Why don’t you use your mind for a change?

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“Positive thinking is a misnomer. It is not merely about thinking a thought which is positive it should mean making positive choices. Whenever I mention positive thinking I mean exercising the power we have to find and think the very best thoughts needed and focus on these. It means we find and choose to feel the very best feelings we can that are useful each moment. It means we seek and find find within us the very best resources that are useful in whatever situations we may be going through.

Resources ARE our inner thoughts, memories, beliefs, experiences, talents, whatever we have from our past too, that contains some of the necessary ingredients for the present moment. Hence, resources can be anything that helps us change our difficult moment into better ones The key is deliberately bringing our minds back to the best, the most beneficial, even the most “positive” thoughts and sticking with them. The same applies to finding our best feelings. 

When we do this repeatedly we train our neurology, we train ourselves to make a habit of finding the very best and most useful of what we have and to use it in each moment, and especially when needed. We can transform the mundane to the more delightful, it need not be only when we face challenges. The idea is to seek and experience the optimum each day, each moment. Find and experience the best. Live life better than just “okay”.

As we do this moment to moment through out each day, for weeks and months we are developing the habit. What may start off difficult becomes easier and easier through the repeated effort. After a while, the habit begins to take over and there will come a point in which this is just the natural way you live and think. 

It works the same way you learned to ride a bike or drive a car. It was tough, lot’s to pay attention to, perhaps even frustrating, but as you stuck with it the tasks became easier until it became easier. Ultimately, you can drive without even thinking about how to drive. It has become a skill and a habit.

This practice result in incredible flexibility, resourcefulness, useful beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behaviors we have that transform the moment and transform our self overall.

Since whatever we focus on expands why not focus on what is most useful and beneficial and resourceful? I never encourage pie in the sky wishful, fanciful thinking but practical and deliberate choice making that results in finding the optimum thoughts, and emotional states from which to pursue our goals, resolve our difficulties and live our lives more wonderfully.

Positive thinking means having more choices available. It means deliberately exercising your control to find the best and then making it a habit and becoming unconsciously competent in positively evolving yourself. It means that whatever you focus on, expands, gets larger and becomes your reality so why not choose the best?

If you focus on crap and problems you stay with the crap, if however, you focus on solutions you can find solutions. If you focus on misery you can find it if instead you focus on happiness or joy or peace you can find more that for yourself. The choice of what we focus on, what we choose to entertain, to fill our mind and our time with determines how we feel and think and do. The problem for most people is not exercising choices as they could or simply making poor choices or having poor taste.

Aim for the best and you will find it. It may take time but you will find it if you stick with it. You can’t give up and quit because then you never will. Challenges will come up along the way just as there are hazards occasionally on the road which you must navigate around. In the same way challenges will always be a part of living, there will always be things for us to confront or solve. When you learn how to make better positive choices these challenges become useful to help remind us what to do – choose the positive, the resourceful, steer back to center, direct you mind again take charge. Negative feelings provide the same signal service.

The wise person recognizes the less than glorious feeling as a signal that they needs to focus differently, to change what they are thinking, doing or acting in order to begin to feel better. It is a signal to seek within yourself to change your “discomfort” into something that is feels better.

Yes, you may have to do it again and again for many moments, you may have to stick with it for quite a while, but eventually, it will give way and you will have benefited by exercising your choice to look for and find more positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This is what builds the habit. This habit is built by the challenges and less good feelings because if you only did it when you were just feeling good that is the only habit you would have. You want to transform your life and become in charge and not be a victim but a victor. That only is possible if you learn how to transform the difficult moments into better moments.

Learn how to transform your thoughts and feelings whatever you think and feel. Decide to take control and be in charge of yourself, your mind and your body and your experience in life. Be the captain of your ship and steer it through tough and troubled waters successfully as well as the calm and peaceful enjoyable seas.

You will find far better times and opportunities by doing this and making it a habit than if you focus on pain, misery, suffering, and crap because that will result only in more of that.

The choice is ours each moment.

If you haven’t chosen the “positive” much, or if it doesn’t seem to work well in your life it only means you have been practicing the wrong approach up until now. You need to change what you are doing if you want your life to change. You can do it! You can begin and find that in doing this and sticking with it your life improves in ways that you could never have imagined prior to going through the journey for change.

Take small steps at first, you will be able to handle larger as you proceed. It will be tough at times, most assuredly it will be, but be gentle and forgiving and accepting of yourself as you practice this. When you don’t do what you want do not berate yourself but accept it and move on to what you want to be able to do. When you become aware you are thinking negative or feeling negative at that moment steer your thoughts to good thoughts, the resources within you and find a better feeling or activity to engage that leads you in the positive direction.  

Yes, you must keep doing that as often as you can and as you do you will ultimately break through, you will find results, gradually at first, when you remain steadfast in your practice. There will come a time, sometime in your future, when you will be surprised at how your thinking and feeling is transformed and working positively for you. Unfortunately, no one can tell you when that is because that is all up to you and how often and the quality of your practice.

Behavioral science suggest that we can develop a new habit in 21 days with constant correct practice, and while that may be true, I would commit to no less than 30 days or even 90. Somewhere between 30 and 90 days you will find it getting easier and much much more rewarding than you can imagine. You will be delighted. If right now, 90 days seems like a long time to take to begin to completely revolutionize your life – change that thought. That is the first one you need to “do over” and decide now to make the commitment. Once you engage this process for yourself your experience will change for the better even if outer circumstances don’t at first.

With time you will learn to change and affect not only your inner self but what you can accomplish in the world through positive planning and action steps. If it is ever going to happen you need to begin now.Once you are on the path stay on it no matter what. Don’t give up. My experience and those I know who have decided to be in charge is that you won’t want to. It may seem tough but you will be gathering evidence as you move forward that it is working and you will want to continue.

Be diligent and have fun with this practice. Yes have fun. Enjoy, celebrate, take it lightly and you will find wonderful things in store, many marvelous and amazing things in store for you.

You will unleash a powerful positive person, the one that is inside you wanting full expression in your life. You will be able to become the person you always wanted to be. You will begin to make you life the life you always wanted. You will never do that thinking “I can’t or Life sucks” thoughts but you will when you think “I can and Life is great” thoughts no matter what you encounter. Make it a point to do it now. If you wait, you wait. So begin today!” Rex Sikes

Make yourself and others smile A LOT today!

Some important thoughts to consider – quotes & pics


“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

awesome takes practice

“Whatever is over is over. Whether it was good or bad so move on and move forward. Don’t be limited by what is past and don’t own anything you didn’t like. It is gone forever so stop reliving it. Instead learn from it, appreciate it no matter how difficult, take the lessons, be grateful and move onto better things. If your past was marvelous acknowledge it, be grateful and move forward. Make today and tomorrow the kind of days you want more of. Those days behind you are gone.” Rex Sikes

dont be afraid

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” Christopher Columbus

change what you are doing

“It is simple when you consider it – if what you are doing isn;t working, don’t give up… just change what you are doing. Keep going and make it happen.” Rex Sikes

“THERE is no defeat except from within. There is really no insurmountable barrier save your own inherent weak-ness of purpose.” -Emerson.


“To be a hero, think heroic thoughts” Voltaire

I am blessed and I am talented

“I hold it true that thoughts are things; They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings; And that we send them forth to fill The world with good results or ill. That which we call our secret thought Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot, Leaving its blessings or its woes, Like tracks behind it as it goes. We build our future, thought by thought, For good or ill, yet know it not, Yet so the universe was wrought. Thought is another name for fate; Choose, then, thy destiny and wait, For love brings love and hate brings hate.” Henry Van Dyke

pause and remember

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffective, concerning all the acts of initiative (and creation). There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” -GOETHE

life is like a camera


If you aren’t – then who is? I’d want to find out!!!

I am

“Truer words have, nearly, never been uttered than the statement, ‘I Am – Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes our reality.” We need to remember that we create our reality, we create how we experience this life and world and everything in it.

We intersect with the ‘out there’ through our senses translating vibrations and electrical impulses into meaningful sights and sounds and feelings. We translate the outer world. We are meaning makers and time binders as anthropologists would assert. We are ethnocentric, chronocentric and egocentric. We think our culture, our time or era and individual self are the best or the only actual way to be. 

Neurologically we filter our experience. Since we can’t consciously attend to all the data in each moment (trillions and trillions of bits of data) we delete A LOT of it and leave things out.

We distort the world around us and the incoming data by leaving things out.  We don’t have accurate access to the information through our senses. We have what we get to have, which is allowed in and we are able to notice by virtue of this process.

We generalize. We build stereotypes and rules about the outside world which is another distortion.  So not only do these three processes occur neurologically but when we think or go to speak about things. We don’t consider every possibility or say everything there is to say on each topic we leave things out. By necessity we leave things out.

We decide what to leave out sometime and other times we just leave out what we might normally leave out. What we habitually leave out, or distort or make generalizations about.

On and on this goes. We do this about the world out there – we cannot not do it, and about ourselves. We make statements about ourselves that may not be accurate by virtue of these very same processes. Even in what I am telling you here I can not tell you everything, some of the information is distorted and there are generalizations being made. We can’t not do these nor can we not communicate without these affecting what we take in and put out.

So it is through our limited neurology that we leave things out, change them and make it conform to what we are able to notice. Hence, we develop opinions, beliefs and attitudes about the nature of existence and ourselves. There is somewhat of a “which came first phenomena, the chicken or the egg? concern in describing this. For our purpose now, it does not matter.

Suffice to say much of what we conclude about ourselves and about what we call reality is in error.

SO when making conclusions about the nature of ourself or of our universe it makes sense to err on the side of what one can be, what one can do, what one can have that is positive.

Because we have declaratory power it shapes our perceptions by letting us know what to attend to. If one says “I am not enough” the brain will find examples of other ways you may not be, or at other times when you may not be etc. and reasons (associations) for why this may be true (whether in fact it actually is or not). It does this by association too as in ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

Soon after enough examples are provided the brain (or the human) can conclude ‘yup this is true’ and then limit additionally one’s reasons for being, doing or having many things.

We are all capable of being deluded by our own self. If we feel we are not enough then we must not be. Thus, we don’t do or try to be anything else.

On the other hand if one says “I can do anything’ the brain will likewise attempt to find examples to support this. After a while or enough examples the brain (or the human) will conclude or develop a belief that his is accurate (even if this is not actually the case). Both may or may not be founded in any reality at all BUT which belief serves you better?

Which reality would you prefer to live from? I would opt for the powerful, the positive, the expansive. I would want to think and believe and act from what ever allows me to feel the best and do the best. I would prefer to chose that which makes me feel life is more wonderful and engaging.

For the purpose of this discussion I would aim to be realistic and state it perhaps somewhat differently. For example I might state it as  “I can do anything I learn to do”  because that seems more reasonable, wiser and safer. Stating that one could fly without a plane or one could turn oneself invisible might not be the best or most productive beliefs to develop. The notion that ‘I can learn anything I put my mind to”, or ‘I have a good mind’, or ‘I am a great and willing student’ all aim the mind to find examples, or pay attention to these aspects of your experience.

This is what is meant when we say ‘What you focus on expands’ or ‘You get and become what you think about most of the time’.

Our beliefs determine what we think, what we see, what we hear, what we feel. Our beliefs determine or impact what we try or don’t try, what we do or don’t do (and how well we do it), how we act, and whether we experience life as wonderful or not.

I am not stating that one declaratory sentence uttered one time has this kind of power. It is the statements or declarations or assertions that we repeatedly make to ourselves about our selves that determine our reality. We don’t even have to be saying them out loud, these are our thoughts.

I am in charge and I am choosing

There is so much more to this discussion but in a nutshell I chose the finest to think and believe about myself and I suggest you do to. Pick the best statements to assert and declare and you will find, in time, reality reflects back what you declare. Pick the strongest, most positive, useful beliefs to repeat over and over to yourself. Pick the finest to occupy your thoughts with. Then when you become what you think about most of the time it will be the best you. 

You determine your future present by who you decide you are right now, by what you decide you are capable of, and what you decide you are worth and what you can have.

If I were you I’d make it incredible is my advice. Notice the example, ‘I am in charge of how I feel today I am choosing happiness’ when you state it, even if it does not feel completely true for you yet, notice that it puts you more in the driver’s seat. You declare, “I am in charge” and if you were actually in charge how would you stand, how would you hold your body, how would you move, what would you be seeing on the inside, what kind of ‘in charge’ things would you be saying to yourself, and how would you be feeling powerful differently than if you felt you were not in charge, or if you felt you were a victim?

I assume you can notice the difference in yourself and how thinking this can affect you. Simply saying it may not, at first, but really believing it certainly will. So if you are in charge and you have choice, or power to choose, what would you choose that would be great for you to have. Seems like, if I could choose choosing happiness makes a lot of sense, It could be peace, or sadness  and notice if you chose any of those how you would think, feel and act or be different.

So, assuming you choose happiness to feel  if you were actually in happy how would you stand, how would you hold your body, how would you move, what would you be seeing on the inside, what kind of ‘happy’ things would you be saying to yourself, or out loud and how would you be feeling happy differently than if you felt you were not happy, just okay or if you felt you were sad?

What and how would it be different if you chose to feel peaceful. You see, what you chose determines how you are. Most people just never realize that they have choice. They think it happens to them. AND YOU KNOW WHAT – they are correct because in their reality choice is not an option, it is outside of their control. If you have no choice and it is outside of your control then you are a victim and experience the world very differently from one who decided they are choosing what to think and feel and believe.

So if you don’t yet feel in charge, you can begin slowly by beginning to give yourself some room to imagine what it would be like for you if you could be in charge of yourself and your thoughts. You might begin by imagining how that would be different, better, more enjoyable and you might want to do this ALOT, you might want to re-visit this mental picture many, many times.

Because as you do this you are actually practicing being in charge – if you do it wisely. The brain does not know the difference between mental rehearsal and actual experience when you provide it a detailed sensory inner experience. What are you seeing, hearing and feeling, (even tasting and smelling), what are you experiencing, breathing, saying to yourself. How are you standing, sitting or moving. The more vivid, the more real. The brain acts on a vivid inner experience as much as it does an outer on.

We know this from people who hallucinate, from people with irrational fears or phobias, and many other examples. Athletes have long know the benefits of mental rehearsal in improved performance, as do actors, presenters and now days people from all walks of life and jobs.

So we get back what we rehearse in our mind. Someone, who does not think they are in charge has only practiced not being in charge enough that they believe it and live from it. One who is in charge has practiced and believed that s/he is in charge. Sometimes it is only a matter of a very small adjustment to make to go from being one way to the other. At other times more effort or rehearsal is required, more time. But if you sow you will reap. If you plant the seed there will come a time, if you have nurtured the plant, that you will harvest. You will get back what you put out.

For me, I want the best for myself, for my life and for those in my life. I want to find and if necessary create the best circumstance, events, and connections with people. I want to savor the world and my life and live fully so I want to think the best and feel the best as much as I am able regardless of what is going on in ‘reality’. I want to choose what I focus on and what I get.

It does not mean to ignore. If there is a problem, notice it, correct it and move forward. Having a problem does not mean one has to be unhappy about it, although granted for most people they have grown accustomed to the notion that there is no other way to feel at that time or in that circumstance. YOU CAN FEEL HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE TO FEEL once you gain control of your own brain.

Consider this, your brain, your thoughts IS the ONE thing over which it is certain you DO have control. You can’t control the weather but you can your response, you can’t control natural disasters but again you can your response. Need I continue? I think you get the point.

Either you determine yourself to be in charge or you are not. If you are you experience life a certain way just as you do if you are not. So what are you going to decide to do. You may say, “Well I can’t be in charge I don’t know how” and while that may be true for the moment, you could begin to consider that you could be more in charge as you learn how.

Everything begins with the thought you have. It originates with you, even if you got your thoughts and beliefs and behaviors from your parents, teachers, peers or strangers. It doesn’t matter. If you become aware of your power thoughts when and as you think them or shortly thereafter, and your less than glorious thoughts when and as you think them OR shortly after you will notice where you spend most of your time in thought. Is it 50/50 happy or sad, or positive and negative, 20/80 or 90/10? What is it? How much time do you spend thinking power thoughts that make your life fabulous? If the answer is not much you probably aren’t very happy, if it is 50/50 my guess would be life is so so. Not too bad could be better.

So whatever your answer, what every your experience, isn’t know a good time to decide to be more proactive, at least a little bit and determine who is in the driver seat of your head, heart and life? As the saying goes “If it is to be it is up to me” no one else can do it for you.

You may not presently know how but you can learn. You may not have lots of strength to do it but the more you do the more strength you will get. Once you make it a point to practice thinking powerfully positively you will have plenty of opportunities to notice when you are not. All you need to do at that time is attempt to steer your mind back to the positive thought in the same manner you would steer your car back on the road if you went off. You adjust and correct and you do it as often and as necessary until you are back on course and staying on course.

Actually staying on course means constantly adjusting and correcting to continue to your destination. When driving down the middle of a freeway lane one is always making larger and smaller corrections to stay in the middle, many of which or most of which are all done unconsciously. That is precisely what learning how to do this will become for you – and unconscious habit for powerful thinking.

You already have whatever habit of thinking that you live from. It is already a habit. If you feel you are not in charge or spend most of your time thinking less than glorious thoughts that is what habit is. Something you engage in automatically without thinking, and/or that you do because you must even though a better option may exist. For example smoking or over eating or drinking. You may know better but you find yourself doing what you swear you won’t ever do again. HABIT! Habits are hard to break BUT NOT impossible.

To change a habit you replace it with a better habit. The one you want. The one that makes you win. The habit that gets you closer to what we might say ‘god intended for you’ would be a wise one to chose.

You can develop positive habits and let go of and replace the less that productive ones. It starts with thinking you can, and deciding you will. The it means keep going without giving up. If you give up on the way to your vacation you would never get there. So you keep on going even when it is difficult and you know what – sometime it will get easier and you will still screw up, but it will get easier. Eventually, the screw ups get fewer and fewer and then one day WOW, you find yourself spontaneously doing what you had been practicing. It excites and amazes you when you notice it. Your new positive habit is born. Now it becomes reliable, strong and difficult to break. This is great news.

So what new habits would you want to develop that would make your life much more wonderful and delightful? What thoughts would you choose to start yourself of with. Remember “I AM” are two of the most powerful words because whatever follows them shapes your reality.

What will you think differently today, that while it seems small and insignificant, that there is no way it could do anything, might be the basis, the beginning of an entirely new, positive, powerful, productive, happy you?

As for me, I AM in charge, and I choose to be happy!!!” Rex Sikes


Start Your Day With A Beautiful Thought…

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Your present moment determines your future moments

trees and colors in the clouds

“Your present moment determines your future moments.Since we become what we think about, since what we focus on expands, since what we give out we get back, since like attracts like, how you think, speak, feel and act determine what you get back in the next moment.

If you want a happy future be happy now. Live now as you want to live then. Feel the best, think the best, say the best, act the best. Consider yourself an active creator and create, manifest what you want right now. Chose the best thoughts and feelings and you will get more back in kind. Stay focused on how wonderful life is and life becomes more wonderful. Remain positive and even during challenges you will find it easier than by being negative or a victim.

YOU determine what is to come by what you experience and exude right now. We only have the present moment to live in. The past is gone, it does not matter what it was. You begin now in this instant to live fully and you will continue to live more fully in the next instant. You will manifest your dreams and your destiny when you right now choose the best.

ACT AS IF you have everything you need, it doesn’t matter what goes on around you for you to choose your thoughts and stay focused on them. If right now it is a difficult time if you buy into it and think defeated thoughts that is what your present and future will remain. However, if you think the thoughts of a champion, if you think positive thoughts, even in your darkest hour, the light will begin to shine because you will be choosing what you want and you will be getting what you chose – either way.

So if you want the best future create for yourself the best right now present. Live as you want to live, dream of all the incredible moments you want to have, stay focused on the positive and never give up and you will surprise and delight yourself beyond your wildest expectations.

When you expect a miracle, when you expect good things you open the space to get more of these. If instead you expect the worse you open that space too.

Decide now what it is you want your life to be like because YOU make it happen either way. Be a champion thinker, feeler and doer regardless of the circumstance and you will have a champion life. It is always up to each of us to manifest what we want because if we don’t decide and act on it we will get what ever we already have.

If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life. If you always say what you already have you will have what you say. If it is marvelous you will get more back in kind. If it is less than glorious you will get that too. Either good or bad whatever you put out now by thought, feeling, word or deed you get back more of the same. Birds of a feather flock together. So be wise and make it wonderful for yourself. Do it this instant.” Rex Sikes

What are you saying to YOU? Hmmmmm….


“Your self talk and your internal images have a big effect on how you feel. Your self talk, your thoughts greatly effect what you are able to notice around you, and how your life goes. These determine whether you enjoy a full wonderful life or not.

So take control and only speak that which you want to create. Control them so that you focus on  that which you want to be, do and have. Be wise! Treat yourself nicely. Thoughts become words, words become actions. Start with wonderful thoughts. 

Speak only words to yourself AND out loud to others that Bless, Prosper and Heal and your world will change so much for the better you will be amazed. Delight, success, enjoyment, overcoming difficulty, fun, is all in you hands. Actually, you think it, you speak it, you create it.

It IS Magical!  Remember always – You get and you become what you focus on and think about most of the time through out your days.” Rex Sikes

Your path will take you to many amazing places!


“Your path will take you to many amazing places! It won’t all be easy but that is part of the enjoyment of the journey. It will always be very beautiful if you just keep your eyes open and look. Enjoy the journey and all you discover along the way.

No one can walk your path but you so you might well make the most of it. After all it is your path, your journey, your decision how you will enjoy it. For some, they think, it is difficult and they will never get there, to the end. For others, it is all to brief.

What your journey is like is up to you. Your attitude will determine how it goes along the way. Keep this in mind.” Rex Sikes

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