If You Don’t Do These Few Important Things You Won’t Get What You

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“The principles I have mentioned numerous times in my blog posts are these. What you see is what you get. What you say is what you get. What you feel is what you get. What and who you are is what you get more of. You get what you focus on. It expands. It is yours.

We continue exploring deliberate creation and making your dreams come true in this and upcoming blog posts. Visualizing and affirming your intentions are powerful tools to develop the mindset and inform your subconscious what you want.  From within to without!

You create inside and translate it to the outside through the strong, intense desire to make it happen and by the faith and conviction that you can and will do it. You bring it about through inspired action. You create, make happen and attract the results you want. YOU do it!

Imagine A Bright Future – In Your Mind Now – And It Can Be Yours

First, you make the invisible powerfully visible in your mind. You send strong, intense feelings of this future good you desire to your subconscious by repeated, consistent visualizing. You want your mind movies to really create strong feelings in you. Feelings!

Feelings are the delivery vehicle to your subconscious. Feelings deliver the images. Feelings inform your subconscious ‘I want to create this. Now do it!’ The important key is always put it in present tense. ‘I am this! I have this right now! I am grateful for _________.’

That message and those feelings get the subconscious mind acting on your behalf. Otherwise, it does whatever it’s been doing. You deliberately program your subconscious to create what you want by the strong emotional feeling messages you intentionally send it.

Declare What You Want – Feel As Though You Already Have It

NOW is the only time! The subconscious mind is eternally present. It only knows right now. That is why you put whatever you want in the future into present tense. You have it now! You are it now! It IS your present reality. Not someday, somewhere, but here and now. Get it?

Some day never comes. Now is Now. It will take a while for you to manifest it, but if you do this, and expect it, you can make it happen. Visualization gets the mindset right. Affirmations and Directed Questions™ gets the mindset right. It is right mindset and action!

Affirm and visualize, ‘I am _________’. ‘I have________’.  I am positive. I feel incredible. I have a million dollars. I enjoy being rich. I am a good person. I am a great learner. I am unstoppable. I have a wonderful life. I am loving. I am successful. I have lot’s of energy. I am dynamic.

Act As If You Have It Right Now – It Is Yours – Be Grateful For It

Say it like you mean it. Shout it! Be enthusiastic. Enjoy it. Affirm it! Declare it! Assert it with confidence. When you visualize and affirm it should feel great. If it doesn’t check what you are thinking. Make the changes. If it doesn’t feel right adjust it until it does.

Feelings inform the unconscious and feelings inform you. If everything isn’t exactly lined up you will get a signal. Something will feel off or less than glorious. If you feel bad examine and change the thoughts you were and are thinking. It is your alert or alarm system.

Feelings occur to help us pay attention. If you don’t believe your visualization or affirmations you feelings let you know. If you bit off more than you presently are able to believe is possible you may feel doubtful or less than glorious. Feelings signal you so you can change.

Live Your Future Reality – On The Inside – Now – In Your Present

The goal is to feel good. If you don’t adjust your thoughts until you do. Feel your best, feel excited and enthused while you visualize and affirm. Adjust until you do. When you are in the sweet spot, and are congruent with your thoughts and desires, you feel it. It feels right!

It feels good. When you are feeling good you are thinking good. This is a powerful reason to practice gratefulness. See and affirm what you are happy about. Delight in what you appreciate. Do it as often as you can. Live it. Feel it, BE it. It adds great fuel to your fire! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “If You Don’t Do These Few Important Things You Won’t Get What You”

  1. I believe in this positivity. My book/spiritual guru’s are Emmet Fox, Charles & Myrtle Filmore, H. Emilie Cady to list a few pioneers, and thank you for your blog. What do you say to survivors of loss due to police brutality or people like me, who just try to live and enjoy life but the color of our skin makes life’s path more challenging. Everyone wants quality of life and financial prosperity yet paycheck to paycheck is a very real reality. Does it then come down to karmic and generational guilt/revenge/actions of the past? Thanks.

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  2. I say that yes skin color may make it more challenging for some. I say all people who suffer loss of loved ones, or who have been abused have challenges. I think all people have challenges. There are some awesome examples of people of color who have gone on to live happy lives in spite co challenges. Les Brown, Dr. William Jolley, Oprah Winfrey, the list goes on and on. People from all walks of life even with severe challenges, have triumphed and have created the life of their dreams.

    Whether they had to work harder than anyone else who has been challenged, that may be. I cannot say. I suspect challenges are challenges to any and all who face them. People are able to make their dreams come true and rise above their circumstances. If one can do it, if these role models can do it then we all have the potential to do it.

    Challenges make us strong. They are not comfortable but we never grow when we are comfortable we grow when challenged, even forced to. If we are wise we take the challenges, learn from them, and develop the mindset and the willpower to move forward and create what we want.

    We shouldn’t let our problems be bigger than we are WE should be bigger than any of our problems. We may need help, a coach, a mentor, a wise friend to assist us. We may need to help and assist others. We can make a difference no matter who we are, where we come from, what we are like if we decide we can, believe in ourselves and work to make it happen without giving up.

    Challenges and loss can be difficult, very difficult, but those need not prevent us from becoming the people we are meant to be. I hope this answers your question. It is an excellent question to ask. The focus at some point must move from what the challenge is to what you want to create instead. To recognize the problem and then work on the solution.

    All the best. Stay in touch! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. It is 2018, Sept. 29. Yes, positive declarations. Thank you 🙏🏽 for your advice. Two years later, I come back to this. Major shift in my life as well. I too practice in “centering”, putting out positive vibrations for the planet 🌎 & harmonic practices: 432 Hertz, Louise Hay, Yoga & dōTERRA Essential Oils
      ( there is a difference), and always prayer, never stopped that. Light workers spreading messages of L❤️VE, Inclusivity, Love 💕 of Earth & all of its beings.🧘🏽‍♀️Chawn 🦋


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