How To Easily Stop Your Life From Sucking!

change perception change chemistry

“If the outside world sucks the inside one does as well AND vice versa. What most people miss completely is they are already living the thoughts they are thinking about. It need not be this way! Would you like to learn how to change it? You can.  Life doesn’t have to suck.

They simply don’t realize that their lives are a reflection of what’s going on in their head. Our present reality is always preceded by the thoughts we think. Thought precedes action. As above so below!

If they have bills and debts and are worried about making payments they ARE living their dreams. Except, these may just be nightmares. It is not the dream they want to be living. It doesn’t have to be this way, it just is, at least temporarily.

It could be any issue. It may be problems with family, health, wealth, well-being. It could be job or career related disappointments. In fact, it could be anything at all that is less than fulfilling. People live sad, lonely, fearful lives instead of living joyfully and victoriously.

These people, it could be you, it certainly was me, think it is hard to make changes.  They believe that they will have to do something new and different. They think they will have to overhaul their life in order to change. They believe it may not be worth the effort.

They are wrong! They have been deceived. They have been mislead and have gone astray. Since they are ALREADY creating their present world by their thoughts they don’t have to do anything extra special at all. BUT what they believe will determine what they do. It already does! They think it is too hard to change.

This is where they are completely off base. They have already been using their minds powerfully. They just use them in the wrong direction while not realizing it. They imagine difficulties, they talk about problems and they fear the worst. They don’t expect it to get better but they wish it would. They reinforce their problems.

Worry is negative goal setting. Thinking about what you don’t want, fearing the worst, brings you more of the same. Like attracts like whether it is positive or negative. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad birds of a feather still flock together.

there is nothing impossible

We are where our thoughts have brought us. We will be where our thoughts take us. We can not escape the power of our thoughts! These people have ALREADY been affirming EVERYTHING they do not want. These people have been using positive affirmations in reverse. They have been getting what they do not want!

They have used ‘negative suggestions’ against themselves to affirm and create and support the issues they prefer to get rid of. Their present IS precisely due to how they have used their minds! Our present will always be a reflection of what we are thinking inside!

They don’t have to START positive thinking or start using affirmations. Nope, not at all. They just have to CHANGE the DIRECTION of their thinking. They will use the same creative energy aimed it in a different way. They’ll aim it in a powerful, positive productive way.

The ‘Placebo effect’ states that if you believe something is helpful, even if there is nothing about it that works, it IS still helpful much of the time. Our minds are creative. Our beliefs determine what we experience. It is because we believe we help ourselves not because the pill or amulet has any special property.

The ‘Nocebo effect’ states that if you believe nothing will help you, even if it IS beneficial, then much of the time it won’t work. These powerful effects work or don’t depending on what we believe. Our minds are powerful. We are creators. We have already created.

If life isn’t working out then all they really have to do is switch what they are doing. They switch from the negative, the less than glorious, or destructive, unhealthy thoughts to positive healthy ones.

Instead of spending their time in worry fear, anger and sadness they spend their time in positivity, hope, joy and determination. These people think affirmations don’t work and fail to realize that they are already affirming their failing lives.

They are upset, poor, unhealthy, and disenchanted.  When they speak they talk about their worry, fears, problems. They blame the universe, the economy, others and even themselves. They focus on what is wrong more of the time than on what is right.

you will see it when you believe it

Yes, they are already affirming. They have got what they don’t want. The are good at getting what they do not want. I certainly, was. AND they keep promoting what they don’t want. They reinforce it by their words, and actions each day.

Once they realize and take 100% responsibility for creating and attracting and maintaining what they don’t want they can begin to turn it around and get what they do want. Shut the door on the old ways, turn away from them, let them go, and open the new door to adventure and a wonderful new life.

Let go of the problems and focus on solutions. Stop thinking and talking about and reinforcing what they don’t want. Start thinking about and talking about what they do want. What we think about most of the time is what we become. What we focus on we get.

If you don’t like where you are at you can change it! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for it to magically get better? Are you hoping you won’t have to do anything at all and that somehow you will be saved? OR re you waiting for it to get so bad you must do something.

If you wait ALL you will have done is spent more time waiting. Instead, begin today and start living the dreams you want. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. Change the direction of your thoughts and feelings. Reinforce the positive!

If you want some powerful assistance reading my blog will help you. Go back and read through my posts. Each of them contains the ways and means you can most easily make positive changes. As you do this you will begin making your life more and more what you WANT it to be. It can be wonderful! You can do it. Do it now! Rex SIkes

Find more to smile about today!

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How You Can Tap Into The Power Behind Everything!


gratitude changes lives

“Do you want to transform your life? Gratitude is the power behind everything! You transform your life when you FEEL grateful. Just saying words is not the point. It’s a great start to say thanks and write out lists but it isn’t the words that transform you. It is the feelings!

It is that you FEEL grateful. The words support and verify but the feelings are the power. Feeling gratitude is the secret! When you realize how blessed you are and you are thankful you feel wonderful. You feel joy. These FEELINGS makes things happen!

WHEN you live in a state of gratitude and appreciation for EVERYTHING, good and not so good, life becomes wonderful. When you truly feel blessed you open up an incredible doorway to transformation and well being that is beyond belief!

Yes, express your words of gratefulness. Find and count all your blessings daily. This helps you to feel grateful. Enjoy the feelings. Savor, bask, bathe yourself in the marvelous feelings. Live in gratitude day in and day out. Each moment be thankful for all of it! Feel it through and through!

You want to change your life? Become more grateful moment to moment. Be thankful for every little thing past and present. Be thankful for all the blessings you have not yet received but are coming your way. Be thankful for all of life’s lessons and challenges.

Delight in Everything! Celebrate it all! When you truly embrace thankfulness your life changes in incredible ways. You become congruently aligned with the creative energy of the universe. You are at one! When you feel blessed you feel truly alive!

Stop resisting, let go and begin allowing. When you do you open up and good things come to you. You become more resourceful and creative. You get free of past hurts and learn from life lessons. You let go of baggage you have carried for years. Your heart opens. You can feel your heart’s power, healing and love.

You recognize opportunity in ways that you never otherwise would. You think clearer. You feel better You radiate a quality that attracts others with the same qualities. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

Find more to be grateful about and you GET more to be grateful about. This is how it works! You really can be, do and have anything you want when you fill each of your moments with gratitude. Live in gratitude. It’s all yours! It’s awesome!

Your sphere of influence changes. You attract other grateful people; you support and inspire each other. You celebrate together! AND you discover what others have been doing, writing and speaking about for centuries. This IS the secret! This is the incredible power and it is ALL YOURS when you live in gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Today, enjoy it more!

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The Secret Behind The Secret’s Secret.

gratitude is the attitude for abundance

“The famous book and movie ‘The Secret’ was based on older manuscripts. Apparently, the author discovered the works of Wallace Wattles, one of the pioneers of the New Thought Movement, and made a movie, a book and made her dreams come true using the principles she documented. I have to say that is very cool.

Wattles is one of many who championed using one’s own brain to bring about positive results in one’s life. Proponents of this idea and practice date back to some of the earliest writings. It is a message that has stood the test of time. People can become and do and have anything they want when they put their mind to it. We do become what we think about.

It is worth it to read his works. He, as have others, wrote that there is a universal energy which fills the entire universe. Nothing exists that is separate from this energy. You and I and all things are this energy. All matter is made up of the same thing. It is the same energy vibrating at different rates. Physicists now know this to be accurate.

Ancient practitioners had no scientific means of knowing this, yet, they have believed it throughout history. That is actually quite impressive. Everything is made from this energy. Wallace believed you tap into this energy whenever you form a thought in your head. You create what you think about. What we think about we bring about is another way of saying this.

Wallace stated that in order for us to  be able to do this we must drop our competitive mind. That is the mind that separates us from each other and our desires and we must begin to use our creative mind. We use imagination. We stop competing and resisting. We must become harmonious with the Universal Energy by expressing our gratitude.

Gratitude opens the gateway through which we re-unite with this creative energy. We begin to appreciate that we and this creative energy are one and the same in different forms. We are one and the same! Nothing exists that is not this energy.

To make our lives what we want, to manifest what we desire, we simply hold an image of what we want firmly in our mind. See what you want as if you already have it and feel grateful. Words of appreciation are nice, but it is the feeling in expressing gratitude that is important.

It is the feeling that drives everything. When you are truly grateful you bring about what you are thinking about through natural means.

It isn’t that these things mysteriously appear. It is that you awaken your creativity. You are able to see and recognize opportunity more readily. You align with other like minds to make things happen. You more fully tap into your inner creativity and resourcefulness. You become more positive and powerful. You develop a deliberate focus and determination.

This practice requires that you are thankful for things which you do not yet have in the outer world but that you already have in the inner world. You are grateful for the desires you are visualizing. You ignore that they aren’t there yet on the outside while being thankful for them on the inside. No matter what the outer circumstances you stay true to your inner desire.

You believe it has happened and it will happen. You will see it in time. If you can see it as already happened in your head, and believe it and feel grateful for already having it, you will one day hold it in your hand. You manifest what you want by keeping your mind focused on what you want.

Your subconscious mind is driven by feelings and it makes all the connections to your inner and outer resources by your repeated and continued visualizing. You spend time each day in your inner movie theater and you allow your thoughts to return to it again and again throughout each day. Remember, you become what you think about most of the time.

Whether it is love, health, family, wealth, a home, a car, a job or career, whatever it is you desire those who faithfully practice these instructions will make it happen. You can be, do and have anything you want. As Wattles instructs, you must have a definite vision, you must be fixed on your purpose, you must be consistent and persistent in you belief and practice, and you must deeply feel gratitude.

Those who delay their accomplishments are those who vacillate between believing and checking for results. Let go and trust while you continue to focus and you will see it through. If you get off track jump back on track, Have you ever noticed that when you feel really grateful you feel wonderful? That is how you want to feel most of the time.

Make feeling marvelous through gratitude a priority each day. That will make you happier regardless! Then you are doing well. Those who don’t get what they want are those who quit anywhere along the way. If you keep at it you will see it through. Be willing to stick with making it happen for however long or short it takes. It will happen. YOU will make it happen.” Rex Sikes

Feel Fabulous!

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Who Do You Say You Are? It Matters!

thoughts design my energy

“What would you say if you were asked to describe yourself? What words would you choose? Who do you say you are? It matters. It is important how you define yourself. Your self image determines how your experience life and whether or not you reach for your goals.

Maxwell Malts, the author of Psychocybernetics, has said, ‘Our self image, strongly held, determines what we become.’ and ‘Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.’ He further pointed out that, ‘Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.’

Researchers have stated that how much a person values oneself can be assessed by the first five words one selects to answer this question. If your word choices are negative adjectives consider changing how you think about yourself. Stop thinking of  yourself in less than glorious terms and find those things about you that you  can appreciate.

You will benefit greatly by focusing on those things that mean you are special, unique and wonderful.  Maltz stated, ‘The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.’

Take a little time each day to find those things about yourself you are grateful for. Look at those areas you can be proud of and reflect on them. Perhaps, business isn’t going so well but you are a marvelous homemaker. Maybe you are a great Dad or Mom. You might be poor at certain sports but great at math.

Take time to make sure you view yourself in the best possible ways. Learn to accept, like and love yourself especially in those moments when you you might not feel like. Realize there are so many more positive aspects to you than you may have ever realized. Take the time to discover what they are and empahsise them. Focus on them. As you do this daily will find it makes an incredible positive difference for you” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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Do It Or Don’t It Is All Up To You! BUT If You Don’t…

winners take responsibility

“Have you ever noticed some people take action while others wallow and complain? Some people get things finished while others never get started. Circumstances may be the same for both but some take the initiative while others wait and wait and wait.

There may seem to be lots of factors to limit a person; upbringing, lack of talent, the economy, lack of money, poor education, religion, gender, the weather, the government, your parents, your spouse, parents or children, etc.  Lots of people push ahead anyway.

Lots of people keep going  while others others stop. They get going while others do not. Since many people make it happen in spite of limitations or limiting factors  it isn’t those things that prevent anyone from succeeding it is the person who choses not to move ahead. Which type person are you?

There are people who make excuses and there are people who make things happen. Excuses and wallowing are the reasons why one can’t get closer to what one wants. It is mindset and attitude. Can Do people take full responsibility. Others do not.

People with a can do mindset don’t blame others or external events. They don’t expect other to do it for them. They know that if you want something done you need to do it yourself. No one can do the exercises for you and have you get into shape. You have to do them yourself. It is up to you!

Use today to take action. Find one or two things you want or need to complete and take a step towards completing them. Or go ahead and finish what needs to be done. You will accomplish two things in doing this. One you will be further along, closer to your goal. Two you can take pride in moving forward and making some progress. You can enjoy having those good feelings.

Can Do people take actions. They press forward. Others may be stopped by fear or worry but not the can do person.They push through despite the odds. There is never a perfect moment to act other than right now. No one but you can do what needs to be done. Get your thoughts  and feelings in order, take charge, put yourself in control and follow through. You will be glad you did.” Rex Sikes

Today, find some extra reasons to smile large!

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Stop Doing This And Become Happier!

there is nothing impossible

“If you are facing difficulty or just not feeling as happy as you’d like there is something you can do to change that. If you aren’t as successful in your career or relationships as you want to be you can turn that around. What you allow will continue. Isn’t it  time to  get more of what you want; become happier, healthier, and more successful?

No matter what is happening in your life thinking the right thoughts can make a powerful positive difference. The effectiveness of positive thinking has been declared for ages. Research demonstrates it is one of the best things we can do  for our mental, physical and emotional health.

Regardless of your any situation you find yourself in positive thinking can help you think clearer and more efficiently. It can help you feel better and more easily navigate the troubles. It is a great choice if you want to experience overall well-being.

We already use affirmations and make statements to ourselves all the time. Whatever we assert or declare about what was, is or will be going on is an affirmation. It is our self talk. It is what we picture in our minds. These statements and images, these preoccupations, affect our health in mind and body.

Most people may not realize they are negatively programming themselves. Their self talk is less than glorious.  Negative self talk is simply affirming what you do not want. Worry is actually just ‘negative planning’.

When you make less than glorious statements about yourself, others, or your situation you are affirming the negative. You are paying attention to and bringing about what you do not want. It starts with one negative thought, then another and another. Like attracts like. Negative thinking gains in momentum just as a snowball rolling down a hill gets larger.

Positive thinking IS just as easy as negative thinking. We just have to learn to make it a habit.Then we will think powerfully and positively about what we want to include and create for ourselves. We can positively influence the outcome when we think, feel and act to make good things happen.

your only limits

If you want to turn things around you need to turn your thinking around. You have to let go, drop the negative thoughts, turn your back on them and affirm what you DO want. You need to spend the balance of your time thinking healthy, positive, ‘can do’ thoughts.

As has been said, ‘If you want to enjoy enduring success you must travel a little bit in advance of the world.’ Or as the Boy Scout motto proclaims, ‘be prepared.’ Positive thinkings IS affirming what you want. It is positive self talk. Create a positive snowball with its own momentum. Like attracts like!

Start now so you condition yourself and make it a reliable habit for when you need it.  It is not something you do only in a crises it is something you do daily. ‘Luck is the crossroads where opportunity and preparedness meet.’ So prepare today for tomorrow. One positive thought leads to more positive thoughts. Keep at it!

If you need it now, go back through this blog and re-read as many posts as you are able. The keys and secrets, and tips and suggestions are all right here. Most importantly remember if you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life. What you think about you bring about.

You can do this! Keep the faith! Let of negativity. Focus on solutions and what you want.  No matter what might be going on around you stay positive. Birds of a feather flock together. Stop attracting the negative and begin attracting more positivity.  Positive thinking can improve any situation no matter how difficult is seems.” Rex Sikes

Today, find some extra reasons to smile large!

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How You Define Your Success Is Important!

just because soemthing isn't happening

“For everything there is a season. When you plant a seed it takes time to grow. Everything happens in time and at it’s own pace. It’s okay to push yourself but don’t stress yourself. Understand that some things take time. Relax while you continue.

When you are creating your future and making your dreams come true you may not see immediate results but hang in there. Be patient, be positive and as long as you are moving ahead they will eventually show up. Nurture yourself along.

Faster isn’t always better. Slow and steady can win the race. Don’t beat yourself up over not getting there fast enough. Success, as defined byEarl Nightengale, is ‘the steady progression toward a worthwhile goal.’ It is a process.

At the end of each day if you have done one thing to move forward you have had a successful day. If you have attempted to do your best that then you can feel good knowing that is as good as any person can do. You are progressing.

It has been said that ‘you can light 1000 candles and more off of just one candle. The only requirement is that your candle is lit first’. No matter how small that flame is it still burns. Much can be accomplished. Remember, your light shines! YOU will light the way in darkness.” Rex Sikes

Today, find some extra time to relax and nurture yourself!

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