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Train Your Mind – It Works!!! Part 1

train your mind to see good

For some of us it is difficult to believe there is good in everything. Sometimes it seems there is just no good to go around, life is difficult and bad things happen.

I think of it this way. Before humans walked the planet events came and went. Some days were gorgeous some filled with calamity. Whatever happened happened. There was no one to label it, to judge it, to call it good or bad. Things occurred.

Some day I will take another form whatever that may be. I will no longer walk the planet so I won’t be around to comment on whether events are good or bad, right or wrong. They will go on without my commentary or criticism.

Since that is the case why should I waste my time while I am here. Isn’t there a better, a wiser use of my time? Wouldn’t I be better off not digging in despair whether the events are personal or global? Life is short. Life is way, way too short, as far as I am concerned, so I want to find a way to maximize the little time on the globe as best I can.

I decided at one time that if I was going to live on the planet I deserved to live in paradise. Whatever the situation is I wanted it to be paradise. What I found when I told others that many said it was not possible given the world and current state of affairs. They would say things like, ‘well there will always be suffering’. They said many things and I heard from many people through the years and the attitude seemed to be’ life was short, you struggle, try to be happy live a good life, hurt no one and die and hope there is an afterlife and that you may be rewarded’.

I thought this is not the way I want to go through my days. It took me some time, a lot of time actually, but one day I decided to decide how I wanted to think about things. I decided, whether it is accurate or not, that I create my experience. Yes, there is much scientific evidence to prove this to be true.  Regardless, of whether it is true or not I decided that I create my experience.

I determined I had created a lot of crap in my life and some good things. I looked at me, my life and it occurred to me that I always got what I wanted and what I thought about.

My worst fears seemed to come true. If I was anxious or depressed about something it was harder to move through the world. If I worried about money I never seemed to have enough. Perhaps, it was a chicken and egg thing, and I wasn’t sure what came first. Did I not have money so I worried about it or because I worried about money I never had any. I wasn’t certain, but I decided not to care.

I decided that I would control my thinking. I would endeavor to think the best about myself, my circumstances, my future, the people around me, my  family, friends, and even strangers. I would strive to maintain a positive focus. I would concentrate on finding the good in everything as much as I am able. I would find the best in everything and everyone.

It was not always easy, it still isn’t always easy. Sometimes there are challenges and it seems like I may lose my way. I get sidetracked or off course, caught up and I forget what is important and I get hooked. At some point I realize it is my decision. You know it is kind of like a guilty pleasure, but without the pleasure part. You know, , when you know you shouldn’t be doing something but you do it anyway.

Whatever it is,  maybe you shouldn’t have that extra helping but you just have too, or you sneak an extra piece of chocolate. You feel guilty. Maybe, guilty isn’t exactly the right word.  It isn’t guilt sometimes it is just that you just know there is a better way of being or thinking or behaving.  It is like that, at some point, I become aware that I am off base and I need to get back on. I know it is up to me.  Sometimes I don’t feel like correcting myself, but I do it anyway (because I have since learned how to). I course correct.

I have learned that just because things are going on around me that are not to my liking, even if everything is crumbling, I do not have to think negative thoughts, or feel bad or respond as I would have in the past. Oh, that was something else i did a lot of.  I used to live in the past aggrandizing the good old days or lamenting what was or what never came to be. I gave that up to.

I decided I need to change what I paid attention to. I realized FINALLY, that the past was over  and whether it was good or bad there was nothing I could do about it now. I could enjoy my present or not and I could plan my future or not but I could not do one thing about the past. It was over. SO I set my focus on what I wanted my future to be.

I began to think that where I am today is a result of everything I thought and felt and did or didn’t do in the past. My today is a product of my previous thinking. I am where I am because I created it. It didn’t matter to me, and it still doesn’t whether any of this is true or not. It doesn’t have to be true it really doesn’t. What it is – is useful. It is a frame of mind that I adopted as a choice so as to be able to have more control over what the results are in my life. True or not I don’t care.

So I decided to focus on where I want to be and create that instead. I focus on what I want and stay focused on that regardless of what is going on now. I imagine my future how I want it to be, I imagine I have it all in place, and this is what I concentrate on throughout each day.

In my mind I create the future I want to manifest. This was an incredible leap forward for me. Instead of living life looking back I started looking ahead. Instead of letting things happen to me I began to decide what I wanted to have happen. Instead of driving down the road looking in the rearview mirror I began to focus on my destination and how pleasantly I could get there.

I decided, I shouldn’t ignore the present that would be silly, I just don’t have to react to it as if I were a Pavlovian dog salivating to the ringing bell. I decided I would celebrate and appreciate the present. In order to that I had to think that it was worth it even when it may not seem that way. So I made it a point to look for whatever good I could find in whatever was going on and I would accentuate it.

If I experienced calamity and problems I would find whatever was good in the situation and accentuate that. Certainly, accentuating the problem or bad feelings didn’t make me think, feel or do any better but focusing on what was good did. I learned I could chose what I paid attention to. Even if my first thought was to find the bad my second thought became,  ‘ok what is good about this?’ I learned I could direct my thinking.

I found as I did this things changed for me. No, not over night but gradually. What I actually discovered was nothing changed in reality other than me and my relationship to reality and THAT actually did change everything. That may be a difficult sentence or concept to grasp right now but my life transformed.

I learned that whatever was going on I could decide how to feel and think about it. I was the one in charge. Just be cause bad things happened I didn’t have to chose to be unhappy. I lived that way for years, without choice, now I began to exercise my choices. When I became the person who chose what to think and feel yes everything changed for me.

I was clearer in my thinking, I enjoyed each moment more, I found more delight in simple things, I discovered opportunities I might not have otherwise, I felt better, I was open to more things, I met new people and engaged in new activities. It was as if a whole new world opened up.

And guess what, every moment I had to decide to chose. Things came up that would have caused me to feel bad and I chose not to. Some things came up and I found myself feeling bad and thinking less than glorious thoughts but when I realized what I was doing I steered my thinking and feeling back to finding the good, celebrating and appreciating and being positive.

It is a daily duty. Heck, maybe every second I am doing it.

I found it got easier and there were longer periods of time when I felt wonderful. The down times got shorter. I got better at recognizing when I was wallowing or not serving myself well. AND that is incredible!

I had decided to treat myself as God would have me be treated. Okay, I know some will bristol here because of whatever beliefs you may have, but I decided that if there is a God and God wants the best for me why shouldn’t I want the same for myself. I deserve to have all the wonderful things.

I discovered that the wonderful things don’t come from having more things. It comes from being more wonderful. It comes from having less stress, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration. It comes from taking the bull by the horns and deciding to do something for myself and to keep on doing it no matter what. I decided I would  never ever quit or give up. If I had to boot strap it I would, if the going got tough if I had to be tough I would get going. I decided that the end result was worth the price, whatever that price was I had to pay. AND it is!

I am getting so much more back than I pay for it is incredible!” Rex Sikes

More on this next time. Meanwhile have a fabulous day!


A Bad Attitude Is Like A Flat Tire


“Many people are stuck. They are not going anywhere. There are so many beautiful places to go inside of you and on the outside of you. If you stuck then you need to make a change.

If  you want positive changes in your life. and you want your life to change then you must change things in your life. You can’t expect things to be different if everything remains the same. You must change your thoughts, your attitudes and your beliefs.

If you want things to be different and  you want them to be better then you must change your thinking. When you do your feelings and your behaviors will change.

You must change what you are thinking about most of the time during your day. You must change what you have been focused on and then your life can change. If you want your life to be better you must focus on being and doing and having better things.

You must begin to think about what is possible, what you can do, what is positive and think on these throughout each day. The more you think these the more you become these. It all begins with our thoughts.

When your thinking, and your feelings and your behaviors change your whole life will change. You will think and feel and act differently which will allow you to create and attract what it is you want.

As you begin to think of yourself as a powerful, positive creator and you take responsibility for your life then you will begin to create all the good things you want. You will recognize that everything begins with you and what you hold in your mind.

It has been said that if you can hold it in your head you will hold it in your hand. A very positive first step is to take full responsibility for everything in your life right now. Whomever you are or aren’t, whatever you do or don’t do, whatever you have or do not have you are responsible for. This is your creation. Accept it!

Once you recognize your power as a creator and are pleased or displeased with your creation you can move forward to make your life everything you it to be. When you accept this, when YOU become accountable  it puts you in the driver seat. You take charge of where you want to go from this moment forward. You get un-stuck and you begin to move forward.

You can make your life radically better, and much easier, happier, healthier and wealthier but it is all up to you. You do that it does not happen to you.

You take the first step. Only you can take each step for you.

Begin today! Develop a new attitude. Then you will discover all the many different wonderful places you can go.” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day! Do things that make you smile and feel good!

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There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For!


“Look around. Look all around, inside you and outside you and find anything to be grateful for. Whatever you find celebrate it. Large or small, few or many live with thankfulness and you will transform your life.” Rex Sikes

“Through celebration and appreciation your life will transform. When you learn to express your gratitude moment to moment magic happens.” Rex Sikes


“It is amazing what we can achieve if we only believe we will. Keep the faith in you alive. Make your circumstances work for you instead of working for them.” Rex Sikes

“Faith is power. When you believe fully that you can do anything you will. Just be smart about it. Some people want to fly and run off cliffs believing they can, that is a silly way to do it. Start on the ground and fly upwards. The Wright Brothers wanted to fly and they did. They were smart about it. Believe in yourself, be smart and you can accomplish anything. Perhaps, not the first way you think about it but believe you can, keep on trying and you will.” Rex Sikes


“First! Create value, add value to other people. Yes! GO FIRST! That is when and how the magic happens. If you wait for them to do first, you are too late. If you wait to do it – you will wait and wait. Instead, go first, and discover how incredible life can be.” Rex Sikes

“The Golden Rule is about thinking and doing first to others what you hope they would be kind enough to do to or for you. The Golden Rule means to treat others with the highest regard whether or not they treat you that way. You hold in your mind and heart all good things and project they to others. From your mind and your heart your actions arise. Keep the Golden Rule. When you do your life will be amazing.” Rex Sikes


“Absolutely attitude is everything! Get used to it. You will always have challenges, ALWAYS! Accept it already! How you handle the difficult times, and what you learn from them IS that which enables you to move forward in your life! SO stay positive and keep the faith!” Rex Sikes

“When you appreciate and celebrate and accept everything as it is there is no problem ever.” Rex Sikes


“You want to be free of problems? Learn to consider them blessings in disguise, because that is what they are. Blessings.” Rex Sikes

“You create magic and attract many good things when you go first. When you are the catalyst, the instigator, the initiator, when good things begin with you and your output you get so much more back in return. So go first! Create something wonderful for yourself and others. When you go first you will delight and surprise yourself.” Rex Sikes<

Do good and have a glorious day today!

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Your Journey Can Be Amazing. Do you know why?

mountain pathway

“Your path will take you to many amazing places.

It won’t all be easy but that is part of the enjoyment.

It will be an adventure.

You will always find beauty if you just keep your eyes open and look for it.

Enjoy each step as you move forward. Delight in all you discover along the way.

No one can walk your path for you.

Since it is YOUR journey you might as well make the most of it. 

Whether you enjoy it or not is your decision. 

Those who think it is difficult and not worth the effort  will never get there. Their journey will end before it begins.

What the journey is, what you see along the way, what you allow yourself to feel and experience is all up to you.

I’ll say it again: What your journey is like is up to you.

Your attitude is everything!

It will determine what you discover along the way.

You attitude will determine whether it is fun or not.

You attitude determines what you will allow in, what you include, and what you keep out.

Your entire journey of discovery is completely up to you.

Keep this in mind.

It is amazing what we can achieve.

If we believe we can do it we will be able to do it. If we think we cannot do it we may not even try.

Believe you can then you will be able to go so much further. You will journey to new and exciting places.

Keep your faith in YOU alive.

When your attitude is in the right place, when you are in the right frame of mind you attract the right people the right events the right circumstances.

A wise person once said that we should not be victims of circumstances but we should make our circumstances as we want.

Make all your circumstances work for you instead of working for them.

Enjoy the journey all along the way. When you do it becomes even more amazing than you can imagine.

Feel grateful with and for each step you take. Appreciate everything and you transform your life.

When you celebrate you make room for more life to enjoy. You create the path all along, you and only you.

This is the most important discover you can make. Few will, no matter how many times they hear it or read it.

You are the journey. You create it all. It only exists as it does because of you. Celebrate your role as creator.

When you recognize who is in charge, who is doing the creating, then you are free to enjoy all.” Rex Sikes

I hope you have an amazing day. How fabulous will you make today for yourself and others?

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Hey, YOU, Thanks! Thanks A Bunch!!!


“I want to say thanks to all my kind supportive friends, the people, who have shared my new blogs.

I am delighted to have started Daily Gratitude & Inspiration & the brand new Rex Sikes’ Movie Beat blog.  Believe it or not the sites are a lot of work.

So I really want to say thanks to you who have subscribed, who follow and who share my blog posts elsewhere.

I am excited about these new websites and your help really makes a difference. Your support means everything to me.

THANK YOU! Thanks too for sharing my posts.

You rock! My heart is warmed by your interests and efforts. Every time you share I smile. I smile each time a new person signs up, comments, or follows.

Thank you! YOU demonstrate what friendship is all about. Helping and supporting each other and sharing things you find value in to enrich others. YOU demonstrate what social networking is all about.

I am so proud to have you as friends! I appreciate who you are and what you do. You have touched me and it makes me feel extra happy. Thank you! Stay in touch. Comment, let’s have a conversation about those things that interest you. Share your thought and feelings. That would make everything even more special.

Blessings and peace.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy the day by making it extra special!

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What? Take the bull by the horns??? Me? Part 2


if we did all we are capable of edison

I repeat: One of the best ways for beginning to choose better positive thoughts is to re-read these blog posts over and over. Read inspirational material at least a page a day everyday! Find positive affirmations to keep in mind. This is important as perviously mentioned. What you put into your mind is returned to you.

Deliberately think the best positive thoughts repeatedly. We infuse them with positive emotions. This is critical. It is not the mere repetition of a platitude that makes the difference. Saying or thinking something over and over does little. It is thinking and saying it while emotionally charged.

The reason people seem to have troubles is their fears are already emotionally charged. Sad thoughts are too. We get what we think about because what we think about is laced with the energy of the feelings. Words don’t impress the brain but images and feelings do.

Our brain works by releasing chemicals and hormones depending on what is occurring in us and to us. In fight or flight adrenaline is pumped into the system to be able to respond appropriately. The reaction is hardwired, outside of our conscious ability to choose, the body reacts but our response we may choose to fight or flee.

Later, as we remember the situation our body reacts, perhaps not with as large as reaction as the first triggering event but those memories invoke and respond to the chemicals and hormones that are triggered in re-living the event. We get back a portion or all of the experience. That is why some have crippling fear and why some others do not.

Our feelings become ‘anchored’ to the rest of the experience. A sight or sound, internal or external to us may trigger the memory or association and it all comes flooding back, feelings and all. The experience may link up and or be associated with other like experiences from one’s past.

It may not be long before the human makes a generalization or a rule from these associations, “I am afraid of…” or ” I can’t do or go …’ or ‘I am not the kind of person who…’ or whatever it may be in a limiting fashion. The person then may  form a  belief about who they are  or what they are capable of, or the world, or all three. From this belief and other similar beliefs, associations, memories and feelings they move in the world with however much or little freedom and comfort they are able to experience. These beliefs and attitudes together form what has been called ‘geshtalt’ or ‘paradigms’.

It is concluded that we don’t act much on any real information but from our paradigms and filters.

I have severely condensed this here but will be returning to it again in blog posts. I provide just enough basic information so one can understand that there is a large emotional component to making changes. Whether these occurred for us in life through experiences we consider negative or positive we are not shaped by words but by our feelings.

To make positive changes, to update our paradigms so they serve us instead of we serving them we utilize the best feelings we can find. We find the best, and we keep feeling the best as often as we are able.

If something comes along to upset us, as soon as we become aware of the opportunity we focus on things that make us feel better when we hold them in our mind. We consciously return to the best feelings as soon as possible.

Why? Because we want to train ourselves and make it a habit to find the best as soon as possible. We perform better, think better and enjoy life more when we are in more optimum states (this should not have to be stated, as I think it is obvious, but it may not be clear yet, and so I point it out repeatedly).

From the best place inside ourselves, the best thoughts and feelings come the best actions for ourselves and for others. So we charge our positive thoughts, our affirmations, our Directed Questions with the best possible feelings and this is what impresses on the ‘servo-mechanism’ what to do, what you want. You want more better thoughts and feelings. When you repeat this over and over you are telling ‘yourself’ give me more of this please. You are developing the habit and as you continue and persist, never stop, you are becoming what you think and feel, you are evolving yourself so it becomes easier and more reliable. It begins to become the positive habit you want. You are updating the paradigms and getting new results.

SO: We find the best feelings we can during the day moment to moment. A good guide is to ask yourself, ‘How am I feeling right now?’If it isn’t as good as you want put your attention on those thoughts or those elements in your life that make you feel good when you think about them. Find things to be grateful and excited about.

We hold the image of who want to be in our mind with these good feelings steadily in order to transform ourselves. We visit these thoughts and feelings as much as possible during our waking hours. We make it a ‘must have’ a burning desire something so important we must become it. That is the process and then we keep doing it and we do not quit. It is simple enough.

‘If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand’,  the saying goes.

We see it, and imagine it fully in our minds and feel our best feeling as we do and all along the day and we being to transform ourself and our life into what we are imagining. In order to be it, behave it, do it or have it we must first conceive it and then keep on thinking it. We fill our brain and mind with this positive energy and we ultimately become it.

I seek self evolution prior to getting things. If I want to have a lot of things then I first think of myself as a person worthy of them and able to get them. I think of myself as a loving, kind, father or a successful, skilled, dedicated filmmaker (or whatever), I think of myself as one who can make things happen, a ‘Can do it’ person, an attractor or magnet or creator. From this being I make things happen and attract good things and people.

Who I am determines what I do which determines how far I am able to reach and what I am able to get, or have or include in my life. If I am a positive person my energy is dedicated to thinking and feeling and doing positive things so that I create, attract or make happen positive things in my life. I include finding or making happen situations, events and finding positive people to associate with.

The formula for creation is to be, do and then you have. Be, do, have.

I recognize for me that attitude precedes everything. Thought always precedes deliberate action so as we think the thoughts repeatedly we can become what we want. I believe we already are the product of our thinking so if I want positive changes to occur in my life, from this point on I need to change my thinking to be more positive.

I keep in mind to important principles ‘We become what we think about’ and ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. to guide me each day.

I believe that I should do whatever positive good it takes to become what I want without depriving anyone else. There actually is plenty to go around for everyone. I wish everyone well and celebrate them. I imagine great things happening for all and I am grateful for everyone in my life. I think how would I want others to think about me and what would I want them to wish for me. I would prefer they celebrate and wish me the best so I decided I ought to do it first. It goes back to ‘We become what we think about’ so I practice the Golden Rule.

So mere repetition of thoughts is not enough. Charge them with positive emotions. Determine to fill your day with finding the best moments to savor, the best memories to recall, the best feeling you can find. People, opportunities, places, things, activities to be grateful about put your attention on these. Determine that you will make it the best day possible by what you chose to focus on and create and experience. Take control of what you consider. If you find yourself off base return – get back on track without a lot of drama. Celebrate that you are returning to positive thoughts and feelings.

Remember the biblical saying “This is the day the lord has made rejoice and be glad in it’. Yes, you do that. Make it that kind of day. Determine to make each and every day that kind of day. Look for reasons to smile instead of frown and you will find more of them.

Life can be so incredible. Wouldn’t you like to be amazed to discover how easily you are able to transform yourself and your life into something so wonderful, you can’t even begin to imagine it fully, yet? Wouldn’t that be awesome and delightful? Hmmmmmm” Rex Sikes

More tomorrow, we continue. I wish for you to discover many delicious moments for yourself though out today .

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