Gratefulness: How do you live?

be happy with what u have whle working for what u want

“What can you put your attention on today that delights you and causes you to celebrate? Hmmmmm.

Won’t you take a moment to look for and find those small, seemingly insignificant, moments that put a smile on your face?

What wonderful things might you discover if you were to relax and search, in a positive way, for the many good things you appreciate in your life?

Could you look to the people who surround you, the things you have, what you have done and are able to do that make you happy?

Imagine what it would be like to feel grateful more of the time.

How would you like it if you were filled with much more gratitude and appreciation each day? Can you imagine how much better this would feel?

Do you suppose you could  take a few moments each day to count your blessings and to spend a few moments feeling grateful?

Would you be willing to make it a point to count your blessings? Take an inventory.

Couldn’t you begin by spending only a little while each day to review and validate what makes you feel happy and fulfilled?

Because if you will you will get back much more in return.

i am thankful for all my blessings

As you collect and validate these special moments savor the feelings that accompany each.  When you do this you will open up the ways and the means to find more good feelings. You will begin to feel more marvelous.

You don’t know how much more wonderful your life may be until you actually try it.

Your life c an become even more incredible when you do little things that make a significant difference. You did know that, right?

It doesn’t take much to make great improvements but it does take something. It requires that you bring your attention to some positive things, at least for a little while, each day.

You could do this, could you not, if it meant your life would improve? Wouldn’t you, at least want, to?

Here is something that can make an amazing difference for you.

Each day, find at least 25 things you are grateful for and think about them and write them down before you go to sleep. Make a list, focus on these and enjoy them. Yes, count your blessings? Focus on these.

As you do will find other positive things begin to come into your mind. You know the saying ‘Seek and you shall find.’

I have suggested this to people in my seminars and workshops and writings for over 30 years and almost without fail many have said at first , ‘WHAT 25 things!!!’ They seem to think this may be impossible.

After a few days during my training programs participants would come to me and ask, ‘can we write down more if we think of them?’ OF COURSE YOU CAN. That is the point!

Some days you will be grateful for the same things as yesterday. Other days new one’s will pop into your head. Whatever you come up with that you are thankful for put down on your list.

Your capacity to discover and enjoy increases with exercise. Your attention and ability to focus improve  and increase as you use them.

Once you begin looking you will find much more. What seems to be ‘too many ‘ at first becomes a small amount shortly because you open up to finding good things and wonderful things. Just like my students you can do more than ‘just 25’! Enjoy this, because I know you will!

As you  find more to appreciate you begin to feel better and your life begins to change. Something so simple can have great power. It is amazing!  Wouldn’t you like to experience more of this for yourself?


It is one thing to read about it or be told about it. It is quite another thing to do it. You can get results that astound you but only when you actually do what I am describing.

In recent years some people have taken a 100 day challenge to find some things to be grateful for. This is marvelous because whenever you engage in an activity over and over again through time you may develop a habit.

This is especially valuable  WHEN you do this TO develop a positive habit for yourself. 100 days of emphasizing what you appreciate in your life is a fantastic start.

You can’t yet know how your life will change when you do this, but could you begin to see, begin to imagine how different you may feel if you did decide to carry out this program?

What if you were to reflect on these positive moments before you go to bed and whenever you are able to through out each day? What do you suppose that would be like?

So stop, and consider for a moment how your life will improve when you build a collection of things you feel really grateful for and positive about.  Imagine how it can be different. That would be worth doing wouldn’t it?

All you have to do is think about 25 things you feel grateful for prior to going to sleep. Write them down, make that list, think about these.

I mentioned in a previous post that your energy flows where your attention goes.

This is important to remember. What you focus on, what you pay attention to and accentuate actually enlarges and expands. It gets bigger or more prominent. It becomes a larger part of us. We spend more time with it.

When you focus your attention on appreciation and gratitude your energy concentrates there, and you get back more of the same. Your ability to find things to appreciate increases AS does your ability to appreciate increase. You begin to feel more grateful and more wonderful more of the time. Isn’t that something you would like?

Do you realize how much more enjoyable life would be if the bulk of your time was spent delighting in things you appreciate and value? If most of your thoughts were along these lines, positive, happy, and grateful wouldn’t you like it that much more?

your mind is a garden grow flowers or weeds

Consider how your life may improve as you do this.

Can you image what it can be like to live in gratitude?

Can you imagine how incredible it might be for you to feel more wonderful and delighted each and every day?

How many wonderful feelings could you discover as you look for those moments, those people, those things, those abilities, those events in your life that you are feel really thankful for?

When you make it a point, and a habit, to fill you day with more inspiration and gratitude you will discover more happy, joyous, wonderful moments each day.

Wouldn’t this be a good thing?

Start today! Before you go to sleep make a list, it doesn’t matter what is on it, the only thing that matters is that you feel thankful for it. Large or small write it down.

Find at least 25 things you feel grateful for. Reflect on these and then go to sleep. Do it again tomorrow and the next day and the day and after that. Yes, you can continue for more than 100 days, because I know you are going to want to.

It is really, actually, quite simple to do something this easy. Keep at it.

Don’t delay.  Begin today!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous fun filled day!

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Positive Thinking Part 2 What’s In Your Garden?

let go of thoughts that don't make u strong

The garden doesn’t care what you plant. It does not make a difference to the soil whether you plant flowers or weeds, food or poison. Once planted the seeds grow.

Nature will take care of the growth if you don’t tend to the garden. Left alone it will grow. Wild weeds will arise that can take hold and overwhelm the flowers and food. The garden left alone and wild may not produce the garden you hoped for.

When one tends to the garden the weeds are removed and the garden is manicured both for health and beauty. This garden can become what you intend it to be, what you imagined it to be.

Some people  just throw seeds on the soil, hoping they come up and that nature will do the rest. Sometimes, that is how it works. Some people throw seeds around without much thought as to how it will turn out. They let whatever will be, be. You can do this too, perhaps you have.

Some people make plans. They imagine the garden they want to have. They know where it will be, what size it will be, how it will look. They know what will grow in the garden. You can do this too, perhaps you have done.

If you have no plan or no idea, if you give no thought to what the garden will look and be like, it will be whatever it is. You will end up with whatever you end up with. You may be surprised or disappointed because it is not up to you.

There is another way.

Since it is your garden you can decide how you want it to look and what kind of garden you want it to be. You decide where you want the plants and what kind. You may landscape it any number of ways. Perhaps, you include a bench or a pond. What kind of garden do you see?

It is in your mind the garden first originates. Once you see it in your mind you might draw it on paper. Some people do this. Architects and engineers work this way. They see a room or a building or highway in their mind, they envision it and then draw it out according to the specifications. You can do this too.

You plan and design the garden. You prepare the soil,  sow the seeds and you take care of it. You cultivate the garden and help it grow so that it will become what you intend it to be. You take care of it. You do not leave it to chance. You do not leave it alone.

Remember, everything begins as a thought. Everything in the human world, created by humans, first originated in the mind before it  became became physical reality. There is a translation process from the head to the hand. The thought reality IS transformed into a physical reality. You first think it and then ultimately you craft it or you carry it out.

What is interesting to note is that the mind, just like soil, does not care what is planted!

Let’s back step slightly. In my previous post I likened attention to a flashlight. Your conscious mind IS the mind with volition. You direct your attention consciously, with purpose. You choose where to aim the flashlight with you conscious mind.

Your unconscious mind or your subconscious mind (some people like the phrase ‘other than conscious mind’ is the garden. It is the like the soil. It doesn’t matter what is planted in the subconscious mind. It doesn’t care what seeds are sown.

The subconscious is as a ‘servo mechanism’ which is just like it sounds – a servant mechanism that carries out functions regardless of what you consciously choose. It beats your heart, fills your lungs, digests your food, circulates your blood, regulates your body functions with none OR very little participation from you consciously. Imagine what life would be like if we had to remember to beat our heart or breath?

The unconscious mind carries out functions and habits with no regard as to whether they are positive or negative, good or bad. If you learned to smoke you will smoke it doesn’t matter to the unconscious mind although consciously you may decide you wish to quit. It doesn’t matter if the habit is over eating, drinking, chewing your nails, picking your nose in public; any habit good or bad this servo mechanism carries it out reliably.

It is claimed that we mostly function at the unconscious level all of the time in everything plus we have a portion of awareness for conscious thought and determination. We are creatures of habit, have an order for how we shower, what we wash first, we get dressed the same way each day, we eat food the same way, we take the same route to work, unless otherwise necessary, we  get angry the same way, get happy predictably in the same way, most of everything we do we can do without much conscious thought.

Try to change a habit and you know how difficult that may be. That is because the servant mechanism works reliably not haphazardly. It is completely 100% dependable no matter what, except it the rarest of circumstance. It works 24 hours a day 7 days a week non-stop, And it does not care. Frankly, it doesn’t care about you. All it cares about is keeping on keeping on. Survival. It functions to keep you alive and it will carry out whatever it has learned to carry out.

We tend to personify our unconscious processes, we tend to think of these as another human within ourself, or as an ‘it’, or an ego or an id. We try to imagine it many different ways and all of our analogies may be partly accurate and partly wrong.

I am using the notion of the soil and of the servant mechanism because they are useful to demonstrate the principles being discussed. Your unconscious mind is like a computer (another poor analogy but useful) in that it will run whatever  programs you put into it just as your computer will.

Whatever they programs are designed to do ‘it’ (the computer) will do.

If the programs were designed to destroy the world or build a ferris wheel or design a garden that is what it would do without conscience. It’s only function is to carry out the programs. It has no choice.

In the very same way this aspect of you will return to you negative or positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors with no regard for you whatsoever. It will do so reliably over and over again just as it beats your heart.

If you program it with less than glorious material that is what it will give back to you.  So this is why I have used the analogy of a garden and the seeds.

It does not care whether you plant good or bad thoughts, positive or negative. Whatever is planted IS what will grow.

Negative thoughts will produce negative thoughts, feelings, actions and negative results. It will not magically result in positive thoughts. You would not expect to get acorns if you planted peas, would you? You wouldn’t harvest corn if you planted wheat. You get back whatever you plant. You plant rice you get rice You plant poison you get poison. You will not get something else.

Don’t you find it odd that people do one thing yet expect different results?

Actually, it is a bit sad. People hope for something different yet they continue to do the very thing that insures they will remain the same. You get what you plant.

The popular definition of insanity IS doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. It would indeed seem to be insane if you said ‘I planted acorns and I am going to get celery when I harvest’.

This next point is critical to keep in mind.

Typically, the seed will become a plant that can produce many other plants and countless numbers of seeds. Rex, you speak the obvious you may be thinking and yes that is true. Still, it is important to understand.

One apple tree may produce hundreds of apples. One tree could produce thousands of apples during its life time and hundreds of thousands of seeds.  Some of these seeds  become other apple trees. These trees, in turn, produce more offspring that produce more seeds and other offspring. The potential return is enormous off of just one single seed that grows.

Talk about a Return On Investment (ROI). One seed can produce a tree that can create a potential forest of apple trees.

Thinking and thoughts work in the very same manner.

Thoughts return more of the same kind of thoughts which continue ad infinitum. One of the ways our memories and minds works is by associations. For example,  I say the word ‘dog’ what comes to mind. Stop, think about it.


From that one word  you can generate an image of many different types of dogs or many different images of different dogs or even the same dog.

You may have a number of experiences with dogs that you remember as you consider ‘dog’.  Experiences from your recent past or from long ago.

Watch now how this will change.

What happens when I say ‘ BAD DOG!!!’ Examine what happens in your mind.

Are you aware of your image changing? Did it bring up different images of dogs, or maybe a specific dog? Or specific instances. Again memories from long ago or recently could be recalled? What happened for you in considering this?

Alright how about you consider ‘wet dog’.

Again, same or different dog, same or different memories, same or different times?

How many dogs, different dogs and different memories and different times and places and people and situations might you have recalled just thinking about what I asked you to think about?

All I gave you were three different words yet these words trigger associations or memories of many other examples.

I gave them to you in a particular order too. Maybe it depends on however I give them to you. Perhaps order has relevance. I gave you dog, bad, and wet. I could add COLD, or HOT or FUN.  What happens?

If you thought about any of the memories or associations or thoughts you came up with perhaps you ended up of thinking about other pets, or people or places or times too. Anything is possible.

The point is nothing exists in isolation. Thoughts return other similar thoughts. These in turn may lead to other similar thoughts. The possible connections could be endless. From one thought many more may follow. Like thoughts produce or attract like thoughts.

Negative thoughts return more negative thoughts!

Your enjoyment of the garden is determined by what kind of garden you create. How you think about it and feel depends on what you planted.

It all boils down to what you are planting.

What kind of garden do you want to have? What is it you want to harvest?  What do you want more of? What do you want your life and your experience of life to be like? WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Positive thoughts return more positive thoughts. The potential return is enormous. Like thoughts produce or attract like thoughts.

The soil of our mind is already returning whatever it is we have planted.

If what you have planted in the past resulted in weeds or poison it is time to decide to change what you are planting. Unless of course, that is what you want for yourself. But, most of us have much better taste than that, we just aren’t sure how to make it different.

So we do the same things over and over (we do the things we know to do or think we are supposed to do) thinking we will get different results. We won’t, but we keep trying. It as if we keep banging our head against the wall trying to get out of the room because the door is locked. IT  doesn’t work.

The results you are presently getting getting are a result of what you thought and felt in your past. The results you get in days to come will be the result of what you thought in your past and in your present.

If you do not change something in your thinking nothing will change. If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life.

IF you have negative results it is because you were planting negative seeds.

So what does it mean to plant seeds. How do you plant a thought? We will continue this discussion as we move into other posts. For now, if you don’t like the results you are getting you need to decide to change that. You will have to do things differently to get different results. Some people just don’t know how to change, or what to change but they still want to.

We will continue to examine what you can do to get what you want. You will learn how to plant positive thoughts to get positive results.

I have shared with you a small portion of how the subconscious mind works. It is the servant that carries out orders. You might wonder where these orders come from or how you ended up doing (or thinking and feeling) whatever it is you do, in the way you do it, whether you want to or not. Carrying out orders IS the domain of the subconscious mind.

CHOICE is the domain of the conscious mind.

We will discuss these further and how you can make positive powerful changes in posts to come.

In the meantime look to the positive, find what is good and new, what delights you and what you have in your life that you appreciate. Count your blessings. Enjoy your day!” Rex Sikes

Make this day a wonderful day of newness for yourself? Discover if you can open up to positive new ideas and ways of being? Look for how much fun you can have today.

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Energy Flows Where You Put Your Attention: What Is Yours On?

energy goes where attention goes

It is an easy concept to understand: Energy flows where you put your attention.

Aiming our attention works similarly to aiming a flashlight.

Whatever we aim our flashlight at is illuminated, the area is highlighted, bathed in light. We can see more clearly. The energy goes where you aim it. WHATEVER we put our attention on energy flows to it.

Other ways this has been said are: Whatever we put our focus on expands. Whatever we put out we get back. Whatever we think about we get and become. Whatever available space we have we fill up.

It doesn’t matter what we think or feel, whether we think good or bad thoughts,  positive or negative , we get back more of the same. We get back more of what we pay attention to. What we focus on really does expand.

If we want to feel better, think clearer, and have a more wonderful life then we need to put our attention on feeling better and thinking better. We have to place our attention on feeling and thinking better the bulk of each day. What we think about most of the time IS what returns to us. What we think about and hold in our consciousness really does matter.

If we want to feel better we focus on better feelings. We put our energy into thinking better thoughts. The more we concentrate on positive thoughts and feelings, that which we like and enjoy and want more of, we discover more becomes available.

If we want life to be better there is something we can deliberately do to make it better. We must focus on the best to get more of the best.

Some people live life as though things happen to them. They think they have no control. They experience life as a series of lucky or unlucky accidents.  Some people live as if they are corks bobbing in the water going wherever the current takes them whether or not they enjoy it. They do not have purpose or direction and may even dislike where they find themselves. They feel lucky when good things happen.

When something comes along they dislike they think about it, worry about it and resist it. They put their energy into what they don’t want. They struggle for control because they do not believe they have any.They fight and resist many things.

Resistance always brings more of the same energy. What you resist persists is a popular saying. It is true for the very reason that  energy goes where your attention goes. If you fight anything you are engaged in keeping it active.

For example, It takes two to argue, or two opposing forces. A fight can go on forever because each party keeps it going on. Each person tries to trump the other, beat the other by any means available.  They resent and dislike each other.  When they are  together they argue when alone they think about what they should have said or done to get the upper hand. They focus on what is wrong about the other person and the situation.They relive the argument over and over in their minds. As long as they allow it to continue it will.

If you want something to end you have to stop giving it energy. If you don’t want something stop putting energy into it. Stop thinking about it. Start thinking about what you do want instead.

If you don’t feed your pet, or yourself, you will die. If you stopped watering your plants they would die. When you stop giving energy to your problems your problems will die. Energy goes where your attention goes. Take your attention away from what and the energy will go away.

Put your attention on what you do want and you will give it the energy it needs to grow.

Whatever you feed and take care of can live and prosper.It doesn’t matter what it is, if you nurture it it will grow.

If you take care of weeds they will grow just as flowers will. Whatever you keep putting your energy on will continue to flourish.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you water (flower or weed)  it it will grow.

WHICH you water (flower or weed) determines what you enjoy.

Nurture your positive thoughts and feelings. Pour your energy into thinking and being and feeling your very best. Imagine your life the way you want it to be and pour your energy into these images.

Stop worrying about what you don’t and don’t have or what isn’t working. If life crumbles all around you it doesn’t get better by paying attention to or focusing on the crumbling.

I’ll say it again, your life will not get better if you keep focusing on what you don’t like and don’t want. For your life to get better you must focus on what you want to have and keep your attention and energy there.

Focus on what you want to create for yourself. Focus on what you already have that IS wonderful and appreciate it.

Put your energy into making each moment more wonderful . Put your energy into and onto whatever is good,  happy, joyous, confident, peaceful, sumptuous, delightful, incredible and more. You encourage these when you do.

You have a choice. That is simple to understand. What you focus on is ultimately your choice and your choice alone.

It may not seem that way BUT it is your choice.  It may not be easy at first to choose what you want to focus on but it does get easier once you do it. The more you choose to put your energy into being positive  the easier it becomes.

There is another truism I like to repeat. Here it is: ‘The more we do  the more we can do.’ Our talents and abilities improve with practice.

SO keep this in mind: You life is a reflection of where you have been putting your energy.  It is your creation whether you accept responsibility for creating it or not.

If you don’t like where you are you can change it. Make it a point of taking responsibility for creating your life. Take responsibility for your choices and you can make your life much more wonderful. Decide now where you will put your energy. It may not seem easy at first but it is absolutely worth it.

I repeat, if your life isn’t to your liking you can change it” Rex Sikes

How many wonderful things do you think you can find today to enjoy and celebrate?

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Positive Thinking Part 1 What Doors You Can Open When You Explore?

positive  thinking is having confindence in your abilities

“There are at least two forms of positive thinking that I consider beneficial. In one you target a goal, develop or adopt a success oriented attitude, and go after your goal until you reach it regardless of what hardships you may encounter along the way. In this case, you know exactly what you want and you go get it because you are positive you can. So you pursue it until you succeed. This is a powerful and positive use of your mind, your feelings and abilities.

The other form is maintaining a sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything you experience. You look for and find the good in everything, the very best there is in your past and present and you accentuate it. You fill your everyday moments with the best thoughts you are able to. You choose  happy thoughts and thoughts of well being and you expect things to work out well for you regardless of what life has to offer. You remain cheery and optimistic. You feel good and you enjoy life. You feel an overall sense of wellbeing  and you wish others the the same. You experience life as glorious. This, too, is a powerful and positive use of your mind, your feelings and abilities.

For me, both forms are important and work hand in hand.

I think of it this way. I want life, overall, to be more pleasant and enjoyable. So whatever I can do to help make it that way I am all for it.

I think of life as a garden and there are many types of gardens. Some grow wild others are well manicured. While I do want it to grow naturally,  I realize that you have to ‘tend to it’ to keep it healthy and looking good. In order to have the garden I prefer I must work at it. I must prepare the soil, plant what I want, provide nutrients and water, weed and remove unwanted materials or pests, protect it and manicure it as necessary. I help make it the garden I desire.

This, too, is how I think about positive thinking.

Life goes on. Life is whatever it is. Life everywhere on the planet occurs largely without me doing anything. Days and nights come and go, events happen, some of which I am directly impacted by and others I am not. Life IS whatever it is.

Regarding my life in the world, I will have to ‘tend to things’ to make it more to my liking.

For me, positive thinking isn’t about magic or wishing for things to  magically appear while I do nothing at all. Positive thinking requires my active participation to get precisely what I want. Magical thinking puts the power outside of me (or us) onto circumstances or others. I then am not in control (we are not in control) something else is. I prefer to ‘be the captain of my soul and the master of my fate’. Don’t you?

I do not mean to say that I control the world or events or others, rather, I choose how I move through the world regardless of what is going on. I am learning to RESPOND to the world as I DECIDE to respond, rather than to REACT to the world as I have been CONDITIONED to.

I think of positive thinking as being able to choose what I want to think, feel and act instead of operating from ‘no choice’ and prior conditioning. It is not about ignoring negativity. It IS about changing what I don’t like or what I don’t want for something better thereby creating the circumstances (and the conditions) I do want to live with.

It is about being in charge of oneself as much as is possible without dictating to others how they should be or what they should do. It is the ability to go after what I want and to achieve that while celebrating the life I already have.

Years ago I never thought this was possible. I thought we had to live with and accept the cards we were dealt.

What I discovered radically changed my life. My eyes and heart were opened to new ways of being and doing. A transformation within me took place. As I continue to transform inside of me the amazing thing is that the outside of me transforms as well. I have found that life responds to me, too.

It turns out, it always did. It reacted to me as I reacted to it.

I thought life sucked – so it did. Life sucked – so I thought it did.

One gigantic cycle! The more I thought it sucked the more it did suck. The more it sucked the more I agreed that it did. On and on it went.

Then of course, I would wonder, when waxing philosophical on occasion, which came first, life sucking or me thinking it did? Which influenced which?

When I realized we influenced each other was when I decided to do something about it. I decided to act as if I influenced all of life (as an experiment) I would pretend, or I would assume that I had choices I previously never thought I did. I would assume I could influence the world and attract goodness by changing my attitude. I didn’t really believe it possible but I was going to experiment.

You have to open a window, however small, to possibility, in order to begin to try something different. Even though I didn’t fully ‘buy it’ I had to create a space whereby it might be possible. I had to suspend my disbelief as best I could in order to entertain the thought of being different. This is not necessarily easy to do, but I found I could do it just enough.

I decided too immerse myself in a positive world of thoughts regardless of whether any of it was true or whether anything would change of not. If nothing changed I probably wouldn’t be any worse off for attempting it and if it did change for the better then that would be wonderful.

I decided to read positive inspirational material each day, morning and night, for no less than thirty days. I would begin and end each day with at least a page. I actually ended up reading more but I started small with something manageable.

I decided to keep in mind, through each day, this statement to guide me: ‘We become what we think about most of the time’.

I decided I would fill MOST of my time with positive thoughts and materials.

I read and I thought about what I read.  I attempted to put into practice what I was learning. I filled my mind. I filled my day, as much as I could, with good thoughts and good feelings. I listened to inspirational audio while driving. I used every moment I could to focus on the positive and what I wanted.

Then it occurred  to me, ‘If we become what we think about,’ then I am and I have in my life that which I ALREADY thought about. I am a product of my past way of thinking!!! My present is a result of all I thought or DIDN’T think previously. If I enjoyed it or if I didn’t like it I was responsible for it.

Whew, that was big for me!

Do you get that? If ‘we become what we think about’ I am (WE ARE) already what I (we) have been thinking about previously. My now, my very present circumstances, this moment, is because of my past thoughts and actions. My thinking brought me to where I am.

I am where I am because of what I thought and did. It is ALL a result of my thoughts and actions.

Another alternative is that I somehow haphazardly ended up here because of what I didn’t think or do. Regardless of which it might be, I realized that it was MY thinking, it was ME, who got me to this moment. I was responsible, in every way, for my present moment.

WOW!!! That blew me away.

I got it! I REALLY needed to change my thinking. I had to change what I focused on. There were many things about my life I did not like and certainly wouldn’t choose for myself (if I knew I was doing the choosing).

I decided to accept (at least for the purpose of the experiment) that I was ALREADY responsible for creating my life. I accepted that I AM the creator. It was not a matter of whether I was or was not creating my life. I would just accept it! Even then I was not completely sold but it seemed to make a lot of sense.

If I was the creator and I brought all this about, and I did it without realizing it, maybe I should take deliberate charge of creating what I really DO want.

I no longer had to create what I didn’t want. I no longer had to go on allowing or accepting whatever I was getting I could determine in advance what I was going to get.

Since there was a lot about my life I didn’t like I took responsibility that I was really good at creating or attracting what I DID NOT WANT. WOW, that hit me!!!

I was incredible at getting what I did not want. I was creating it all. I determined all the outcomes. Again, I remind the reader, that I did not know whether this was actually the case or not but I decided to act as if it were. Part of me still didn’t believe it, and another part wanted to stay away from mystical abundance mumbo jumbo.

The only thing I found that I COULD CHANGE was the direction of my attention.  I could not stop being a creator or attractor but I could more consciously decide to run and manage the creation process. I decided to focus my attention on creating what I wanted. This was a cataclysmic shake up for me.

I was responsible for the results I had been getting all along I just never thought about it that way. I put it on others, on circumstances on bad luck, on anything and everything OTHER than on me.

I embraced the notion that I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my future results?  What if I determined what I would get instead of it letting it being haphazard could that change things?

Change things it did!! IT changed everything the moment I recognized I was responsible and was in charge of the outcomes. EVEN if it is not true, by adopting this mind set, miracles began to occur.

I daily read and filled my mind with positive thoughts. I created some positive AFFIRMATIONS. I thought of these through out the day. Later, I discovered the awesome power of asking DIRECTED QUESTIONS of myself. I have mentioned the power of directing your mind positively through the artful and scientific use of questions at other times in this blog and through the years in my writings and workshops.

I found that by fully immersing myself with powerful positive messages over and over during the day that may moments transformed. Since the moments transformed the days did and the weeks and months and years. Every moment was a choice point and a positive possibility. I could go in either direction. Where I went would be up to me. Sometime, I got caught up and found myself moving into negativity and had to find away to turn around and head back toward focusing on the positive.

I found by taking control and managing the moment I had incredible power. That power is having a choice in how I think and respond, how I feel and act. I discovered I was becoming the captain of my soul and the master of my fate. I found things to begin to feel good about and appreciate that I had not considered before. Many things changed for the better quite quickly and other things took some time but positive changes did occur.

Later on I learned the awesome and incredible power of FEELINGS.” Rex Sikes

More on this next time. We will pick up with feelings and much more. Meanwhile, make today the most wonderful day you can, and then some!

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What Is This About And Why. What! There Is More?

believe it to receive it

In my previous post I asked: Can we live a life worth having? Can we love and enjoy being loved? If we have only one go around then why not find the way to enjoy it and others as best we are able? Can we create a wonderful life and a wonderful world for everyone?

These are questions I find important that we ask ourselves and the purpose of this blog is to help us ask questions that bring us more wonderful results and answers.

I wanted to continue to explore some concepts.

Some people are concerned about problems and issues for themselves and the world.

With so much access to so many difficulties people face in the world, war, poverty, starvation, discrimination, hatred, territorial mentality, them against us, I felt it was time for me to put out there a vehicle, this blog, as a reminder for me, and those who might follow it, to help make the world a more glorious place for all. We can become the change we want to be in the world. We can one do that by one. If we each take responsibility  we may change the world but only when we actually try. If we do nothing it will remain the same.

I don’t believe we won’t end war by declaring more war. We won’t end poverty, destitution, poor health, disease or starvation either, or any problem by declaring war on it. That is a tired out useless, political metaphor that has not served us well at all.

We can focus on positive solutions that include, rather than exclude, that clarify rather than obfuscate, and that create more well being and harmony for all when we seek harmony and well being for all.

We will never end problems of not having enough by focusing on not having enough.

We will end these problems when we seek to have all people having plenty.

So much of the world’s issues are political in nature. wWe have wars over resources for profit we always have had these. We have border issues who should be in and who should be kept out. We have some rich people who have it all and others  who have nothing. The rich claim the poor want to take it from them.  The poor claim the rich are holding them down. We have people who hate other people because of their skin color, their religion, their politics,  their gender biases. We have people who hate people because of who they love.

There is lot’s going on. It has been going on forever.

I don’t think the world will ever change when we fight these things the way we have been fighting them.

We give energy to the problem and don’t give much to the solution. Television pundits and legislators spew hate and intolerance. The big and the little voices on the internet point out someone else who is to blame. It is always someone else doing something wrong that is a problem for everyone else. They should be stopped, locked up or shot. It seems the solutions proffered, for the most part, come from hostility, scarcity thinking, fear, and retribution. It is them against us.

The focus is always on the other person, the other nation, the other one who is causing all the bad, or evil and how they need to be severely dealt with. We have war on poverty, drugs, illiteracy, homelessness, the list is endless AND what have we ever solved.

Are we richer, better off, healthier, do more people have homes, use less drugs, read more books? It doesn’t seem to be the case. We still have right against left accusing each other of overspending, underspending, grift, self interest, fraud, cover-ups and more. Frankly, it is not bound to end anytime soon.

Some people think we need a unifying event. A world calamity, aliens revealed before we all come together as the single species we are and work together for the benefit of all. I am not sure even that would help as most likely we would declare war on the aliens too.

So what do I think might help? I am not sure what the answers are that would please anyone. I don’t think you can provide a single answer. I do think that we have tried big dramatic things with little or no results. I am not sure any of us are ultimately better off for any war the world’s people have engaged in, though I am certain you will find proponents for each of them.

I don’t think declaring war and doing what we have done, threatening, drawing lines in the sand, getting tough, you know we need tough love or tougher approaches, has worked very well either.

Certainly, in some cases we are better off in some ways for some attempts while in other cases, in other ways we are worse off because of some attempts. It is never clear cut, it is never absolutely one way or the other. This kind of thinking seems to be part of the problem.

‘There is a knat problem here hall out the bazookas and blast them.’ Not only do we use overkill, but the saying ‘if you only have a hammer you treat everything as a nail’ seems to apply to many of us and to many of those in power. We try the same approach on everyone and everything.

My approach is a bit different. I believe we are better served inching our way toward what we want and making positive incremental changes good for most everyone that to try caustic dramatic measures that leave damage in its wake.

Who the heck would  come up with a  term like ‘collateral damage’ EXCEPT to make it  palatable and acceptable. It isn’t in any case.

So why am I a proponent for positive thinking. I thought you would never ask and I might never get around to it.

Here is why:

When you make your life incredible and fill it with joy and love and peace and harmony you are too busy having a good time to wish others ill will. When you live from fulness and abundance you don’t have to horde or fear that someone else may get your share.

When you manifest your dreams and discover the joys of this world and you wish the same for others the world becomes a better place because the people in it wish well for all.

If you can be positive others can be too.

Let me make a base argument here if I may. If I am having incredible sex with someone I am not trying to prevent anyone else in the building from doing the same at the same time. It is only when someone else has something we want that it becomes an problem.

If every atom of your being is radiating with light and love and fulfillment you won’t be causing anyone else any trouble.

It seems much of this world, the issues, can be boiled down to this simplistic way to think – I don’t have what they have and I want theirs so I will take it OR someone is after what I have and I won’t let them take it.

I mean really isn’t that the bottom line.  We want their land, food, water, oil, money, resources or whatever because then we will be better off or we fear that someone is after what we have and will rob us of it. Whether we are robbed at gun point or through social welfare someone will take from us what we think is ours.

The neighbor has a better car, boat, house, husband or wife and we feel bad. Their kids are smarter or better looking and we feel bad. It we compare all the time in a one up one down fashion we are bound to not feel well much of the time. There will always be those who have more. SO WHAT?

No matter how many times it is pointed out you can not take it with you we still act as what we have is actually ours.

Maybe we would be far better off world wide if we realized we are on borrowed time and all these ‘things’ we only get to enjoy temporarily. They do not belong to us.

Maybe, instead of acting as if we are entitled to anything we should act as temporary stewards and protectors of all these things.

I am all for people having as much wealth as they can accumulate. I do think the world is abundant but I don’t find hording all the wealth a good thing. I think it is important to realize we are all in this together.

People claim they worked hard for their money. True, some have. Still, no one makes it alone. If you worked hard to manufacture and advertise widgits and you made a fortune you did not do it alone. Scores of people helped all along the way from idea to consumer. Everyone is partly responsible for your success. To think otherwise is RCV vision. RCV stands for rectal canal vision or it means you have your head up…

We are all in it together. Some play harder than others, some seem not to be in the game hardly at all, but we are all here together. Seems to me we ought to figure out BY THIS TIME how to get along and play nice.

To exclude anyone for any reason seems wrong to me. We hear the tales of old of pillaging and raping and killing villagers to get the spoils and we still do this today in other lands, in our own lands and neighborhoods and to our environment. We horde and scar and waste.

Why might this be? I think greed and fear. If you are afraid there won’t be enough to survive or thrive or WHATEVER you act differently than when you know there is plenty. When you are physically starving you may take drastic measures to insure your survival AND I UNDERSTAND THAT. That makes a lot of sense. Your survival mechanism kicks in and you may do anything you might otherwise not do.

Fight or Flight in the jungle, the real jungle or the urban jungle makes sense. Predatory beasts seeking food might eat you. So you either flee if you can or you fight to survive. You do whatever you think will maximize your chances.

The problem is we live in a world where there IS actually enough for everyone even though our populations have swelled, yet, political forces have prevented people from having access to food, clean water, energy, territory, resources, money you name it. The greedy have divided up the world. You wouldn’t do that unless you were just basically greedy or you feared their would not be enough for you. Yes, yes, some want world domination I am sure.

The bottom line is much of the accumulation comes from fear in some form.  If you aren’t afraid and you know everything is plentiful you don’t have to act as you have been acting.

It may seem trivial to state the obvious, these people do these horrible things because they either think they have to or because they think it is enjoyable. Yes, I reduced it to a couple choices, I know,

When you think about it people are fighting for what they believe is scare. How would most of us know if anything is actually scares. You have direct experience with it. The poor person starving in some country because their government won’t let them eat or produce food has direct access.  The rest of us only hear about it. BUT because we hear about it we may think that is true everywhere. We may over generalize and think food stocks are scare in many places. We may then start to horde because of the impending zombie apocalypse and create fall out shelters and arm ourselves so that if our neighbors needs some food we can shoot them too.

The problem as I see it is things, thinking get exaggerated and blow into fears. I suspect some people want us to be afraid for their own purposes, or divided and at odds about anything, doesn’t matter what we argue about, just that we argue.

It’s just that if we think the other person is the enemy, then we will never unite, never come together or collaborate, we will never be cohesive and accomplish anything. Maybe, it doesn’t require anyone orchestrating this at all, maybe it is just what we end up doing all on our own because of our thinking.

So I believe our thinking needs adjustment more than the real world out there needs adjustment. OR said differently, I believe that if we think better, smarter, wiser, more optimistically we will get better results because we may find better methods for improving our world than all those we have tried unsuccessfully so far.

I am a proponent for thinking that  the more power you have the more responsibility you have. I think we should be accountable for our actions and want to create a better place for all. I think we should seek to find ways to make more pies instead of dividing up the ones we have. There is plenty for everyone but not in the minds of all. In some minds, and they may be very poor or very rich, they seem to think that there is not enough, or that they must fight to get everything they can. See you can be very rich and have a very poor mentality.

People who are carving up the world and the lives of others aren’t operating from the highest intentions, the most positive frames of mind. They aren’t thinking what is good for the goose IS ALSO good for the gander so lets spread it around. IT IS precisely the mindset that IS the issue. It is how we think and what we think that makes all the difference.

Do any of us think we would be facing many of the problems we do if everyone had embraced the ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’ philosophy? Would we have any of these issues if we all adopted the love your brother, turn the cheek, forgive and take care of the least of these… ?

My guess is we would not. Hey, I am not spouting religion here I am making a point. If we all had a better positive mind set and philosophy might not we all be better off? Would we have violated the planet and each other if we loved and cared for the planet and each other? I think not.

Still, someone is bound to be saying right now, ‘wow yeah, fer sure, but not everyone thinks like that, there will always be self centered greedy asses, there will always be poor people, there will always be problems…’ and yes there will be. The fact that there is opposition to our thinking doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think it.

What it means to me is that  I am responsible to me.

I want to have the best life and best of everything possible.

I want everything I can lay claim to but not at the point of depriving others what they too could have. If we ever got down to the ‘last cookie scenario’ I’d like to think I would be willing to share it with whomever is huddling in the bunker with me. If it were my kids they would absolutely get it. I would go without.

As many parents I love my kids I want the best for them. In a situation such as that they would get my share of the cookie. Yes, I also understand the notion of putting on you breathing mask first in the plane as it plummets before helping your child, so that you might actually BE ABLE TO help your child.

Nothing is cut and dried. I certainly don’t have an ultimate answer. I do not propose to solve any of the world’s problems. What I hope to do is inspire people to be kinder and gentler to themselves and more accepting of others and circumstances.

We haven’t yet actually embraced the notion that all the people on this planet ARE exactly the equivalent of a group of people in a life boat on the ocean. We haven’t have, have we? We are though, traveling through space on a vehicle too vast to realize we are all in it (on it) together. We are all, every single one of us, traveling in the exact same direction at the very same time.

We are all in the boat, whether at sea or in space.

Doesn’t it make sense that at some point in time we will have to figure out how to best get along and distribute our resources to maximize our time alive.

The key for me, AND BELIEVE ME, I know and understand the limitations of examples and analogies, they serve a useful purpose but they never address all the counter points that could be brought up, they are imperfect vehicles, as I am, the key for me is to be nicer to self and others while we have the opportunity.

Maybe, just maybe, one by one we will change the world. Maybe we won’t. We never will if we do nothing that is guaranteed.  So I think things do go better with positivity. I do think we are better off when we think about what we may do to make our life and the lives of others better.  I think we would all best be served by wanting to make sure the planet was better off. It is simple, instead of taking always, we gave something first.

If everyone decided to always leave another person better off than when we encountered the person we would be mutually benefiting each other in win/win ways. I am all for starting small, doing things we can do a little bit each day.

Some people on January 1 join a gym with the intention of working out and getting healthy. They have every intention, but then life, appointments, family or other things take precedence. Unused gym memberships is a multi-million dollar business. They get caught up or they over do at the start and they are sore and have to take off time to recover or it is just too much on their plate and so they stop.

It would be better if they found some small exercise they could do at home, work or the office, even the car that they could repeat through each day of the week, then to do nothing at all. They would make progress more slowly it is true, but much more quickly than no progress at all.

Yes, for me it is ALL ABOUT mind set. Everything begins with a thought. Every human invention or endeavor is the result of some one and others thinking about it, conceiving it and bringing it to be.

Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’

I don’t think our issue is as much being able to conceive it as one might think. I think plenty of us can conceive of a more loving, kind, peaceful world where all get along and have plenty.

Still, I am sure there a countless numbers who can not imagine it. If you can’t imagine it how could you ever bring it about. You couldn’t because you wouldn’t even know it as possible. So yes, some can conceive it, others can’t.

I think the bigger opportunity for us is believing it. You see, there are those who can’t conceive it and hence don’t even entertain believing it because it is outside their awareness. Never enters their minds.

THEN, there are those who can and DO conceive of it and dream of a better world but just can’t bring themselves to believe it is possible. It is beyond their ability to believe it.

Finally, there are those who can conceive of it and who are able to believe it. They believe there can be a better world. Fewer in number though, I am sure.

If we think getting everyone to conceive and believe it IS impossible it certainly will be.

If we focus on what we don’t have and where the trouble is that isn’t going to help.

So the question is: What do we do, what can we do to get more people on the same positive page each day?

What actions can we individually take, and together take, that will result in more of us able to conceive of a better world, and believe that we can create it no matter what opposition we face?

What can I do to make the world a better place today?

What can I do to make another’s life better?

What can I do today to make my life better?

I started with the world and brought it back to WHAT CAN I DO.

I think the questions we ask IS the starting place.

Good positive questions can help us find answers.  We have to begin.

We have to ask wise and useful questions – a better class of questions to guide us toward what we ultimately want.

It is easy to say no, to claim never, and to do nothing. It is another thing to stay open to possibility. I don’t think we change the world all at once, people have tried through various means. They are still trying and we are still being inundated by their attempts.

While terrible things occur, there are wonderful things occurring too.

The world is smaller today because of media and we have immediate access to all the woes of the world 24/7. Now, more than ever. In the past are were influenced by  bad news much more slowly as it traveled by word of mouth over great distances. Later newspapers informed groups of people eventually becoming a faster news source. Then radio, then television, now all of those plus the internet. impinge on us daily.

We can’t escape bad news. It is on TV, streaming, internet, Facebook, twitter, you name it is spreads virally like wild fire. Nothing travels as fast as bad news. Still, there is good news in the world. We should remember that. Actually, maybe we should focus on that more than the bad news. Have you considered that? Maybe the world ISN’T as bad as we are lead to believe.

As I have mentioned, it is not about ignoring that which needs changing, but it is about becoming more intelligent how we go about changing it.

One of the things we need to do is to determine what we want to pay attention to and what we want to be influenced by. I don’t isolate myself from news, some people do, but I aim my mind at finding the best I can in a bad situation. I spend most of my time seeking out the cool wonderful things to pay attention to and appreciate rather than the bad things. I want more good stuff and less bad stuff AND I want the bad stuff to get resolved in positive ways.

What to do? For me, I decided, the least I could do was get my own house in order. Get my positive mind set on. I think if I can discover that the world is an incredible place with enough for everyone maybe someone else can too.

It all begins with a thought and it all begins with me. It is up to each of us to recognize that. So while I asked those questions earlier from what can I do to improve the world to what can I do to improve me the actual effective order is from smaller to larger, from local to global. Take care of your own home first, then neighborhood,  the community and so on.

What started out yesterday, as a short statement to say hope you enjoy the blog, it is not written expertly, morphed into this longer post about why the blog.

The purpose of this blog is to spread a little joy and possibility thinking each and everyday.

Hopefully, some will read something I share and then and recognize something good about themselves that they may have forgotten. Perhaps, someone will find more things to appreciate and be grateful for. Maybe someone will aim toward something higher, or set an important goal and take steps toward attaining it.

The blog hopefully, will help the reader recognize the good things that make the reader a valuable person. I hope it will provide for each of us a thought or inspiration  that may wake us up to a new positive possibilities in us and around us.

I hope it becomes food for  us to make ourselves, others and the world around us just a little bit more wonderful each day. We can do it bite by bite.” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Why this? Why Now? Positivity? Really?

positive mind, vibes, life

I’ve been up for 10 hours, fed my self, then my son, and have been working on today’s Daily Inspiration and Gratitude blog. I will publish it soon.

I don’t consider myself a writer. Nope, not at all. Some of you are going, ‘well Rex if truth be told, nope you are definitely not a writer.’  You would be correct.

I am simply sharing my discoveries in life as I would share them over coffee with a friend. Okay, so yes, you have to get your own coffee too.

Some of these thoughts come from my books in progress or my other works. These blogs are written somewhat extemporaneously off the top of my mind, without the benefit of heavy editing. Yes, I go back to smooth some things out but having an actual editor OR learning to write and edit better may be preferable.

These blogs are rough. The lack of elegance or eloquence is not accidental nor intentional it simply is.

Hopefully, these blogs are more conversational in the feel, but I know people have preferences when it comes to writing. I hope the style does not obscure the substance. I hope the messenger can deliver the message even when imperfect.

What I am sharing I think far outweighs how I am sharing it. Again, I know some people do judge a book by its cover and that is okay. These are my musings and there may not be any value at all to anyone. It is true to say another person may articulate the concept better or more efficiently than I. Certainly.

Whatever the case, I wanted to share with those who may enjoy this sort of material and this sort of approach.

This daily blog take lots of time and effort even in the form it is. It is something I chose to do.

I hope you find value in the thoughts shared here. I hope my words touch you in positive ways. I hope that you live your life better and make your dreams come true. For me, this is what it is about, after all is said and done.

Can we live a life worth having? Can we love and enjoy being loved? If we have only one go around then why not find the way to most enjoy it and help make it great for others the best we are able? Can we create a wonderful life and a wonderful world for everyone?

These are questions I find important. We should ask ourselves questions that stimulate us to positive actions.

The purpose of this blog is to help us ask the questions that bring us more wonderful results and better answers.

So what can you do today for yourself and for others that will put a smile on your face and on theirs? More tomorrow.” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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Train Your Mind – It Works!!! Part 2


“… I discovered that the wonderful things don’t come from having more things. It comes from being more wonderful. It comes from having less stress, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration. It comes from taking the bull by the horns and deciding to do something for myself and to keep on doing it no matter what. I decided I would  never ever quit or give up. If I had to boot strap it I would, if the going got tough if I had to be tough I would get going. I decided that the end result was worth the price, whatever that price was I had to pay. AND it is! I am getting so much more back than I pay for it is incredible!

Part 2

I have used the analogy of a buffet. You put on your plate what you like and enjoy, that which brings you pleasure and whatever you don’t want or don’t like you leave it on the buffet table. You delight in what is on your plate.  You don’t sit there thinking about the food you do not care for. You do not lament that you don’t like brussel sprouts, or broccoli or whatever. I mean, this should make sense to most people I would think. At the buffet you focus on enjoying what you like. You go to get the foods you like not to worry about what you don’t want. You never even give it a second thought.

I have learned to treat myself as if a baby or at best a toddler. I have a pet phrase I have used for decades when conducting seminars and workshops and that is, ‘You don’t punt the baby’. When you have a child learning motor skills, whether learning to walk or feed itself, you nurture and encourage the child, you get all excited and act weird. If the child falls or misses its mouth with a spoon you don’t punt it out of the room and scream at it and shame it, you don’t if you love it. No, you encourage it to continue in the behavior you want the child to learn. When the child does anything close to what you want it to learn you get wildly enthusiastic, goofy even so that the child feels wonderful.

So when I screw up I  think of myself as a baby learning anything new and encourage myself instead of criticizing myself. Instead of thinking of myself as stupid or useless and never able to learn, I celebrate the awareness I have that I recognized I was off base, and give myself a pat on the back. Then gently, positively I steer myself back on track. It is much nicer being gentle, loving and kind to me. Hey, I was an expert in self criticism I just decided to stop that and do something better for myself.

See, I am just making my way through this world like anyone else. I decided though at one point that  I was going to act as if I were totally in charge of everything that happens to me, whether that is actually the case or not. Did you read that and get it. I decided to act as if I were totally in charge of everything. In control, me and no one else. That means I alone am accountable and responsible for everything good and bad. It means I am the creator, everything I have or don’t have is because of me. (Whether this is actually true or not, I decided I was going to adopt this frame of mind and live as IF IT IS the case).

What happened when I began to live this way is everything changed. It is as if I am actually in charge. I create everything. Good, bad I create it.

Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter to me. Let’s say I am pretending to be in charge. By pretending to be in charge I am making positive choices for myself every moment I can.


Because I am the person in charge. I am the creator so I need to decide what I want. I need to decided how I want to think and feel. I decided what I want to be, who I am and what I do and have. It is all up to me. Since I AM IN CHARGE I  chose the very best.

When things happen I chose how to respond. I determine what I will pay attention to and focus on and feel.

Do you know what? I am a work in process. Sometimes I do better than at other times but, as I have stated, I adjust for it and gently steer back. Yes, I repeated myself because I am attempting to point out, as all my friends and family know, I am not perfect. I am not perfect by any means but now I have choice.

It is absolutely freeing.

Instead of blaming others, I look at what I can adjust about myself to think or feel better about it. I put a guardian at the gate, and make it a point to only think and speak about things that bless, heal and help prosper. I am protective of my thoughts and feelings. I like the positive attitude and the feelings that come from it so I want to preserve these and encourage these. I want more of it.

It wasn’t easy to begin thinking and doing these things but it is easier now. I have trained my mind to find the good in every situation. I have trained my mind to be my own best friend and to act in my own best interests instead of running wild or acting randomly. I have trained my mind.

I like it when I write that or say ‘I have trained my mind’, because at one time I was a victim of my own thoughts and feelings.  NOW I have choices. Actually, I may have always had the same choices and others available, but I was unaware of them so I never chose them. Previously, I did not know to exercise my choices. Now I do and now I choose.

I said before that when things go awry and crap happens I don’t have to choose to be unhappy. I can choose to be happy regardless of what is going on. If all of everything around me is crumbling it DOES NOT MEAN that I have to be unhappy about it. It doesn’t mean that at all because I have learned that my real happiness is not related to what happens but rather to who I am. It is who I am not what goes on where my happiness is.

I stay focused on creating what I want, attracting it and manifesting it. Call it what you want, I stay focused on what I want to be and have instead of noticing what isn’t there yet. I learned that if I worry I attract and/or create more worry. Unhappiness attracts more unhappiness. Worrying about not having enough money doesn’t help me have or create more money it only keeps me in a state of poverty. Being dissatisfied only creates less satisfaction.

Instead I focus on what I want. I focus on being happy because happiness creates more happiness. Love attracts more love, gratitude attracts more gratitude, kindness attracts more kindness. I want to fill my life with what I want, I want to become these, feel these and have theses. Success attracts more success, money attracts more money, peace attracts more peace. So I focus on these, am grateful for these and think on these things. We become what we think about.

So even when things are not presently going my way, my training is to stay focuses on what I want to create instead of what I don’t want. I stay focused on what I want to become and do and have instead of what I don’t have. This keeps me in an action phase and provides me with the opportunity to continue to move forward instead of wallowing in being stuck and forlorn.

Maybe, all I am thinking and doing is a fantasy, a lie, a delusion. So what?

If everything I am thinking is a lie, I prefer it this way.

Some people talk about the law of attraction, they say ‘be positive, think what you want and you will attract it, the universe will provide’. That scared me because I used to think ‘well what if I think it and it doesn’t happen then I will only be more disappointed.’ I did, I acutally used to think that.

I used to think, ‘ok I will think be positive, but I don’t want any religious infinite intelligence talk, or god is good talk, I don’t want to go there , I just want to make good things happen for me’. So don’t get metaphysical or magical with me, I don’t want to be surrounded by purple protective bubbles and amulets. I want practical, down to earth, scientific, everyday reality sort of thinking that if I engage in it is sure to happen so I won’t be disappointed.

You know what I found? Magic but not the new agey wacky flavor of the moment magic but real true transformative magic. I found that if I want it to be it is actually up to me. It is up to how I think and how I feel and what I do. It is up to me to create a plan, utilize my resources, partner with others and wish all good things because when I do I create for myself a better way to move through the world.

When I am feeling positive and wishing others well I am attracting positive feeling people who also wish others well. I am resonating with other like minded people who are seeking positive opportunities to create wonderful things in their own lives and the lives of others.

The magic isn’t outer magic it is inner magic. Inner magic relies on oneself to make adjustments in positive ways instead of expecting the world to conform to your wishes. Inner magic is about having control over yourself so that you think and act more clearly and are thus better able to recognize opportunities as they occur. Inner magic is being true to oneself and living positively no matter what occurs around oneself.  There is real magic but it isn’t the kind of fairy tale magic we grew up hoping for.

I am no expert. I live my life day to day.

I have more choices available to me now than ever before. Sometimes, I chose wisely and other times I don’t. Whenever, I find myself off track I steer back on and appreciate that I discovered I was off track. IN itself, this is a powerful way for me to live. I am now able to positively self correct instead of negatively beating myself up when off course.

When I am not busy self correcting on the course I am busy enjoying the journey. I am busy appreciating myself and the people around me. I find small and large things to be thankful for throughout the day and that contributes to my overall well being. The journey is no longer a burden but a pleasure. Instead of looking for mistakes, things that are wrong or unjust I look for miracles each day, large or small, to celebrate. Why? Because we get what we focus on. We attract or we create what we think about. Do you get it? If not, some day you will.

We become whatever we think about. What we can conceive and believe we can achieve. Whatever feelings I am feeling today inside of me I am attracting tomorrow. So I fill my mind with what I want for myself and that includes for others. I fill my mind and my being with  more happiness, love, peace, acceptance, joy, confidence, competence, talents and abilities, health, wealth, positive power and achievement.

I concentrate on these things. I daydream about them.  I make it a point to see them, entertain them in my mind. I talk about them to myself, and I fill my moments with as much that is good and feels good and benefits myself and everyone as I am able. I know more will come tomorrow because of what I am doing today.

I have trained my mind.

No, I am not perfect, nope not at all. Don’t have to be. I am happier, healthier, wealthier all around better off because I feel more joy, acceptance, love, enjoyment and all sorts of marvelous things. Life is grand. I am so happy I decided to train my mind. It is more than worth it, it is ever so valuable. It is absolutely priceless  because no matter what effort it takes to train it, you get back so much more, infinitely more!

What I discovered when I decided to train my mind is that it works! It really, truly, actually works.” Rex Sikes

More to come, enjoy the day. Discover what you might do today to begin to find more incredible ways to appreciate each moment. Delight and celebrate.

By the way – as you read these blogs, if they speak to your heart, I hope you will implement what I have been sharing. It is life transformative. Go back and read these blogs again and again.

Fill your mind with positive messages and become inspired. Inspire others too! Share and help others feel better not just because you get back what you put out there but just because… celebrate and enjoy!

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