Why Your Friends And Colleagues Are Important!

i am starting to attract the people around me

“Invest in your relationships. Nurture your personal and professional connections. Surround yourself with people that make you feel incredible. You can be more awesome when the people around you help you feel awesome. You can’t be your best if some people are making you feel less than glorious. You get further faster with support.

You may have to choose to not spend so much time with those people who bring you down. You may need to be a bit selfish with your time and space in order to spend it with those who uplift you. Don’t be rude about it. Be gentle, be kind and simply withdraw your presence gradually over time. Spend your time elsewhere bit by bit. It will always be your decision to let them back in at some time.

Wish them the best in your mind, your word and your deed as you choose those other people who can help you fulfill your purpose. Always wish everyone the best! Make it a point that most every person around you is someone that you chose to keep around.

Nurture and care for the important people in your life young or old but seek those who inspire you and challenge you to be your best. Don’t just choose like minded people who want to keep you the same as they are. Choose those who help you to stretch and develop your talents, abilities and resources. Surround yourself with those who help you to discover yourself and help you believe in yourself.

It is our network of people who help us move ahead. We cannot do everything by ourselves nor should we try. We should connect and network and form strong healthy close ties with good people. We need to care for the people in our lives and stay close to our loved ones, family, friends and associates. Together we are stronger!

We want people in our lives who accept us as we are while allowing us and encouraging us to grow. It is important that this goes both ways. Be certain that you accept them and allow and encourage them to grow as well. Relationships are based on mutual reciprocal support and nurturing.

be the type of person you want to meet

It is important that you give first what you seek in return. Be the same kind of best friend you want for yourself. Be the loving, strong family member you want in return. Become the person you want to meet and include in your life. Accept others and they can accept you. Inspire, help, motivate and support everyone in your life.

Be grateful for everyone. Even the ones you may let go of. Every person in our lives, intentionally or not, offers us opportunities to grow and see aspects of ourselves we may otherwise not. Every person is a much needed mirror to reflect back to us who we are and what we value.

From those closest to us to strangers we randomly meet each shows us ourself and is a valuable asset to us. So be grateful for each and every person and the challenges and opportunities they present us with JUST be being themselves.

When you are incredible to be around you will attract back into your life incredible people. Make the other person feel marvelous first. The easiest way to do this is to feel wonderful. When you first feel awesome you can help them be more awesome . They can’t be their best if you are making them feel less than glorious. So think and feel and behave your best.

Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. You get what you focus on. When you are positive and all your thoughts, words and deeds bless, heal and proser those kind of people will be attracted to you and come into your life. Others who you may need to let go of may simply spend less time with you all on their own and seek the company of those more similar to them. It is amazing how it works.

SO live by the Golden Rule! Hold all people in your mind and heart in high esteem and with respect and you will be surprised how wonderful life becomes and how many new doors open for you.” Rex Sikes

Delight fully in your day!

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What To Do When Everything Sucks

change your direction not your decision

“The goal in life is to feel good right? We should enjoy life, live fully, delight in everything. Celebrate. But what about those times when you just don’t or can’t? What do we do about those moments? It certainly would be useful to know, wouldn’t it?

People who love themselves and appreciate life and all it offers know that sometimes we just get stuck. They understand that there are challenges, upheavals and down times. They know that sometimes you just sit in traffic and don’t seem to make any progress. They understand the burn, frustration, anger and sadness that may accompany these moments. They realize sometimes we just have to fester awhile.

Many take heart in the motto ‘This too will pass’ . They understand that just as there is night and day, dark and light, cold and hot that there is a rhythm to life and that things do change. They ‘get it’ that the waves on the water come in, the tide rises and the waves go out and the tide goes down. They know there are seasons and time frames in which different challenges exist.

People who successfully navigate the tough times know that there are going to be these times and the accept it. They may try to navigate around them when possible but they don’t run from them. There are tough times that may seem to last forever. There are great times that seem to end too soon. There are times when nothing seems to change and we grow bored or weary. All of these occasions are just a part of life.

We need to understand what we can control and what we are not able to control. We may not be able to change the world but we can learn self control or self management or self improvement when we go though tough times. Tough times while not welcome are useful.


There is the saying ‘We can’t change the wind but we can adjust our sails’. Most everyone knows, ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade’.  So it isn’t about controlling, manipulating or changing the outer world to conform to our wishes but it IS about evolving ourselves to meet any challenge. We may not be able to change the world we can change ourselves and our responses!

When these challenges occur it is an opportunity to surrender. We need to learn how to surrender because as much as we might try make the world conform to us or change the circumstances some things in life just don’t happen until they are ready to happen.

Surrender. It is the time to allow and not resist because what we resist persists. So don’t fight it. This may seem difficult but this IS precisely what we need to learn. We need to learn how to navigate these times more productively and not get caught in the ‘trauma drama’. We need to understand sometimes we have to be patient and wait.

We need to learn how to seek feedback. We need to find the seed of opportunity that exists in the challenge. Through all of these experiences we can grow and develop when we understand how to best respond. We can experience great freedom in letting go.

When things change we tend to react out of habit. We do what we have always done previously. If what we always do is less than glorious, brings us or others more pain; if it doesn’t work very well and these habits aren’t serving us then it is time to learn and develop new habits.

repetition is the mother of skill

We always have choice. We really do. We can choose to do something or choose to do nothing but both are choices. Challenges will always be there but we can grow in spite of them. The way of the world is that things just happen. Unexpected things happen. Some expected things loom on the horizon. The choice is ours about what we think and feel and do.

Someone said, ‘Worry is praying for things we don’t want’. We should stop it. Complaining and whining only bring us more less than glorious thoughts and feelings. Gratitude and celebration may be tough at first but will bring us more of the feelings of thankfulness and insight than fretting and being upset will.

Relax, allow, and go with the flow. These will bring us more rest so we can gather our resources. These are times for self-reflection. Self examination and making new positive choices (especially when forced to) can lead to new positive thoughts and behaviors and new habits. Through reflection, during times of struggle, we can find ourselves renewed.  Gratitude and celebration for the challenge will open our eyes to possibilities we might otherwise miss.

Remember, ‘we become what we think about’. We get what we focus on.  Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together so we need to choose the best, the highest the most glorious thoughts and feelings we can find to fill our minds. When we stick with these we will find more of them. In staying on course we will discover incredible value and can begin to build a positive new habits that serve us better.” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful in your day!

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You Have Been Lied To! Change Isn’t Difficult. It Is Easy!

winners never quit

“Have you tried to change something and found it difficult? Did you give up because you thought it was too hard? Are you living other than you want to because you may attempted to be different but have not yet succeeded? Do you realize those attempts speak volumes to you?

Begin to look at them and examine them and see that they were necessary for you to learn many things. Whether you actually learned them or not the possibility existed. In every challenge there IS the seed of opportunity. In every failure there is feedback. You only have to be open and look.

Many people give up because they believe it to be hard. They expect a rough road. The can’t see past the difficulty to a brighter day. Therein lies the issue. If you expect it to be tough it is far more likely to be tough than if you expect it to be easy.

Our mindset, the beliefs, the perceptions, the biases, the past experiences we go to when we evaluate future actions shape how we perceive the future and our success. Our own thoughts prevent us.

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

When we believe something to be easy and that we are able to accomplish it effortlessly we may encounter challenge. If we believe we can handle any challenge and make it through then we most likely will. After all, it is all only in our heads! It is whatever we think or decide it will be. Our own thoughts see us through to a success!

If truth be told, it is actually easier to change than most people think it is. It is easy. It is truly, very easy! Since many don’t think so they make it tougher than it is. People think changing their thinking is not all that easy. It is! It really, truly, actually is.

You are only replacing a thought with a different more productive thought. You are only making a different decision to think something or do something or feel something else! You are not stopping something, giving something up or making any sacrifice you are changing your thoughts like you change your socks. You switch them.

When you are watching television and you tire of a program do you struggle to change the channel?  Are you afraid it is too difficult and give up or do you simply use the control to look elsewhere for something you prefer more? You surf to something more enjoyable. Or do you sit there are fret, worry and get sad? Are you afraid to switch from one channel to the next? Is it so difficult to decide?

think happy thoughts good things will happen

Do you see the folly most of us buy into? We think changing our minds is tough when in fact we do it numerous times each day. We change, we opt out of and into something else. The only reason you don’t actually have to force yourself to change channels and you may force yourself to eat better, or think better IS because of your pre-conditioned thoughts about each. You know you can do it!

You don’t give changing the channel (or your socks)  it a second thought but you have stories, and excuses, and reasons, blah, blah, blah about a time/s when you tried something and it didn’t work out as you had hoped. STOP IT! Stop indulging in useless, less than glorious, non-productive thinking. Just stop it! Put the excuses to rest.

Change is easy! It can be easy. Once you do it change gets even easier. Since birds of a feather flock together and like attracts like, if you think it is difficult you produce more of the same kind of thoughts. You get one bad reason, one poor excuse after another.

The same will be true if you switch your thinking to more productive, powerful, positive thinking. You generate more productive, powerful, positive thoughts. IT DOES work both ways. You get more of whatever you focus on. You  become what you think about. It gets easier and easier!

beautiful thoughts positive emotions miracles

IT IS EASY! You decide to do it and you do it! As you do you will discover it getting easier and easier. Eventually you get into the flow. So stop fighting it and give in. Give up the excuses and go with the flow. That is easy! It is actually easier than you THINK it is BECAUSE you only think it isn’t. Do you understand how silly it is for you to think it is tough? It is ONLY a thought that is stopping you.

You want to be in charge of your thoughts and not have them in charge of you! SO decide, take control, take charge and begin making the positive changes you want to make. You are only changing the channel from a less than glorious story and bevy of excuses to a more positive powerful story.

You make these kind of decisions and changes each and every day. Make them again in your own best interests. It IS easy. You will find it so when you get it going. You will discover a momentum as you move along. BUT nothing wil change unless you decide to do it now! It is completely up to you! Don’t wait. Make it happen today!” Rex Sikes

May you discover may delightful moments today!

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Healthy Body Healthy Mind – Are You?

there is nothing impossible

“Healthy Body Healthy Mind; Healthy Mind Healthy Body. The two seem go hand in hand. We tend to think of these as separate entities, body and mind. Really they are part of one system. It is difficult to have one without the other. It makes sense to do think, feel and do things that benefit the entire system. We are one not two.

If you want to be clearer headed and have more energy, maintain your ideal weight and feel better then what we think about is important. It is equally important what we put into our bodies.

Remember GIGO; Garbage In Garbage Out? You can’t have a well operating system if you are putting garbage into it. You might want to make a point of eating better in addition to thinking better. It is still early in the new year, perhaps that was even one of your resolutions.

It is always easier for some reason and some people to begin on a Monday. Today is Friday (or whenever you are reading this) take the next few days to plan to begin to add in food items that are healthier choices and to eliminate some that are not healthy. This will give you some time to plan what you want, decide how you want to do it, shop for the items, clear out the old and begin to take steps toward being healthier overall. All of this is your choice. Decide well and choose wisely.

We know that lots of sugar, chemical additives, processed foods, MSG, HFCS are not good for us. We know more servings of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, clean water, 100% grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free, well raised and pasture or cage free meats, wild caught fish, are wiser choices than most items in food stores and butcher shops. You will have to make your own choices but there are guidelines out there to follow. Again, seek out the best guidelines.

you can master anything w self control

It is not just what we put in our bodies but what we put on our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs whatever we put on it. Lots of chemicals, deodorants, make-up, lotions, lathers are not at all beneficial for us. Much of what we ingest and slap on ourselves has little to do with thoughtful choices and more with blind adherence to brand advertising.

It is a wise and worthwhile practice to check the labels on food, drink and items we slather over us or bath in. A good rule of thumb is, IF you can’t pronounce it don’t ingest it or wear it. Don’t eat it or wear it if you don’t know what it is. IF it has more items than make sense for a simple food item don’t eat it.

Feeling good comes from what we do within and without. What we put in ourselves as fuel is important. You wouldn’t expect your car or furnace to run on inferior products so neither should you. I think when one cares for oneself one cares FOR oneself.

If you love and value and appreciate yourself you won’t skimp, cheat or treat yourself less than you deserve to be treated. You deserve the very best! Take care of yourself in the very best fashion. Keep this in mind for your children, parents and all family members. Make it a point to be healthy inside and outside. You will be delighted with how much more wonderful you feel when you dedicate yourself to feeling wonderful!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Maybe, You Are Praying Wrong!

what u put out u attract

“Most of my life I have been a student of ancient texts, western and eastern. It seems to me that most people pray wrong. This may be a controversial statement but from everything I know and understand praying is not begging it is celebrating. Hang with me on this. I am not professing to be an expert but I am sharing my insight and experience.

Prayer is an attitude of gratitude and blessing. In an English translation of a paraphrased Bible verse it states, ‘Ask, believing you shall receive, and you will receive’. It makes sense then that the key to receiving is not in the asking but in the believing you will receive.

It seems begging and pleading hasn’t done much for many people. Now I could be wrong, but it seems many ask for prayers when something is wrong. They focus on getting a solution to what is the problem, lack of health, wealth, well-being for self or loved ones. They beg, really asking and hoping when something is wrong. I don’t blame them it makes sense. Just as little kids plead with adults for things we plead our case for a hoped for result.  The focus ends up being on the problem and that IS the problem with how most may be praying.

I think prayer is being thankful for everything. It is knowing and trusting that all good things come to those  who trust. It comes to those who have faith.  Another verse states, ‘every person has already received a portion of faith’ so it isn’t something you have to muster up. You already have it within you. Exercise it.

what u resist persists Jung

Faith that you receive means you see it as already done. Your answer is already provided. It is accomplished you don’t have to keep asking. It is the full imagining in your heart and mind that you already have what you want instead of continuously asking for something to happen sometime in the future. The promise seems to be ‘believe it and you will see it’. Your thoughts and words and actions should be only those that bless, heal and prosper self and others.

If you keep asking for a result to happen in the future you are putting everything off in the future. Now is the eternal moment. You have to declare it completed now. ‘You stand on the word’ and the promises made in that word. You own the victory. You truly believe in the promise so you don’t have to beg. Even if you can’t yet hold it in your hand you have to imagine it completed in your heart and head.

I think many of us just have it in reverse. Our religious teachers have taught us incorrectly. Maybe they themselves don’t know. I realize that I only paraphrased a few Bible verses. If you are really interested you can search this out in the Bible and just about every other ancient or even modern spiritual text and practice. They all say essentially the same thing. This information seems to be all over the world in texts from isolated groups and people from all times on the planet. You can find it when you seek it out.

act as if you already have it

Celebrate what you ask for as already accomplished! Be grateful, be thankful that this or a better outcome is in store. Don’t try to push your plans or your agenda learn to accept whatever will be. Have faith, trust, expect the best, plan for the miracle. Receiving the miracle seems to be the toughest for people. You have to let go and accept it at some point. Allow it.

‘If you have the faith of a mustard seed’… It doesn’t take lots of faith apparently but it takes some. It takes enough to declare it and believe it as already accomplished. It takes enough to be appreciative of everything and live joyously. Live and celebrate, ask and be thankful for however it turns out. There can be hidden blessings now and later in whatever outcome arrives.

‘Ask and you will receive’. It all seems to boil down to what you believe in your heart. If you pray desperately, pleading, hoping, that is not the same as praying, asking, declaring, believing and accepting that it is done. Birds of a feather flock together is one of my pet phrases. So if you are anxious when you prayer you seem to stay anxious. You need to relax, let go, trust and rest in the promise.

ask for what you want and be prepared to get it

Asking others to pray celebrating the completion of what you requested is sound. ‘When two or more agree…’ Again, the key is to celebrate. To celebrate having your wants already heard and delivered. You step out on faith, in your heart and mind and act as if. You claim it! Ask people to join you in celebrating receiving.

Feeling positive, feeling gratitude, feeling deep in your heart that what you want IS already done, is different than waiting and hoping for the outcome you want. Believe it and you will see it. Be thankful and loving in all things. I believe  prayer is feeling joyous while convinced your prayer is already answered. It is not hope, it is the feeling you are complete and you delight in all. I believe we can all live prayerfully and when we do life is miraculous.” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Power Words: How Can I Help You?

correct your mind the rest will fall into place

“The longer I have lived and the more I have experienced the more I realize that being there for one another is what living is all about. We look for meaning and purpose. We have been called ‘meaning makers’ and ‘time binders’ by anthropologists. We seek inside ourselves and outside ourselves for ‘something’ greater.

We have our sciences, our stories, our philosophies, our religions to inform us and comfort us. Few of us successfully live alone and solitary confinement is considered a very cruel inhumane form of punishment. Why might these things be so?

Because we as a species band together. From earliest times of bands and tribes and groups we form ties and have worked, played, loved and moved together. With the  rise industrial revolution people began to leave their clans, their burrows, their neighborhoods, travel far and seek employment and their dreams in other neighborhoods. From one place to another place they journeyed. Landing in a new area they formed new ties. Cities grew larger.

So what am I getting at with all this? We are social creatures. We can’t really live well without one another. It is true that we seek out our own kind; we group by race, religion, economics, politics and a few other factors.

We ostracize by these same factors. We gather, support, defend based on mostly mentally manufactured distinctions. ‘They look the same as me’ okay part of my group. They look different not part of my group. ‘They think the same as me’; my group. They think otherwise, not part of my group. And on and on.

People do categorize each other as part of the ‘in group’, or not. This is unfortunate that as a people we have not all successfully learned to get along and accommodate our differences. Still, it is the current way of the world. We have to learn how to live together without prejudices and looking for those elements that could separate us. We need to seek harmony, acceptance, and embrace our differences.

you are a living magnet

I think we can move toward embracing all and become one people, one world even if there is a lot of resistance toward that from various mindsets. The world is still divided and may be for sometime or forever. My point is we band together. Like groups attract like groups. We don’t live alone. We need each other and we seek each other out and form ties.

Since we need each other one of the most powerful ways to create strong ties IS to assist each other. When we help each other we grow closer to each other.We create bond. Not only is that important but when you or I help another person learn to do something, overcome a difficulty or accomplish something important to them we not only help THAT person but we help ourselves too! We grow together independently. We make them and we make ourselves feel better!

There are those in the world who don’t want to help. They want to own, to have and to protect what they claim is theirs and ostracize and blame others. I get that. I don’t think that helps them live more wonderful lives but I get their reasoning. I can empathize with their thinking and their potential fears.

I also think and believe and operate from ‘what we think about we bring about’. The more we fear the more we have to fear and are more fearful. The more we love and accept the more we have to love and accept. I do not believe we have a more peaceful world by engaging in more wars. We have a more peaceful world when we all embrace being peaceful.

People band together so supporting each other and helping each other makes sense. Some religions are founded on and practice helping others. They believe in helping those like us and those unlike us. Therefore, I return to The Golden Rule which I have come to believe is one of the most important concepts and practices we can embody. It truly is an incredible and important practice to begin to understand and apply.

‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’. Treat others the way you prefer to be treated. Hey, most all of us, dare I say, all of us, want love, acceptance, kindness, life, liberty, happiness and more good things. We want connection, we want health, wealth and well being. We want family and friends. We want meaning and a sense of significance.  We want to be liked. We want to be understood and loved.

what we project we perceive

We want to be important to each other. We don’t want isolation, rejection, fear, famine or  poverty. We want to mean something to each other, to have a sense of dignity and productivity. I think most people want these things. They want peace, joy and community.

So to treat each other this way first IS what the golden rule is about. What we think about we bring about so it begins with out thoughts. How we think about others is important! We need to think the best, the highest, the finest even when that may be most difficult. Why? BECAUSE that is what the golden rule is about.

YOU treat others HOW you want to be treated. What do you want? Do you want to be identified as unacceptable and as a less than desirable person? Do you want to be rejected, isolated devalued and discarded? DO you want to be treated in any of these ways? I doubt it. How we think about others IS important and it speaks volumes about who we are, what we believe and what we do or practice.

Everything ALL begins with out thoughts. What we think about we become. If we think less of others much of the time how are we helping anyone or anything be better? If we refuse to think positively about anyone or a situation how are we helping anyone or anything become better? We aren’t lifting anything up if we are busy in our minds tearing it down. So how we think and what we think IS critical!

What we say and do is equally important. We should make it a point to never say or do anything that doesn’t bless, heal or prosper ourselves and one another. If we keep this in mind we actively seek and work to better ourselves and those around us.

We can get more of we want by helping others get more of what they want and need. We work together to bring us all to a higher more respectable place. We work together peacefully to bring about peacefulness. Can you understand this? We only elevate the world when we think, speak and behave that way.

what u put out u attract

We concentrate on what we want to experience more of and then we help ourselves and each other have more of it. We make our lives and the world much more wonderful when we co-operative and help each other. True, some may resist your help, may not want your help, may resent your help but love them and embrace them and accept them even when they do. That is the higher road. Do not judge.

Perhaps, that is what is meant by ‘turn the other cheek’. When we are rebuffed, belittled, rejected, despised, hurt, attacked or abused maybe we should still find a way to forgive and love those who have done harm to us because when we are able to do that we are free. We are free to live and love others and ourselves without the baggage of vengeful thoughts. If we live hating others we contaminate our own experience. We need to find a higher way to think, and be and act that serves us in the most positive ways.

So some of the most powerful words you may speak to another person whether a close family member, friend, associate or stranger may be ‘How can I help you?’ People around us may be going through some tough times and the best way you may be able to demonstrate care, love, acceptance and support is to offer to help without judgement.

Wouldn’t you like it if someone offered assistance to you when times are tough AND they don’t judge you or make you feel less than glorious when doing so? Think ‘higher purpose’. Keep this in mind; what can I think, do and say that will bless, heal and prosper myself and others?

When you help others you do help yourself. Research demonstrates that helping others, giving back, paying forward can increase your own sense of purpose and overall self-satisfaction. When you freely volunteer to help without conditions or expecting payback you are uplifting your own soul. You can help those close to you and you can also choose to volunteer in your community or to a cause you feel is important.

Whenever you can relieve suffering of another person; a child, someone elderly, a friend or stranger it makes you feel good does it not? Doesn’t it make you feel better whenever you are able to relieve the suffering of an animal? Whenever you help to put s smile on another person’s face it makes you smile more, doesn’t it. You feel good when you help others feel good, don’t you?

what u put out u get back

According to Todd Farchione, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders he states that JUST offering to support someone is a good way to support them. ‘If you really want to help somebody, then the way you should go about it is to ask yourself if you can be supportive of the individual in a way that allows them to tell you about what they’re experiencing and why they may be experiencing that.’

So maybe the words, ‘Can I help you’ or “How can I support you in this’ are some of the most important words you can say. One of the most important things you can then DO is to LISTEN and absolutely accept what they say. DON’T argue, or instruct, or reject, don’t insist, simply listen, accept and take their side. Support them in the way they ask to be supported. If and when it is appropriate perhaps you can help in additional other ways.

I think most people WANT to be heard and understood. Sometimes they want to be accepted even when they act bizarre because they simply want someone to love and care for them anyway. So listen and respond to them and their actual needs and what they say they are.

Don’t project on them what you think they need or what they need to understand about their problem or issue. Accept and lift them up. After all, wouldn’t you want someone to approach you and accept you for who you are? Don’t you want someone who would listen carefully to you and support you because they care about you? Wouldn’t you prefer that they not judge you? I know I sure do.

I think we create a more loving, peaceful and wonderful world when we do this even in small ways. I do think it helps pay it forward and it contributes to everyone overall. The more we each take responsibility to live peacefully, lovingly, helpful, joyfully the more contagious good things become. The more we are able to contribute first to others unconditionally the more good things we create or generate. The big key is unconditional giving. No one likes stings attached to anything.

What we resist persists. Fighting war with war only makes more of the same. So the choice is each of ours to make. What do we want to create, attract and have more of? We know what we want to eliminate. We will eliminate it faster by attracting more of what we want  than by fighting what we don’t want.

The Golden Rule is a way we change the world person by person. We think, speak and act only in ways that bless, heal and prosper. When we do this we help others ANDt we help ourselves, immensely. We help everyone when we actively ‘go first’. When we live our lives with love and well being in our hearts we help make the world a much more enjoyable place. So live, love, laugh and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate your day! Make it meaningful!

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Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

can-do-it2 - cants to cans drams to plans

Do it! You know you want to. So Do it! Stop procrastinating and actually do it. Cross something off your bucket list. Stop making excuses and find the way and the means to do something you have always wanted to do. Your bucket list are the things you want to do so go and do them. At least cross one item off the list real soon!

Don’t waste any more time. You will only have less time as days go on. You will only be older so the time is now. Pick that something positive you really want to experience and experience it. For goodness sakes how long will you keep putting it off in the future? Stop and make it happen now.

make an effort not an excuse

Sometimes the he hardest part of doing anything is starting. Do not let that stop you or prevent you from enjoying a highlight. Make the commitment to begin. It only takes a couple of minutes at most to get going with it. Plan it, organize it, do whatever you can to cross a delightful item off your bucket list. Stop waiting and start doing.

Once you begin you will be surprised by how much further along you will be. You can delight in your progress toward making it happen. As it gets closer and closer you can enjoy the enthusiasm, the eagerness, that comes with knowing it IS going to happen.

Live well, have fun and delight yourself. This is something special for you. Make the decision to accomplish it this year. You will be glad you did. Because after all the person who waits to make their dreams come true – waits.” Rex Sikes

How much fun can you stand today?

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