I Am Doing Everything Right But It Isn’t Happening Yet, What Gives?


“Hi, Rex, nice to meet through here. I have been reading your very inspirational blog articles and I have also subscribed to them and I have a big, big question to ask.

So, how do I or what can I use to help me keep the energy (for everything is made of Energy) up, up all the time in believing, acting as if… for me to get work as an actor, independently of where I am.

(Vietnam at the moment) for as we know the universe will create the right opportunities/situations/people in place as I also contribute in creating them by taking action. I do my daily affirmations.

Plant A Seed Of Happiness Hope Success And Love …

I journal, I am a Zen meditation practitioner for over 6 years now and I teach as I am also a Hatha Yoga Teacher. I am into all the positive mindset and tools.

I know about NLP, some positive psychology and yet, not getting what I want. As the big question goes (for me here) : If you so clear with what you want, why don’t you already have it?!!!

Ok, looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. Have a great day! Best regards, Maurice 😉

… It Will Come Back To You In Abundance 

I answered Maurice and then tailored it for others who have similar questions. These suggestions readers can consider and apply while pursuing  making dreams true. Application is necessary.

Each idea can be pursued in much more depth. There is more, lot’s more, yet it is all very simple. The practice of applying any of these is the most important. It is simple to apply but takes time to master.

Hi, Thanks for reaching out. Thanks for reading and subscribing. Great question. It is a bit tricky answering because, while you inform me, I don’t actually know what is going on.

Every Seed Planted Requires Incubation Time – Be Patient

Still, I’ll try to provide some useful ideas or suggestions to consider. It could be any number of things or none, still you might discover an answer by navigating through some of these SUGGESTIONS.

First congratulations on your awarenesses and practices. This is awesome. You are in the process of making things happen and taking charge of your life. Wonderful! Congratulations, again!

Okay, first. Is what you want congruent with your overall purpose in life? Were you born to do this? What is in your heart? What must you do in life? Some people want to do things others must do them.

From A Small Tree A Mighty Tree Can Grow

Some feel destined to do it. They are certain they will without any doubt.  Others are not so sure. If not, you might want to find ways to adjust it so it is a part or an aspect of your larger purpose.

Perhaps, it is something else you and ‘this’ is something that seems great but isn’t what you have to do in life. You will have to sort this out for yourself because I can’t answer for you. Right?

It could be it is exactly what you are supposed to do. Or it could be that it is stepping stones to a larger goal. Could this be the case? It an important area to get clear about. We all need to know our purpose.

The Potential Of A Mighty Oak Is Contained Within A Tiny Seed

Some people mistakenly think things magically come to them versus they can make it happen. You are responsible and in charge not the universe or any one else. Each of us needs to take full responsibility.

Okay the universe is in charge but we have to accept and understand what our part is. We make it happen in cooperation with the universe. When we take responsibility we can change things.

Responsibility is freedom. Once we accept we are responsible for ALL of it, having good things and not so good things we can aim ourselves at what we want more completely. It is power we have.

Whatever You Feed Will Grow – Fear Or Faith – Doubt Or Belief

Do you believe you can have or deserve what you want? If there is any doubt? You can easily address this. Absolutely. You can eliminate the blockage and free yourself up to focus on what you want.

Examine your beliefs and re-condition your mind. Awareness is the key. Are you focused on increase or decrease? Are you convinced this is for you? Do you believe or have doubts?

Will you make it happen? Are you are in charge of your own success? Mindset first, actions follow. Are you feeling good most of the time? Are you positive most of the time? I hope you can answer yes to all.

It Is Always Your Choice What Will Grow 

It is one or the other, positive or negative. Count neutral as negative because if it isn’t contributing it is distracting or acting as negative. You get what you are thinking about most often. Thought is energy.

There are countless ways we are distracted. News, gossip, social media, traffic, thoughts about nothing in particular, television and more. If it isn’t positive it isn’t positive. It is either UP or Down.

It is harder to notice all of our thoughts. It is easier to determine whether we are feeling good or not. Joyous or not. If you feel less than glorious when you think about your goal that is information.

Plant Seeds Of Change Today For Continued Success Tomorrow

It is important to feel good while thinking about what you want. If you don’t something’s out of alignment. You need to be congruent. Change your thoughts to focus on the positive on what you want.

When we feel less than glorious it is usually because we are thinking about what we don’t want, or want to exclude; we doubt, fear and worry and aren’t thinking on what we really want. We need to stop.

We can use what we don’t want to help get absolutely clear and clarify what we do want. Once we know what we don’t want we shift and focus exclusively on what we do want. Put energy into wants.

Life Is An Adventure To Enjoy –  Live – Love – Laugh – Celebrate

Negative feelings HELP us to clarify what we want and focus on that. To create and attract we put our energy ON the positive, the increase and what we want.  Actually, we attract who and we are.

We don’t really attract what we want. We attract more of what is already the case for us. If we are loving we attract back more love if we are worried or doubtful we attract back more worry and doubt.

So enjoy life, have fun, be happy, enthused in general and you will create and attract more good things. Feelings run the show. Feelings are our frequency and vibration. Do that which enhances the good.

Be Positive – Be Patient – Be Persistent

Take care of yourself physically. Eat well and get enough exercise. Get enough rest and sleep. Do things you enjoy. Walk, play, get a massage, take a bath, shower or sauna. Live well and have fun.

Energy comes from our mind and body. Both need to work together. Both feed and nurture each other. They are one thing but we typically treat them as two. We tend to ignore one over the other.

Seek balance, pleasure, fun and feeling the best you can. Do things you enjoy. Gift yourself. Fill your mind with positive and motivational, inspirational material. Be healthy in mind and body.

When You Take Responsibility For Everything Everything Changes

Don’t spend all your time consumed with your passions. Relax, have fun, trust it will happen. Keep the faith. Spend some time each day devoted to it. Consider this: You place an order in a restaurant.

The waiter takes the order to the kitchen. You occupy your mind with other things. You don’t hope you get your order. You don’t doubt it will come. You don’t fret, worry, or fear that it won’t.

You know it will come in time. Maybe sooner or later you will get it. You may or may not enjoy what shows up but you will get it. You can’t micromanage everything in advance. You let go. It comes.

Everything You Do Is Based On Choices You Make

If it isn’t what you expected you can deal with it at that moment and make the adjustments. Thinking obsessively about it prior to or after the fact doesn’t assist in anything. Let go, enjoy the wait.

Place your order and expect to get it. Remain in good feelings and positive state while waiting. Enjoy life. Have fun and know it is coming. You can think about how you will enjoy it when it arrives.

You can think about or look forward to getting it. That is different than comparing, being impatient and worrying about whether it happens to come or not. Keep the feelings and vibrations high.

Live Life To The Fullest Because You Only Get To Live It Once

The higher and more positive the better. Feel good most of the time and transformation happens. Be happy no matter what helps makes everything else wonderful. It is wonderful to live this way.

Some people are happy with nothing, some aren’t happy with everything. What is your happiness quotient? This is important to know. It is also great to have desires that keep us evolving.

Perhaps, you are trying to much or too many things at once. Relax, let go, trust, enjoy and simplify. You can’t push a rope. Allow, settle, release. Trust yourself to create what you want to happen.

To Live To The Fullest Is Rare – Most People Only Exist – Live Fully

Know that if you put it out there and carry it positively in your heart and mind you will make it happen.  Don’t try too hard, take it easy, make it happen by allowing it to come to you too.

A boomerang returns unless it hits something. Maybe you need to ease up a bit for awhile. A branch falls into the stream, the stream leads to a river the river to the ocean. Go with the flow.

That is the natural course, the way of life.  Unless, it gets snagged along the way it will get to the ocean. If it does get snagged, release it. Obstacles or challenges provide lessons. How cool is that?

The Price Of Greatness Is Responsibility

If you have not yet accomplished your goal, perhaps, you are in the stage of overcoming obstacles. We get tested by fire, as if there is a higher intelligence. We grow through resistance.

Opportunities come along as do problems. When we encounter tough times, no matter how long it takes, we must think, ‘On To Success.’ Steel is fashioned, and tempered by intense fire.

Diamonds made from intense pressure. Sometimes we go through what seems like a lengthy drought or long periods of push back. Perhaps, that is precisely what we need to do some inner cleansing.

If You Believe In Yourself Anything Is Possible

We need to learn to persevere no matter what comes our way; to stay faithful to our purpose; to remain positive and know deep inside we will prevail. We can remove blocks & negative beliefs.

Eliminate blockages and negative beliefs by learning and affirming new ones. Affirm the new ones repeatedly. It takes some time, but all of life is a process. Patience, everything happens in its own time.

Everything is perfect as it is right now. You are right where you are meant to be. Do you realize this? Some people aren’t happy being where they are in the process. What is IS. Stop whining and begging.

Follow Your Dreams Believe In Yourself Don’t Give Up Keep Going

They think they should be further along than they are. Celebrate and be grateful for where you are in the process. Savor it, bless it, enjoy it and you make room for more to come. Open the doors and welcome.

Happy now, happy later. Unhappy now, unhappy later. That is how it works. Be it first! Sincerity is important. Some think they are okay with things when they really aren’t. Be honest with yourself.

Be truly appreciative and okay with something not happening, even while it is important and you want it to happen. Make it okay that you are where you are. Let go of clinging behaviors and thoughts.

You Are So Much Stronger Than You Think You Are – Embrace It

If you plant the seed you have to let it grow on its own under the cover of earth and darkness. You can’t keep checking. You can’t dig it up to make sure it is growing. You have to let go.

Let nature take its course. Have faith that all will be well. Faith is marvelous to have. Believe in yourself. Know inside you can do it. Stop comparing. Focus on the end result and trust the process.

Like the seed, just mentioned, you can’t compare where you are to where you want to be. If you compare you always see how far you have to go. You are focused more on lack than on what you want.

Believe In Yourself And You Will Be Unstoppable

You notice the absence and that keeps it away. This doesn’t help you get it but pushes it further off.  Your attention is divided between what you want and the circumstances of not having it.

Whichever has the highest signal value is the one that comes forth. You really don’t attract anything. You create and make it happen. We are creators and also attractors. We create and attract from within.

It is mindset or attitude, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and right effort or action that brings about the results you desire; persistence, and learning from challenges until you accomplish it, is important.

Great Things Come Out Of Patience – Some Things Take Time 

With the right thoughts and feelings you can attract the right people, events and circumstances, or you more readily recognize them because your brain looks for these when positively attuned.

Attraction: to attract or not is a concept. The bottom line is we bring about what we want by our thoughts and feelings which lead to actions and habits which determine our results.

It is 90% mental and 10% action. When the mindset is right, you feel right which leads to inspired actions. Then it isn’t work. When action is inspired it is pleasurable, you enjoy working because it isn’ t work.

You Can’t Live A Positive Life With A Negative Mindset

90% of our energy should be spent developing the right attitude, beliefs, and mindset. Only 10% is required to do the work. Focus on why we want it over how to get it. The ‘how’ will come in time.

How is important but only after the right mental work is done. No one knows how to do anything until after they do it. Most people have it backwards. They want the how before the take action.

It doesn’t work this way. Edison didn’t know how to create a light bulb until he made one that worked. The Wright Bros. didn’t know how to fly until they flew successfully. Then they could repeat it.

Whether You Think You  Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

They only knew they must fly. They had the right attitude and then experimented until they got it correct. This is how it works. Sometimes it comes as an ‘aha’. Take charge of your mind first!

Actions are important but thought precedes action. Get the right thinking and feelings follow. From these right feelings right actions arise. These become right habits and determine the results you get.

Begin right from where you are. Go as far as you can and when you get to that place, from there, you will be able to see further. Step by step. How becomes clearer as you travel not prior to traveling.

All Things Are Difficult Before They Become Easy – Have Patience

Perhaps, you are trying to do it all alone. How can you enlist others to assist you? Network? Add value to others first, go the extra mile and be a genuine team player. Together we rise, divided we fall.

Be friendly and someone others want to be around. Let them know what you are working on accomplishing. Assist them with no regard for them assisting you, just for the sake of being helpful.

Contribute without  being a nuisance, and they may find reasons to help you back and contribute to what you want. People tend to like and say yes to people they like and want to be around.

If You Want Quality Act As If You Already Had It

Celebrate everything, celebrate what you have right now. Be grateful, whether or not your dream comes true. Live in gratitude and you open up the door for more of the same.

Practice being grateful in advance of it happening in the world. Act as if you already have it and are pleased with it. Be thankful for having ‘the invisible’ already right now in your life. Act as if!

Gratitude, and acting ‘as if’ your dreams have come true works well! Being simply grateful for what you have right now is incredible. It is powerful and wonderful to live feeling blessed.

Act As If It Is Impossible To Fail – Believe In Yourself

If you are grateful for the happiness you have, lots or little, you make room for more. If you are grateful for the people, the money you have, the success, the health, the car, the things etc., you feel good.

Plus, whether you have lots or little, you make room for more. Bless everything. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Imagine only the good happening. Talk not about distresses but focus positively.

Put a guard before your mind and lips. We create what we speak about. Is our conversation and our self talk about increase and what we are making happen or about decrease, struggle and woes?

Act As If You Already Are The Person You Want To Be

It matters. We get what we focus on. We become what we think about. Energy flows where attention goes. Where is our attention and what do we talk and think about most? We speak it into being.

Do you love and adore what you do? I used to have trouble with auditions because I hated auditions. I didn’t like going in. I felt rejected. I wanted to work but not audition.

I had very few auditions, perhaps as a result. What did I do? I took audition classes to get over my fear and resentment and develop my audition skills. It took a while. Then one day I had a breakthrough.

If You Want To Be Enthusiastic – Act Enthusiastic

I loved auditions. I had fun. I enjoyed the process. I embraced it as acting for a few moments. Things changed. More auditions came my way and I booked more. Attitude IS everything. Others respond to it.

Attitude is so important. Maurice, I have no idea whether any of these apply to you. Hopefully, however something I write in response will provide meaning or direction to you or others.

I encourage you to gently and positively, examine, without any self criticism.  Beating oneself up never helps. Check your self talk and what you say to others. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

What You See Is What You Get – What You Say Is What You Get

Speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others. If you see someone with what you want celebrate and bless that person. If you see something you want bless it. Positive energy boomerangs!

Celebrate and acknowledge it is good. Affirmations work whether positively or negatively stated. We want to check to be certain what we are affirming IS what we want to be affirming. Positive only!

If you think, how long will this take or I hate paying bills you are affirming those things. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. What we talk about to self and others is our story. Write a good one!

Happiness Is Discovered When You Stop Comparing

Rephrase things so they express, create and attract what you really do want. Focus and enjoy. Celebrate and enjoy! Have fun, pursue and relax. While you pursue it allow it too! Receive it into your life.

Maurice, it seems as everything you are doing is on target. Perhaps, it is simply the season of learning and self reflection for now. Day gives way to night, winter gives way to spring. Time is not up to us.

A farmer prepares the soil, plants, trusts, eliminates weeds and steps in if nature doesn’t provide nourishment.  When the time is right the farmer harvests, enjoys the bounty and distributes. Nature’s way.

Accept Yourself – Love Yourself – Be Yourself – Appreciate Yourself

Have faith you are right where you are supposed to be today. Enjoy and live in delight no matter what. Feel good and listen for that ‘still small voice within’. Your own intuitions about what is IS important.

Be sensitive to your own notions of encouragement and direction. You are the ultimate authority in making your dreams come true. Intuition speaks softly so we must learn to pay attention.

I hope this points you in some useful directions. I have used your question to include options for other readers to explore in their own process. These are suggestions anyone might incorporate.

I Can – I Will – End Of Story – That’s It – Period

Each of us can stay positive and seek to find the knowing within us. The certainty we have when we know our birthday is coming tomorrow and we will get gifts. We don’t doubt it is our birthday.

We know it is. We expect it. We eagerly await its arrival. We don’t doubt it will come or worry that it may not. We go about doing what we do knowing it is coming. It will arrive without question.

With our wants, the stepping stones, and our major purpose they don’t always come according to our timelines. We want it NOW but it will come when we are ready to receive it. You know the saying.

Failure Is Only Failure If You Quit Keep Going You Can Succeed

When the student is ready the teacher appears. It can be the same with our desires. When we are ready is when we line things up. We can’t force it to happen we allow it to happen. When ready it does!

The same way the farmer has to let the seeds grow in their own time. The farmer plants and then waits. It is what we do, how we are and who we are while waiting that determines much of everything!

I wish you the best of success. Stay in touch. Hopefully this provided some food for thought and, is of value to other readers. Everything is always good. We simply need to remember to look for it. Thanks so much! All the best wishes always.  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live well today and encourage others!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “I Am Doing Everything Right But It Isn’t Happening Yet, What Gives?”

  1. Yes to everything you said….yes….yes….yes!

    There is one other thing I do to make my dreams pop into reality “when I want them” on my terms….I use deadlines extensively….all the time…I find deadlines fire up my creative imagination….

    I also arrange my life so I “Have to Have” my dream…”or else”….I make it a matter of my personal “survival”….I find this very motivating and very effective….I basically make my “personal death” my friend…. My “death becomes my counselor”(this comes from a book read by the presidents of the united states to become president)….

    I have used this my whole life….it has always worked….it is scary….but it has always worked for me….it had to work or I would “not be here”….I find myself “walking up and into” impossible situations going against all odds and all societal norms….and since no one else does this “I have no competition”….

    For instance: Let us say I wanted to perform for the P.O.T.U.S., I would set a date, get in my car, go to the gate of the White House and tell the guard hi I need to see the President. He “might” say no, then again he might say no but….and give me the info I need or send me to the right person…by the way, I would bring my magic equipment with me in my car and be dressed in my tux and ready to perform….I assure you there will be no other magicians at that gate….no competition….I do this sort of thing all the time….100% of the time I get what I want when I want it….

    I take physical action….I see myself already there succeding….the key is seeing it already done, I deadline it, I take action….it always works for me….it has to work…usually my creative imagination gives me fantastic creative ideas as I stand at the closed door or gate and the sixth sense steps in and guides me step by step making it impossible for me to fail….

    Rex again thank you so very much for all your smart work and kind sharing….love what you are doing….


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