The Power Of Thinking Positive! How To Make Your Thoughts Work For You!

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

When one mentions positive thinking one sometimes is met with, ‘oh I tried that it did not work’. Another answer people may give is, ‘it is unrealistic to be positive all the time’. Both of these responses ARE the reason it did not or does not work for the people that hold to these ideas.

Positive thinking is a life style. It is a mind set, and attitude. The goal in learning to become more positive in your thinking is to make it a reliable habit so that it is available to you when you need it and when you don’t.  It is just like eating, sleeping  it is a daily nutritional activity. No one in their right mind would exclaim, ‘I tried eating once and it doesn’t work’. You eat regularly and sleep regularly to nourish your body and brain, to be healthy and re-vitalize your being. It isn’t something you try for a while or do once, you do it regularly as habit AND, of course, because it is a physical necessity.

Positive thinking works like exercise. Some people don’t like exercise, they don’t want to do it and they don’t get enough. Others enjoy it immensely and benefit greatly. Some see benefits but struggle and stick with it. Others not seeing benefits soon enough give up. Exercise is a conditioning process. You have to do it and repeat it regularly to get results and to make it a habit. It is true that life may interrupt, things come up and schedules change, but those who know the benefits and have made it a habit find a way to return to it, or to modify their program until able to resume full time  but they don’t just give up and quit.

if you want a different result make a different choice

If someone said ‘I tried exercise once and it didn’t work’ what would you think of them or their claim? The reason why positive thinking doesn’t work for some people is they don’t actually do it nor do they do it long enough. They dabble, they dip their toe, they find some affirmation and they say it sometimes but not enough. They don’t really get with the program. They don’t embrace it. For it to become a habit it you need to do it enough. How much is enough for any one person no one can truly say. Some may take longer than others. Whatever amount of time it takes is what it takes. Some people can’t handle the truth!

Researchers claim it takes a minimum of 21 days of concentrated, dedicated, correct repetition in order to begin to form a habit. That is the minimum time frame according to research. Typically, I tell people do it for at least 30 days. Those 30 days are really an introduction to possibilities. I never tell anyone do it for 30 days and you will have developed a life long habit because most of us know that just is not the case. We should be realistic after all.

What are the legitimate claims of legitimate exercise programs? Usually, not always, but usually they will state, ‘you will begin to see or feel results that you can be pleased within 90 days’. After 90 days of correct exercise you will be on your way toward what you want. You are not done yet but you are able to see some results that should motivate you to continue.

habit keeps you going

Consider someone loosing 100 or 200 pounds. It isn’t healthy or realistic to do it within a month. How long it takes depends on many factors. So what is a realistic time frame? Slower is better according to medical practitioners. Eventually, they will get back down to their desired weight IF THEY STICK WITH IT.

How long they keep it off also depends on whether they made lasting lifestyle changes in eating, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and in attitude. A large part of keeping weight off is managing what one puts in one’s body another part is what you think, believe and expect. Who you now consider yourself to be is important. Are you still a fat person on the inside or are you now a thin person? Are you someone who can easily eat,exercise and sleep well or are you someone who struggles with it? There are numerous factors in succeeding to lose and keep weight off and yet enough people do it. They succeed because they LEARNED how to do it and then they DO what they learned ROUTINELY.

It can take a while to change life long habits. Habits are difficult to break. THAT is why it is important to make GOOD habits because then these good habits will be hard to break. Habits are powerful things. They are consistent. It means we behave in predictable ways. If we have a lifetime of bad eating it is unlikely a miraculous change will occur overnight. While it CAN happen it is not likely. The odds aren’t with it but it could and does happen sometimes. ANYTHING is possible.

Still, if one has a lifetime of poor eating habits, bad food choices, over consuming, lack of exercise, poor sleep and crappy attitude then one should expect that it may take a while to overhaul everything. Even if one works at one thing at a time it may take a while. SO be prepared for it to take forever and then whenever you succeed you will be happy it didn’t take that long. Alright, I half kid here, but really, you have to approach it as if you WILL succeed! The WHEN is not important!

thoughts cycle to thoughts

Kids come to Hollywood wanting to be in show business and exclaim, ‘I’ll give it a year’ or they have a five year or some amount of time trial period. Frankly, most of those will quit. They will give up and go home and do something else. The ones that make it have no alternative BUT to succeed. They don’t care when they make it – they KNOW they WILL get to the top. They know nothing will hold them back and that no matter what they are going to be a star. Disappointments may follow but they stay with it and they keep at it until they succeed.

This is the attitude you need to adopt for Hollywood success or ANY success. This is what you need to think and feel when you begin to think positively. It isn’t how long that is important!!! If you make it about time you will quit in time. Whenever it happens for you is when it happens keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the journey!

Stay with it. Never give up! IT will get easier as you go along but even if it doesn’t stick with it. When you make having it a necessity you will get it. Passion drives everything. When YOU MUST is what opens the doors. Wimpy and shallow doesn’t get the prize. Think Olympic contenders and what they do for years to compete for seconds. Their attitude and their training is rigorous. Their attitude and training determines how far they can go. Even if they fail to win the gold they are in the top tier of world class athletes.

stop waiting and go out and make them happen

Most people today want change to occur while they are chowing down on junk food channel surfing. They want it instantly and magically. They don’t want to have to do anything for it. They don’t want to change their thoughts or their efforts, yet that is precisely what is required. ‘We become what we think about’.

That does not mean we become what we wish about. Rather, we become what we obsess about, what we are passionate about, what we feel strongly about. That includes the good feelings and what we fear, loathe and are angry about. We become whatever we hold in our minds strongly with strong feelings. This is why it is important to realize that positive thinking is a choice.

We choose what we fill our minds with and what we feel strongly about. We exercise control, we take charge. Instead of letting the mind and feelings run us we run them. We run our thoughts and our feelings so that we get better, more positive results. We chose to take control so that we get what we want instead of what we don’t want. We fill our minds with what we want to become and then we keep doing it until we become it! More next time.” Rex SIkes

Enjoy today – Look for good things!

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How To Get Unstuck And Move Ahead Successfully

growth is

‘Standing is harder than moving’, it is true. Try standing in one spot for an hour, or even less time and you will find it difficult. Walking for the same amount of time not so tough (for most of us). Standing is harder than moving is a great way of saying it is difficult to be stuck. Stuck conveys the notion of no movement.

One can be stuck mentally or physically. When your car is stuck in the mud you aren’t going anywhere. When you car is stuck what are you trying to get it to do? Move, right. Yes, the wheels may be spinning, there is some movement, but not the kind that results in the car moving from stuck in the mud.

The movement has to have some friction in order to get the car going. It has to make contact in the right way for it to be meaningful. Random extraneous movement like spinning your wheels doesn’t get the car anywhere unless you can actually some how move the car itself, or change the position, or the environment so that contact can be made. Once made you may actually get the car out of the mud.

My point is that sometimes we get stuck and that is difficult. We aren’t going anywhere just as the car doesn’t. We may be spinning our wheels meaning we make no significant forward progress because our efforts are not effective. We keep doing the same thing over and over, as the spinning wheel does, but nothing changes. If we expect it all to change that is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Being stuck is difficult just as standing is harder than moving. When we walk we are moving all of our muscles together so we don’t feel the effect of gravity on us nearly as much as when we remain in one position, in one place. So these analogies remind us of at least one or two meaningful thoughts we might be able to apply to our own life and circumstance.

When the car is stuck you try to create forward OR backward movement. Any movement that will get it going and get it unstuck. Assuming all things equal it wouldn’t matter if you back out or pull forward you just know you need to move in a direction to get out of there.

be master of your fate not slave of your problems

You also know how you mentally feel when your car is stuck. You have things to do and places to be and now you have to stop and deal with this. It is annoying, at the very least, most probably. The mind goes to the problem, perhaps to how late one will be or whatever other less than glorious thoughts arise. Frankly, it sucks.

SO when stuck lot’s of less than productive things occur. There is no movement, it is difficult to remain in one place. We may spin our wheels and think less than productive thoughts all the while trying to get unstuck. We work ourselves up, get frustrated or angry, fear the worst, being late or missing out (whatever it may be) and none of these things help us to get unstuck. In fact, they don’t help at all. In fact, they may inhibit any success because they create more stress physically, mentally and emotionally. Stress in not too useful when you want to find solutions and solve problems.

So what to do?

What one MIGHT do is Stop for a second. TAKE a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Take another or as many as you need to to calm down and relax a bit. You aren’t going anywhere so there is nothing to do in the moment but relax. Let out a sigh… and chill for a moment.

Once you do this it IS as if, using another car analogy, you put yourself into neutral. When you drive using a manual or stick transmission you pass through neutral to changes gears or direction. SO put yourself into neutral for a moment so you can better decide where to mentally move next. You need a moment to get away from the energy drain or the stress that is the immediate problem. For most people being clear headed works better to make changes and find solutions that being angry and uptight. The brain just works better when given the opportunity to find solutions instead of focusing over and over on what is wrong.

I mean really, when you do focus on what is wrong it expands in your mind, doesn’t it? It may become way more important than it actually is? You may really become hot and bothered in a negative way. This is not where most people would choose to be or want to feel. To be different in that moment we need to learn to do things differently.

If we keep doing what we always did expecting things to somehow be different well, that IS insane. Remember?

all that we are arises with our thoughts

SO take a short break, put yourself in neutral. Sigh, let go, take a bit of a walk. Remember walking is easier than standing still. When all your parts are moving your brain works better too. Many people pace or walk when on the phone for example. Whenever you have a problem it is easier to find solutions when you walk. IT REALLY IS!

For people in therapy, it would be much more effective if the counselor and the client, or therapist and patient walked during the session than if they sit in the chairs. When we sit, we get stuck, entrenched, we maintain a position (literally and figuratively) and it is as if we freeze everything. PLUS, we associate problems to the chair we are seated in. Every week the client comes in and sits down to pour out their problems. The chair, the feeling of being in the same chair, what they see always sitting in the same chair, the same way, looking at the same things while thinking of what is wrong makes it easier to find what is wrong, the problem, and it is much tougher to find solutions or what is right. Minds travel in directions.

Once they pour out their problems the two should get up and walk to find solutions. Move from stuck to neutral and walk. Don’t just sit in the same place, facing in the same direction. It is harder to come up with new possibilities after focusing on problems for many minutes. SO change what you are doing. This applies to sitting over a conference table or arguing over the dinner table. We become anchored to a way of thinking, being and acting, we literally ‘take a position’ and defend it. When you want to discuss possibilities take a walk.

Think about people fighting. Boxers square off and face each other. From this position they fight. They couldn’t fight much standing side by side facing in the same direction, like when you walk together. When you both walk along side by side you explore things together, you discover things nearly simultaneously. You are walking along and seeing the same things, moving at the same pace, you are more in harmony figuratively and literally. It is easier to come to an agreement or find a mutually acceptable solution, or the client or patient to find possibilities when moving, when not entrenched, stuck sitting or defending a position. Really, I mean try it for yourself! It can work wonders!

Get up, get moving, get breathing, get thinking in new ways. The energy shifts just in doing these things.

If someone is ranting and raging getting them to stop and sit down is difficult because all the energy is moving rapidly and strongly. They literally may have to walk it off and slow down. They must change their breathing gradually to deescalate. They need to shift their body eventually into neutral. Really think about it. Watch someone get over being angry, watch the ‘unwind’, the release, the eventual ‘let go’ and the breathing changes.

Sometimes you may need to cool down. You are best served if you understand how to do it in advance of when you need it. That is successfully utilizing your resources. Remember the motto, ‘always prepared’. When you know what to do before you need it you are better able to navigate any circumstance.

inch toward your goals

A trick paramedics know is that when someone has a sudden change of circumstances (for example an accident but they aren’t injured) the body may pump adrenaline – it actually will. Adrenaline provides us energy for our fight or flight. In the olden jungle days, when we hunted and gathered we probably had more encounters or reasons for our body to flood us with adrenaline. Today, in our cubicle world of artificial lights and computers we have less physical threats or events that require sudden adrenaline release. Still, a perceived threat, an imagined threat results in adrenaline being pumped.

Okay, I digress, back to the paramedic point. When someone is flooding with adrenaline the paramedic knows not to have them sit down or lie down but tells them to walk it off in a safe place. They may move them out of traffic into a safe area and walk with them. The body needs time to release and process the adrenaline and eventualyl return to normal. Sitting or lying down first is not the correct thing to do. Walk it off until you CAN sit or lie down.

If on the other hand you are bored or depressed you need to energize and move. You need to change how you use your body, how you breath. You need to change your view literally. You need variety in what you see when you look around. SO move, walk and walk with energy, look around and listen. It is time to get out of your head and experience the outer world again. It is time to get the body pumping some chemicals and hormones that make you feel better (like endorphins).

This applies to the raging person as well. You need to change your internal mental view AND YOUR outside view in order to relax, calm down and become more resourceful again.

When you create movement in your body you create movement in your mind and vice versa. For you to feel significant change the movement needs to be meaningful, it has to move you in the direction you want to go in. You need to connect just as the tire needs to connect with some surface in order to free the car from the mud. You need to move from neutral into the appropriate gear. Remember, neutral is a great place. It is useful and a good place to move through if you are bored and depressed. Whatever you feel strongly you are invested in. You are locked into it.

Neutral allows you to be elsewhere at the moment. It is far better to be in neutral than to be depressed. While it may sound similar neutral is a place of non-judgement. It is not lack of energy, it has it’s own energy that is different from whatever other things you may experience. Neutral is more akin to the notion of feeling or being centered, It is a place of acceptance and of allowing. Neutral is not a place of judgement or blame. It is a sense of let go and calm. It is a place from which one can move in any direction.

SO learn to find neutral for yourself. From neutral you can move in more productive directions. If you are stuck there is one thing you certainly need to do and you know what it is. You need to move. If you are stuck you need to do something else differently than what you are doing. For your life to change you have to change things in your life. To get different results from the ones you do not want you will have to do things in another way. You will need to adopt a different and more useful point of view.

I think the notion of ‘outlook’ is fascinating. People say, ‘what is your outlook?’ I think the term outlook is meaningful. It means to look out from behind your eyes. What do you see when you look out at the world? It is your out look.

Our attitude and our beliefs makes a big difference in what we see and what we are able to see. Our outlook on the world or our future, our forecast is determined by what we consider and think on the inside. We either think of the world as a wonderful place and enjoyable place or a horrible bad place to use extreme examples. Guess what. Whatever we think first determines what we pay attention to in order to validate our mindset. We attempt to make the outer world conform to our thoughts and expectations of it. What we think it is IS what it is even if we are wrong. Our senses often deceive us. Still we trust them for the most part.

overcoming self limiting beleifs

Our mental filters can shade or color what we think and do, what we expect and make happen in the world or don’t. Our perceptions determine our reality more than reality itself. Actually, we are not really sure of what reality is only our version of it. Most of us will fight tooth and nail to defend what we think our truth is. We will fight because we think what we think is real.  It isn’t but that does little to change us.

I decided a long time ago if this were the case and if I make up reality then it was time I make up a good one. I wanted a reality that serves me and suits me. Why live in a cruddy one when I can live in a glorious one? And this brings us back to our thoughts. Thoughts create, thoughts precede. Thoughts make a difference. So choose to think the very best thoughts and to find the very best thoughts and you will. When you think positive your world can be more positive.

Instead of being stuck and thinking thoughts that keep us there, shift into neutral. Take a physical and mental momentary break and from there choose what direction you will move in. Make contact and set a positive direction. Think positively. And keep thinking positive! Keep moving in the positive direction and you will find that moving is easier than standing. You will discover it getting easier and easier along the way because everything works together. Keep moving meaningfully.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but to get to the destination you have to take the next step and then each step after that. Keep going. Correct repetition builds powerful positive habits.  Get yourself unstuck whenever it occurs and move on forward into a more wonderful way of being.” Rex Sikes

Have a great one today!

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You Can Successfully Learn To Do Anything You Want To Do!

ambition and action 2 steps to success

Ralph Waldo Emerson correctly points out that ‘Skill Comes Of Doing’. Onto that I piggy back William Hazlitt’s statement, ‘The More We Do The More We Can Do,’ because both statements are true. Once we begin to engage the process of thinking positively, learning to cook, or to perform asanas in yoga, paint, draw, write, exercise, ride a bike, ski, swim, or whatever it is we want to do we begin to learn it and practice it. In time we get better at it as long as we continue to do it.

So skill does come from doing AND the more we do the more we can do, the better we get at it. It is important to note that whatever is worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. None of us are experts when we first begin to do something new so we need not pressure ourselves or get frustrated. Instead, ease into it, be gentle, be accepting it won’t go perfectly well, it never does but with practice and by sticking with it you will improve. That is guaranteed!

It will get easier. You will get better.

Of course, there is the phenomenon of beginners luck. This is when we do surprisingly well at first only to drop off in performance a little later. It is truly lucky that we do well at first and somewhat due to the fact that we don’t know what to expect of ourselves.  The drop off occurs because the brain actually has to catch up and organize and systematize all the new learning you acquire.

This process is a life long process. It occurs as long as we engage in skill development. There will come times when our skills plateau for a while. When in a plateau phase it is important to relax, let go, don’t push, take a small break and come back later refreshed and ready to continue. All it means is your mind and body are coordinating your efforts.

The point is you can do anything you set your mind to. While it may be difficult you will get better at it. Henry Ford reminds us. ‘If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right’. Attitude is important! It is important to believe you can do and accomplish anything you want to WHEN you learn how.

you can if you think you can

We are all already incredible learners. We have learned so many things from rolling over to crawling and sitting upright to walking. We have learned to feed ourselves, use the toilet, tie our shoes, to read and write. We learned many different subjects through the course of our education and many skills, talents and abilities as we have grown. What each of us can do is learn. As a species what we all are is learners.

Some of us are more methodical and take some time to acquire things others may be a bit more speedy. Some of us learn better through seeing and showing, others by listening and discussing, while others pick it up better when they get their hands on it, walk through it or engage their bodies too. To differing degrees we all utilize some of each of these areas in learning. We may all learn somewhat differently but we are all able to learn.

We all learn and can learn anything if we will allow ourselves to do what is required to learn it. For some it may take more or less time but eventually anyone can learn to do it. Whatever it is! We may not all be the very best at a particular area, or some areas may seem to present more difficulty than others to acquire but we still are capable to move forward and become the best we are able to when we dedicate ourselves to doing so.

If you want mastery you have to continue to do it. Keep in mind that anything can be difficult or a struggle, or it can be easy and fun, or it may be a bit of both. It will be whatever you decide to make it. Whatever you experience is primarily up to you!

Learning is easiest when it is fun, relaxed and when you really want to acquire the skill or the knowledge. It is beneficial when one is motivated to learn, has an open mind, is curious and expects good results. When challenges arise one looks at these in context and recognizes them for what they are. They are only hurdles on the track on the way to the finish line. Challenges stretch us and help us grow strong, plateaus help us assimilate what we are doing into our everyday abilities.

that i do today imporves ur tomorrows

You go where your thoughts take you. If you really want to do something you will find a way; if you don’t you will find an excuse. ‘The Brain Is As Strong As It’s Weakest Think’, said Eleanor Dean and she is as right as Henry Ford.

It is the tap tap tap of the chisel that carves away the stone. It is the drip drip drip that eventually fills the tub. In order to succeed most easily we need a good frame of mind and we need to stay the course. We only ever fail when we quit. Challenges are opportunities. The daily application of what you are doing when you are learning builds the skill and the habit. The habit comes from successful repetition.

Your ability to transform your life is easy. Bit by bit you will make an incredible difference for yourself. Gradually though application and repetition you will develop the habits that serve you and help you make the most of yourself and your life. It is easy when you know how.

There will always be challenges and opportunities to grow and excel simply know and accept that fact of life. There will be times when it seems like you are stuck or not moving forward. You have plateaued that is part of life so accept this too. There will be times when it is incredibly easy and everything just flows! There will be moments of disappointment and moments of ecstasy. Most of all there will be many more moments you will absolutely enjoy!

You will make more of your moments marvelous. The glass half full with positive energy is better than half full of negativity or of nothing. Fill up your glass, fill up your life! Life can be anything you want it to be. You can be anything you want to be! It is never too late!

You can learn to do anything and have anything. If you put it off you will succeed in waiting longer for it to transpire. If you decide to seize the day, make the decision and follow through on it now, sooner rather than later it will all be yours. The moment is always now. Dedicate yourself to yourself. Choose to think and feel the very best and make each moment matter!

You will be so grateful when you do!” Rex Sikes

Make this day a wonderful one for yourself and others.

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You Become What You Think About? So…..

success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out

“Make today count! Meditate or think on this: ‘We become what we think about most of the time’.

What do you think about most frequently, what fills your thoughts throughout the day? Are they thoughts of happiness, well-being, positive action thoughts or whining, complaining and worry?

What you hold in your mind you hold in your body. Your feelings and actions are a result of your thinking AND vice versa. If you want your life to change for the better you have to change things in your life FOR THE BETTER.

So today become aware of where you spend your mind time, what you think about most frequently.

It doesn’t matter why you spend time thinking what you think. No reason or justification is necessary. No excuses either!

Just examine your thinking process and decide does it serve you as best it could or not? If not then improve it. If you want your life to change it is completely up to you.

Become aware and notice. Don’t judge, don’t chide yourself just notice what you mostly do and opt to make whatever you think better.

Make yourself think and feel a little more positive.

Put your attention on what is the best of yourself, other people, the event or situation. Focus on the good thoughts and feelings. Find the best and concentrate on staying with the best. Fill your mind and being with delight, appreciation, positive thoughts and feelings and notice the difference when you do this.

How much time each day do you nurture and nourish yourself? Make it a point to add to it. Amaze and astonish yourself. Celebrate and enjoy!” Rex SIkes

Marvel in each moment!

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When Will You Accept Your Destiny?

passion changes  everything

Embrace this notion fully:  You are a creator. Only you are the master of your destiny. You are in charge!

Whether you think it so or not, everything you experience is because of you. Everything you have or don’t have, all that you are or aren’t is up to you. Accept it. Take responsibility for it.

You may disagree but what does that get you to do so? Perhaps, it gives you some comfort and consolation. You can debate it but to what end? Try the concept on instead, take responsibility for it all, your past, your present and your future.

I happen to think that this is the case but even if it isn’t accurate – when you embrace the notion it gives you power to transform yourself. It is a useful concept to adapt. Forget about ‘gospel’ truth, and consider it instead as a rule for helping you to get ahead. Use what works and discard that which does not.

When you take 100% responsibility for everything it puts you in squarely in charge.

Then it is only you who answers for the results you get or don’t.

There is no one to blame when things don’t work out. If things are to be brought about it will be because of you and not anyone else. This is a place of immense power and opportunity!

When you put yourself in charge you can work with the power within you. When you think ‘If it is to be it is up to me’. When you take responsibility and operate from ‘I caused this and I caused that’ or ‘it is all because of me’ then you can change your thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, responses, your plans, you can alter anything that isn’t working because the locus of control is on and in you and on no one and nothing else! This is a powerful mindset to operate from.

Some thoughts you may want to make your own if they aren’t already: ‘I am a powerful positive creator of my own destiny.’  ‘Happiness is available to all so it is available to me’, ‘If it is to be it is up to me’. ‘We become what we think about’.

All you have to do to change your life is think different thoughts! REALLY! Change your thoughts and change your life!

The reason why some people don’t move forward is that they do nothing, the think defeatist thoughts, or can’t believe it, they think it is too good to be true, or they think it must be hard not easy or they think it won’t work. If this is you change it and move forward in a new direction.

Whatever you focus on expands!

See yourself as a vibrant, powerful, positive, transmitter of energy. Imagine yourself as a powerful creator, responsible for bring you all things. THEN choose the very best for yourself. Nurture you thoughts and feelings and abilities. Hold in your mind positive thoughts and keep planting positive seeds.

Keep it simple, easy and do it every day! Each moment is a moment to enjoy and celebrate or let it slip away. Because what you focus on expands the more you enjoy the more you get to enjoy! Remember this and choose to delight and enjoy yourself throughout each day. Stay with it, make it a positive habit and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Savor the seconds and delight in the day!

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Celebrate and Delight! How To Transform Your Life

align with greatest purpose

“Celebrate everything. Enjoy have fun. Find delight!  Look for the good in everything and everyone!

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’. Acknowledge disappointment and let it go. Look for solutions. Keep moving forward. Train your mind to find the best.

If you did nothing more than this at each opportunity your life would be more amazing!

When the  balance of each of your days is spent in gratitude and ‘can do’ positive thinking and feeling, you experience more well-being in every aspect of your life.

It is easy. It is all about awareness and choice.

You have a choice. You can either do it or not.

Only you will discover the benefit when you maintain a positive frame of mind.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy making your day magical!

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How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want PT 8

3 choices when bad thing happens

“…Small wins in the right direction each moment or each day get you further than a massive effort performed only once and then not repeated. Water can cut a path through enormous land mass and rock even when it begins as just a trickle. It is those thoughts, feelings and things you do bit by bit each day that make the most incredible difference in the long run. Condition yourself for more success and happiness by creating the habits that support you in getting what you want.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is each successive step you take, after you begin, that gets you down the road and on the way. If you keep moving in the right direction you eventually get there, but if you stop and quit you never will…”

Continued from How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 7

“The bottom line is – when you make a tenacious decision that you will not let anything stop you in making your life what you want it to be, even if you don’t yet know how to do all that, you have won more than half of the battle. This is important to keep in mind. It is also important to remember this next point. You don’t need to know “how you will go about it” to begin getting what you want. Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive but I’ll explain more fully soon.

For now play with being clear about what you want and intend. Commit to yourself!  Promise yourself you will do this and then keep your promise! While determined in your mind also relax. Know you can do this, step by step, you will learn as you go along, you will make improvements along the way to your condition and you will get better results as you stick with it. Be firm in your mind. If you decide you will do it relax. There is no need to be anxious if you determine you will follow through.

You don’t have to ask over and over, you only have to ask once. It is not about hoping something will happen. This is about deciding your purpose and keeping your purpose clearly in your mind. So you don’t have to ask over and over. You don’t have to beg your future to come true. You are not hoping or wishing. You are making a clear decision on where you want to end up and you are traveling to that destination. You may be eager but you know you will ultimately get there. It is the same matter of fact, relaxed mind set you have when you think about going to the store or a favorite vacation spot.

You know where you want to go and you go there. The more you make the journey there enjoyable the better off you will be. You may be eager but since you know where you are headed you expect to get there. So relax. Get clear on it, get precise, get thrilled!

act as if you already have it

Imagine it as clearly and as detailed as you can in your mind’s eye. Spend time continuing to improve on this by repeating the process daily. The more you spend time imagining what it is you want the clearer the inner images can become. It is just like developing any muscle in the body. The more practice or exercise the better you get at it.

Drop by drop fills the tub. Spend some time each day thinking about your goals and what you want. Imagine that incredible future. Let the notion of living that way supercharge you and feel wonderful. Spend each day finding the best feelings and enjoying the day in incredible ways. Make it a point to live each day in the best most positive way you can.

If things come along to upset that plan, get back on course as soon as you are able. Nudge yourself back into it as you are able. Think: ‘all is good’. ‘great things are here for me even when I can’t yet see them’, ‘everything has a way of working out for me, so hang in there’. Think thoughts that comfort you, relax you as well as make you feel positive and powerful. Look for and find the good in every situation. Reframe any difficulty as opportunity and turn a less than glorious moment to your advantage by how you think and feel about it.

Accept roadblocks as temporary conditions. Know that as you go through them you will grow stronger and better. Everything IS really a frame of mind.

what u put out u attract

Lastly, keep this in mind because I think this is critical to our understanding.

Prior to humans on the planet cataclysmic changes shook the world. There were gorgeous days and tumultuous ones. Hot spells and cold spells. Anything that could happen did happen. Masses of land came and went due to weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, you name it. Every type of situation and circumstance happened.

All through this time, for eons and eons what there was NOT, what did not exist, was any human to state whether these events were good or bad or right or wrong. They simply occurred without anyone around to judge it. They simply happened, things simple were. Things existed and no one named them.

As humans arrived and became goal setters and getters judgments arose as to whether something was easy or hard and whether we could move forward unimpeded or if our efforts were thwarted. Judgements arose!

The human mind put a filter on all that was and declared things to be one way or another. Humans judge. Prior to humans things just were. Humans named these advantageous or calamity. They all are judged by how things affected the human. The truth of the matter is things still just are. They are neither good nor bad. They simply are. They are neither wanted or unwanted. YOU determine the meaning each circumstance has. You and I put our judgement on events, situations and people. In reality everything just is.

losers visualize penalities winners rewards

We could decide to not label, not judge, and just let things be. This is difficult for most of us because we were not brought up learning to do this. However, once we realize that it IS whatever we call it, and that whatever we call it may determine how we feel, think and act, then what we should realize is THAT WE make it so. We create our experiences by the meaning we attach to them. We create our experience by the importance we put on them.

When you pick up a stick you pick up both ends.

There is always contrasts. Things come along that may be unexpected and may seem to be negative. In reality nothing is negative or positive except for electrical charges. A battery has both poles but we don’t label one better or one worse. because both are necessary.

Life has its share of disappointments. If we can stop judging so much we can be free to enjoy everything in new ways. When we let go asserting ‘bad things’ we free up our mind to look for the seeds of positivity within.

The negative in life, since we understand how these terms are used, is as necessary as the positive. It is there as all things are there. It just is. From it we can grow and learn and move forward. Since judgements arise from us it is better, more positive, more opportune to declare less than glorious situations and people as challenges or opportunities that as bad things.

everyday u make a choice

The point is this: It is whatever you say it is! As a result you will think and feel as a result of your labeling it. Whether you declare it good or bad AND that is what we have been doing all along. SO here is the change I propose. Imagine how much more wonderful life would be IF EVERYTHING that ever happened was an opportunity? Wouldn’t that be incredible. Every situation, person, event, that ever occurs is an opportunity, imagine that! Even if that isn’t true imagine how your life would be different if you had that frame of mind and looked for the good in all things instead of being victim to the bad.

Certainly, you can recognize a tough time. You don’t have to lie or ignore. You can say, ‘I have some challenges right now and I am not yet sure how it will resolve but things always have a way of working out well for me. I’ll be surprised I am sure because there are opportunities in this situation I have not yet discovered but I am looking to find them. I know ultimately this will work out for the very best’. Or say something to that effect. All is good. All will work out. In actuality it really all does somehow work out.

Keep in mind YOU become what YOU think about most of the time. You are either mostly positive or mostly negative but never 100%. SO as with all processes things change. We must accept that and continue to move forward in positive ways. Find the good in all, look for it, and you will find it. It may be hidden and you may have to search but you will find. Frankly, I believe if you did nothing else but this – find the good in everything – your life would already be radically better. Our mind set is incredibly powerful and our attitude does determine our altitude!

When we keep our focus on what we want, when we appreciate and notice and emphasize the thoughts and positive actions that makes us feel good we get more of it back. We live in a more permanent positive condition, and whatever comes are way, that is otherwise, we are better equipped to handle it. Keep the faith, relax, keep at it, and enjoy” Rex Sikes

Much more next time. Have a great day!

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