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You Deserve Better: Don’t Let Tough Times Get The Best Of You.

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“When it comes to troubles, and less than glorious thinking you can make it through if you believe you will. If the odds seemed stacked against you do not lose hope. Think ‘this too will pass’. Keep in your mind that you will see it through. Don’t complain or speak ill.

You never get rich focused on poverty. If you always say what you have you will always have what you say. Keep the faith and make it a point to learn from the challenges. There will be something to learn that is most certain. You will make it! You can see it through!

Attempt to drop the head work and work from the heart instead. Find ways at difficult times to love more, to give more, to comfort more and to complain less. Laugh more, celebrate and be grateful for what you have. We become what we think about all day long.

Find the way to take your mind off the troubles. Put your attention on how you can better serve others and who you love. Remember, you won’t get rich thinking about poverty. The way out of your troubles is a different path. The old way IS not the way.

As long as you are focused on what hurts, what sucks, what is not right and feeling bad you will remain stuck. In order to leave these behind you have to do something other than what you have been or are doing. You must place your attention on what you want instead.

Concentrate on what is wonderful and meaningful. You won’t get somewhere new taking the same old worn out path. To be different you must do things differently. If you want what is going on to change you must make some changes. Remember, ‘can-do’ not can’t.

Many people support keeping their troubles albeit unintentionally. They focus on them, talk to everyone about them and they let it consume their minds day and night. They worry, which is truly negative goal setting because it is keeping one’s mind occupied with the worst. It is planning to get what you don’t want. Stop it!

They imagine things going wrong. It isn’t difficult to believe that they probably don’t feel their best, or are the healthiest. They are stressed and feeling down. Everything they do on the inside supports and maintains keeping the outside problems the same. As above so below. Our thoughts determine our actions and these determine our reality. Want reality to change change your thinking.

They never seem to create an opening for themselves to feel better and enjoy life more but YOU can! All it takes is an small opening to let a lot of light in. A small flame is still a flame. Find it and fan it. Do what you can do to help the flames grow. Create more light for yourself. Thought always precedes action. Take control of your thoughts. The more you do this the more you will be able to do.

Believe in yourself and your resourcefulness to find solutions even if you don’t, yet, know how. What you expect makes a big difference. Expect a better day to come along. Expect the best of yourself. Know you will make it and that better times are yours. You will see it through your troubles when you believe you can. The difference between thinking negatively and positively is what you plan for.

What people do to keep their problems alive is similar to what one does to create a more positive life. The actions are the same but the content is different. You focus the positive. You focus on what you can be, feel and do that makes you awesome instead of downtrodden.  You celebrate, love, laugh, smile, be grateful and enjoy!

Most people have it backwards. They have the positive tap shut and allow the negative to run on and on. They get what they don’t want and feel bad. They think about this more and complain and get further stuck and complain more. It spirals down. If want it to be different you stop this!

Hot and cold water can come out of the same tap. If you don’t want one you shut it off and allow the other to run. It is the same with our thoughts and feelings. Learning to get free from your troubles and create your life the way you want is a knack. It is simply changing what you are doing. It is shutting one off and letting the other run.

Adjust what you have been doing to favor what you want instead of what you don’t want. You turn off the power to the less than glorious when you shift your attention to what is glorious about you and your world. Drop the familiar, the old ways that got you into the mess and venture into newness. Move forward in new ways.

We get what we think about most during the day. Imagine what you DO want NOT what you don’t. Affirm what you want not what the problems are. Aim your thoughts, feelings, words and actions at your dreams and you can make them a reality. Don’t let tough times bring you down. Move through them no matter how tough they may be. You can do it.” Rex Sikes

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate all day today!

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Get Extraordinary Results When You Have No Limitations!!

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“You may not know the name but this gentleman did something incredible. What makes it more astounding is that he didn’t know what he was doing was incredible while he was doing it. He was completely clueless. He was just carrying out a typical everyday assignment but he stunned the world. His name is George Dantzig.

You might not recognize the name but it is likely you know about his accomplishment. Arriving late to class one day he jotted down a couple problems from the blackboard. At home he worked on that ‘homework’ which seemed ‘a little harder than usual’ and then turned it in. Later, he received a visit from his excited professor.

It turned out  that Dantzig had solved two of the most famous unsolved problems in statistics. He did what no one else had been able to do! Pretty cool, right! He went on to become a mathematical scientist publishing more than a dozen books.

What is important to note about Mr Dantzig is that he was not limited by his beliefs when it came to solving the unsolvable problems.  Since Dantzig arrived late to class he hadn’t heard his professor’s remarks when he put the problems on the blackboard.

Since he wasn’t limited by those remarks, and since he assumed the two problems were homework, he went ahead and worked on them as homework. There was nothing very unusual about them so his mind was free to solve them. His thoughts did not stand in his way.

How many others, before him, had tried to solve them is not known. These were famous unsolved problems. Perhaps, many others, tried and failed assuming they could not be solved. Not Dantzig. He assumed he would find the solutions.

Because he was clueless he just went right ahead and succeeded where others could not. He wasn’t stopped or prevented by ‘I can’t’ thinking. He just did what he always did. Because he believed it to be homework he believed it to be solvable.

After all, that is what we come to expect about homework that there is an answer we can find and deliver. It never occurred to him that he couldn’t solve the problems. Our beliefs and expectations set the framework for what we believe is possible or not. These determine our attitude, This is important to note.

Our brains have evolved to solve problems and hit targets. Our brains work to achieve goals. What we think about and speak of matters a great deal. If we THINK something is not possible then it most likely isn’t. Our beliefs and expectations matter! If we think something is impossible we may not even try.

the mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation

Limitations are set by our thinking. If we think something isn’t possible and if we don’t try then WE will have really made it impossible. If we think something is possible WE open a door for opportunity.Our expectations determine our accomplishments.

We determine how hard something is to accomplish by whether we  think something IS possible but difficult or possible and easy. Our expectations determines our success. We are far more likely to reach our goals and dreams when we think the best and have the most powerful positive attitude possible.

Stop thinking you can’t do the things you want to do. You CAN be, do and have anything you desire when you believe you can. You can make anything happen. How you use your thoughts will determine whether you rise or fall. There is a purpose to thinking positive.

When you think positive you think powerfully. Your brain helps you get what you go after more easily. Think ‘I can’, “I am able’, ‘this will be easy’. See, visualize yourself as one who is able to make things happen and you will more readily make things happen.

Pursue your dreams without limiting beliefs and you can accomplish anything. Surprise yourself with amazing results because you don’t limit yourself!

When you are free from limitations, as Dantzig was, you make great things happen. Henry Ford stated, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!’ Become a can-do person and make your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

What is good and new today? Find it!

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