Show Don’t Tell! Successful People Show Others Talk: How To Start Getting Results You Want

everything is energy einstein

Once you have decided on your definite chief purpose, THE major goal for your life, what you want more than anything else you write it down in detail. You read it to yourself a couple times a day with energy and enthusiasm. You visualize yourself already in possession of it, you see it in your mind, the way it would look and sound and feel once it has come to pass.

In your mind you act as if you already have it (because in your visualization you already do). You look for the best feelings to enjoy and savor throughout each day and you live with gratitude. When you do these you are well on your way to making it all happen. Actually, you are well on your way the moment you commit to making the decision and write it down.

It is a great place to start with the most important because why spend time on anything less than that. You always can have other goals and dreams you work on later but for goodness sake begin with what you feel is most important for you.

Once you determine what you absolutely want in life your mind gets to working on it. You nurture it along and keep it alive in healthy ways every day. As you repeat what you want by reading it and seeing it in your mind with energy you are keeping your self on track for brining it about. The more you feel wonderful and positive throughout each day the more you get back exponentially. The more you choose to be positive and find good feelings and feel grateful each day the more you supercharge everything. It all works together synergistically.

Here is an important piece that will help you greatly. ‘Don’t cast pearls before swine’. It is a Biblical saying.

While you are working at making your dreams come true – keep it all a secret. Keep your purpose a secret.

Don’t mention your goals and what you are working on. Keep it to yourself. People who succeed understand the importance of remaining focused and committed. They know how critical it is not to let anything or anyone take the wind out of our sails. They understand the benefit of secrecy and so should you.

if you can imagine it you can achieve it

One reason for secrecy is that this dream is yours and you cherish it. Enjoy it, value it, keep the energy high. It is your dream and it is important to you. Others may not feel the same as you do about it and may treat it with less respect than you. Do not give others that opportunity. Cherish your dreams, keep them important and alive and vital. Respect yourself and your goal.

Many of us when, we feel troubled, want to talk about our troubles. We talk to think it through, to take away the sting or the hurt and disappointment. We talk to dissipate the energy to get relief. We do it decrease its severity. Talking has the potential to dissipate and remove the sense of urgency so don’t do it. Don’t give it away. Preserve the energy.

You want your dreams to be urgent and dynamic and important. So keep your dreams and goals to yourself. Gather the positive energy, collect it and enhance it. You want the energy to stay high to stay positive and increase. You want to remain enthusiastic and dynamic and focused! Don’t do anything to dilute it. The reason we add energy and positive feelings to our written commitment and our visualization is because the unconscious mind understand powerful emotions.

How we end up with the results we get? This is important to understand and I have discussed it many times.

We get whatever results we get because we put them into motion by what we think about and feel at the same time.

The unconscious mind doesn’t care whether you want it or don’t, it makes wanted or unwanted results come about because of the instructions we give it. The instructions are what we think about coupled with our strong feelings.

We attract wanted or unwanted because of the emotions we feel when thinking about things.

This is how we end up with all sorts of unwanted things in our life. Something happens and we feel bad about it. We think about it over and over while we worry, are sad, upset, angry or fearful. We attract more of what we are thinking and feeling about. It is the feelings that drive the unconscious. Our circumstances are brought about as a result of this process. Our future and our present is determined by where and how we spend most of our time thinking and feeling.

choose wisely

If you want different results you need to think positive while feeling wonderful. That is the key.

Since the unconscious is a servo mechanism its only job is to perform the tasks given it without judgement. It carries out whatever it is given. If you don’t like the results you have been getting you need to change what you are doing. You need to focus on strong positive thoughts and feelings.

Then through repetition, strong repetition, dynamically charged repetition, you give clear instructions to your unconscious about what you want. Whenever anything comes along to knock you off course, your best possible choice is to steer back on course, return to positive thoughts and feelings as quickly as you are capable of.

Where and how we spend our time is what we get. We become what we think about most of our time. It is all about HOW we use our time that matters.

Another reason to not discuss what your goals are is to prevent people from feeling envy or trying to thwart your efforts or criticize and belittle you. Some people just want to bring others down while others get envious or resentful. Even our most ardent supporters and family can rain on a parade. They mean well and they love you but they steal your thunder albeit inadvertently or because they think there is a better course for you. If they don’t know your plans and dreams they can’t do this.

we reap what we sow choose carefully

You also don’t want to come off as boasting or bragging. You want to make it as easy on yourself as possible. You simply want to be a positive, nice person others can enjoy being around. When you talk too much about what you want you are missing out on being with others. Listen and enjoy them instead of talking about what you are and will be doing.

When you have decided and made a permanent commitment to making what you want a reality things about you will change. Once you begin to focus on the positive and what you can do, and you begin doing it each day, everything does change for the better. You change, your energy changes.

As you focus on the positive and find opportunity each day to feel grateful and you spend the bulk of your thinking time on these you transform. Your energy shifts and people will notice. They may comment or they may ask. There is nothing wrong in telling them you feel good or wonderful. You can mention that things are going well without giving a sermon or telling them what you are working on inside of you. You can share with them that you feel grateful and think positive at the same time you keep your pearls sacred and safe.

There is a saying and it is important. It is better anyway when you are able to do this. You encounter less resistance. The saying is: ‘Show don’t tell’. They will see the results soon enough. So let them see them for themselves instead of telling them in advance what they are going to see. ‘Show them don’t tell them’.

Keep in mind all is good. Keep your focus on what you want and have fun. Don’t add stress, simplify and relax. Keep the faith and the momentum by what you think and do on a daily basis and you will surprise yourself. Enjoy and delight in the process. You can have everything you want in life and you can easily get along with others at the same time. By keeping these principles in mind you will. Enjoy the adventure have a glorious journey!” Rex Sikes

What wonderful results will you bring about today for yourself and others?

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Discover The Magic Of The Moment!

bless each day w gratefulness

“Today stop and take time to enjoy the world around you. Notice what you have in your life that is good. Look at yourself and emphasize everything you like about yourself. Take a positive inventory. Look at the people you like and love and are grateful for. Bask in being surrounded by quality people.

Fill today with appreciation for everything and everyone. Celebrate and be thankful. This day, as is each day, is your day to do what you will with. Today is the only day you have, made up of moments. Make each moment marvelous. Make each count. Discover the magic of each moment.

Notice those who have been a challenge to you and be thankful they are there to help you grow. Difficult people and circumstances are a blessing. Focus on what you gain because of them, focus on what you have learned as a result. Everything can have a benefit, every dark cloud a silver lining look for these. Notice the good aspects of tough times and people. Appreciate all the delightful and difficult circumstances in your life. Notice the lessons learned through hardship and the joys along the way. Transform how you regard difficulty.

Find the reasons to feel incredible. Linger with these reasons.

Look for the good. Look for what is new. Adventure, explore, discover. Be as a child and be curious. Allow yourself to be filled with wonder. Allow yourself to become fascinated. Fill your mind and being with beauty today. Think the best thoughts. Choose the best feelings and accentuate them. Laugh, enjoy yourself. Be strong, be positive, be confident, feel powerful.

you are a living magnet

Relax, let go, accept. Take it easy, take it step by step. Put a smile on your own face, help put a smile on someone else’s too. Dream big today. Pretend you have everything you could ever imagine. Feel blessed. Discover. Find joy!

Whatever you do today, make it a special day! Bask!

After all this day is going to pass, it will fade away. It will only be a memory. Make the most of it while you have it! This day is your day! Discover the magic.” Rex SIkes

Have fun!

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Don’t Keep Missing Out! Use What Others Already Know To Get Success!

change will lead to insight more often tha insight leading to change

Do you want to stop missing out on opportunities? Would you like to stop losing or failing? Do you want to get better results in your career, and your life. Would you like  stronger friendships, better relationships and more love? Could you include more joy and happiness in your daily life?  Do you want more money and success?

If you want any of these things KEEP READING!

You may have heard ‘Well, just think positive!’

Maybe you tried ‘that’ only it didn’t seem to work. Maybe you did for a while and then quit because results didn’t come quickly enough. Perhaps, you read a book or two. I don’t know what you may have tried or not or for how long or how effectively but I can tell you it does work.

AND it doesn’t work.

Okay, actually, it does work, but you need to know how to make it work and apply it.

WHEN you DO understand and apply it correctly THEN you can get the most amazing and wonderful results back. BUT you have to know how. It is really more scientific in principle than anything else. Mathematical actually.

It is almost as simple as 2×2=4 because when you do what you should be doing in regards to positive thinking the results are as guaranteed as a mathematical formula.

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

When you finally figure out how to use the formula you get consistent results. This is where and why most people miss out. They just didn’t get the concept correctly from the very start.

As I have been doing, if you have been reading all along, I have been gradually introducing you to the concepts, the principles and the ‘how’ to begin to make it work for you.  When you ‘get it’ it is the most incredible experience.

You have that ‘eureka’ moment, the big ‘aha’ and from then on you know what to do, so you engage in the process and you then you start to get back the results back from your efforts. This is wonderful!!!

OKAY, It can work like magic but it is not magic. So, it does’t work the way most people think magic should work. This is a first fallacy or misunderstanding that causes people to give up before they get results.

Most people misunderstand what positive thinking is. Their expectations are out of whack so when it doesn’t work as they expect it to right away, they quit.  Hence, they miss out. They tried, and they gave up.

This much we know. If you give up you have finished. Failure only results from quitting. As long as you keep doing and trying you can move forward and succeed. You will never ever succeed once you stop. It is done with then.

Another issue is ‘how’ to use it.

They don’t know how to use it. They think if they just repeat some affirmation over and over again then everything will change like magic. NOPE! It’s not a bad start, but it won’t deliver the results you want and need.

thoughts cycle to thoughts

YOU need to know what to do and how to do it to get the results you intend. Since they don’t know they don’t get the results and they quit. When you understand how to apply it you can be scientific about it, mathematical, and then you can get what you want to go after. You can radically improve your life!

When you understand the principles and embrace them, when you put them to work, an amazing journey begins. You initiate a proven process, that others have utilized throughout the ages to make dreams come true.

You only need to learn what they already know. You only need to to do what they have done to make their lives grand and you will get similar results.

So let’s begin today by attempting to clear some of this up.  Again. Remember, most people have to hear the message many times before they actually hear and act on it.

Positive thinking is not pie in the sky magic. It is not about living in fantasy or  creating a utopian existence. It is a real, practical worthwhile ability to make important choices for oneself.

All of the world’s most positive thinkers may have been severely challenged and suffered losses. They may have had setbacks and defeats and got knocked down numerous times.  They did not stop nor did they remain down for long. Because of the way they thought, they used their minds, feelings and actions and they got back up on their feet again.

if you want a different result make a different choice

So what actually is positive thinking because so many people have notions and opinions about the subject.

Positive thinking is about using what you already have available to be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. It is the dedicated practice to maximizing our effectiveness and our personal resources.

Positive Thinking means one trains one mind to focus on the good, the positive, the silver lining, the what can be done in any situation. It is a frame of mind one adopts to be able to do be more and do more and get more.

Positive thinking is about developing your concentration and focus to be able to see through and make it through any adversity. It is about making yourself more resilient and able to overcome challenges when faced with great difficulty. It means we spend the bulk of our time thinking and feeling good and experiencing bliss and joy because of what we pay attention to and fill our minds with.

losers visualize penalities winners rewards

It is not only about rising to meet the occasion whenever we have to and prevailing but it is about how we spend the bulk of out life time.

Positive thinking simply means thinking positive thoughts most of the time. You spend more time emphasizing and experiencing the positive side of life.  You spend more time thinking what you are able to do and accomplish rather than what you can’t. If a problem arises you imagine how you might successfully tackle it and make it less of a problem than to worry about it, or be angry or sad that it is there.

You look for and find and keep your attention on the good, the beautiful, the kind, the enjoyable, the fun, the positive, the delightful, the strong, the committed, the dedicated, the persevering, the dynamic, the joyful, the brave, and what you appreciate and are grateful for.

It means you spend the bulk of your day in this state of mind. It means you spend the larger part of life experiencing these things. It means you can determine what you want and go after it because you believe you have the abilities.  You understand that if you don’t you know ‘the how to’ you can learn what you need to if you spend time in that pursuit. You know you are resourceful and adaptable.

attract put out positive energy

Make no mistake it is not about a magical fairy tale life, or places where only bliss abounds, although that may be worth manifesting. The ability to maintain a positive frame of mind is a real life practical skill, a talent to utilize in any and all circumstances.

What Positive Thinking is not is wishing and hoping and longing for things to change. It does not mean having a fixed platitude and grin to get you through each day. It is not about sitting alone chanting and hoping the universe sends good things your way.

Positive thinking is about putting yourself in charge and determining how you want your life to be. It means being the author of your experience and deciding how your life will unfold. It means you place yourself squarely in charge.

You think clearer and better and you act stronger, smarter and wiser when your mind and feelings aren’t clouded or weighed down with negativity. When your mind is the right place and you feel positive and powerful you get better results.  When you feel confident and you know that you can complete what you want to be able to do then can accomplish more and more swiftly.  When you are thinking and feeling well you work smarter and wiser, you have more fun and you enjoy greater health and well-being.

act as if you already have it

Being positive means you have taken charge of your own thinking processes and make them work for you. Instead of being a slave to your thoughts and feelings they become your servants. You get them to carry out your dreams and desires. You make them to work for you! (Refer to previous blog posts regarding any of this post).

Being positive means spending most of your time in a positive condition.  You run your mind and your life so that you enjoy more that life offers each moment. When your mind set is positive you are better able to recognize and take advantage of opportunities. When you are in a wonderful state of well being you don’t miss out on much.

Having a positive frame of mind is a vital and dynamic way to live. It means training your mind to find the good in all situations so you can make the situations better. It means holding yourself in a positive and realistic regard so you think and feel the best about yourself. It is about finding those areas you want to improve and making them better.

A positive frame of mind includes being grateful and thankful for all of life’s lessons, experiences, and all that you have. When you are truly grateful and positive you make room for much more.

you must dive for the pearls

Positive Thinking means you manage the Law Of Cause and Effect. This law states that the results you get are directly due to what you put into action. You cause the results you get. They are a reaction to your action. When you understand this law and decide that you want positive results then you understand your responsibility to create them.

It means living ‘at cause’ instead of ‘at effect’. To be ‘at cause’  means you control what you are able to. You understand your responsibility. You don’t whine about what is outside of your control. Face it, you may not be able to control everything, but what you can control you should.

When you become the powerful cause in your life you get powerful results and effects back. That is what the law states.

So positive thinking is about HOW you use your mind.

You either create or you don’t, or perhaps you even destroy. You either get what you desire or you don’t, or perhaps you even get what you really don’t want. You either are happy and healthy most of the time or you are not. You either focus on what you can accomplish or worry about what you can’t. You either are a champion for yourself or you are not. You are either positive, optimistic, hopeful and determined or you whine, complain, feel hopeless or helpless.

3 choices when bad thing happens

Whatever you spend most of your time thinking about it is what you get. Whatever you feel most of the time is what you get back. If you thoughts are predominantly negative you get negative results. That is just how it already is. We get whatever we think about most. SO the only thing we can do IS change what we think about. We must change our thoughts! We must think positive thoughts to get positive results.

Positive thinking means you have chosen to emphasize the best thoughts, feelings, actions, attitudes so that you feel better, think better and get more done. You guard your mind set and keep it positive. You choose the energy you want to have, transmit and be around.  You put forth the very best and because you do positive results comes back to you.

It means you utilize the Law Of Attraction and understand that like attracts like. This Law States you attract back, and cause, positive or negative things in your life by your mindset, attitude and feelings and behaviors. It doesn’t matter what it is, WHATEVER you put out there is what you get back.

To be a predominantly positive person means you have decided to be positive so that you will attract back to yourself what you want in your life.  You manifest all the good things by what you choose to focus on. You attract back similar thoughts, energy, feelings and experiences as the ones you put out there. When you remain positive you  get positive back. If you are negative you get negative back – that is just how it works. Do you understand getting what you want back is completely up to you and how you go about doing it?

make an effort not an excuse

Changing yourself and your life is amazing and incredible.  By doing some specific things, by choosing where you focus your mind and what you put your attention on you are able to make a big difference for yourself!

Changing yourself and your life is amazing and incredible.  By doing some specific things, by choosing where you focus your mind and what you put your attention on you are able to make a big difference for yourself!

Make positive thinking and feeling a habit by doing it each day and you can transform everything in your life! You can find yourself feeling more delightful in all regards no matter what comes along.

When your habits are positive and powerful they serve you when you need them and when you don’t need them. Your positive mindset and attitude, your thoughts, feelings and actions become reliable servants for you. You become the master of you fate and the captain of your soul.

Because you have made decisions and engineered your life and your abilities when you do need them they are ready and available at all times.

successful people keep moving on

It is not worth it to continue to engage in negative, destructive, ‘woe is me’ thinking and feeling. It is not productive to live as a victim when you can live as a victor. Don’t you think Positive Thinking is worth making a habit for yourself? When it comes down to it what do you want for yourself?

In previous blog posts I have shared many ways you can begin, if you haven’t already.  I heartily encourage you to do so. It will make such a tremendous difference for you. While it may that some people will put off, or find ‘negative’ and ‘defeatist’ reasons why they can’t do these things,  know that is precisely why you MUST do these things.

Nothing will change if you won’t change it. If you do, if you start and only create a tiny opening for yourself to try it for a while, you can be astounded. All it takes is a tiny opening for an entire room to be effected. Water run through a tiny tube at high pressure is able to cut through steel.

SO don’t let negative thinking prevent you from trying out positive thinking. Your thinking is only a habit you learned or developed in the past, so it can be changed! No one can do it for you, however, you have to do it for yourself. Commit!

Commit to starting small if you must but start. If you want your life to change you will have to change things in your live. When you do you will begin and incredible and amazing journey. Would you like that? If so, do something today to move yourself in a positive direction. Every little step in a positive direction brings you closer to what you want than if you don’t move at all. So take the first step. Then take another and inch by in” Rex Sikes
Have a great day!

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Doing This Prevents You From Getting What You Want! How To Change It!

life is about creating yourself

It is frustrating to struggle and not get ahead. It is difficult to want something and not be able to make it happen. When our dreams don’t come true we feel disappointed. Has it ever occurred to you that disappointment and doubt is much of why you aren’t succeeding in your life of career. If it hasn’t yet occurred, stop, sit up, and read the rest of this blog post.

Our present and future circumstances is directly tied to, chained to, what we think, don’t think and what we do and don’t do. Since thought precedes all action it is important to first begin with learning to manage and guide our thoughts. When we learn how to take control of our mind we also learn how to take control and get better results.

If you want a better present and future there is hope. There are some simple things you can begin to do right away that will make an incredible difference as you do them and as long as you do them. Today, I am providing you with some thought exercises. Do these. Make these a  habit and things will begin to change for the better.

If you want your life circumstances to be more wonderful, are you willing to do what it takes. Nothing in life is free. There is a price to pay. That prices is your time and your energy on your own behalf. It will require you take charge of your mind and change how you may have been using it. Let’s begin.

i choose success...

Today imagine in your mind, think to yourself, that your success will multiply and increase. Think and repeat to yourself over and over while seeing yourself in your mind’s eye, ‘I am the master of my destiny I can make my life anything i want it to be.’

You don’t have to know how. Really, you don’t so let it go. You may be totally ignorant of how. Instead of concerning yourself at this time with ‘how’ just focus on and imagine that you can make your life anything you want it to be. The how will come along later. Let’s take one step at a time.

First imagine yourself as a powerful creator. You are the person in charge of your future. You shape it and make it happen. You are the master of your destiny. Spend some time vividly imagining this. Do it for 5 minutes.

AND then imagine yourself as a powerful magnet attracting all good thoughts, energy, people, experiences, situations and opportunities towards you. You literally draw everything marvelous to you. Spend some time vividly imagining this.Do this for 5 minutes.

let ur positive energy shift room vibrations

AND then imagine yourself as an incredible power source vibrating and radiating the very highest positive energy and spreading it to everyone and everything in the universe. Imagine spreading your light and love, your enthusiasm and positive energy to all. Spend some time vividly imagining this.Do this too for 5 minutes.

Focus and enjoy! Relax. I have provided you with three different ways to consider yourself. A creator, an attractor, and a high powered positive energy source.

Concentrate, hold these in your mind and feel delighted in the images. Enjoy feeling wonderful. Spend a good five minutes or more with each. Or make it a point to spend 30 minutes a day to use your mind this way. As you look at yourself in these wonderful ways feel all the incredible feelings you can feel and savor them.

Consider this: Like does attract Like. I don’t mean in a magical way, but certainly, it could. I mean that our minds work by association and one thought leads to another. Typically, for people they spiral into negativity, but instead you can ramp yourself into positivity. Now it is time to make one positive thought attract another positive thought. It will by association.

if you want a different result make a different choice

Your unconscious mind doesn’t care what you think about. Whatever you think about paired with emotion is what you get more of in your life experience. You mind brings you more of the same kind of thoughts. One thought triggers the next and so on. Since your unconscious mind doesn’t care about the content of your thoughts you may be getting more ‘less than glorious’ thoughts and feelings because you aren’t managing what you are thinking about. You may actually be getting more negative thoughts, or worries or fears. Hang in there, you can change this.

There is a direct correlation between our current thoughts and what we are currently experiencing. Our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts create our current conditions. if you want to change the outcome or what is going on in your life then you must change your thoughts.

So focus on the positive. Imagine yourself in the positive ways I have described. Make your mind work for you. The more you focus in this way, on these ways to be, the easier it gets and the more powerful positive thoughts your mind will give you.

The key to changing your thoughts is to see what you want, create it in your mind, and linger with it. Stick with it, spend time with it. Repeat this over and over. Keep thinking these new thoughts.

We think in pictures but many of us are not aware of the pictures that we think. They go by too quickly often outside of our awareness but they are there and they do affect us.Now you can begin to manage them and make them serve you.

if you can imagine it you can achieve it

What I am prescribing is an exercise in deliberately creating mental pictures and movies. Doing this over and over again helps builds the muscle to visualize well. When you bring your attention to the process again and again deliberately you are enhancing your ability. Just as physical exercise makes us strong and more agile mental exercise does too. Plus, you are practicing choosing positive mental images to concentrate on and hold your focus on. This holds incredible benefit for you.

Create the positive images and concentrate on them so that they serve you to get the good things you want. The more you engage your mind in doing this the more you are getting closer to making it a habit. You are training your mind that this is what you want it to do. These thoughts and positive images are what you want more of! Remember, we become what we think about most of the time through out each day. So when think your best thoughts most of the time that is what you will get.

Repeat with enthusiasm and commitment to yourself,  ‘I am the master of my destiny I can make my life anything i want it to be.’ and other positive variations. Say it, sing it, chant it, shout it, just remember to do it.

When you do these things you will feel better. Savor the feelings. DO whatever you have to do to bring energy, enthusiasm and confidence to the process. That is why I mentioned singing, shouting etc. You can jump, run in place too. You don’t have to if you are able to do it otherwise, but it helps. If you are in a public place, it may be better to just visualize quietly.

think happy thoughts good things will happen

The point is to MAKE YOURSELF feel good, feel powerful, feel positive even when you don’t. Take charge and DO IT. Learn that this is totally within your control. It is how you use your mind and body that determines how you think and feel.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion is The Law Of Action and Reaction (also commonly referred to as the Law of Cause and Effect) states that there are two forces called action and reaction. For every action (cause), there is an equal and opposite reaction (effect).

Whatever positive action or cause you create and put out there the reaction or effect (or result) comes back to you. The positive effects (results)  are returned to you. The same is true for whatever negative action or cause you put out there. So it is important to monitor or guard what you are thinking about, putting out there, broadcasting, transmitting, or creating, or causing. This is precisely why it is important to maintain mostly positive thoughts and feelings. You become what you think about. You get back whatever energy you radiate. The results you get are because of the causes you initiate and maintain.

You are ALWAYS informing your unconscious MIND what to create or attract by what your think and feel. We can’t change that or stop that. SO the question becomes what are your predominant thoughts? Are they good, positive healthy or are they otherwise? It makes a difference! Since it makes a difference, once you become aware of this, there are things you can do to change the results you have been getting, if you have been getting unwanted results. It is up to you and what you do next!


If you want abundance then think thoughts of prosperity. If you want prosperity think thoughts of abundance. Focusing on lack, poverty and limitations will not help you get better and have a brighter future. Turmoil in your life is the result of thinking about problems and issues, lack, difficulty, and in many cases simply not being in charge of your own thoughts.So choose what you want because you are getting back whatever you are doing on the inside already, anyway!!!

Embrace that you are creator, the  master of your destiny and that you can work with the power within. Accept that you are the powerful positive creator of your own future. Understand that happiness is available to all of us and all you have to do to change your life is think different thoughts. Whatever you focus on expands! Focus on what YOU want to bring about and not what you have been bringing about. If you want happiness think about happiness not about how you don’t have it or how you are sad. You don’t get the color red thinking blue. You must think over and over about red.

SO as a beginning place recognize that you have always been responsible for the outcomes you have been getting. That is okay. All of us are. Now change what you focus on and make a difference for yourself!

NOW visualize yourself as a powerful creator, a powerful magnet and a powerful broadcaster of POSITIVE energy. See yourself as a vibrant powerful positive transmitter. Imagine and practice transmitting AND receiving powerful positive vibrations! Make it a point to think and feel and broadcast POSITIVE thoughts instead of negative ones. You can easily do this!

The reason why some people don’t move forward is they don’t believe it will work. They may think it sounds too good to be true so they don’t bother. They are skeptical. Others, think it must be hard, too difficult, not easy enough and so they never try it. Still, others, are just lazy or prefer to complain because they erroneously think that misery loves company.

what u put out u attract

Actually, there is some truth to the latter. Birds of a feather do flock together. People of like minds and energy tend to attract each other. So positive happy people hang together, just as celebrities do, or the rich. Negative people gravitate towards each other as well. So choose the company of the thoughts, feelings and people you keep. It makes a difference.

Here is what I suggest. Try it for no less than 30 days. Spend some time each day morning and night using your mind this way and then make a decision after 30 days as to whether or not you will continue. Don’t judge it, stay as open as possible without making an assessment. Don’t let limiting habitual old thinking prevent you from acting in your own best interests.

It is important that when you visualize you feel incredible and you believe you are going to have this future. It is important to feel and believe you deserve it and that it is yours. BUT if you do not at first, do not dismay, do it anyway! As you repeatedly do this exercise you will find that it gets easier. When you keep at it you will find your thoughts and energy shifting and you can come to believe it. As you continue the likelihood is that you will begin to enjoy the results you are getting back that you not only feel great and believe it but that you want to go beyond the 30 days.

Remember that once you become aware and understand electricity you can harness its power. The same applies to training your mind to work for you.

Practice thinking and imagining that happiness and wealth and health is your natural state, that these are your birthright. Believe, even if you don’t yet, that you are entitled to all wonderful things. Believe it is the natural state for all people.

forget why it wont believe why it will

Your unconscious doesn’t make a distinction between wanted or unwanted, good or bad it just goes where your energy consistently flows and what you put your attention on repeatedly. It works to manifest and attract what you focus on SO  choose to focus on the very best. Focus on the best and keep your focus on the best! It will astound you when you do!

Make these thoughts your daily practice. Imagine being in a relaxed abundant flow, see good coming to you; health, wealth, love, friends, well-being. Notice how it fabulous it feels and enjoy these feelings.

It is the inner reality that is important to focus on in order to get the results you want. Stay focused and don’t get distracted by what is outside of you presently. Whatever is going on in the present practice gratitude. Train your mind to see the good in all people and situations. Even if it is crumbling around you keep your inner focus intact, and maintain gratitude for everything.

Sometimes things DO fall apart to make way for new things. Don’t let it concern you.

gratitude magic

Honor yourself as creative and powerful – stay focused – steer back to center whenever you find yourself not thinking positively. Realize it is always your choice and when you become aware that you are spending your time creating what you don’t want steer your mind back onto creating the good you do want. It is up to you.

The more you practice the better you become in anything. This applies to and is true about creating and attracting. You get better and better at creating what YOU DO WANT and not what you don’t want.

Have fun, be dedicated, keep an open mind, be intense, yet work at it in a relaxed positive energetic way. You will have everything when you need it in its perfect time. Have faith and it will unfold as it will.

Keep it simple for yourself. Everything you need and want in order to do this well WILL come about as a result of your positive efforts. Remember there is a positive effect for any positive cause. WHEN you take charge and focus your mind in this fashion you become a positive cause for your own future. The results you get are the effects you get.

sometimes smallest step is biggest step

IT has always been the case. You have always been causing the results you have been getting.

What is different now is that you take charge of creating what you DO want. You better understand your responsibility in the creation process. You know that the results you get are up to you and nothing and no one else.

This gives you a new purpose to create only the positive and the good. Stop creating what you don’t want and start creating what you do want.

Keep your attention and intensity on what you want and in the direction you want to go in and you will. It is your right to enjoy anything you want (legally and ethically) without limits. Become aware of your amazing power. Do not let outside distractions take you away. Stay focused and master your concentration!  Spend time each evening and each day have a routine that becomes for you a powerful ritual. Soon it will be a positive powerful productive habit.

Create great things for yourself BECAUSE YOU CAN!” Rex Sikes

Have a fun filled, energetic, delightfully, relaxing day, doing something wonderful for yourself and others!

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If You Had A Million Dollars In Your Pocket But Didn’t Know It? The Millionaire Mindset You Need.

our thoughts are like magnets

A million dollars. I will get to that. But first:

You may notice reoccurring themes as you read these blog posts. That is intentional. The reason for this is that it is through repeated exposure concepts can begin to sink in. Advertisers know that most people do not act because of one ad or one info-mercial but that it takes numerous times before a person becomes ‘brand’ aware or picks up the phone and dials in. It is cited that callers required a minimum of 7 viewings before most people will phone in for the product. So being exposed to an ad, a concept or a principle one time is not enough for most people to understand it and act on it. Advertisers are great at using. The military uses this to great effect too – really great effect.

When you read a self help book, or these blogs, you are best served when you go back and re-read the material over and over again a number of times through the years. This is because you discover more than you did on the first reading. Students of mine go back again and again and listen to my audio programs and discover so much more than they realized when they attended the live program or first purchased the audio version. They call and write me telling how amazed they are that they didn’t hear it while there. They are excited and grateful they now did because they reviewed the material.

The reason you learn and understand more is that you pay attention differently. You have changed during the time you were first exposed to the material and the next time you visited it. You notice things you hadn’t previously and you begin to make sense of concepts that may also previously escaped you. You make new connections with the material.

I used to think that this was ‘a crock’ until I started doing it. Then I was stunned and amazed at all I had missed. I was delighted and  absolutely thrilled to begin to make sense of things in practical ways, that allowed me to apply what I was beginning to understand, that I had not been able to previously. Repeated exposure makes an incredible difference.

Another reason why I revisit the themes and slowly move on introducing new concepts is to allow the concepts to remain in the forefront and the background without adding too much information or too many new ideas all at once. It is important for some ideas to be savored not sampled. So I repeat, some times directly and sometimes indirectly, the concepts and principles and information.

habit creation

Most adults read and learn about things that they are interested in or want to do and accomplish. Many read self-help books and books on success. The point I am making about learning and repetition is true for any learning you wish to undertake. It is critical for those who want to be successful, live happy lives, make more money, have the career that they wish, the home they desire or the mate of their dreams. Whether you want to travel or stay at home, have children or enter a new line of work it is important, when you want to make positive changes in and for yourself, that you understand the process so you can more easily move ahead. When you want to make advancements knowing how makes it that much easier.

If you want to create a wonderful present and future and make your dreams come true all of this applies to you. It applies to you even if you are only interested in learning how to juggle or make a smaller change for yourself.

It is important to understand this next concept. There is a structure that good speakers utilize to deliver good, memorable speeches. This structure in speech giving is ‘tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them again what you told them.

‘Tell them (audience) what you are going to tell them’ pre-exposes the human brain to the concepts and alerts them to what is coming. Then, ‘tell them’ what you want them to know. Then ‘tell them what you told them’ reinforces all that you have told them and reminds them that you delivered what you said you were. It book ends the learning.

For example, (brief possible statements the speaker might say – obviously the speech is more than these brief example phrases. Each phase is more elaborate).

Phase 1: ‘I will tell you these three things, we are going to cover… A, B and C’.

Phase 2: ‘A is apples and apples do… or are…, B is barley and barley does… or is… and C is corn and corn does… or is…. Together apples, barely and corn …’

Phase 3: ‘Now you will remember this morning apples are… barley is… and corn was…. This is why ABC are important, and what you needed to know to be able to do with these in order to make… something better. Now, your future is different because of … and you will always remember apples, barely and corn. Thank you!’

OKAY that is only a very brief skeletal example of what could be said. The reason why speakers utilize this approach is that by providing information in this manner you help the listener learn it, and retain it. Is one time enough for most things? No, repetition is necessary. You provide the information and by repeating it in different ways (during the different phases) you reinforce it. Your car wouldn’t travel very far if the piston only pumped once. Reinforcement through repetition is necessary.

thoughts cycle to thoughts

You have to repeatedly exercise to get results. Once, or a few times is not enough to grow your muscles, stimulate the metabolism and have your body take the shape you want.

Neither is reading an important article or book, listening to learning audios and watching DVD’s or attending a live program.

The first time exposure is like the snowflake on the tip of the top of Mount Everest. It is the tiniest amount, the beginning of the journey. It is a very important first step, a critical step. It is a very tiny necessary one.

The moment you decide to learn to do anything is a great moment for you. It is the moment you are willing to allow yourself to be exposed to things you are not familiar with. Then hopefully you have enough interest to want to continue. After the first exposure you may or may not continue on or it may be sometime before you ever venture this way again.

Whether you do or not depends on numerous factors.

Some of these include what was the experience like, did you enjoy it or not? Was it engaging did it hook you? Did you see your need or reasons to continue? How was the instruction, good, bad, did you like the person or not? Were you there because you actually wanted to be there or needed to be there? How important is the material to you and your circumstances? Did some one make you go? There are many reasons why people do and don’t do things for themselves.

Some of the reasons may be there own or they place it others or the material. They may not like the instructor or the design of the manual. The temperature of the room wasn’t right. They may cite any number of reasons for or against.

The point is some people continue and some don’t. Educators can help expose people to new information and help them continue along but it is not only the educator’s responsibility. The responsibility is on the learner and the person who wants to make the changes. Keep in mind, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’.

An educator could do everything absolutely right and there will still be those who, for whatever reason, choose not to learn from that person. That is okay and the educator shouldn’t be disappointed. Everyone and everything in it’s own time. Not everyone has the same teacher. ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears’. So different people will learn from others.

‘You cannot add anything to an already filled cup’ is a Zen principle and is very true. If someone thinks they know it all or that nothing is relevant or applies to them then you can present information all you want but they will not see it, hear it or do anything with it. Their mind is full, they have their opinions, they aren’t interested in learning. They believe they already know it. Perhaps, they want to demonstrate that they already know something. Anything is possible. Until one is ready to learn no conscious learning occurs. Learning follows genuine curiosity because curiosity opens the door to that possibility.

what you think about you bring about

I am a firm believer that no one actually teaches any one anything. One can present, one can order and structure the material and the experience so the student can best assimilate it. One can provide experiences, challenges and information so that the learner has the best possible opportunity to acquire the necessary learnings but one can not force a person to learn, use and remember if they don’t want to. Learning is what we do as individuals.

You may be taught poorly or well, but it is also true you may learn poorly or well. Learning is up to the individual and not up to the instructor. The instructor responsibility begins with being the best instructor and providing the best learning environment and experience they are able to, and sticking with the learner for as long as the learner allows them to. Learning the material is up to the learner.

When I say someone may be a poor learner I am not speaking of ‘learning disabilities’ (another topic for another time and place). We all learn. Most of us learn what we want to. A child may learn to do a complicated video games because the child enjoys it but suck at history because the child doesn’t care, the instructor is not to the child’s liking, history ‘is boring’ or because the child doesn’t understand the reason ‘why we must learn history’. Nor am I addressing conditions when people are forced to learn though it is true the learner learns the forced lessons. Nor, am I address natural environmental learning or training as in learning that certain foods I ate don’t agree with me or that fire is hot.

We are ALL natural learners barring neurological and physical impairment. We can learn anything. The humans species demonstrates time and time again, anecdotally that we can learn to do anything and to like anything. We do and enjoy some of the most bizarre things. We are natural learners but our experience in our educational facilities with mandated federal and state programs favoring global test results and percentages over actual learning and skill acquisition are less than satisfactory. That is sad. Our educational system emphasizes the wrong things memorization over ability. Socialization over personal betterment. Test results over actual results.

emerson quote we are all inventors

Well on to actual learning and acquisition.

Many people know about the following phases of behavioral acquisition: Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence. I will briefly cover these for those who don’t or as a refresher.

We begin with Unconscious Incompetence (UI) which means we do not know what we do not know. Prior to being exposed to a bicycle we didn’t know they existed nor did we know we could or couldn’t ride one. We were incompetent at the task, at knowing about it and unconscious of all of it.

Conscious Incompetence is when we realize we aren’t able to do it. We look at someone riding and we know we can’t. We hop on a bike and fall over. We haven’t learned the skills to ride it yet and we know we are not good at it. We can not successfully ride the bike.

Conscious Competence is the phase of learning where we attempt to co-ordinate all that we must to to successfully complete the task. We are aware that it is difficult and we usually talk our way through it. We perform in stilted or labored fashion as we assimilate the physical and mental abilities necessary to successfully perform the task. Another way to think about it – is the training wheels phase. We can do it but not reliably well but we are on the bike.

Unconscious Competence means we have the skill set and are able to do it without walking or talking ourselves through it. We get on a bike and ride to someones’ house without thinking about the process of riding. We no longer have to monitor it and so we don’t. We ride unconsciously while our mind attends to other things, the beauty of the day, the grocery list we need to remember etc. Riding the bike has become a reliable skill and we can do other things while riding. All of the behaviors and mindset necessary to ride have become reliable and a habit.

we are what we repeatedly do

Another example is habit formation. For those who have smoked. Many did not like the first experience of smoking. It was unpleasant and they coughed or gagged their way through it. They kept doing it, for whatever reason, it was cool, you know whatever reason there was. At some point it became a habit. It was not pleasant at first, one had to get through it, talk themselves through it, but then one day after enough repetition and time had past it became a habit. Most habits are acquired in similar fashion. You do it until it becomes a habit until it is reliable. Once reliable —

From this place we may pursue mastery of the skill set. Back to the bike example. We are now able to begin to go through the process again (somewhat modified) as we add in other skills and behaviors to enhance our abilities. We can become a stunt bike rider for example. Each new skill requires the process. While on the road to mastery it is not one steep curve. We progress toward mastery hitting plateaus where our skills seem to level out or even become less reliable for a time period.

This is an important learning time that if we embrace and accept we will go through much more swiftly. We hit plateaus because the unconscious mind takes some time to assemble and incorporate the new learnings and behaviors. While this occurs it sort of temporarily puts some of our abilities on hold. This is where we may clutch or be uncoordinated for a time being, while the unconscious puts it all together. Soon we may proceed again. It is the basis of making the learning and behaviors reliable skills. This too is a life long process. It never occurs once and is done. As long as we endeavor to be better or the best we will engage these processes.

Flow, or the concept of being in the zone is that moment when everything comes together in just the right fashion and you find yourself performing a task effortlessly. Everything is just right and you may surprise yourself with how well it worked and how well you feel about it. It occurs without thought, the unconscious takes over and voila’. Some people become junkies for these moments and it is possible to live life more in the zone or in flow when one learns how.

Obviously, there is so much more that could be discussed. The important points frankly are, learning is solely in the hands of the learner. This is why attitude is so important. The better the attitude one has when learning anything new or practicing a skill, or studying material the easier it is to progress and gain benefit. A key component is learning HOW TO get out of one’s own way and learn more easily, efficiently and swiftly.

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

Curiosity, enthusiasm, energy, confidence that you can learn it, that you are apt and able to acquire it (not that you are already good at it) are desirable. The ability to remain open and willing. One of the disadvantages about book learning is that people are exposed mentally to concepts without getting actual experience. They see it in their mind, they are pre-exposed but they haven’t actually done it yet. Reading a book about bike riding is very different than actually riding a bike.

Still, when it comes to reading an important self-help book etc you should re-read it many times. If it is being doing a hands on seminar or learning a skill like juggling then reading a book has more value after the life experience. There is a ‘best’ time to read when it comes to learning things. Because we are people, thought, we read whenever we do. That is just how life is and we come to it when we come to it. So….

Realize that you can enhance your knowledge and abilities with supplemental reading and listening and by doing. Revisiting and correct repetition is always valuable. I say correct repetition because one can practice the wrong things, or the right things the wrong way.

If a person reads a book prior attending a seminar on how to ride a bike, chances are, as the instructor brings up points the novice bike rider book reader may have the tendency to think, ‘yep, I know that already’. Why do they think this? Because they read about it. Can they ride the bike yet? Nope, but they know ALL ABOUT bike riding.

This is a form of closure in the brain. It isn’t the curiosity and wonder of a child who is wide eyed and thinks ‘wow this is marvelous, I want to be able to do that’. The two attitudes are very different, significantly different and get different results for the people who hold them. Being open is an incredible place to be when learning and when being with a ‘teacher’. If when someone says something, you agree or disagree with it first thing, chances are you are not open. You have judged immediately based on what YOU know. It hasn’t even sunk in yet.

This is why mystics and gurus have such a tough time with devotees. Okay, I wrote that tongue in cheek, but it is also true. A learner filled with their own knowledge is difficult to overcome. This is why it is never about teaching but about learning. Yes, if you are a teacher you have a responsibility and should strive to be the best, but the same is true when you are a learner.

As I have pointed out in my blog posts here we frequently misidentify the source of our difficulties. We put responsibility outside ourselves on others, circumstances and events. We blame the poor or the rich, the government or lack of it, our spouse, significant other, children, parents, bosses, co-workers or friends, even strangers for our feelings, talents, abilities, problems. We put the cause of everything on everything outside us and never where it usually belongs which is squarely on our own shoulders. The buck always stops elsewhere. That is one of the reasons why we have difficulties.

i never lose I win or I learn

We are not broken, we are not psychologically impaired, (except in truly rare cases, although the APA, and the AMA would like us to believe we need their help MORE than we actually do require – but this is another whole discussion for another time and place). We are resourceful people with all sorts of discovered and undiscovered talents and abilities who probably for the most part have not considered ourselves as such. Learn to look inside and find your hidden treasures!

If you had a million dollars in your own pocket and didn’t know it you might still live as a pauper.

That is how most of us go through life. Because we put the blame for the good and the bad outside of ourselves we never get to discover how truly remarkable and beyond capable we are to make a change for ourselves. We are the creators and the transformer of our lives but we don’t know it so we live from what others have dictated. We live up to or below the expectations of others without realizing that it is ourselves who need to set the path and make good things happen.

We live as victims and survivors. A survivor is someone who made it through a tremendously difficult time period whatever that may have been. OKAY it is past now you have survived move on. I hate to be harsh or sound cruel but to call yourself a survivor is like moving to a new home but carrying around all your belongs on your back all your days. Imagine the weight that would be if you bagged up all your furniture and everything and had to take it with you where ever you go. Stop it. You survived that means you made it through it.

NOW live as a victor because you made it through it. Adopt a new powerful mind set and recognize your incredible strength and tenacity for having prevailed. Instead of keeping surviving alive become alive with an incredible rise in energy to make your present and future incredible!

Leaners need to take charge of their learning and remaining open may be a difficult experience. Someone said ‘ we don’t listen to listen we listen to comment’ and that is frequently what those do while learning. Either they comment on how the information is something they already know or that they don’t know, or that it is just like someone else’s information, or that it is not relevant or applicable, or that it is too difficult or too easy and on and on and on and on. The mind does whatever it does unless you take charge of it.

success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out

Recognizing when you shut down, close off, IS an important moment to recognize. When you shut down is when you limit or prevent the flow of new information which may be critical. It could occur in a classroom, reading a blog or a book, arguing with someone important to you, or outside in an urban war zone. If you shut down and freeze the flow of what you may need in a critical moment, you leave yourself open to many possible pitfalls. The worst of which is when your safety depends on it, otherwise, you can pull your head from the rectal canal an apologize to the person you fought with, and you can go back and re-read the material. There are times when things matter more than other times but the skill required in each case is the same skill.

Learning to remain open is an important talent an ability we all can do much better learning to acquire.

Life presents opportunities each instant. We are either open or not open. Easy enough. We can bring our awareness to those moments and endeavor to remain open. Yes, we will close down, but the repeated act of trying to remain open is the beginning of new positive habit formation. You will be consciously competent for a while. The very same thing applies to living as a victor and taking charge of your life. Yes, for awhile the process will seem cumbersome. So did riding a bike for a while.

Anything we learned took some time and effort. Swimming, cooking, knitting, playing a sport, a game, fixing a car, computer, doing math, reading, writing, walking and feeding oneself. Everything is acquired through a process and we can either understand and embrace the process and make it easier on ourselves or we can resist it. Choice is ours.

Some people have little experience in making deliberate choices for themselves and they defer mostly to others. This is another area people may want to gain some experience utilizing awareness. When do you give your choice or your power away?

i choose success...

Through all of our learning the nicer we can be, the less we blame others or try to take from others, the further along we get. Learning how to co-operate and be a team player, learning how to empathize and to add value to others are are very good abilities to work on. Unlike, some greedy, horrible, uber rich people who care for no one but only seek to amass more, we ought to strive to find peace and happiness and well being for all. I believe that the more power you have the more responsibility you have The more power you have the more other people are in your care. The more good you can and should do.

Look, it rains on the good and the bad the poor and the rich. Good people suffer while bad people prosper and vice versa. The reason many powerful people, who are not very good people, continue to be unlikable and uncaring people, aside from that may be how they were when they began, is that they have a massed a fortune. They most likely did so utilizing the very principles I have been sharing all along because the principles work and are no respecter of persons. That means anyone can use them for success. (yes, some were born to it etc).

Some have great success and yet they are not likable or caring people. Once they got their wealth and power they changed, not for the better, but changed because now that they had everything they decided they needed to keep it. They cling to it. IT is more important that any person. They feared they will lose IT or others will take it away so they try to prevent others from succeeding so they can’t take away some piece of their pie. If they can remain further ahead and farther away it is unlikely anyone can take it from them. SO they oppress others to try to remain safe.

I think that is a sad way to live and many of them are unhappy, fearful, and unhealthy. Since we can’t take it with us we ought to enjoy it while we have it. Many don’t actually enjoy it they just need to have it and it has cost them dearly too. Their thoughts destroy them.

Thinking makes it so. We become what we think about.

An important point to note. The successful wealthy people, good or bad, generous or selfish, self made or born to it, those who have had wealth a long while, most all of them feel and believe that they are entitled to it and that they deserve it. This is important. Many of the rest of us don’t. That is a crucial difference in mind set and attitude. They are entitled. They deserve it.

Some of the rest of us waste time whining, complaining, criticizing the wealthy stating they were lucky, or born with a silver spoon. We may be resentful or envious non of this helps us. That is putting the focus outside of us on others or circumstances. What we think about is what we get. If we waste time on others wishing bad befalls them or being resentful we are not spending time making our life better. We need to focus on creating what we want!

It is important to note that WHEN you feel entitled to it and YOU FEEL you deserve it that you will be successful in acquiring it much more so than if you do not have this attitude.

Attitude is everything! What sets most people apart – the successful from those who are not yet successful – is mind set. It is the attitude. If you have the attitude that you are destined to win you are much more likely to as long as you spend the time preparing to win. It is not magical thinking. It is not about wishing something into existence. The rich feel that money comes to them or that they deserve and because they feel this way and absolutely believe it they are able to organize their thoughts and efforts around getting it much more easily. It is MIND over matter.

you can if you think you can

Mind over matter is the concept but not as most people consider it. They think magic, telepathy, telekinesis.

It is the mind, the thoughts, that precede actions, which are all targeted toward acquiring wealth (the matter) just as a laser beam is targeted. Their mind and actions their being is aligned and congruent in pursuit of what is most important to them. They deserve it so they know they will have! They deserve it so they know that they can get it. They are entitled to it so they can get more of it. WHY? BECAUSE that is just the kind of person they are! ONE who is entitled to have and to spend money. THIS IS a powerful mindset let us not make any mistake about that. This type of mind set positively and constructively managed and aimed could serve anyone of us well. Attitude makes all the difference.

The fact of the matter is you and I and they all deserve it. There is plenty. We are all legally entitled to it. If you don’t feel worthy or that you can have it then that is something to become aware of and change if you wish. By the way I do not equate having lots of money with being a success or happy or good. However, our society seems to think that money is a measure of success. I don’t but I do utilize the concept.

I think one can be happy and successful without money as well as one can be with money. I also think one can have untold wealth and be a failure as a human being, as a parent as someone’s child, or anything else. Attitude is everything! We can have a powerful mindset without having to be greedy or selfish. We can have everything we want and allow others to do the same or even help them get theirs too.

BUT the winner mindset is key. It is committed, it believes, it feels entitled, it is passionate, it has burning desire, it won’t quit or be defeated or ever give up, it is consistent, persistent yet adaptable and flexible. It stays the course and does whatever is necessary (legally and ethically) to get to the destination. IF one is extra wise one makes sure they enjoy the journey along the way. If you know the wonderful destination point you are going to ultimately end up you may as well have a great time getting there!

The important thing is wealth and success comes in the form of love, family, friendship, relationships, happiness, joy, peace, health and well being, fun, activities doing what you want, when and with whom. Freedom to enjoy and pursue whatever you wish. Money may be a part of success but certainly only a limited part. Money is not evil and anyone can want any amount they wish. People may be evil or corrupted or kind and generous. So I think it is important to be the kind of person who is a kind and generous success. After all we all live together on this planet.

doubt your limitations

Before, I leave you this day, know that repetition builds skill. The right kind of repetition done correctly builds skill.

Revisiting and returning to materials you have read, listened to, watched or participated in is valuable because it gives you more chances to open up and take it in. You understand it differently at different times. So go back and read again and again. You will make new connections and have new insights and awareness.

Keep the pursuit alive in you. Learn to open up to those things that benefit you. Learn to remain open with others and make it a point to live as a victor. BUT be a nice victor. Strive to be the kind of person who leaves people better off than when you found them.

There is plenty in this world to enjoy and to be grateful for. Enjoy it all, you deserve it.

The hoarders can’t get it all so be of good cheer and focus on the positive future we can create not on present difficulties.

Keep the faith, know that you deserve all good things and inside you is more incredible talent or ability than you may yet be aware of. You have much more than million dollars hidden in your pocket but you need to go find it. So go look for it and discover it! ‘Seek and ye shall find’.

You have learned so many things useful and useless. You do realize that, don’t you.

design your life

So put your ability to learn to work for you. You are already a remarkable learner now just aim it in a very useful direction.

Inside you you are truly wealthy. You have so much more going on for you than you have ever realized. You current and perpetual thinking may be have kept you blind to who you actually are, what you are truly capable of and all the talents, resources and abilities within you. You have all this wealth inside but have given yourself none of the credit. You need to visit your inner bank and discover what is there. You have much more than a million dollars inside you.

You can make your dreams come true. You can make more money, you can be rich inside and outside! You can have the future you want and the life you want and be the person you always wanted to become. You are already rich within and you are a learner so learn to do what you want in order to have what you want.

Learn to discover your hidden talents, abilities and resources that are inside you ready to be awakened. Learn to manage your thoughts, control your thoughts and determine your future. Learn to finally get the kind of results you have always wanted and longed for. Learn that you are already creator and begin to create what you want rather than what you don;t want.  You are a magnet so draw to yourself what you want rather than what you don’t want. Start getting the results you have always wanted because ONLY YOU can make it so.

You are a victor when you apply certain principles and laws in certain ways you transform and get what you want more easily. SO start living as a victor. Live with courage, confidence, faith, and power. Make your life what you want it to be.

Come back again and again. Revisit your learning and you will go further than you can presently imagine. Hold in your mind good, positive thoughts and you will transform your experience. Keep going and never quit and you will be so amazed at the journey you create for yourself. It will more than WOW you. And then share all good things with others too.

Let’s make each of our own lives incredible and together create a garden paradise, I mean why not. Let’s make this world wonderful!

Oooops who closed down right there?

If you don’t think we can certainly we never will. ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right’.

You see, it really does begin with our thoughts. It begins with YOUR thoughts. Each of us responsible for what we do between our ears. What we do between our ears is create our outer circumstances. SO decide to make both the very best.” Rex Sikes

More tomorrow. Have a delicious day!

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Successful People Know These Laws Why Don’t You PT 2

be master of your fate not slave of your problems

“For you to get a different life in the future you must first be able to conceive of that different better future life. You need to take this important  step toward creating all that you want.

You must FIRST create it on the inside in order to have it on the outside. You create it on the inside now to have it on the outside at another date in the future because, honestly, things just take some time. There is a season for everything.

Shortly, I will discuss exactly how this works, how to create what you want on the inside and what you must do to bring it about in reality

If you want you life to change you have to change some things in your life. If you want a kick ass successful future YOU have to conceive it, create it, bring it to life inside you right NOW in order to accomplish it or bring it about in the future. That is just how it is…

Part 2  Continued from Successful People Know These Laws Why Don’t You

That means you must know what you want. You must be able to imagine that. You must have a purpose, a target, an incredible desire that you want to go after and create.

You have to set your mental machinery in motion and aim it at your future goals. IF you do not know what you want you will drift. You will live without purpose. You will succeed at not succeeding.

Having a definite and major purpose is crucial to your success. Successful people are driven to fulfill their purpose, their reason for being on the planet.  You must know what you are meant to do.

Further more,  Napoleon Hill said, ‘you must believe it’ in order to achieve it. Not only must you be able to conceive your future happening and imagine it as you want it but you must believe that you will be able to bring it into being. That it is yours and that it belongs to you. This future IS your destiny.

If you don’t think something is likely or possible you are not even going to try. So you must believe and know that what you want IS something you can have and will bring about.

visualize and believe

You must believe it is yours. You must see it in your mind and believe you will have it. You must expect it to come to pass. Those who enjoy great success never give in to doubt but know they can have anything and everything they want. It is conviction, and a determined attitude.

Will Smith is alleged to have said, “I was always an A-list movie star in my head. You just didn’t know it’. This is precisely what Napoleon Hill meant. The future you want must first exist inside you and you must know it is meant for you and that you will have it, for you to eventually enjoy it.

Those who succeed have this kind of mind set. Whether they were brought up with it or they acquired it on their own through life experience most of those who win definitely expect to win. Their belief in themselves and their abilities to have what they want IS a major reason for their success.

They stay focused on what they want and they do not let challenges or obstacles distract them from making it happen. They keep on going until they get what they seek. They do not quit.

All through my blog I have been discussing how we go about creating this mind set and these behaviors for ourselves. I will continue to give precise steps, procedures, exercises you can do to develop these attributes and characteristics as we proceed in the blog.

There are principles and laws we have to employ in order to become the people we want to become and for us to have what we want in the future.

when u want to succeed as much as you want to breath

The successful people are just like you and me but their attitude may be significantly different. We think you must work hard to get ahead. They understand it is not hard work that gets them ahead but working smarter.  Clearly, no one is suggesting that you don’t work toward getting what you want, you must, but it isn’t the work that makes it happen as much as it is what you think and how you think.

Napoleon Hill named his book, Think and Grow Rich because that is what happens. He did not mean you meditate in your room and money will pour from the heavens. He meant the way you use your brain, your mind, you imagination determines your attitudes and feelings, your faith and the opportunities you create. He knew that when you want something passionately and will not stop where most people would, but keep going that ultimately you will prevail.

You literally think yourself to success since everything begins with thought and since we become what we think about most of the time.

How well one uses their mind determines the success one can attain.

So you decide on what you want.

You create it now in order to have it then. You picture it for yourself, you write down your future story that you want told, you create it, tailor it, enhance it, see it, live it inside your head day and night, you spend the bulk of your time there creating what it is you desire the most (while enjoying this present as I have mentioned many times).

Know you purpose!

Understand your responsibility!

whatever we plant in our subconscious

You need to understand that you are ALREADY a creator. You have been doing it all along whether or not you have been getting results you intended. You either create what you want, what you don’t want or you create the drifting.

There is no escaping our responsibility in how our lives turn out from moment to moment. People try to shift the responsibility or the blame onto others and circumstances but what we have and don’t have is completely and solely up to each of us alone.

What we need to know and do to get what we want is to shoulder that responsibility and become 100% accountable for what we have or don’t. No more escaping, blaming or accusing. We accept it all without judgement. This is the starting place.

We need to understand that the creative act utilizes all of our mind. The conscious mind sets the course, determines the destination and chooses the end results you want to have. We figure out our purpose and what we want with our conscious mind. We use our conscious mind to instruct and inform the unconscious mind.

Our unconscious mind carries it out.  The unconscious mind is the servo mechanism that runs day and night while you sleep. Consciously, you determine what you want to create. Unconsciously, you manifest it.

I am

Both parts of the mind work together. The conscious mind is like you as the captain of a ship at the wheel. You are in charge. You decide where you want to go.

The unconscious mind is like the rudder, the ship and the power source. You consciously determine where you want to go and steer the ship in that direction using the wheel. The wheel is connected to the the rudder which turns the boat in the direction you want.

The unconscious mind is the vehicle you use to take you there. It works on and on without stopping, it operates under it’s own power. It runs on automatic, it makes the habits and produces the results you want BUT it needs to be told what to do.

For most people, the situation is like this. Most people have been informing their unconscious mind all along what to do without realizing their responsibility in the process. They get unwanted and unintended results and cannot figure out why. They are frustrated, and unhappy a good deal of time, or life is okay but not as good as it could be. For some it is downright unpleasant. The sad fact is that these people do not realize they are making it all happen that way. They don’t realize they are the source of their displeasure. They would change it if they knew how but they don’t.

We bring about the results in our life by our thinking and what we think about most of the time through the day, each day, for weeks and months and years. What we hold in our mind, in our attention, what we focus on is what we get and become whether we realize it or not and whether we wan’t it or don’t.

dont be afraid

We become what we think about. The truth is we are always creating because the energy flows where our attention goes.

If we are focused on lack, difficulty, fears and worry we create or we attract more of the same. This is why positive thinking is a critical skill to develop. This is why it is important to understand the laws and principles that govern the process and our part it in all of it.

When we recognize the important role we play in determining how our life goes we can then seek to make it how we want it to be instead of settling for what we caused in the past.

This is important to understand. It is important to act on this information if you want your life to change for the better.

In order to get the results you desire you must communicate clearly and with precision to your unconscious mind so that your unconscious mind knows exactly what to do to bring it about.

You put an end to haphazard and unintended results when you are able to do this.

I will paraphrase the biblical parable of sowing seeds. Some seeds fall on rock and die from the sun, some on harder earth and are eaten by birds and insects, while others fall in fertile, prepared soil and take root and grow.

While seeds can grow without humans it takes the right conditions for some to sprout.  Many die. When humans plant seeds we work to insure the conditions are maximal for optimal growth. There are things we do to bring about the right conditions.

all that we are arises with our thoughts

When we plant seeds of creation in our unconscious minds, because the unconscious mind could care less what it grows, we must make sure certain positive conditions are met in order to meet with success and get the results we intend to get. The unconscious mind will grow positive or negative seeds because it doesn’t care. SO we must TAKE CARE to plant ONLY positive seeds if that is what we want returned.

We have to take care and actually do things to make it work for us the way we want. We need to instruct the unconscious mind deliberately and with precision. I have been and will keep returning to this very critical point.

As discussed in previous posts, drifting means not knowing where one is going or changing direction continuously. It means not having a firm fixed destination and a plan for getting there.

Since your unconscious works by precise laws it is important that you give it the precise information you want it to carry out. Plus, you need to provide this information in the manner the unconscious mind is accustomed to getting it.

You need to learn to speak the language of the unconscious mind. For example,  as a native speaker of the language you speak you may have misunderstanding even when communicating with someone who speaks your same language.

BUT you will have no idea what someone is communicating to you if they speak a different language than yours and that is all they use to communicate with you. So speaking the same language is critical.

big goals get beig results

The same applies to creating what you want and getting those results. You must communicate with your unconscious mind in the language it uses so it can be clear about your instructions and then carry them out.

Poor instructions, misunderstood instructions or no instructions gets you different results than those you intend. Perhaps, this is already the case for you. Now would be the time to change  it don’t you think? If you do not like what you have been creating so far you can change this. Now it is time to create what you want.

Creation is governed by laws on the inside just as we are governed by laws on the outside. As we learn and understand these laws we are able to do incredible things for ourselves.

In nearly all of my posts I have attempted to reinforce this very important fact that we need to know in order to get what we want.

REMEMBER: Our unconscious mind does not make a distinction between wanted or unwanted, good or bad, or right or wrong for you, it just goes where your energy consistently flows. What you focus on is what it attracts and creates.

Whatever you think about most, day and night is what you bring about. If you drift you get certain results. If you are negative mostly, you get certain results. If you are half negative and half positive you get certain results. If you are positive you get certain results.

If you focus on lack or poverty or how things are difficult or impossible, if you are filled with worry or fear you get certain results. Your unconscious mind doesn’t care! It gives you back what you fill it with. Wanted or unwanted is what it returns.

THAT is precisely what a servo mechanism does. It returns to you whatever you program it to do without a consideration for you or judgement. IT simply does what it does.

your mind is a garden grow flowers or weeds

You may, or may not, want to hear this but the bottom line IS whatever results you are experiencing right now in your life IS because of what you have been feeding your unconscious mind. It is not up to anyone else nor is it up to circumstances it is all up to you.

THAT can suck or it can be incredible news!!! When I recognized this and accepted it IT was an incredible moment. AT the very moment when you finally get that you are creating everything good and bad it means that you can NOW, in that instant, begin to take charge and get the results you have always wanted to have.

When you recognize your role as creator you then step into your power you can change and transform things.

This is the very first step. Recognize your power.

Once you recognize there is a power  such as gravity or electricity, you can then harness it and master it. You can harness and master your creative abilities to have anything you want within reason. This is not magic or fantasy.

You can create the positive you you have always wanted to become. You can feel better and do wonderful things with your life. You can have everything you want and deserve.

Remember these phrases and repeat it to yourself:  ‘If it is to be it is up to me. We get what we think about most of the time.’ Repeat it over and over and think about it. Think deeply about it. Realize you need to take charge of your thinking process if it is to be…,” Rex Sikes

More next time. Today have an incredible one!

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Successful People Know These Laws – Why Don’t You?


There are laws that govern the universe and our experience of  it. Humans have discovered these laws and collected them. They explain how things work and they work independent of whether we know them, understand them, believe in them, or appreciate them. It is just the way things are.

For example, there is the law or GRAVITY. We may like it or not,  we may believe in it or not, but we still are subject to it. I am not going into why there is gravity or the motion of the planets, that isn’t part of this discussion.

You know about gravity and how it affects us. If you are in a tree and fall out you fall down not up. No matter what we think about gravity that will be the case. Plain enough to understand, I hope.

There is the law of LIFT (See Newton’s Laws)  which allows us to overcome the effects of gravity so  a plane can take off. Lift depends on other factors, speed and resistance but when those conditions are right the plane can take off and fly, however, the plane is still always subject to the law of gravity. It will fall to the earth when there are certain conditions.  Again, simple enough I hope.

All of the material to make and fly a plane have always existed. Do you realize that? Everything has always been here.

tesla law of universe enrgy frequency vibration

We live in a closed system and there is the principle that energy, hence matter, can neither be created or destroyed. All energy is transformed. Everything has always been and will always be, just perhaps, in a different form.

SO all the metals, the plastics, the rubber, the leather, the glass, other synthetics, we use all existed in their raw state eons ago. We could have made and flown planes thousands of years ago had we known how.

There has been nothing created during this time that did not exist previously. It has always been here. Nothing fell to earth from outside that contributed to our being able to build a plane and fly it. (Some do think differently about this, but I am not going there).

While it is true  that we combined elements to create new combinations of materials (transformations) that came about when we learned how to be able to do that, everything that is available today existed long, long ago in one form or another.

We have always had everything we have ever needed even when we didn’t recognize it or know how to utilize it. Sadly, it is true, that if you are not aware that certain things or conditions exist, then for all practical intents and purposes they don’t exist for you!

EVEN when in fact, they ARE present. It is only you, the human, that is not yet able to take advantage of them and they remain hidden. They remain hidden until the human becomes aware.

If  a rich relative died and left you the world’s classiest most expensive, desirable car but you didn’t know about it you wouldn’t act as the owner of that wonderful vehicle.

You would only act whatever you thought your current state was at the time. Even though it belongs to you and technically is in your possession, IF you don’t know about it you don’t act or utilize it as an owner.

You may even sit around hoping for a better car not knowing you are already in possession of the best car. You can be complaining about your financial condition while sitting on a potential heap of cash.

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

We only can conceive of that which we able to perceive. If we don’t know it exists as a possibility, if we are unable to conceive of it, if we are unaware, then we function as if it doesn’t exit. Awareness determines how far we may go. Awareness determines our vision.

Electricity  has always been with us. Once we understood we could harness it’s power we began to utilize it and control it. Once we better understood gravity and lift we could work with them.

Once our ‘know how ‘changed we learned to do many things. It may be that it took time for our brains to evolve to be better equipped at thinking, still, the point remains, we must know about it to utilize it.

We could have always utilized gravity and electricity from the beginning of time, all the materials were available in one form or another, but we did not know we could so we did not know how to either.

As our knowledge changed and we learned and understood more we accomplished new things and we transformed our world. We improved conditions in many ways. We made changes in housing, travel, food, communication and improved our overall well fare.

Everything was always present we just didn’t know what to do with it. I understand some people may have to really think and investigate to grasp this concept more easily but DO think about this. Consider what it means.

if you can imagine it you can achieve it

For a long time we attempted to fly. We tried flapping our arms like birds do their wings, we dove off cliffs trying to soar, only to plummet due to gravity. Later, we discovered we could utilize lighter than air gases and rise into the clouds. Eventually we were able to build engines to give us enough power and combined that power with properly designed wings which gave us lift against the wind. We defeated gravity for a little while.

Actually, we didn’t defeat it we worked with it because without gravity there wouldn’t be lift. The plane rises against the resistance. Once we learned these principles and better understood them we were able to create and do things, we could have always made happen, but didn’t, until the time when we were able.

Consider this as much as possible. Everything we needed to fly has always been available to us. The materials, the laws that govern flight have been with us all along. From the earliest of times we always could have flown but we didn’t until we realized how to use principles and materials to our advantage! I find this amazing to think about!

We have harnessed water power, wind power, electrical power, nuclear power because we learned about the laws that govern us and how to use them to bring about changes.

Once you understand the laws you can master them!

Prior to this understanding we go about however we go about. True or actual change in our life occurs only when the change in our consciousness occurs. It begins with awareness, it begins with our thoughts.

life is what you create

We seek answers or solutions, we look to find the means to accomplish something and once we begin looking we are more apt to find. Some people just never look they merely accept whatever is.

Consider that eons before the chair came about anyone could have built a chair. At some point someone did. Somewhere in human consciousness someone decided, someone thought, there was another way to sit other than on the ground.

Sure, maybe at first they piled some stones, or some sticks, but somewhere along the way the idea evolved in someone’s mind and they actually pictured a chair. They designed it in their head and they made it with their hands.

It didn’t exist until someone thought it into existence. The thought preceded the physical reality.  People do and behave  only what they know and imagine as possible.  If you can’t conceive of a new reality you will never have that new reality or behave that new reality.

I’ll repeat that a bit differently. In order to exist in a new reality you must first be able to conceive of that new reality.

For humans to have a chair or an airplane they first had to conceive of it in their minds. The idea had to be there. They had to discover and recognize certain principles and ideas in order to bring in to being the desired outcomes. If they don’t think or know something is possible or potentially available they will never strive to bring it about.

In order for new things to be brought into existence we must FIRST be able to conceive of them. All human creations begin with thought.

thoughts become things

Yes, it is accurate to state that some things are brought about accidentally while looking for or to do something else. There are surprise discoveries. (White Out, Velcro and other innovations apparently occurred accidentally while people were searching for something else).

For us to benefit from these amazing moments when there have been surprise discoveries people still need to be able to recognize  the opportunity that has just been given them. They need to recognize and SEIZE the opportunity.

If they discarded the different (accidental) results because it was not what they intended, without considering other possible uses for it, then the new innovation would never have occurred. This probably happens more frequently than it does not.

Sometimes discoveries have laid dormant until another time when we evolved more, learned more, and our information changed.  Then we were (finally) able to recognize ‘that something’ (that had been there all that while but remained under utilized) as an opportunity or a new benefit.  Until that ‘aha’ moment it existed in an unused form.

Until that ‘aha’ moment even though it all existed we were blind to it. We couldn’t see it or recognize it UNTIL the moment when we could. In that moment, the opportunity for transformation arrived!

act as if you already have it

We are only aware of what we are aware of at any given time. This is why some people never seem to get ahead while others rocket past them.

Those who succeed in life or career are able to recognize and utilize the opportunities, the materials, the information that others are still blind to. Everyone has access equally but only some are aware of it. It exists for all but only a few utilize it.

Notice it is the ability to recognize and UTILIZE the opportunities.

The First point is to be able to conceive of it. You must have the originating thoughts. The second point that is critical is we must act on this information. (I’ll discuss this further in upcoming posts).

Some people know they want a better future and hope or wish for it. They know what they could or should do to make things better but they just don’t do anything. In order to get the success and the results you want YOU must be ACTIVE in bringing it about.

Napoleon Hill said very accurately, ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and you can believe, you can achieve’. I find this a remarkable, beautiful, simple and and complex concept all at once.

In order for us to achieve something we must first be able to conceive of it.

can-do-it2 - cants to cans drams to plans

If we can think it, see it in our mind’s eye and speak it, we can have it.

What we can hold in our head we can hold in our hand. The picture first exists in the artist’s head prior to the canvas.

This is so true! Architects, engineers and others know that they create in the inner space, put it on paper and then countless others work to make it a reality in the physical environment. It ALL begins on the inside.

Those who succeed understand this. Those who don’t think it originates outside of them. They think circumstances or others dictate how life is for them. They don’t run their minds or their lives they let others run those.

This is the difference between someone who is a victor and one who is a  victim. It is the mind set or one’s own thinking that determines which they will be. . This can be the difference between you and someone who is a great success. It sure was for me.

In order to succeed we have to be self determining. We need to use what we have available to make what we want happen. It all begins inside of us. The successful either know this or have had that accidental discovery.

If we aren’t able to conceive of it then how on earth might we achieve it? We won’t unless we accidentally do it just as our other accidental discoveries. Even then,  we must recognize the opportunity OR we will still miss it.

whatever we plant in our subconscious

We  must be able to conceive of it to achieve it. Then, we must be able to act on it or it will just remain a piece of information. It will be an awareness with no action behind it.

We think it into being  but not as in science fiction or fantasy tales. We don’t rub a lamp or hope that it will happen for us.

We think it and then we work to accomplish it.

The successful people know and apply the laws of success. The successful people get the laws working for them. This is the big difference between those who accomplish much and those who accomplish little.

It all begins first with our thoughts. This is one of the reasons Henry Ford said, ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.’

For you to get a different result or outcome you need to FIRST be able to conceive of that different future result.

For you to get a different life in the future you must first be able to conceive of that different better future life. You need to take the FIRST step toward creating the future you want.

You must FIRST create it on the inside in order to have it on the outside. You create it on the inside now to have it on the outside at another date in the future because, honestly, things just take some time. Successful people never use time as an excuse for not making things happen.

If you want you life to change you have to change some things in your life. . If you want a kick ass successful future YOU have to conceive it, create it, bring it to life inside you right NOW in order to accomplish it or bring it about in the future. That is just how it is.

Those who enjoy enduring success travel a little bit in advance of the world. They see it in their mind’s eye, they plan ahead, knowing that it will be a reality sometime soon.


They understand that they have the power to create. They realize it begins with their dominant thoughts and that what they focus on most of the time is critical to their success. They don’t waste their thoughts or their time.

They know they must be positive and precise to create the same kind of results. They know if they are wishy washy they will get wishy washy results.

They take being a creator very seriously and understand the incredible opportunity and responsibility one has as a creator. They live as the captain of their ship, they live life victoriously. Others may not embrace these notions but people who are succeeding most definitely do.

Okay we’ll end here for today. More in Part 2 tomorrow. There is much more incredible material to cover and I’ll continue to share great ways to begin creating what you want.

Don’t miss out. Stick with reading the blog and putting into practice the ideas shared. You can get outstanding results! You can create an amazing life and future for yourself. ” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day. Put a smile on your lips and help those around you too.

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