Never Let Circumstances Bring You Down – Learn To Live Triumphantly

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“Have you ever been on a roll and then excrement hits the fan? What’s up with that? Have you wondered, ‘WTF?’ You are riding high and then something comes along and levels the field or worse. It might suck, right? What if it didn’t have to? What would that be like?

Yesterday was a very different day from Monday’s blissful day. Some might say, the day presented some challenges. Certainly, there were numerous situations. For the purposes of illustration I’ll call them challenges. Still, the days WAS blissful and wonderful. One example.

Everywhere I drove during rush hour was jammed up. Each road I took, for the span over an hour, was a dead end, no outlet road, and detours to nowhere. It was amazing. I never before experienced anything quite like this. It was a twilight zone like.

Words Are Seeds – Be Careful What You Plant

I drove around trying to get out of a certain section that bounded a freeway and had construction, road and building, all around. After driving and trying each turn only to find it ultimately blocked I found one back road open! Hooray! Except it was closed by an accident!

There was no getting around it. I backed up, tried going back the way I came, to look for other avenues of escape. Finally, I found a way out. Once I got out I turned onto a major road which went up and over a bridge. As I got onto the bridge all traffic stopped. I was stuck.

I couldn’t go forward or turn back around. A truck broke down on the bridge shutting it down to one lane. Traffic was slowly merging right to go around. It was a good long while. I had never seen the traffic this congested, in this area, as far back as I can remember.

All That We Are Is The Result Of Our Thoughts

It was a different sort of busy driving day. After about an hour I managed to drive on into much more heavier bumper to bumper traffic. In my teen years in L A I’d have had road rage to the max. It was pretty tempting yesterday to let go and get angry about it.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to realize getting upset wouldn’t have changed the situations. I’d be stuck in traffic and mad, instead of stuck in traffic. Plus, as I have often pointed out, traffic is a fantastic place to learn to surrender and let go. So walk the talk, Rex.

I relax, and let go. I decided to assume I had created all this JUST especially for me. This is my mental construct, my fantasy. I wanted to discover, IF I had engineered this, or god or universe or whatever, why, what lesson might I take from it? Multiple lessons o’plenty!

Change Your Thinking And You Change Your Life

I examined and reflected. I gleaned insights for myself that I think are useful. Most importantly, the trite aphorism comes to mind, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. How do you make the best of a bad situation? If you label it bad to begin with, it’s tougher.

It is better not to label it anything at all. Don’t call it a problem or a challenge or an obstacle. It just is. Why start one down? It is what it is. The less we label the better off we are sometimes. Perhaps, we call it a situation or an opportunity. Yes, call it an opportunity.

Some think I must be mad. An opportunity! I can almost here them exclaim it. What are you outta your mind? Yes, I absolutely hope so. I hope I am out of the conditioning that says, if you have a hammer you treat everything as a nail. Problems do not make you feel good.

Thoughts Create Your Reality – Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

Opportunity may make you feel good. So it is an opportunity to relax, let go, enjoy sitting still, reflect, people watch, take a breather, learn from the situation. It IS whatever you decide it is. You determine whether it is good or bad. It is ALWAYS  YOUR choice.

Whether others agree isn’t the point. You can find plenty for whom misery loves company. You can band together and complain long and hard and it won’t change anything except your emotional state for the worse. Fewer will choose to look at it as a blessing. Yet, it is.

IF YOU decide it is. Everything IS as it is. You decide whether it is a blessing or not. As for me, I prefer that there are more blessings and opportunities than problems and obstacles. I want my blessing ration high so I declare more things blessings than otherwise.

Once You Become Aware Of How Powerful Your Thoughts Are …

You want to learn mental control? You want to be more resourceful?You want to live a better life? THEN live blessed and filled with gratitude! Enjoy everything. I point this out, this happening yesterday for a reason.  Some think, well it’s easy if your life is easy.

Some think, positive thinking is wearing rose tinted glasses. Some think, easy for you to say if you don’t have any challenges or face everyday constraints like the rest of us. I do, you do, we all do. Few lived charmed lives and aren’t touch by hurt or despair. Few, maybe.

Most everyone has to live with the day to day situations. Ups and downs, highs and lows, goods and bads. Most people have grown up learning to complain about circumstances and to long or wish for other circumstances. There are preferences and habits.

… You’ll Realize Everything In Your Life Is How You Allow It To Be

Habit has most people whining and complaining, excusing and blaming. Stop living your life dictated by circumstances. Instead dictate how you respond to the circumstances. Be larger than the problems. Call them anything but problems. Call them opportunities.

Practice this correctly long enough and you can get pretty good at it. Get good at letting go, living well and enjoying all events and circumstances as much as possible. Then as speed bumps occur you can find yourself at ease instead of getting bent out of shape.

You change habits with awareness and understanding. You change habits through correct repetition. You change habits by willpower and persistence. You change  by being committed to changing no matter what. As you change, what is difficult at first, becomes easier.

You Create Your Own Reality For Goodness Sake Have Good Taste

Awareness is the key. Whenever you realize you are thinking or feeling less than glorious make a purposeful, deliberate move to shift from the not glorious to the more glorious. Shift from negative to positive. Deliberately, with intention, as often as necessary.

Sometimes, you just have to do it a lot, over and over again. Other times it is easier. Just as with my two blog posts, sometimes it is wonderful sometime’s it ain’t. HOWEVER, it will always be whatever you make it. It will always be whatever you declare it to be.

You either affirm it as a problem or affirm it as a blessing. The choice is yours. The decision is yours. Learn to make new decisions and consider more and more in your life blessings and you will create, attract and re-frame more things as blessings.

What You Think Is What You Get – What You Say Is What You Get

You and your life will become richer and more blessed. The trade off is marvelous. It is! It can be beyond glorious. You only find out, however, by putting these principles into action. To know and not do is to not know. You life becomes glorious WHEN you take action!

Enjoy and delight more. Get hooked into trauma drama and crap less, regardless of what is occurring. Refuse to name things as problems but look at them as opportunities to discover cool things and they will be. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings! It is never done.

What you SAY is what YOU GET! Say what you want it to be and it will be that! YOU ARE THE AUTHORITY – you are responsible. No one else is. Make your life the life you want! Delight in everything. Enjoy everything. Feel blessed more often and you will be. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a day filled with blessings!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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8 thoughts on “Never Let Circumstances Bring You Down – Learn To Live Triumphantly”

  1. Wonderful Rex….I remember one Christmas….I was hit with a debilitating sickness on the day before….we always have our family party….I wondered how I would fair being there with this debilitating circumstance….as I set in the group I was unable to do my usual invisible reading of all the invisible cues, I was unable to analyse what was happening….so instead I was reduced to mere witnessing what was happening before my eyes….what I saw was amazing….I saw sincere love and warmth flowing from person to person….I saw kindness, true concern, I for the first time saw very clearly the beautiful family I have been blessed with….it was the best Christmas party I have ever had….I will cherish this memory forever…..who would have thought that a severe sickness could be a wondrous blessing….

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  2. The words of inspirational speaker Bentinho Massaro will always resound with me…circumstances don’t mean sh**. Thanks for the excellent reminder that we have full control of which circumstances we experience. I completely agree with your statement that what you think and say is what you get 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thoughts and framing of thoughts shall be done wisely ..indeed an insightful read this makes me re-phrase my whole situation as some little brittle beautiful challenges


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