Now You Can Unleash The Tremendous Power Of ‘Act As If’ To Make Your Dreams A Reality


“Would you like to learn a powerful way to get what you want? This is almost as good as letting the genii out of the bottle except that it is for real. There is something you can do to realistically improve your odds of making your dreams come true.

Remember, and this is critical. YOU make your dreams come true by what you think and do. They don’t come to you by wishing or get handed to you on a platter. It is your responsibility to get what you want. YOU determine whether you create it or attract it. YOU!

Napoleon Hill was adamant about visualizing and acting as if you already have your goal accomplished. Acting As If you already are the good you desire can show you the steps and reveal the plan. Hill was big on thinking and equally big on acting or taking action.

Believe Act As If You Already Have It

Other new thought leaders encouraged this practice as well. Heck, even the ancient texts and the Bible refer to it in a variety of obscure ways. It has been adopted by others since. It has been around for centuries because it is tried and true and practical. It works!

Go back to Science Of The Mind and New Thought and you will find the concept already existed. Maxwell Maltz suggested it in Psycho-Cybernetics, as has Neville Goddard,  Troward and Wattles. Many others suggest it too.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) popularized Outcome Frames and Act as If (or Fake It Till You Make It) at a time the concept seemed to be sleeping. Act As If is useful because it incorporates so many necessary things for getting your outcome.

Believe And Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail

It engages the whole person. You live it in your mind as though you already have it. You get the feel for it. You imagine living it in your present day at home and work, but without making a big deal of it to others. You don’t want or need the resistance from them.

Rehearsal and practice IS WHAT ALL ATHLETES and ACTORS already know to do. The whole ‘inner game’ is only another version of pointing out that how you use your mind is critical to success with some added research to back the process up.

Mental rehearsal and actual rehearsal have always been promoted. Having the results you want prior to them showing up in everyday life is described in so many disciplines BECAUSE IT IS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE! It is powerful and eminently applicable.

Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference

Success comes from the positive conditioning of one’s mind. It IS the development of positive, productive habits that automatically support you and assist you in making the changes you want to make. You can success condition in all the important areas of your life.

In Act As If you imagine the end result. You are already that you want to become. You already are doing what you want to do and have what you want to have. Imagine you want a brand new car. Imagine already owning it in your mind.

Get in it. Look out the windshield through your eyes. Feel the seats, smell the new car smell. Listen to the sound of that engine. Be as specific as possible and in as many ways. Imagine family and friends gathered around and what they say to you. Hear them, see them.

Act As If The Future Is Now

Remember, you are looking through your eyes. Your point of view. See, hear and feel as you would in everyday life, not as if you watch yourself in a video on your phone. Although that is good to and you can use it as well. Both work. In this case live it more than watch it.

Imagine driving the car. See your hands on the wheel, feel them grip, feel the speed and the power. Feel how great it feels to own and drive this car. It is yours, you have wanted it and now you have it. Notice everything in vidid detail as you would if it were really yours.

You stop at a light and you see yourself in your car reflected in a store window. How great is that? You look fantastic in your brand new vehicle. What color is it? How many doors? What are the specs? How much did it cost? What did you pay for it? Love it and enjoy it!

Act As If You Are That You Want To Become

Get it? Here is another powerful thing you can do to ‘drive’ this home. Imagine you have had it for a week or two. You love it. It is parked in your garage or outside your home. A friend comes by and asks you how you did it. What did you do to get this brand new car?

How? Describe to him how you got the money together. What you did positively. Tell him the steps. How you went into the dealership after wanting it for so long. Tell your friend what you did to negotiate it. How you bought it. How it felt to drive it off the lot.

Be as descriptive as possible. From start to finish. You wanted it, dreamt about it. Slept and ate the new car. You put together your resources and made it happen. Get as specific as possible. Each time you do this you may add more details.

Act As If You Are Blessed

When you look back a day or later after you already have what you want, you can fill in what you did. What was your plan. How did you go about it. What was the process. This helps make it even more vivid and real for you

The more real, the more you can feel it and live it inside the better it is. This is precisely what you want to do. You want to make this imaginary process feel absolutely real. You want to be able to taste it. It is yours what does that feel like exactly to have your dream?

Spend time visualizing and acting as if. You can imagine driving your new car while you drive your old car. What it would feel like if you already had everything you want. Use you imagination daily. Occupy your thoughts with the reality of having what you want.

If You Want A Quality Act As If You Already Have It

Feel good about how you positively and honestly made it happen. Celebrate it and feel good you accomplished this. As you do your instruct your subconscious mind through the powerful feelings and images to help you make this happen.

When it gets the message it goes to work pulling together your resources to help you bring about. If you can see it in your head you can one day hold it in your hand. ACT AS IF is a powerful positive tool to help YOU make your dreams come true. Understand?

Use it. Vision boards and dream journals help you do the same. You imagine already being there on that vacation, in that new job. To assist you write in your journal how you already have it, what you did and how it feels. That will help you visualize your dream as well.

Act As If You Are Already Happy

Keep a daily diary and log for your goal. Write it in present and past tense. You have it now how did you go about getting it? How does it feel and what did you feel as you made it happen? Use the same vivid detail. This helps those who claim they can’t visualize well.

Walk around work as if you had a few million dollars in the bank. Don’t be a dick about it, don’t brag about it just get a sense of how you would feel and walk and move and think if that were actually the case. Embody it. Feel it. Imagine it to be true.  Understand?

You are filling yourself with being already that which you want to become. You can affirm it, ‘I am rich. I feel fabulous. I have my new car and it is awesome. I have confidence. I have love. I am a positive thinker. I am a powerful creator. I can learn easily’.

Act As If Your Every Desire Were Already Here

Whatever follows ‘I am’ or ‘I have’, etc., are declarations and are positive and powerful in the present tense. Most people use them to get what they don’t want. ‘I am stupid. I have no money. I am broke. I suck.’ Stop that! It works either way. Use it for what you DO want!

Stop getting what you don’t want. Instead, promote what you want in your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Manage your self-talk and keep it positive. What you say is what you get. What you focus on expands.

If You Don’t Act On Life Life Will Act On You

What you think about most often you become because of the powerful feelings you generate. Use the power of your mind, use the power of ‘Act As If’ to make your dreams come true. When you do this you are harnessing and putting to good use the power of your mind and you desire to achieve your dreams. Then keep going until you arrive. In the meantime, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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5 thoughts on “Now You Can Unleash The Tremendous Power Of ‘Act As If’ To Make Your Dreams A Reality”

  1. Very true. I know and believe in the law of attraction, however somewhere this “Act as if” was not there. Thank you so much Rex for again reminding me and helping me take steps towards my dreams. Thank you so much. I saw your this blog at the correct time. Universe loves us, isn’t it? Thank you.


  2. Great article I really liked it. I’m trying to get a car washing business started an your article gave me a lot of great tips thank you


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