Sick Of The Blame Game? Learn The Secret How Not To Play It!

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“Sometimes you screw up and make a mistake. What do you do? You have had times when either you have hurt somebody else or yourself. Do you own up to it? Do you blame others or do you blame yourself? It is easy to do. What do you do? Do you take responsibility?

After all is said and done if you did it or didn’t do what you were supposed to it IS your responsibility. It is your responsibility. Let that sink in. It is your responsibility. No one else is responsible but you.

It Is Your Responsibility BUT Not Your Fault.

These are not the same. Responsibility means it is up to you. It suggests you have a burden or obligation to follow through on. You do, this is true. You should be responsible to yourself and others. You should keep your word.

Accountability (to be accountable)  means you are answerable for or liable for the actions. You are. If you follow through or not on your word, whatever the outcome, you are answerable for your actions. There may be consequences. Usually there are.

Fault, as a noun, means responsible as in ‘I am responsible. It is my fault’. Fault as a verb means to criticize, condemn, attack, and censure. Typically, fault means to  blame. Stop blame!

If you are responsible for something and you don’t do it you should accept you did not do it. You are both responsible and accountable. You are answerable to and for your obligation. The buck stops with you. You should not blame others nor should you blame yourself.

You Are Responsible You Are Accountable But Without Blame

Blame is an added on reaction that has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with others. It is something you learned to do from others while growing up. In blaming other people you seek to escape the consequences for your actions.  You did not, nor do you, want to be punished. No one does, typically.

Parents, peers, teachers, friends have and blamed you while telling you you were responsible and accountable for your actions. The two were unfortunately paired.  As a result when things go wrong you look for someone to blame. This should stop! Finding fault is not the key to positive personal development.

You don’t have to blame yourself to accept responsibility and accountability for actions. When you blame yourselves you punish yourself. You learned to be critical, to condemn and to be hard on yourself.

The original intent, most likely, was to insure you don’t escape the consequences of your actions. The intent may have been worthwhile but what you learned to do while growing up resulted in bad feelings, poor self image and self esteem. You can learn to be loving, kind, gentle and permissive instead.

Stop Blaming Yourself 

If you tell someone you will call them and you don’t. Accept responsibility and be accountable. Call them and apologize. Make good on your promise. Make no excuses, don’t blame yourself or anything else. Own up!

Be willing to state, ‘I didn’t do it. I am sorry I dropped the ball’. Then make good on it. Do what is necessary to repair the situation. Accept responsibility, apologize and never repeat the same mistake twice.

Repair the situation if you are able. If you are not able to (for whatever the reason) then do whatever you have to do to set it straight. Leave the person you let down better off than before. Never leave someone worse off! Make full amends then go the extra mile.

Then, privately, pat yourself on the back for owing up to it and following through with your original intentions. Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for making good without excuses or blame.

Acknowledge that you took responsibility, owned up, made good, corrected the situation and feel good. Enjoy these good feelings. OWN them! The positive feelings are important! Embrace them!

As you continue the practice of acknowledging yourself positively when you do take responsibility you will learn a new response to it. You will encourage these behaviors to become new habits for you.

Encourage What You Want To Be Able To Do

When you want a baby or toddler to repeat behaviors, if you are a loving parent, you nurture the behavior through encouragement and reward. You help the child feel good about what the child is learning to do. You want good feelings! You praise and promote the child.

Creating pain and punishment leads to fear, helplessness and in some cases hopelessness. Sadly, after the child learns the behaviors, too many people then hold the child accountable and blame if child doesn’t perform as expected. This cycle is repeated in families and by teachers and peers from ancient times to today. It is how we learned to find fault, accuse and blame.

If you try to do something for yourself or family and it doesn’t work out understand that blaming yourself doesn’t help you. Take responsibility and be accountable. That helps! Blame, self criticism, self condemnation, calling yourself names, feeling bad does not. Blame adds insult to injury. Blame is negative.

Find A Way To Release Yourself From Self Blame.

If you want to clean the garage or organize your office or home space but you typically don’t follow through it is easy to fall into self blame. Here’s what you can do when you promise yourself that you will do something. Whatever it is you want to do. If you say you are going to do something – do some thing!

Take tiny steps. Don’t commit to doing it all by a certain deadline. Take it piece by piece. Break it down into easy, manageable tasks that you can easily do.  Make it a point that you are going to pick up or throw out or put away one item each time you enter and leave the room.

This is possible. This is completely do-able! It may take longer to get the room cleaned but each time you do something, you want to and intend to do, you can feel good that you are moving in the right direction. You are creating some forward momentum.

Create Small Wins And Doable Actions

You promised yourself you will read inspirational material 30 minutes a day but you don’t. You let yourself down. You broke your promise. Instead of blame or feeling bad commit to less time. Commit to few minutes. How about 5minutes. If you can’t do that 1 minute.

How about a page? One page, a single page. You COULD do that! Put books in the bathroom and read while in there. Take a book with you wherever you go. Read when you can’t do anything else or when there is nothing else to do. You are stopped at a railroad crossing – read! While waiting for someone, or your coffee or meal -read!

If you want to gain or lose weight or change your eating habits. Break it into tiny steps you can easily do and keep doing. Maybe you want to exercise more or relax more. You want to save more money. You want to think more positively. Anything you can think of.

Whatever you want to accomplish you can do. Make it manageable. Remember, drop by drop fills the tub. It is bette to have small wins often than big loses.

It is better to encourage yourself bit by bit than condemning yourself repeatedly for not following through. You can do this for yourself and you can help others to do it for you as well. Win big overall by gathering little wins along the way.

If you are always succeeding you won’t be blaming and criticizing yourself. When you drop that, when you let it go, and you love and enjoy yourself life becomes so much better. You are so much more free to be, do and have anything you want in life.

Next blog I’ll discuss how you might handle it, what you can do, when others let you down.

How To Easily Make And Keep Positive Changes

Learn to keep your promise to yourself. The key to learning and changing and making the changes you want to make and keeping them is this: Do the right things, consistently, long enough. Put into practice your positive practices. DO them! Repeat them correctly, consistently over time and you will make them new reliable habits.

Stop blaming yourself. Stop finding fault. Release yourself. Acknowledge, praise and encourage. The more you do the more you will be able to do. The more often you become aware of opportunity the more opportunities you will discover. Accept mistakes. Be responsible and accountable, correct and move forward.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Make it manageable and you can do anything. The tallest building in your neighborhood was built one brick or board at a time. Each day construction workers did a little bit more until one day the building was completed. YOU can do this too!

Be delighted. Make your tasks and your promises ones you can succeed at. Then you will never fail! As you do this you will discover so much more that adds delight and enjoyment to your daily experience. It feels good to be winning. Celebrate and enjoy it! ” Rex Sikes

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Have a wonderful!

Enjoy what is glorious about you today!

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Few Know This Secret To Make Your Dreams Come True

horizon road - phil koch

“Wouldn’t you like to know what you can do right now to begin transforming everything in your life? The ability to get what you want in life is simple. Yet, few do it.

The first step is to be crystal clear about what you want. To desire it passionately and strongly. Napoleon Hill said you had to get a ‘white hot burning desire’. Then believe you will get it. Expect it as you expect you will get presents on your birthday.

Be Clear About What You Want

You see in your mental movie theater what you want as if it has already arrived. You are living it now. You can see, hear, touch, smell and taste it and it feels so wonderful. It feels incredible. It is as if everything is perfect and you feel blessed! These feelings are the key!

The secret to creating or manifesting your desires IS to enjoy the feeling of having what you want before it arrives. The only reason you are to visualize and act as if you already have it is to experience the emotions and feelings.

It is not about imagining a car or a house or a career! The picture you create produces the feelings. If there are no feelings, no strong positive, powerful feelings the picture isn’t worth it. You don’t have the right images. You don’t have what you want.

You make the images to get the feelings! It is all about the feeling! It is about what it FEELS LIKE to have the car you want, or the house you want or the house you want!

Feel It As If It Is Already Yours

Feelings make it happen. Feelings are the invitation. Strong, positive, powerful feelings.When you feel fully how wonderful it is to already have it (even though you don’t) that is the vibratory match with what you desire. You are completely congruent.

You feel wonderful, marvelous incredible. These feelings are what make it works. It is all about feeling good.

If it feels like a struggle or a burden or a sacrifice you aren’t feeling the right feelings. If you worry about not getting it you aren’t producing the feeling to get it.  Doubt doesn’t do it.

If you compare how far you are from right now to then you won’t get it easily. You can’t look at present circumstances and feel bummed that you haven’t got it yet. You must feel how wonderful it is to have it prior to it showing up. Prior to you making it happen you feel delighted to have it!

Have Faith You Will Make It Happen

When you are totally delighted, enthused and excited; when you feel confident and expectant you are on the right track. Everything is about the feelings you experience most of the time. The more regularly you feel this way the sooner you make it happen.

If you do the right things consistently for whatever length of time it takes you will reap rewards. It is not about the time frame it takes. It is about the feelings you feel regularly and consistently.

If you are feeling marvelous and I mean really marvelous who cares how long it takes or how quickly it comes because all the while you are enjoying the process.

As long as you are enjoying and feeling wonderful you have planted the seed. It takes time to grow and you may not know when it will sprout. You just know it will. You aren’t concerned with the circumstances.  You are enjoying living fully.

Keep Doing The Right Things Consistently

The results of your efforts are not here yet, the car, the house, the career, but you are experiencing the full pleasure of them before they arrive. This is the powerful message your subconscious needs to align all your resourcefulness and aim your abilities like a laser.

You feel it before you have it on a regular, consistent basis. You have to keep nourishing it. Just as a planted seed needs to be nourished. A flower is either growing or dying. You keep it alive by doing the right things consistently over time. Keep it alive!

Trust that what you want is on the way. As long as you continue to feel the best feelings most of the time you are in alignment with your desires. You are creating everything necessary to get them. You are doing the right thing.

Keep yourself thinking and feeling this way. Celebrate and be grateful. Delight and be glad! Fill your life with this joy every day consistently and the results will amaze you.” Rex Sikes

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Have a blessed day!

Enjoy what is glorious about you today!

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Ho Hum Life Into A More Worthwhile, Successful, Positive One?

Want To Change Your Life-

“Today, let’s keep it very simple and very brief. Let’s nutshell it all. Do you want your life to improve for the better? Do you want more happiness, success, love, fun, wealth, better health and well-being?

Do you want to live without worry, fear, and doubt? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be filled with joy and be at peace too? All these and more can be yours. It is simple.

Feel Wonderful

Focus on the best feelings you have and make it a point to have more of them. It is not that you can’t have great feelings readily available it’s that you don’t think it is possible for you. It is!

That is the thinking you must overcome. It is possible! You can do it! You deserve to do it. You won’t, though, if you don’t believe you can or if you won’t do what it takes. Believe in yourself. Have faith!

Fill your mind and your time with the best thoughts and the most wonderful feelings you are able. If you are down low it isn’t necessary that you become over joyed. It is alright if you move from down to okay. You climb a ladder one rung at a time. Move along!

Think in terms of moving in a direction. You may start off slow and small but you speed up and make improvements along the way.

Think Positive Thoughts Speak Positive Words

Celebrate, be grateful. Live with appreciation for anything and everything. Nothing is too small nor too large to feel gratitude for. Nothing is too negative to not find some aspect to be thankful for.

Learn to look for the silver linings hidden in the dark clouds. The more you are filled with genuine thanks for everything the quicker your life transforms. Count your blessings! Feel the feelings!

Only you can do this for yourself. No one can do it for you. The more you focus on feeling wonderful the more wonderful you will eventually feel. What you think about you bring about!

Do not seek happiness and complain you don’t have it. Focus on and notice the distance decreasing not how far you must travel. Learn to manage your mindset and expectations.

Stay focused on feeling better bit bit, however small that bit may be. Step by step you will make your way. Be gentle and encouraging of yourself as you journey. Keep your talk and self-talk positive.

Live Love Laugh Celebrate

Love yourself. Accept yourself even if you don’t feel like it. Respect yourself and speak well of yourself. Think the best. Speak to yourself nicely.

Love yourself as if you are a small child learning the way for the very first time. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Be gentle, nudge yourself along. No one is perfect when first learning to do new things.

Smile more. Laugh! Skip, sing, dance and move. Go for walks. Spend some time out doors sitting quietly enjoying nature. Walk barefoot, ground yourself. Relax, meditate take time for yourself. Have a bath and make yourself comfortable.  Enjoy pleasant simple activities.

You eat an elephant bite by bite. No reason to bite off more than you can chew. Take it easy. Have faith. Know that if you do even just a little bit each day, that is more than you might have done and be happy. A little bit each day adds up. You will surprise yourself soon.

Keep Doing It Don’t Stop

Listen to motivational and inspirational audio. Read positive material each day. Seek out positive and productive people to spend time with. Attend positive events and seminars if you are able.

Look for the positive in all circumstances, events and people. Keep focused on what you can do. Celebrate and feel the very best. You can do this bit by bit. Just keep at it. Keep doing these things.

Soon you will be more positive than negative. Soon you will feel better and better. You will become what you think about most often and the results you get will reflect that. You will live with more joy and delight than you can presently imagine! Don’t wait. Transform your life into something amazing. Begin today!” Rex Sikes

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Make today count!

Enjoy what is glorious about you today!

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Would You Like Your Joy To Know No Bounds?

sometimes we need adversity to become successful

“Research has demonstrated many times over that our beliefs and attitudes determine what we see and find in the world. Our mindset determines the results we get. What we perceive to be our reality is our reality.

Scientific research into the brain, neuroscience, our neurology, our neurological filters, consciousness, ‘the maps’ we live from verify that what we think creates our reality. Whether we enjoy the results we get or not is determined by what we think about.

Most people just don’t get this. I always maintain that the delusion IS the great illusion, or said differently, the illusion IS the delusion. Some people tend to believe that there is an outer world we must contend with. They think we don’t have choice. They insist there is only hard core reality.

Perception Is Everything

They are the type who don’t put stock in positive thinking because it didn’t work, or they haven’t actually tried it but dismiss it anyway, because they believe differently.

Because they don’t believe it works the way I have described it must work the way they believe it does. Do you get this? Either way we are discussing mindset and its effects.

Then there are those who believe that the outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality. How we perceive the world is how we experience it. Perception is everything and it frames our experience. We often find what we expect to find. Whether they believe, or even know about the science, they tend to align with the scientific thinking.

Quantum Physics describes the world in terms of participation. There is an observer who influences the process while being influenced by the process. It is one and the same with many facets that appear separate. Our universe may be holographic. It is described as a matrix or a a field with everything connected or part of each other. In the hologram the whole is contained in each piece perfectly.

If you make a holographic image on the film plate. Then shatter the plate. The entire image is contained in each and every piece without losing any of its original properties. Everything, all the information is there in each single piece. For example, if the hologram were made of the Mona Lisa every fragment would still contain the entire image of the Mona Lisa. Some researchers believe this helps explain our experience in our ‘field’ or matrix.

The Entire Whole Is Contained Within The Part

For some people the concepts are difficult to wrap their head around. Particularly, if they adhere to hard core outer reality. I find ancient philosophers and some scientists have much in common. The world, our experience of it, is a rich, varied mystery. Here is my bottom line.

I choose to believe the world is friendly. If I have choice and I can look for smiles or frowns I am going to look for smiles. If I have to find the good or the bad, well then, I am going to look for the good.

I know that if I look for smiles I will find them. I may also find a frown as well but I won’t let that bother me. Both exist and both are noticeable. If I have a say in the matter then I will chose what I think best for me. I chose to be happy, look for the good and enjoy it all.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean ignoring problems it means looking for solutions. It means finding the potential in each situation whether good or not so good. It means look at the possibilities and aim for the best outcome. I think it is very realistic and it accomplishes lots.

The World Conforms To What I Think And Say It Is

Some would say that is unrealistic and optimism is not always a good thing. I say, if I have choice I am going to choose. If I can be happy why would I ever choose to be unhappy? Some will have reasons for why they might choose unhappiness. That is their choice.

That is what they believe. I believe what we believe determines what we get. So it explains a lot. I have accomplished more in less time as a positive thinker taking responsibility for what I create and do than I ever have as a negative thinker. Positivity and Intentional Thinking leads to more productive actions.

I am 100% responsible for myself. I am 100% responsible for my thoughts, my behaviors and my circumstances. This is how I choose to live. Things from the outside may have an influence but it is up to me how I choose to respond.

I can control my thoughts therefore my feelings and behaviors. I determine my mindset. I shape my attitude and expectations. I fill my mind with the best so that my mind gives me the best. I focus on the best feelings.

What I Look For I Find

I choose to experience and savor feelings of gratitude, love, joy, peace , happiness. curiosity, wonder and amazement. I enjoy feeling eager anticipation and exhilaration. I like making things happen and discovering how things come together in surprising ways.

Birds of a feather flock together. Our brains work by association and when it finds one example it can find numerous. I want it to find more wonderful things and fewer less than glorious things so I focus on what is good and new.

I know we attract back and create more of what we put out there. We become what we think about. So I am very picky what I think about. I wasn’t always but I have learned to be and it has paid off big.

It isn’t always easy but it is within my control. It is the one thing I am able to control. I can’t and don’t control yours. I don’t make the world spin but I can have control of my thinking process.  I can choose to watch it or I can choose to manipulate it.

I Control My Thoughts And My Experience

It is similar to driving in my car. I choose where I want to go and I am responsible for getting there safely. Things arise that require my attention and I may have to adjust to remain safe and remain traveling to where I want but that I can do.

Some times it is very easy. Other times it requires more effort but that is just how it is. I don’t complain or whine about it. I don’t blame myself or anyone else. When I realize I am making it tougher than it need be I adjust what I am doing and move on.

It wasn’t always like this. For much of my early life, though I started researching this around age 10, I didn’t understand it really. I immersed myself deeply but still I would describe it as dabbling. I tried things but felt I wasn’t in control. I couldn’t. Maybe others could get it to work but not me.

Year after year I sought to learn, to grow, to change, to master and yet it seemed to elude me. I went on to teach this stuff by my mid 20’s and had some success. Then one year I had a banner bad year. It looked like I might lose everything. I was consumed with thoughts of why this was happening to me. I was unlucky.

Change The Bad To The Better

I couldn’t believe  how one bad thing after the other happened. At one point I woke up. I realized I have to change something because it wasn’t getting any better on its own. I had to do something! I concluded it my thinking and my attitude that was at the heart of my difficulties. My mindset was the cause of these events.

Whether that is accurate or not it gave me something to work with. I vowed to get back to my roots, to my learning, from my youth onward, and to master it. I made the decision to change my thinking and to start making good things happen instead of the bad. I was going to start getting what I wanted and put an end to getting what I didn’t want.

At the same time I didn’t want to get carried away, I wasn’t interested in ringing bells, lighting candles, hugging trees or any mystical stuff! I wanted realistic, practical, life changing power without becoming a true believer or one who mediates all day but nothing changes.

I started reading again daily. I vowed to read a chapter a day from Napoleon Hill. Wallace Wattles and other inspirational authors for at least 30 days. I would fill my mind with inspirational material. This turned out to be the wisest and the very best decision I have ever made (along with choosing to have children).

Something You Can Do That Will Make A Real Difference

I began as soon as I got up in the morning. I would read. Then during the day I would again attempt to put into practice what I learned and what these authors suggested. When I could I read some more during the day or prior to bed.

This simple commitment changed my life. One month later I was on my way to being a different person. It was uphill for certain but it made the climb easier bit by bit. My attitude was improved and I felt better. I knew I could make my life better. I knew it was up to me!

The journey became more enjoyable even as it was arduous at times. I began listening to audios too. I went back into asking myself Directed  Questions™ and using affirmations correctly full time.

Day by day, minute by minute my life improved. There were times when it seemed like a long haul. There were times when shit hit the fan. There were times when I began to lose hope but I didn’t. I found a way out. I stumbled and fell but pulled myself back up again and again.

I made it a point to go back into celebration and appreciate the tough times as well as the good. Yes, I nearly gave up sometimes but being grateful for whatever I was experiencing saw me through.

Attitude And Gratitude Create Momentum

I have mentioned in previous blog posts momentum and how it can work for you or against you. I have experienced a lot of negative momentum in my life. For years now the positive momentum increases. It is such a wild joyful rife. I can literally feel it. It is so amazing!

Years later life is grand. I am pleased. I went through a rough patch for while some years ago. I got caught up for a bit, but then returned to what made a difference for me in my life. It is all good and all part of being human. I have learned to accept what is while making changes too. Sounds like a paradox but it isn’t.

I am happy. Whether the outer improves or not and it is always improving (even when it appears as if it may not be) I am very grateful and very blessed. Each moment is a moment of enjoyment and wonder. I get hooked or caught up so less frequently and if I do I account for it.

Anyone Can Do It And Succeed

I am no smarter or any more special than any one else. I have screwed up a lot in my life. I have known joys and suffering. I am just a common man on the planet BUT if I can chose to turn my life around so can anyone else. If I can do it so can you!

Anyone can change given they have reason to. If you want to you can. You can make your life wonderful. You may do it faster or slower than I did. Who cares the time it takes? What is important is to make a decision and make a commitment to and for yourself. Decide to make your life better and stick with it. Commit to it. Persist.

I have learned a better way to live. I have experienced and continue to experience a glorious way to live. I feel so blessed. BUT I didn’t always. It wasn’t until I took 100% responsibility for my life and my attitude that things transformed.

It wasn’t until I decided that I created all of my experience! When I became responsible for what I create I became free to create good things. It is the most incredible thing!

It is as if joy comes in from every direction. Yes, there are times that are more difficult but so what. There are far more times when bliss abounds. If you want a similar or even better experience than mine you can have it. I am not special in anyway. Do it today!” Rex Sikes

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Savor this day!

Enjoy what is glorious about you today!

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A Surefire Way To Drop Your Negativity & Move Forward

everydat is a new beginning

“Some people are good at getting what they want. They create what they intend to. Others are good at creating what they don’t want. They create what they don’t intend to. They get exactly what they don’t want to get because they are focused on what they don’t want almost exclusively. Do you sometimes do this? Is this you?

Continued from: You Have No Idea How Negative You Are And How It Screws You Over – This is Part 3.

The ones who get what they intend to do so because they are focued on what they want exclusively. Those who get unintended results don’t aim their intentions at their goal or dream. They don’t intend to be rich or happy they just don’t want to be broke or sad. They literally create or attract what they hope to avoid.

What you resist, persist. What you think about you bring about.

Zero Productivity + Zero Positivity + Negativity = Negativity

Most people aren’t engaged in disaster thinking all day or all week. They are engaged in mostly ZERO productivity, Zero positive, Zero intentional thinking all day all week. They aren’t using their brains to get ahead but they are using them to stay where they are.

Doing more of the same thing doesn’t get you out. If you are in a hole you have to stop digging. If your car is stuck in the mud turning your tires faster won’t get you out unless it makes the correct contact. If you are drifting at see you are drifting and not getting anywhere fast.

So stop digging and stop spinning your wheels and learn to take control of your mind. Take charge of your thoughts and start creating what you want. You will not get the results you want if your thoughts are useless. If the bulk of your thinking is Zero Productive and Negative most of the time you don’t move forward.

Learn To Create What You Want To Create

Become intentional in your thinking. It is either productive or not. Positive or not. It either gets you closer to your dream or it doesn’t. Evaluate! Is what you are thinking and doing getting you closer or further away from your goals?

Are you getting closer or further away from where you want to be? Are you happy with the results you are getting? Is you positive energy ball larger or smaller than your negative energy ball? To which are you adding your energy too

My regular readers should remember: Imagine on one side you have a ball of negative thoughts and energy above your head. On the other side of you is a ball of positive thoughts and energy. Which is larger? Which ball do you contribute the most energy and thought to most of the time?

This will determine where you are heading and what you are getting. If you want to get your desires you have to do what gets you them. Nothing else will do it and no one else can do it for you. Either you will or you won’t.

Either you ARE thinking positive right now or you aren’t. Whatever else you are thinking IS NOT positive, it is not intentional. It isn’t helping but it could be harming you. It is keeping you where you are. Keep all this in mind.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Not Work For You

The very reason some people claim the Law Of Attraction or positive thinking doesn’t work for them IS because they are distracted most of the time. They drift but don’t realize it.

They don’t take responsibility for their thinking but hope that something from the outside will rescue them. They do not do what they need to to make it work. So they give up and blame instead. They say I tried but IT didn’t work.

What they are focused on doesn’t count or may be counter productive. SO they are are bad off, or stuck or not getting ahead very fast and they worry and wonder why it is not working.

Do you get it? Do you understand. THAT very thinking, that worry, is part of the negative distracting thinking. They are just piling more of it on because they are not aware that they are doing it. Instead of changing their thinking they are doing the same thing again without realizing it.

Awareness is the key to change. You have to examine and become aware. You have to evaluate and do something about what you discover. If you change nothing nothing will change.That is why doing the same thing over again BUT expect different results IS the definition of insanity.

If You Are Positive And Intentional Then What Are You?

They heap on the negativity while concerned that positive thinking isn’t working. IT IS BECAUSE THEY AREN”T REALLY THINKING POSITIVE YET!!!! OR AT LEAST NOT MOST OF THE TIME!

Most of the time they are distracted. They are zero thinking. They are engaged in negative thinking, or they are worried or fearful but they are NOT positive thinking even thought they think they are. They deceive themselves.

The LOA isn’t something that swoops in from outside you to rescue you it is something you learn to apply. It isn’t a thing it is a process. It isn’t something separate from you. It is you!

Either you create what you want or you don’t because of what you are thinking and doing. Either you attract what you want or not because of what you are thinking and doing.

The LOA isn’t something that works for you or doesn’t. YOU either work for you or you don’t. You are either your own best friend and ally or you are not. You are either a positive intentional creator who is happy and healthy and enjoys life or you aren’t. You are either optimistic or pessimistic.

The good news is if you aren’t happy where you are or with the results you have been getting you can get different results and learn to become happier. If you want it though it is up to you.

You can get it  but you are the one doing it. No one and nothing else. It isn’t some magical force the LOA it is you going after and making happen what you want to happen.

Awareness Is The Key That Unlocks The Door

This is why awareness is the key. You have to monitor and correct. When you are off course you have to navigate back onto course. This is what those people fail to do. They continue to sail more and more off course with their thinking. Then they blame everything!

This is what we need to become aware of. This is what you need to notice and stop if this is what you do.  You have to stop digging the hole, stop spinning the wheels ,stop heaping negativity onto your zero thinking. STOP! NO excuses, no whining and blaming. Take full responsibility and you will change your life.

Stop – evaluate – change direction and set the course again. THEN ACT! Do what you need to do repeatedly until you get the results. When you again discover yourself off course – repeat process – and get back on course. THIS IS HOW YOU GET THERE!

Be honest about what you are doing. Is your energy focused on the positive energy ball or the negative one? Make sure what you are doing contributes to your well-being.

If you aren’t sure seek out some positive people to assist you. Read inspirational material. Fill your mind with positive, possible intentional thinking.

Believe in yourself! If you don’t have faith in you, yet, start. Take it step by step. Just as a new young human learns to walk you may fall many times. That is part of the learning, That is part of the correction process.

There Is Learning and There Is Unlearning: You Need Both

The baby learns all their skills and balancing through falling and stumbling and eliminating movement that are not necessary to move forward.  When you watch a child begin their movements are exaggerated and bit by bit reduced to only those necessary to succeed at the task they are learning.

Whether they are learning to sit up, feed oneself or walk a large part of their learning process is undoing these exaggerated movements. The young child is honing behaviors and eliminate those that don’t contribute to what the child is attempting to do.

The learning is about learning to UNDO as much as it is learning new things to do. It is the same with Intentional Positive Thinking. You undo the distractions, the Negative Zero Thinking, while learning to focus on the Intentional positive thinking.

You Succeed When You Create Positive Successful Habits

Both forms of thinking get you results.  Negative Zero Thinking  is haphazard and you end up where you don’t want. Intentional Positive Thinking is targeted and takes you to your goal. It is your decision which one you engage in most of the time. It is up to you to decide each moment which you pick.

One is a habit. It is the one you do most of the time already. You can change this. If it isn’t the Intentional Positive Thinking it can be. It can  become a habit too and serve you wonderfully and productively.

If you want to get positive results you must do what it takes to make it habit. You have to become aware of your thinking and honestly evaluate.

IS what you are thinking and doing getting you closer to what you want? If yes continue. If no, stop. Change what you are doing. Make adjusts and continue this process until until it becomes a habit.

Research suggests that you can undo a bad habit and learn a new positive habit in as little as 21 days of regular repeated correct practice. It can be done but some people take longer.

Give yourself a couple or a few months. Dedicate yourself to a new, improved you. Begin by making your dreams come true. Focus on what you want. Create what you intend to create!” Rex Sikes

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How To Stop Getting Screwed Over By Your Own Negativity

eliminate blame guilt and worry

“Do you realize that you create whatever you spend your time thinking about? Whatever most occupies your attention is what you bring forth. Success of Failure in career or life is determined by your mindset. You become what you think about most often.

If most of your time is spent thinking about nothing you create nothing. If most of your time is spent in worry, fear, and doubt that is what you end up with in your lives. If you try avoiding what you don’t want you end up getting that most of the time. It just works this way.

Continued from: You Have No Idea How Negative You Are And How It Screws You Over – This is Part 2.

If you are DISTRACTED and NOT THINKING about what you want or you are thinking NEGATIVELY (disaster thinking) or THINKING about what you DON’T WANT (fear, worry, blame, whining, lack) instead of focusing on what you absolutely do want and concentrating on what you do want you aren’t going to get there.

You will get all that you don’t want instead!

You Are What You Are Not Thinking About Too

Whatever you are not thinking about you become too. If you have no predominant desire, no pursuit, then you aren’t going to make anything happen. You are drifting. You go where the wind takes you.

This is why your goals must become magnificent obsessions. You must have positive burning desires and passionate pursuits if you want career success and happiness in life. You become what you think about. Right now, your life circumstances.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

Your thoughts have brought you here. If you are very pleased, congratulations. If you chose to you can make it even more wonderful! If you don’t like it, hang in there, you can absolutely make it better. It is simple and it will require some dedication BUT you can make it wonderful when you chose to!

You are here because of your previous thoughts. Your thinking. You are where your thoughts brought you. This is the result. Your thoughts will take you into tomorrow. You will be wherever your thoughts take you. You can’t escape the power of your thoughts.

Let go of events, circumstances and people in the world that don’t take you where you want to go. You must not get caught up in these easy and far too frequent distractions. It does not contribute to your well being to be caught up and focused on less than glorious things.

Focus and navigate to your destination without being too concerned about the present condition of the sea. Yes, you must negotiate troubled waters but not with fear. When you travel with confidence you will get through them. Attitude determines what we think is possible. It governs what we do and don’t do.

Stop Getting Caught In Less Than Productive Thinking

Negative thinking IS getting caught in the details and worrying about how you will make it happen. It is thinking in ways that limit you. It is worrying about what might or could go wrong and how it is or isn’t happening. Negative thinking is thinking you don’t have enough knowledge, will-power, personality to make it.

It is micromanaging from fear and doubt instead of seeing the big picture. It is trying to arrange all the details and plan all the steps prior to doing anything. Negative thinking is focusing on why you can’t and how you aren’t able to get what we want.

You have to keep an eye on the big picture and the prize. You have to know, that no matter what, even if you don’t know how or have all the details yet, you can and will get through it because that is the kind of person you are. Believe in yourself. Believe you will take the right steps to make it happen. Believe you can adjust if necessary.

Trust YOU! Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Faith hones creative power to manifest what is needed at the right time, regardless of the obstacles, challengers and temporary defeat. Know you will succeed even when you aren’t sure how. Conquer your problems and your fears. Live and think as a champion.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Today Take You

How isn’t as important as the why. The method is not as important as knowing you can do it. Most people get far too caught up in details. They want tools, techniques, procedures, rules and if they can’t figure out how first then they won’t act. They wait. They procrastinate. It is not that they don’t act. IT is that they WON’T act.

They put it off hoping to figure it all out and be assured of success prior to taking a single step. It rarely, if ever, works this way. The how is never explained until after the act is completed. Edison didn’t know what would make a light bulb work until after 10,000 tries.

You won’t know the precise ‘how’ before you do it. Afterwards you might. Once he got it to work it was clear to him. Prior to that moment he just kept pursuing it until it came to him. He didn’t sit and wait. He didn’t complain and he didn’t give up.

You Can Not Escape The Results Of Your Thoughts

He kept going in spite of not knowing what the answer was. One day his mind put two and two together and he realized he needed a particular filament and a vacuum tube. He knew what he wanted and he persisted in spite of all odds.

Edison kept the faith and adjusted what he was doing as necessary. Success was assured IN HIS MIND prior to getting any actual results in the world. This is the mindset you and I and everyone needs.

You have to focus your energy and attention around something. You can’t be scattered. You can’t drift. This is why you must have know your purpose and have a positive burning desire and passionate pursuit in fulfilling it.

Your Intentional Positive Thoughts Produce Positive Results

You become what you think about. Stop worrying about how you will make it happen and focus on why it is important to make it happen. Get inspired and motivated to act. Make it your magnificent obsession and keep pursuing it and you will unleash your creativity.

If you get caught in specifics it is dull, boring and annoying. It depletes your energy. You want to keep your energy charged for accomplishing your desires. You want to enjoy life and feel your best while you make your dreams come true.

Thinking too small, having no focus, no direction, being too scattered and thinking about what you DO NOT want, is all negative thinking. Negative means it produces negative results. It does not get you closer to what you want. It produces less than glorious results. You get results other than what you intend.

That is why I call positive thinking Intentional Thinking. I think it helps describe it better.  People have come to misunderstand the notion of positive thinking. The term positive thinking carries too much baggage.

You Are A Creator Whether You Want To Be Or Not

You create what you intend to create! You even will create what you don’t intend to and that is what most people are doing. They get exactly what they don’t want to get because they are focused on what they don’t want almost exclusively.

I’ll share more in Part 3. This is why the ancient texts all the way to the New Thought Leaders point out you must make it deliberate. Creation is a deliberate act! You must be clear on what you want and determined to get it. Know what you want!

You must be emotionally involved to the utmost and have a burning desire for its completion. You must have complete faith that you will succeed no matter what the obstacles to engage your inner processes and resources to make it happen. If you do these you will have whatever you want.

Purpose, Passion, Faith And Persistence Make It Happen

This blog is a resource to help you focus and to share with you the steps you can take to get inspired, motivated and create that burning desire. I want to help you as others have helped me.

My hope is that you read, study, re-read and put into motion these time honored principles and practices that will help you be, do and have whatever you want in life. You can do it.

It isn’t magic but it is magical. There is an immense power that comes when your thoughts and words and feelings are in alignment. Life begins to work in magical ways.

You become a creative and deliberate source of positive intentional energy while at the same time trusting, allowing and knowing it is all coming together in positive ways. It is a fabulous way to live! You can be this, you can do this, you can have this! Absolutely! It is ALL up to you.” Rex Sikes

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You Have No Idea How Negative You Are & How It Screws You Over!

60,000 thoughts a day don't waste

“What does it mean to think negative? What is it? Do you do it? How much do you do it? Would you be aware of it while you are doing it?What do you think about most of the time? Are you happy with the  results you have in your life? If not, then you may be more negative than you realize.

The problem most people have is that they don’t think they think negatively. Well, certainly, they know they do sometimes but they don’t realize fully what negative thinking is. They think, at worst perhaps, they are half and half. Half and half IS a problem.

Negative Thinking Is Much More Than Disaster Thinking

Something bad happens and we dwell on it. Yes, that is negative but the bulk of our negative thinking is the preponderance of thoughts that don’t add up to anything positive at the end of the day.

It is the chatter thinking, the little distractions, complaints, blames, envy. It is drifting thoughts that aren’t targeted specifically to anything positive. They aren’t aimed in any direction so no direction is pursued by the mind.

They are random thoughts about circumstances; filling the car, getting some food, hating traffic, complaining about the weather, the economy or our partners annoying behaviors and all the rest. They are just countless thoughts that produce nothing positive alone or in great numbers.

So Much Of People’s Thinking Is Directionless

It is pointless. It is of a less than glorious or productive nature. We are distracted more than we are focused. This is a major point! It is what consumes the mind that controls the mind.

In this day and age it is hard not to be distracted. So many competing messages, devices, gadgets, news bulletins, advertisements, internet, BS, good news, life, work, everything going on all at once – some of it may even be intentional.

There are people who maintain that there are those in power  who want to keep it for themselves. They are greedy and don’t want others to attain power or wealth so they rule by chaos and confusion. The more distracted we are individually the less we focus on getting ahead.

The More Distracted We Are The Less Power We Have To Succeed

The more distracted and divided we are as a community the less power we have to get ahead. We end up remaining the same, bickering among ourselves while those in charge smile gleefully behind closed doors.

Whether or not there is a consorted effort to keep us down I don’t know. I do think we ought not let ourselves be distracted. I think we need to learn to focus our energies, determine what we want and devote ourselves to making it come true positively and powerfully.

We should not be lazy and that is what negativity thinking really is. It is the path many of us are most used to. We grew up in it. We were surrounded by it. It is so common place we barely notice it.

When The Shoe Fits You Don’t Notice It

‘When the shoe fits you don’t notice it’ is a wonderful saying that makes the point that when we are comfortable we are unaware. If however, we get a rock in our shoe or the shoe binds and fits too snuggly so we blister THEN we become aware of the shoe.

We aren’t aware of how much time we spend NOT noticing what we are doing. Half and half keeps us stuck right where we are. There is no predominant direction being set. There is no preponderance of time occupying our attention. Half and Half is drifting. It is one step forward and one step back.

We don’t notice our negativity because it is our second nature. Perhaps, it is our first nature. It is so ingrained in us we live it and don’t even realize it. We are used to it. Even when people point it out we may not be able to see it. We think nothing of it.

If We Want To Improve Our Lives We Must Not Be Lazy 

In order for us to improve our lives we must not allow ourselves to be lazy and contented in this fashion, We need to stop, rise up, do things a new way and take control of our mind. We need to BE a new way and do a new way.

We should focus deliberately on what we want, what we can create and what we can do. We should aim our attention, as a laser beam. at our targets and hit the bullseye with our concentration and efforts. Otherwise, we are like a ship at see without power, sail or oars. We are adrift.

Negative thinking is not only disaster thinking it is ZERO thinking in a particular direction. If the bulk of your thoughts, if most of your time is spent in thinking that takes you nowhere then NO WHERE is where you end up. You won’t go anywhere else.

Negative Thinking Is  ZERO Thinking

I’ll share more next time but please do an inventory. Where do you spend most of your time? It it is zero thinking, caught up in the petty things in life, it is time to change your focus and begin placing your attention where it counts and where it can serve you best. Don’t you think?

If much or most of your thinking is caught up with worry, fear, complaining about circumstances and others, doubt, envy and blame stop it. Don’t blame or criticize yourself just note it and make a point to change it.

Shift your focus, your attention and your energy into what is new and good, what you are grateful for, and what you want and want to accomplish. Focus on blessings and the feeling that comes when you are truly appreciative. Enjoy what you have and you will get more!

Positive Thinking Is Intentional Thinking

If your past has been consumed with thoughts that get you nowhere now is the time to change that. Determine instead where you want to go. You must know where you want to end up in order to begin the journey. You must know where you intend to go.

You need the right fuel in your tank. Start by filling your mind with positive, inspirational, motivational material each day. Read a page or more. Try five minutes. The more time you spend reading is better than how many pages you read. Read positive material.

Listen to positive inspiring speakers on audio. If you are able attend motivational events. Spend time each day focused on the positive, think positive and feel positive.

This IS What You Can Do To Make A Difference For Yourself

Use your car as a traveling university to learn and feel good in. Repeat positive affirmations energetically and enthusiastically while driving safely.

Read positive material. Listen to positive inspiring speakers on audio attend motivational events.  Do it for no less than 30 days and you will begin to notice a shift. You may be crusty and rusty but it will give way to a new wonderful vibrant you ultimately!

You can wonderfully transform your life when you decide now is the right time to make necessary changes. So why not make it a point right now? Commit today!” Rex Sikes

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