creation should be easy, right? It seems some people suffer for their art and for their life. Are you having difficulty with your career, hitting your goals, making your life what you want it to be? Here is  the number 1 reason you may be having difficulty.

You are not focused on what you want to the exclusion of all else. You are divided.  You are split in your attention trying to get what you want and trying to avoid what you don’t want. You are focused on your problems and trying to solve them.

A House Divided Will Fall

More of your thinking is spent concentrating on how to get your life to work INSTEAD of thinking about all the ways it already does work and being grateful. You can’t move forwards if all your time is spent thinking backwards.

Thinking about how to fix your career or life and why it is broken or not yet working will not get you a better life anytime soon? You are negatively focused while not meaning to be. You ARE getting more of what you are focused on.

Your goal or dream must be specific, detailed and stated positively in terms of what you DO want to include. It must make you feel wonderful when you think about it. If it doesn’t make you feel eager and excited and joyful when you think about it you are not thinking about it in the right way!

You Must Concentrate More On What You Want Than On What You Don’t Want

What you put your attention on is what you end up with. The reason most people don’t live the kind of life they want to live is because they are too busy solving problems. They are working hard too overcome circumstances, get out of debt, manage an illness, recover from a broken heart, disappointment or tragedy.

Their attention is on the issue and how to fix it. You can’t be living rich while focusing on not having enough. You don’t live a loving life thinking angry, hateful thoughts. If you are looking for solutions to your situation your mind is on your problems and not on what you do want.

You think it is on what you want but you are really focused on what you don’t want and how to get away from it. That is why you get more of the same thing. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. You get what you focus on. Your mindset is everything!

Drop The Delusion

Most of us grew up like this. We were told to be realistic, work hard, don’t believe in fairy tales and accept your lot in life. Other people may have it good but they were lucky or born to it. We grew up with limiting mindsets instilled in us by well intentioned people who tried to keep us from being hurt or disappointed.

We adopted limitations without question for the most part. We never even realized we were coopting their messages and making them our own. Yet, many of us, have had difficulty precisely for these reasons. We are looking in the wrong place and we are hampered by a limiting mindset.

In order to get what you want you must be focused on what you want! You can’t be trying to get away from where you are because then your focus is on where you are and what you don’t like and don’t want. The only true way to get away from it is to be thankful for everything that makes up your life!

It is counter intuitive I know but that is how it works. In order to create more of the good life on the outside in the ‘real’ world your inner world thoughts and feelings needs to be concentrated on the good life. You need to be creating joy and celebration and gratitude for everything you currently have and experience.

First Be It Then You Will Have It

If you want more joy be joyful first. If you want more love in your life be loving first. If you want more wealth feel abundance first. What ever it is that you want feel it and you will get it. Feel fear, worry, doubt and frustration and you will keep getting those. Do you get this? You become what you think about!

Your thoughts, your previous thoughts and mindset, and feelings have created your present circumstances. You are living what you have thought about. By default if you have not set any goal or dream desire to be fulfilled then you are also living what you are not thinking about. Your present is the result of your past thinking.

You perpetuate the less then glorious mindset when you do not change your thoughts. If you are still focused on solving problems you will stay where you are. Why you don’t like what is going on and how to change it will only keep you in the same circumstances.

Whatever You Have In Life You Have Created

If you want a new life you need to spend the bulk of your time  imaging what you want life to be like. You must imagine what it is you want to include and have more of. You must imagine it as if you already have it. You must dwell on thoughts of the ideal life.

Yes, it seems fanciful. Yes, it seems like you are ignoring your problems and being unrealistic. Our conditioning and habitual chronic ways of thinking will rear their heads and scream, ‘this is wrong!’ It isn’t wrong it is the way forward but it will seem foreign and unusual.

Most people never leave their comfort zone. They do the same thing again and again hoping for different results. They won’t get better results that way. In order for your life to change you must change things in your life.

You have to do things differently to get different results.

If you want you want your life to be filled with love, warmth, family, friends, romance, health, wealth and riches then these are what you need to focus on. What you focus on is what you create, attract and get.

Your energy goes where your attention goes. If you are looking for solutions to your problems your attention is focused on your problems. YOU get what YOU are focused on. Put your energy into who you want to be, what you want to do and have and keep it there regardless of what circumstances are presently.

If the sea is stormy you must have faith that you will get to your desired port. No matter how difficult aim for the port. Keep the faith. Put your attention on where you are going to end up. Keep it there.

Delight in what you want to create. Be grateful for all you presently have whatever it is. Celebrate and feel good. Have enthusiasm and passion for everything right now and the future you want. Keep the faith and expect all good things.

Feel Grateful And Celebration And Your Life Will Change More

As you do you will discover your life changing. It will take much longer if you think about what you want part of the time and then switch your attention to what you don’t want. THIS is the difficulty most people have. They go back and forth and never spend time predominantly thinking about what they want.

Train your mind to stay focused on what you do want. The good results will come more quickly. Learn to keep bringing your attention back to the good life, the good thoughts, the good feelings so that you make these the habitual thinking you live from.

As you do this you will create a glorious future. It all begins right now by what you do in this moment. For tomorrow to be what you want you must make today what you want tomorrow to be. Live, love, laugh, celebrate.

You create and attract what you put out. You get what you focus on. You become what you think about and thank about! Enjoy, celebrate and delight! Be positive and expect good things even if you don’t yet see evidence yet. If you do you soon will! Begin today. There is no better time than this moment!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate today to the utmost!

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4 thoughts on “The Number 1 Reason You Aren’t Getting What You Want!”

  1. It helps to be reminded of living a grateful life rather than dwelling on one’s troubles. After suffering a pretty tough blow recently, I appreciate these words of wisdom. Thank you, Rex.


  2. Thank you for this excellent, insightful article! It is so true. The Bible calls it double mindedness, and God says that a double minded man should not expect to receive anything. On the other hand, single minded faith makes you a magnet for rapid manifestation 🙂


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