The Number 1 Decision You Must Make To Begin Getting What You Want


Remember this – how you travel  determines how you feel when you arrive at your destination. So make the most of each moment and feel wonderful no matter what is going on.

Can you do this? Yes!!! It can be difficult at first, especially, if you have never tried it before. If you lived all your life as a victim living as a victor will seem strange, unfamiliar and even difficult. You may even seem disoriented for a bit but it will pass.


You could experience a great sigh of relief as you finally take ownership for your life. Yes, it may be difficult at times but it is also absolutely delightful and worth it! You may actually feel relieved, as many do, when they make a positive decision.

You may feel very relieved that you no longer have to live the way you have been. It can be extremely freeing when you no longer have to settle for accepting whatever results you were getting.

When you finally recognize that you are a powerful creator and that you actually have been creating everything in your life all along you open up to incredible opportunity. You begin to fulfill your destiny.

you are responsible for your experinces

Once you actually accept that you are powerful and that you are always responsible for what you get then you begin to immediately transform everything about you and your life! When you ultimately recognize the role you play in creating your life you may very well embrace it swiftly and easily. After all, you have come into your own.

Not everyone does but they can.  Everyone is different and whatever time it takes for a person to adjust is the time it takes. There is no right or wrong amount of time.

We are not in a competition with anyone else. Some will move slowly others may move at a swifter pace.  It is whatever it is. Accept it, allow it.  Don’t resist it, don’t push.  It is whatever it is.

There is the saying, ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears’. Everyone is becomes ready at different times. Everything happens within certain time frames. ‘There is a season…’

When you decide to create your life, in that very moment, everything can begin to change. There is power in making that decision. You put into motion a very strong cause and for every cause there is an effect.

BUT keep in mind you may not yet see the new effects for a while. Who knows for how long?  What you are currently seeing are the effects of your previous ’causes’ – your previous thoughts.

its a slow process but quitting wont speed it up

Again, there is a season for everything so be patient, have fun, and relax while enjoying the positive new thoughts and the new life.

Do you get this?

You are always causing you world to be whatever it is. You have ALWAYS been doing this. Always.

YOU have always been doing THIS.

YOU are responsible for whatever your world is like. Whatever you have or don’t have is the result of your ‘unconscious’ efforts or lack of them.

You are either the captain of your ship or a drifter at sea. You are either the victor or the victim.You either create the results you get or your settle for whatever happens to come your way. This is what you must decided.

If you haven’t already at some point you must deliberately chose which one you are. At that very moment liberation happens. In that instant you become free to determine the present and the future you will have.

The difference, now, is that you recognize WHO is in charge.  YOU take responsibility to do whatever positive things you must do to create what ever it is you want. You take control of your thoughts and your feelings.


This puts you squarely in charge! From this place you can create whatever it is you want.  This is such exciting news because now YOU determine the results you get from this moment.  You know you are in charge of making it happen and this is a positive place of power!

Whenever the moment occurs for you IS the right time. Once you make the decision to own everything about your life  you become the premiere designer of your life!  Celebrate and delight when you make this decision because then you can consistently draw good things your way!

You can travel well along life’s roadways. It is important to know your destination (what you want) so you know where you are going to eventually end up.  It is important to realize the role you play in bringing all this about. It is equally important to determine how you want to get there.

Delight in the journey!  Make it fabulous and enjoy everything along the way. ” Rex Sikes

Today is the only day you have like this. Make it superb!

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Powerful Tips You Can Immediately Use To Make Your Dreams Come True!


“…Believe in yourself and maintain you attitude. Focus each day on what you can think and feel and do to make your dreams come true. Avoid thinking about what you can’t do, don’t like or what is negative.  Find the good and new each day to celebrate and your life, your present and your future will transform! It may happen slowly, as already mentioned, but it will transform so hang in their…

…We become what we think about most often. What we focus on we get. We get back what we put out. We reap what we sow. Energy flows where our attention goes. So think and feel and expect the best and you will get more of the same…

(Continued From: What People Think That Makes Them Fail)

FOCUS on what you want to create and have and enjoy. Put your thoughts and energy into what you want to manifest for yourself and keep your thoughts on this. Imagine it in detail, as richly and fully as you are able. Spend time watching the movies of your mind in full color, vivid, with awesome sound. Enjoy these inner films of what you can and will be doing and having.

imagine believe and achieve

See yourself as you want to be. What positive attributes and characteristics do you embody? How do you look, stand and move  as you live your dreams? How do you sound? What do you say? Where are you? What are you doing? Who is with you? What do you have?

It is said, ‘If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand’. Our inner thoughts create our present and future reality. So become the movie director of your inner motion pictures, make them compelling, fascinating, riveting, fantastic and so you get the future you want to have.

There may be no limit to what you can create that is wonderful for yourself. The only limits that exist are the ones you don’t explore going beyond. Anything may be possible. Think big, think strong positive thoughts and think these often each and every day and you will bring your dreams into being.

Take time to write and view and craft the future you and these inner movies. Make these as real as possible, focus on them and visit and watch them often each day. You will know you are on the right track when you run them in your head and you feel eager and excited.  You will know you are on the way to making it all happen when you think to yourself, this is mine! When you know you are going to have it.

a man becomes what he thinks about

There is a big difference between a wish and an expectation. On your birthday you know you will get a present or more. You expect it! You may hope of wish for something you want to get but you aren’t sure if you are going to get it. You hope so BUT you know you will get a gift!

When you begin to feel secure, when you know the future you are creating in your head IS yours that is the feeling you want to have. It is not a question of IF at all you know it is going to happen. This is what is meant by keep the faith, believe it is going to happen.

Napoleon Hill stated, ‘That whatever you can conceive AND believe you can achieve’. Countless numbers of people have been proving him correct through all time. Take time to conceive it, design it, make yourself believe it, make it your dominant thoughts and spend the bulk of your day and night positively engineering it and you will make it happen.

To get to the point you where you are absolutely convinced you will accomplish your goals you will have to spend time each day making them happen in your mind and body. Live them on the inside to bring them about on the outside.

You will have to live with it and spend much of your time there as you go about your daily activities.

in mymind I have always been A list movie star

I am not saying all your time is day dreaming. Nope, you spend your day making your day marvelous and feeling fantastic. You spend your day doing whatever you need to do while feeling grateful and enthusiastic. You go about your present life with a powerful, positive attitude and the unshakeable conviction that YOU are creating and manifesting what you want.

Once you learn how to transform your present moments and you do so you understand how to transform your future AND vice versa! It is an incredible benefit.

You make your present moments wonderful. Plus, you spend  portion of your day, after getting up and before going to bed, focused on what you want to bring into your life.  A half hour is not too much to ask. Bring your attention to these thoughts whenever you are able to during your day. You create your future. You travel where you want to go in advance of actually going there.

You make the future moments in your mind, the present, that time when you have exactly what you want. You live and breath your definite chief purpose AS IF you already do actually have it.

A useful exercise (proposed by a very knowledgable person, but I forget the source at this moment and will look for the person’s name) is to imagine it is the day after you make your dreams come true. Let’s say you wanted a large exact sum of money by a certain date, say… January 1st. It is now the 2nd of January and you are telling someone how you made it happen. You describe everything you did to get that money by that date. You relive it in detail.

what u feel now is what u attract

I added this next component and found it very helpful. You can even go further out, a week, a month, few months a year and even more then see in your mind and describe in detail how wonderful the experience is to have made your goal come true by that date AND then to have lived that lifestyle for this amount of time.

What did you become? What did you do since?  What do you have as a result that you would not have otherwise? What did you enjoy? What did you solve?  Where did you travel? Who have you met? HOw are you able to continue to bring about more positive changes? What are they? How has your life and others improved as a result of you taking charge? How wonderful do you feel? How incredible has your life become?

All these questions add depth, texture and nuance to your mental movies and are powerful to include.

The more vivid you are able to make it and the more wonderful positive enthusiastic energetic feelings you have as you think about it the more you impress all of it on your unconscious ‘servo-mechanism’.

when u want to succeed as much as you want to breath

Your job is to make certain all of you, your entire being, understands ‘This is who I am, what I am doing and what I am enjoying having!’

Think of it as a thought bank. Whatever you deposit in the bank you get back with interest. When you mostly put positive thoughts and images into the bank you will get positive interest back.

If you don’t deposit anything you don’t get a return. You drift.

If you deposit negativity, doubt, fear in the bank you get negative interest back. Whatever you deposit you will get back. Your mental movies and positive great feelings are what you deposit.

SO FIRST determine what you want to get back!

Many people neglect to do this. They do not think about what they are doing nor what they want to get in return. They drift. I know this because I did not do any of this for much of my life. I was an expert drifter when it came to setting goals. Sure I wanted things but I had no clue as to how to go about making them happen.

Keep the faith, focus on what it is that is positive, ignore the current results and keep moving toward what you desire. Make your present time the most marvelous time you are able because this is what you will end up creating. Your present condition becomes your future reality.” Rex Sikes

What incredible delights will you enjoy today?

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How To Get People To Help You Succeed

what u put out u attract

“When it comes to getting your goals and making your dreams come true you will succeed faster when you realize it is not only about you. This point is critical. The best approach to embrace is to realize that getting what you want is through becoming the best person you can be. It is really ALL about YOUR personal evolution.

Seek to evolve yourself. Aim for the highest. Apply the Golden Rule. Seek only to think thoughts and speak words and do actions that bless, heal and prosper everyone, including yourself. Become a creator who creates all good things, love, peace, kindness, generosity, enthusiasm, well-being, fun, delight, appreciation, co-operation and all other wonderful things.

Become a magnet and attract all these good things.  Attract the very best.

When you align all of your thoughts in this way with what it is you want to accomplish you are much more powerful. You make your present so much more wonderful and you are creating a future worth having.

I think the most important aspect of what I am sharing is this.

you are a living magnet

You become the change you need to become in order to create the positive life you want and to make what you want happen.

Recognize your role as creator and determine to create an incredible experience for yourself and others. Realize you are a magnet and determine  to attract that which brings joy to everyone.

Remember it is necessary to plant the right kind of seeds to get the crop (results) you desire. We become what we think about most of the time so think the finest positive powerful thoughts that benefit yourself and everyone else. Evolve into being the kind of person you would like to get to know.

It is NOT about the money or success, the career or the home, the car, the jewelry or whatever other things you want. Yes, you can get those but it truly isn’t about those ‘things’.

It is about becoming a person who lives abundantly and lives well. It is about becoming the kind of person who can easily make and attract the right kind of people, circumstances and the things, the cash or success into your life. It is about the who a person is not what the person has that is most important.

be the type of person you want to meet

It is all about the who you are and less about the what you acquire. Who you become determines what you do. What you do determines what you have.

If you are in it to win and to help others win, others will be attracted to you. You will radiate positive personal energy and helpfulness. You exude a willingness to cooperate and align efforts.

When you are positive and powerful and a nice person you have a truly winning combination. Those who can help you will be attracted to you because they recognize your winner mind set AND that you are a great person to be around. Remember, birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like!

If on the other hand, you are ruthless and care little for others or their success, while you might get somewhere, the likelihood is there will be more difficulty keeping it and enjoying it. Yes, you may get ahead but at what cost?

To try to succeed by leaving others behind or stepping on them to get to the top will not serve you well in the long run.  You will get back what you put out. If not at first, eventually, because everything does take time. Keep in mind that the sun shines on the good person and the bad and it rains on both too. Seek to improve life for everyone and your life will improve much quicker.


When you radiate positive thoughts and energy you attract what you need to move forward. You become a beacon to other like minded and like spirited people. You are magnetically charged to attract the finest. When your thoughts are the best about others at all times you elevate yourself while holding others in high regard. You give out the best and in doing so you get back the best in return.

When we work together collaboratively and support each other there is a synergistic effect. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Everyone can enjoy success together. People who attract those of like mind and energy can create great things together. None of us ever actually make it all on our own. ‘No man is an island’.

Larger positive creations come about from collaborating with the right people. You can create more well being and accomplish more when you positively align with others who work for the same ends as you do than by yourself. Together you can build things you can not imagine doing alone.

It is is exciting to discover others in the world who think and feel the same. It is thrilling to align with them and create new good possibilities as you work together. When you radiate positivity you are able to attract people to you who have like desires in mind.

When you find good people who are  all aimed at creating the same outcome you can make it happen quicker than if you were to do it all alone. This is the basis of a mastermind group. I will only touch on this briefly for now and explore it further later on.

It is an incredible world to be positive in and to find other positive people to enjoy. Having wonderful people to associate with is a marvelous opportunity. It is okay to be picky but it is not okay to be snobby.

i am starting to attract the people around me

Chose your friends and associates wisely whenever you can but there is no need to put down or ostracize anyone else.  If you are really a positive person you won’t be bothered by someone who is not. It is just not the way you chose to be.

You don’t have to flee from negative people when you are powerful you just don’t let their negativity affect you. You can choose to spend most of your time with other positive, powerful, lovers of life whenever you are able. This is time well spent.

When you are filled with positive energy you attract powerful creators who share similar goals. What is positive energy? Thinking and feeling the very best. When you feel zest for life and little gets you down and you think and feel wonderful the preponderance of the time you are and have more positive energy. When you put it out there you get it back. Share it! RADIATE IT!

When you are feeling optimal you WILL be radiating it. You will be putting it out there. We are always radiating what is going on inside of us. We are always broadcasting our thoughts and feelings and attracting more of the same.

We can’t NOT be putting it out there. We are ALWAYS putting it out there. This is WHY it is CRITICAL to chose the best thoughts and feelings so that you start attracting back the best thoughts and feelings.

This is the reason why we CHOOSE to think and feel positive.  This is why if you are not happy with the results you have been getting you must change what you are doing inside. You must not focus on the thoughts you don’t like but on what you DO WANT to attract. It is important to understand this! Many don’t so they are confused as to why they aren’t getting everything they want.

In order to get what you want on the outside you first must create it on the inside. You must plant what you want and nurture it along in order to harvest it in the right time.

Get it? I hope so. It has took me forever to begin to understand and appreciate how things actually work.

think about good stuff

Positive energy is infectious for other positive people and can be uplifting for those who need a lift. At other times, negative people may just chose not to be around one who feels so good. That is okay, they may just need time to come around. Don’t be evangelical about anything or insist others change simply accept and allow for anything and everything. Allow each person to be who they are and do not judge them.

By allowing others to be who they are you are freer to be who you are. Isn’t that what you really want anyway, to be free. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be free to be who you are and to enjoy what you want when you want to? Others want the same.

When you are not in competition with anyone else and when you discover people who are on the same page it is absolutely delightful.You can even work towards getting the same results together. You can align and attain bigger results more swiftly than you may have gotten working alone.

This is important. When positive, powerful creators all want the same thing and work together co-operatively toward the same end  they may become  as if one mind. They can become a mastermind.

A mastermind group is a group of powerful positive creators who align their thoughts and efforts into making things happen that they could not do independent of each other. They are a valuable team and are incredible assets to each other.

They support each other in remaining positive and in and doing their very best.  They inspire each other to reach higher. They are their to remind and uplift each other at all times.

Whether or not you have an actual mastermind group to create a mutual dream you can still enjoy achieving better results when you have a positive support group to assist you. We are resources for each other.

Remember, this concept of a mastermind group is that the whole IS greater than the sum of the individual parts. You can be more imaginative and creative and bring about more good together than you may do by yourself alone.

do good and good will come to you

The bottom line is work for the success of all and all will help you succeed.

Create a wonderful life and attract wonderful people towards yourself. Help others do the same and together we do make our world more wonderful.  So seek first to transform yourself not others.

You will succeed faster if your thoughts are genuine about the other person. When you are sincerely interested in helping them you get back sooner. When their interests are in your heart and you are helping them with no expectation of return THEN magic will happen. It works best when you are doing it altruistically and not because you want something from them.

Be genuinely helpful and dedicated to others and they can and will be likewise towards you. While it is true some people take and do not give nor return in kind do not let that dissuade you from giving. Give for the sake of giving with no thought of yourself and you will get back from those who care. You will be rewarded in other ways from other people and the greatest reward of all – is that you did something great for nothing! Take note of that. You did something good just because you could! That IS magical!

Fill yourself with positive thoughts, feelings and energy, AND wish well and do good for all others in mind and deed and you will get back so much more you will hardly be able to believe.

As with everything it comes in time.

Transformation is a process that happens through time in the same way plants and animals and people grow up and older. Some things you may notice more quickly while other things seem to remain the same. It is all happening, trust in that, and you will eventually notice the magnificent differences. So hang in there. Keep the faith and believe.

The first order of business is to become the who you need to be to get the results you want. Enjoy the process. Celebrate and delight and you will see the fruits of your labors. Then Go First, think well of others, help them and add value to them in whatever positive way you are able. Do good and good will come back to you. Help them success and they will help you succeed. Be a positive cause!

For every cause there is an effect. When you operate powerfully and positively at cause, by doing what I have been suggesting you, will get powerful and positive effects returned. That is the law!

It is all about cause and effect. Become the person who is the cause of all good things. Cause your world to be marvelous and you will have a marvelous world.” Rex Sikes

Surprise yourself in any number of amazing ways today!

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What People Think That Makes Them Fail – How To Turn It Around For Success

there are no limits bruce lee

…”You must believe that what you started you will finish no matter how difficult because when you do you will ultimately get there. You will succeed but not if you quit.

This is perhaps the most difficult aspect about all of this that we must understand.

We must keep the faith and maintain the positive attitude in the face of all of our difficulties. We must not give in to doubt or fear or anger or sadness but we must keep the faith and focus on feeling the best…

(Continued from 2 Big Reasons People Fail)

This is why steering back to center is so critical! You need to return to your positive focus if and whenever you get off track. Go back and re-read my blog posts if you don’t know what I mean.

I’m going to continue to address critical things people do and don’t do that result in failure. When people want success but don’t know how to become successful they do things that keep them from getting what they want. You need to know what to do and what to change in order to make your dreams come true.

As I have mentioned people get derailed by having unrealistic expectations. They think, ‘Okay I gave it a try it so bring it’ and they expect immediate results. They want everything to change instantly.

We learned to think this way mostly from our conditioning in various media. We are promised incredible results if we take a pill, spend our money, get a new haircut or whatever it is advertisers are trying to promote and sell. We have been led down a path that just does not exist. We are told we can have just about anything without any effort and we can have it right now for a certain amount of money.

So some people think, ‘okay I’ve sowed the seeds’ and now voila’ magically everything is instantaneously changed. They are disappointed when they don’t see immediate results so they discount it, state positive thinking doesn’t work and give up.

Someone said ‘there are no unrealistic goals only unrealistic time frames’. We CAN have anything we want in life in the time it takes to get it. We may get it sooner or later when we work for it but we will get it. It is important to understand everything has a season.

you must dive for the pearls

The other big mistake people make is that they are wiling try it (somewhat) but they don’t commit to making it work. They dabble. They dip their toe in the water but never actually dive in. They don’t commit, they don’t take the plunge. They stand on the sidelines, so to speak, but never really play the game. You never get 100% results from less than 100% effort. 50% effort just won’t cut it.

Imagine wanting a fabulously fit muscular body and going into the gym and doing a curl with a dumb bell once. Pretty stupid, right?

You know that you are only going to get muscles by repeatedly lifting on different days over a period of time. You understand that getting fit requires conditioning and that you have to stick with it in order to get AND keep the results.

Muscles grow by repetition and so does our mental muscle.

Every New Year people go into the gym and within a few days or weeks or months later they have given up. They got distracted, it was too difficult, or for whatever reason they give up. Gym membership is one of the biggest areas people waste money. It is not because the membership isn’t valuable but because they don’t use it.

Yes, it hurts to exercise, there is muscle burn so people abandon it. Those who get the body they want work out in spite of this. (It is best to be wise and do things properly when exercising).

Some people try positive thinking and quit because it was difficult at first. You must not quit if you want to succeed. Those who prevail reap the benefits and rewards.

To have success and to get the results you want you must daily do what you need to do to get ahead. You must keep going in the face of all outer OR inner opposition. When life is challenging or when you encounter self doubt or fears YOU must keep at it. Once you give up it is over. Failure is the result of stopping more than anything else.

success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out

Everyone of us knows we have to eat three times a day (more or less) each day of the week. We don’t try eating a few times and then claim, ‘well I tried it!’ We never say ‘I will eat for a year and then if I don’t have what I want I will do something else’.

In order to have the benefit we must commit to paying the price we have to pay to get what it is we want. To try something a few times and give up because we didn’t see the immediate benefit is silly.

Another big mistake people make is to set a time frame in which to give it a try. If they don’t get the results or success they want by a certain date or time frame then they quit and do something else.

In show business this occurs frequently. I hear from actors who move to Hollywood or New York say, ‘I’ll give it a year or two’. Or, they say, ‘I always have something to fall back on’ or ‘I need something to fall back on in case I don’t succeed’.

They partially commit but they do not actually commit. This is what so many people do and this is why so few actually succeed. People calculate. They think of what will they do instead in the event it does not work out for them.

WHAT on earth do you think you are creating when you think that?

This is putting your focus on ‘if it doesn’t work out’!!! Your focus is on the wrong part of the equation.

believe it to receive it

You must think, ‘I will do this and I WILL succeed no matter what’, ‘I can and will make this happen’, ‘It is inevitable that I will get my goals’, ‘I am the kind of person who makes things happen’.

‘If it doesn’t work out’, means that they have not taken control or put themselves in charge of achieving their goals and desires. ‘If it does not work out’,  essentially is the same as saying, ‘if it rains we will do something else’.  Instead of the locus of control being within them to succeed their success is determined from outside of them. Luck or circumstances dictate whether they will make it or not.

You succeed when you live as a victor not a victim. When you are the captain of your ship and not drifting aimlessly. You get where you need to get to by doing what it takes to get their regardless of the odds or the difficulty.

You must think about accomplishing it and not about what to do in case you don’t. The person who wins the race is the one who finishes the race no matter how long it takes.

Think how ridiculous it would be to state, ‘I will run the race for a few minutes but if I don’t win in that time frame I will do something else.’ If you ran half the race but not all of the race you never get to the destination.

This is not rocket science, people. If we want to get certain results then we must do whatever it takes (legally, honestly, ethically) to get those results. We can’t be half assed in any fashion.

make an effort not an excuse

You only get that fantastic body by doing what it takes for as long as it takes. Once you have arrived you must continue to do what it takes to maintain that body. You would never say, ‘I’ll work out for a year and if I don’t get results I will stop’.

First off, you know that IF you did work out for a year YOU WOULD get results.  They are not immediate but they come with repeated effort through time. You might work out harder but you can’t rush the results you get.  So you stick with it for the time it takes to get them.

Someone said, ‘you can’t get up hill thinking down hill thoughts’.

You are never 100% if half of your attention is focused on losing, or not having, or not finishing. You can’t win this way except, perhaps, by accident, and that is not likely.  IF you have a fall back plan at least a portion of your mind and energy and being is expecting to have to bail. You have an out, an escape, an excuse.

We BECOME what we think about most often!

If you want to succeed you aim your thoughts and feelings like a laser beam toward what you want to accomplish and then you go about making it happen.

When you totally concentrate and focus your attention 100% on making your dreams a reality you consolidate all your energies and make them work for you.

This is precisely why you revisit  your definite chief purpose, you repeat your affirmations powerfully and you choose to feel the very best every single day. You fill yourself up 100% with what you can and will do to make your dreams come true. You get what you focus on!

You make the inside of you a magnetic powerhouse for creating and attracting all great things! Everything begins with thought!

faith it till you make it

You become a dynamic attractor and creator because what is inside you that motivates you resonates through and through you. Others can and will see your determination and enthusiasm when you are totally focused.

When you know what you want and are determined to get it you are congruent. Your entire being is set in motion toward making what you want to happen, happen. You are dedicated. committed, determined and persistent. You keep going and never let anything take you from accomplishing your purpose.

Yes, benefits come in time just as that conditioned body shows up eventually.

There is a reason the saying exists ‘winners never quit and quitters never win’. You won’t be a success in your life if you can’t commit to making your life successful.  hose who succeed frequently encounter hardship and sometimes terrible difficulty, but they know what they want and they don’t let temporary challenges get the better of them.

never give up time will pass anyway

They persist. They know they will succeed, they will make their dreams come true when they continue to work at it. They plan to celebrate their success and ignore their defeats. They expect to win.

They don’t limit themselves with thinking they can always bail if they don’t make it. If you have a fall back position chances are you will fall back. People who make it make it for the simple reason that they are determined to make it and never let anything stand in the way of that. They know what they want and they do what it takes to secure having it.

The smart, wise ones do it with positive enthusiasm and goodwill towards all even when they can’t yet see the results.

Religious texts from all around the world seem to describe this process and the necessity of maintaining your faith when the evidence is not there.

One brief old testament example is the story of David and Goliath. Opposing forces meet, one side has a critical force that will crush the other side. A large imposing giant able to readily kill his enemy. No mortal stands a chance. BUT David secure in his faith challenged and defeated Goliath with a pebble and a sling.

Hey, I don’t care if it is a true story or a fairy tale, what I take away from it is great wisdom. David rushed Goliath he ran head long toward his problem and conquered it. It was his faith, his belief that gave him the strength and the attitude to tackle his problem head on and declare victory prior to engaging with the giant. According to David, God already declared him victorious.

WOW, ‘he rushed the giant’ is a thought I now keep in mind. So many of us run from our doubts and fears and problems. We try to avoid problems and negative feelings and hate them.

David met his problem, declared victory, stood his ground and prevailed. OUTSTANDING! I can at least do something similar in my life. I can begin to believe I can meet challenges and prevail no matter what.

focus on possibilties make it happen

OKAY one more example, JOB! ‘The lord gives and the lord takes away’. His faith is challenged in a test between God and the ungodly. Again, accurate historical description or fairy tale does not matter to me for what I gain from it. He kept his faith no matter what was going on around him. Job stayed true though he was severely challenged.

Alright, I provided two brief examples, there are countless examples in religious and inspirational texts, and I mean countless. Check it out if you want some good reading.

This is why some succeed while others don’t. The ones who make it keep trying until the actually make it. They make their breaks by not giving up. They keep the faith. They expect to win. They trust that if circumstances aren’t yet positive they will be.

If they are in the right in the right place in the right time it is because they hung in there when everyone else left. Those who get the prize finish the race. They maintain a positive powerful attitude. After all, attitude is everything. I will discuss more about this soon.

We cannot and we must not let the present circumstances, if they are less than glorious, get the better of us. There is hope when you focus on what you want and what you can do to change the present to the future.

You can transform the present through your attitude, by being thankful and practicing gratitude, by focusing on the positive thoughts, affirmations and positive questions. Choose the best feelings and steer back to center whenever necessary.

Maintain your faith in things coming that are as yet unseen. Trust that everything will work out even if you don’t presently know how.This is a huge point to understand and put into practice! TRUST THAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT and that you will find a way eventually, even if you don’t know how at this moment.

life is an echo

Believe in yourself and maintain you attitude. Focus each day on what you can think and feel and do to make your dreams come true and avoid thinking about what you can’t do, don’t like or what is negative.  Find the good and new each day to celebrate and your life, your present and your future will transform! It may happen slowly, as already mentioned, but it will transform so hang in their.

Hopefully, what you are beginning to understand is the notion, that patience isn’t merely waiting for things to come to pass, but rather it is how we wait. When we are in the optimum states mentally, physically and spiritually waiting is not the issue because we are enjoying the journey to our destination.

We become what we think about most often. What we focus on we get. We get back what we put out. We reap what we sow. Energy flows where our attention goes. So think and feel and expect the best and you will get more of the same.

Hang in there and make your life the most incredible it can be. It is in your hands. It is completely up to you. Make it marvelous.” Rex Sikes

‘This is the day the lord hath made rejoice and be glad in it!’

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The 2 Big Reasons People Fail – What You Must Do To Succeed

before you can do something you must first be something

(continued from 12 Great Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True)

“…While I was learning (and believe me I still am) I read and I thought about what I was learning and attempted to put it  into practice. As I have mentioned numerous times ‘we become what we think about,’ then I realized (and I still do over and over again) that I am what I have already thought about.

Whether this is true in actuality or not I decided to take responsibility for everything I have and for what I don’t have and all that happens to me.  I realized that for me to be successful in life or my career I had to make some drastic changes.

I began to view myself as the creator of myself and my world. Again, I am not saying there may not be outside forces, obviously there are, but in order to gain control for myself, I decided the mental attitude I would adopt.

I began to realize that everything IS a result of my perceptions and my attitudes and that I make myself happy or miserable regardless of what the outside forces bring. The notion ‘if it is to be it is up to me’ began to make more and more sense…

plant positive thoughts in our minds

We create our experience. If our experience is to change we must first change ourselves then our experience will change. We have to change what is within our control.

If ‘we become what we think about’ then right now we are experiencing the results of our previous thoughts. We create out future world from our present. This means what we experience now we created in our past. The choice becomes obvious. We either continue to perpetuate it by thinking similar thoughts or we change our thinking and consequently our future results.

Remember the saying ‘if you always do what you always did you will aways get what you always got’. The definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results’.

We either keep going on and on as we have been but hoping for it to be different, proving we are quite insane, or we change what we are doing so as to get different outcomes. This hit me in a big way.

choose wisely

I AM already what I HAVE BEEN thinking about all along. My present IS the result of all that I was thinking previously. The present results I have in the real world indicate what my thoughts are and what they were inside my head. The current situation reveals to me what and where my thinking has been as I traveled in life.

This became a powerful way for me to begin to think about what I had created around me and for me. No, I don’t mean I create the birds and the fish and all the physical reality as we commonly think about the creator. That is not part of this discussion at this time.

The world reflects what is going on in the inside. ‘So above So below’, ‘what is inside is on the outside’, ‘ying yang’ and all the many concepts which seem to state the same obvious thing. We are our results.

I will say that again differently. We are, our life is, the result of our thinking. All the results we experience in our lives we first create on the inside of our heads. It begins with thought.

life is what you create

For most of us this is haphazard as few of us are in charge of our own thinking. Yet, some of us do recognize that we are deliberate creators and that what we design on the inside IS what we get on the outside.

Some of us take time to create what we want on the inside and then go about making it happen on the outside. The important principle to remember is that EVERYTHING first begins with a thought. Success starts within!

Since there is no one inside your head but you the ultimate responsibility and accountability for what you create resides with you. No one else runs your brain (unless of course you let them).

Actually, we are very much influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. We have adopted their values, beliefs, attitudes, and preferences without even realizing it much of the time. While we may give lip service regarding the influence of others we have no true idea of just how pervasive it is.We have been taught how to think, act and feel by others, who we well meaning, but may not have offered us the best notions to make as our own. We have co-opted what the majority tend to think.

we are what we repeatedly do

It began at a very young age. We developed habitual lines of thought, our self esteem, what we think about the world, others, ourselves and our abilities as we grew. We grew up thinking mostly what others fed to us. We adopted these as our own and we keep thinking these.

Today, we tend to think the same thoughts we thought then. Researchers have stated that we think in excess of 60,000 thoughts a day (how they actually count those I have no clue) and that upwards of 60% of the thoughts we think today we thought yesterday. This means most of our thoughts are the SAME thoughts. WOW!

We have patterns of thought that keep us the same. We don’t evolve much because the mechanism is on auto-play. Since our thoughts our on auto-play it rarely occurs to us to that we can take control and change them. OR if we do consider it other thoughts come in stating it would be too difficult or not worth the effort and on and on.

So the first issue, the first big mistake, is that many of us have never taken charge of our thinking. If we aren’t in charge of our own thinking then we aren’t fully in charge of our lives. We live accidentally, we drift through life dealing with whatever the circumstances are. Sometime we are happy sometimes not. We don’t know where we are going and we don’t set a course. Just like a cork bobbing in the water or a ship adrift at sea we go wherever the current takes us. We don’t operate from our own power. We should be the captain of our ship but many of us are not. If you want success in life you mist predetermine where you want to go in life. You must choose!

The second issue, the second big mistake, is a big one too!

whatever we plant in our subconscious

Here is a big problem for many of us. We create our world by what and how we repeatedly think.  We create our world by our thinking AND if we don’t like the results we get then we focus on those less than glorious results and our bad feelings. We put our attention in precisely the wrong place. This is part of our previous conditioning growing up. It is as if we are trying to drive forward by looking backwards. You can’t be looking in the wrong place and expect to get ahead. Sadly, though that is what we do. We focus on the wrong things!

We blame others, we blame the world, we blame circumstances, we blame anything and everything OUT THERE as the source of our difficulty or disappointment. We even blame ourselves but mostly in the fashion that we are unable to do anything about it differently. We aren’t smart enough or good enough or strong enough or others or circumstances prevent us. ALL of the blame is misplaced. It keeps us from being who and what we can be because we keep missing what we need to actually change to have different results.

When we blame we are stating we have no control. Frankly, we ARE blaming people and things and situations WE can NOT control. Who and what we can control is ourselves and our thoughts feelings and actions. SO if we want to change things in our world we must first change ourselves. We have to recognize where the control actually exists and claim it. Sadly, most of us don’t and not because we are bad people or stupid but because we have been conditioned most of our lives to not ever actually consider it. We don’t know any better.

I have discussed this before but will mention it again here. There is a principle called a ‘premature cognitive commitment’. A PCC means we make a mental decision prior to all the facts being collected. In my workshops and talks I explain iall of this more fully but here is an example, a real life example.

repetition repetition

IF you wanted to train fleas (some do apparently) get an aquarium and some fleas. Put the flees in the aquarium and put a glass cover over the top so the fleas can’t hop out. The fleas will hop and hop and hop into the glass cover again and again. Within a few days you can remove the cover and most of the fleas will remain in the aquarium and not hop out. Why?

The reason for this is they make (in their little flea minds) a premature cognitive commitment that the boundary of their world allows them to only hop so high. They keep hitting the glass repeatedly for numerous attempts then they alter how far they hop. Soon it becomes as far as they try to hop. The make a decision about their known world that influences what they do and what they try. They give up. They don’t leave the aquarium. Obviously, new born fleas don’t have these conditions so they would hop out but the rest remain inside.

Must I make the obvious comparison that we operate much like fleas. You can find other examples of this – a fly trapped inside a closed window, a bee in your car and others. The point is the fleas don’t know that the glass plate will, at some time in the future, be removed. When it is they don’t know it because they stopped jumping that far already. They assume those boundary conditions still exist when they do not. Even though the fleas are free to jump higher and escape the aquarium they do not. They gave up before the situation changed.

We are a lot like flees. We don’t have to be and we can change it but we have to realize it first.

Awareness is the key that opens the doorway to exploration. We need to recognize our mental boundaries and the be willing to go beyond them. We need to notice when we are paying attention to the wrong things and correct it. When our attention is in the wrong place we don’t get better results we only get more of the same.

the mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation

Sadly, we focus on what is wrong when we should be focused on creating what we want instead. We focus on the problem, the issue, the disappointment, the bad feeling instead of what is right and what is working. We think if we focus on the problem (like a math problem) we will solve it. Einstein said ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’ He stated it another way as well, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’.

I like Einstein so I will provide another that I think is significant:, ‘Nothing happens until something moves’. This is such an accurate statement because we remain the same until we do something to alter it. We will stay the same unless we stop and do something different. We will keep hopping but we won’t hop as far as we could unless we recognize that the limitations, we thought we there, have been removed.

We will even keep hoping but we won’t hope as far as we could unless we recognize that the limitations only existed in our thinking.

If we want a better life then we must change our thinking. We must control our thinking. We must take charge and steer it in a positive direction.  We must be as the captain at the helm of a ship and navigate it to where we want to go. We must know where we are headed and then do whatever is need to get there.

your mind is garden grow flowers or weeds

The reason we miss everything and don’t change much is because we focus in the wrong place. When we focus on the result we got our attention is on the outer world (our creation from the past) and not on what we need to presently focus on in order to produce a better future. Our attention is misplaced.

Yes, you may take results as an indication of whether you are moving in the right or wrong direction but more than that is pointless. You must focus on what you can actually control.

You CAN control your thoughts, your thinking process and the ability you have to create when you learn how to. You can gain control your thoughts when you apply yourself and make the effort to master this skill.

you are the source of your pain

In the midst of any and all the crap and turmoil going around you it is important to recognize that YOU got yourself there. ‘What you focus on is what you get’. ‘We become what we think about’.

I got myself there. I looked at where I was and recognized that good, bad, right or wrong, successful or not I was responsible for exactly where I was in that moment. I am responsible for exactly where I am in this moment. I created all of this.

At this point it is critical not to blame yourself or suffer because ‘life sucks’, but to change yourself to make it all better. Blame only furthers the problems and solves nothing.See my previous posts about how to stop blaming and move ahead productively.

HEREIN LIES THE RUB!  Here is where most people give it a try and then give up. Here is where they stop hopping.

‘For everything there is a season’. What is a season?

A season IS a period of time when certain things occur. There is a season to plant when it is conducive to putting the seeds in. Then there is the growing season where under the cover of darkness the seed sprouts and takes root before breaking through to the light of day. Growth continues until the harvest season begins and then that which is planted is gathered. The harvest CAN be bountiful because seeds multiple their output. One seed may produce one apple tree with hundreds or thousands of apples in its life time AND one apple produces many seeds. The return is greater than the investment.

be patient things will change for the better

BUT here is where people get derailed.They think, ‘Okay I gave it a try it so bring it’. They expect immediate results mostly as a part of our conditioning in various media. They think, ‘okay I’ve sowed the seeds’ and then voila’ magically everything is instantaneously changed.


At least not obviously.

Yes, everything is changing for the better the second, the instant, you make that decision to think positively and get positive results! In that second everything changes! The moment you take charge EVERYTHING begins to change. A new creation direction begins the moment you decide but this is the planting season.

The seed is planted and now it must grow and be nurtured. It grows in darkness and the results won’t be obvious for awhile. SO what is there, that you may notice, is what you already have. It is your current situation. Your present is the same and may appear to be the same for some time while the seeds grow in darkness. This is so important to understand!

Things ARE changing BUT YOU can’t see it YET.

think positive

Things are changing and growing!  You made the decision, you planted the seed, now it must germinate, and be nurtured. When it finally sprouts may be way off in time.  When it is ready to harvest may be further down the road. You can’t expect to have things now when there is a time they come to fruition.

If you focus on how things are crappy or how they remain the same, or are getting worse, or are not changing fast enough you are killing off the seeds you have planted. You are withholding the nutrition the seeds need. You are too preoccupied with what isn’t happening yet, with the crap that is still there, and you are missing the boat entirely. Your focus is in the wrong place!

YOU MUST focus on what you want to create and think about how you will create it EVEN WHEN there is no evidence of it coming about. THIS IS THE LAW! This is what is required of us. Have faith in the creation process and know, that since you planted it if you nurture it, you will get it. Our task is to nurture it along AND keep the faith.

Yet, this is where most people drop out and then claim it does not work. They decide to change but then focus on what isn’t changing and give up. They hop up against that glass plate and decide it is pointless to keep trying. They decide to quit and give up because they don’t know that if they just keep at it the limitations will be removed. The act on limited information. We all do all of the time. The important point to understand is you must not give up!!!  Success is yours when you follow through NO MATTER WHAT. SO I will repeat:

You must not give up.” Rex Sikes

We will continue this in the next blog post. Meanwhile make some decisions that sever you well today. AND make the decision to have a remarkable day today too! Enjoy!

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12 Great Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True

rise up the world is waiting for you

“I think of it this way. You never know what you can accomplish until you actually begin working at it. So go as far as you can in your thinking, do as much as you are able, never let a thought stop you, go beyond where you are, because when you do you will discover that you can think and see and do more than you first thought. You can surprise yourself.

I think it is important to revisit concepts. (some of these I have mentioned in previous blog posts). We must fill our minds and hearts with all the good things we want more of. Repetition leads us to developing skills, abilities and talents whether it is playing golf, swimming, learning a musical instrument or positive thinking. It is necessary to practice again and again what you want to master even when it is frustrating or incredibly challenging. By overcoming difficulties we teach ourselves that nothing stands in our way if we will only keep going.

It is easy and it is hard. There is a saying: ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’ which is very applicable to mastery in any area of our lives. There are many things that side track us. Our present circumstances may be difficult or life may be crumbling around us and instead of paying attention to what we want to have we pay attention to what we don’t want or don’t have.  We get caught up or distracted with other things enjoyable or not. We get busy. We forget. We lose sight of what is important.

Through it all we CAN move steadily ahead if we only REMEMBER to keep moving, even if it’s just a little bit.

It is important, daily, to have a diet of positive mental gratitude and attitude to make it though each day. Revisit and re-read the thoughts and concepts I’ve shared in this blog. Read books, watch inspirational shows and DVD, listen to inspirational audio. Fill your mind and heart with the best. Surround yourself with positive people, form a Mastermind Group to move forward. (We’ll talk more on this another time). Make your lists of people, situations and things you are grateful for each day. Do this so that you can realize that you deserve the best that life has to offer. Be good to yourself. AND remember this applies to others too be good to them, they deserve the best as well.

your frustrated waiting for flowers u haven't planted

Keep in mind and dynamically read or repeat your Definite Chief Purpose night and day. Know what you want and by when. Write it down and review it at least twice a day, morning and night. Visualize yourself having already accomplishing your Definite Chief Purpose. See yourself as already having what it is you want. Know that THIS is your destiny.

Energetically repeat your affirmations and your Directed Questions during the day, repeatedly. The more energetically you say (or shout) these the faster they work. Energy begets energy. It is not mindless repeating but active engagement. It is our emotions that operate the mechanism. When we are incredibly alive or terribly angry we are most powerful. We have all that energy impacting our unconscious. Our feelings are what we use to get our unconscious (servo-mechanism) to work for us.

Keep doing it and believe it. You will – once you make it a habit.

Find ways to add delight to yourself and others. Put a smile on someone else’s face. Help them out. You help yourself AND you help yourself get what you want when you help others get what they want. We are interconnected and networked. Help people and they will help you too.

Gift and surprise yourself today. Take time and be generous and treat yourself well. Little things count! After all, after today, it will not be here any longer, it will only be a memory. Use the days you have to make them what you want them to be. Create more positive memories to enjoy.

Walk, move, skip, dance, do a little physical activity every day that makes you feel great. Shake it up!

Fill your mind and heart and being with positive energy and you will transform yourself in amazing ways.

While I was learning (and believe me I still am) I read and I thought about what I was learning and attempted to put it all into practice.

I have mentioned numerous times that ‘we become what we think about.’ I thought, ‘wow cool, I now have a way to gage what I am thinking through out the day. I can think these thoughts and I will become this way, I will attract this.’ It made a huge difference for me when I embraced this concept. I thought – ‘WOW I can become this’. It was awesome! I filled my mind with positive powerful thoughts and kept my mind on these as much as possible every single moment.

Then I had an epiphany.

change will lead to insight more often tha insight leading to change

I realized (and I still do this over and over again) that I am now what I have already thought about. My present IS a result of my past thinking. My life NOW is a direct result of what I thought before. I had become what I thought about most of the time. It was not some far off nebulous concept, but an immediate here and now realization.

MY life and myself was a direct result of what I had been thinking in my life up to that moment. And even now up to this moment as I write this.

Whether this is true in actuality or not does not matter to me. If it were untrue so what? I discovered a concept, a principle, a practice that has allowed me to transform myself and my world for the better. Everything is in flux. All of this IS a process of becoming. It is always changing it is not static. Therefore, I am still in the process of transforming for the better, nothing is finished. It is becoming better and better along the way.

AT THAT moment, – back then, – when it dawned on me that I was creating the life I experienced all along by the thoughts I was thinking – in that moment – I decided to take responsibility for everything I have and for what I don’t have and all that happens to me.  Up to that moment life was something that happened to me.

I made a new decision. I began to view myself as the creator of myself and my world. (Overtime, I got to confront this decision time and time again and see how valuable and powerful it truly is). Again, I am not saying there may not be outside forces, obviously there are, but in order to gain control for myself, I decided the mental attitude I would adopt.

I began to realize that everything IS a result of my perceptions and my attitudes and that  I make myself happy or miserable regardless of what the outside forces bring. The notion ‘if it is to be it is up to me’ began to make more and more sense.

we reap what we sow choose carefully

Life became incredible. I began to live as I had never lived before. Things began to happen and opportunities became visible. It was awesome. At the same time, other things did not seem to change very much. Some things certainly seemed frozen as is.

I looked around me and realized there was still much I didn’t like and did not want. It confused me at first, wasn’t I doing everything right? Wasn’t I already feeling great and much more positive? Weren’t some things really much better? Yes, to all of those. Then, why did some things seem to be stuck?

I recognize that few of us transform suddenly, as in the stories of sudden enlightenment. My enlightenment was definitely coming as a series of insights coupled with challenges or opposition. Things seemed great and then not so great. I wondered at first, what was wrong. Then it hit me again!

If any of that was going to change then I was going to have to make it change by making some changes in and for myself. I had learned that whatever we resist persists so the more we fight against what we don’t want, the more we think about what we don’t want the more we get exactly what we don’t want. That is what I had been doing all my life and here I was doing it again. I encountered difficulty or things I didn’t like I fought them, I resented them. I may even have done them reluctantly or begrudgingly.

There were things in my life I just did not want to do. (there may always be) Things like cleaning, accounting, chores, dealing with difficult people, other drivers, etc. and it occurred to me that if I did these while resenting them or filling myself up with how much I disliked them I was creating more of the same bad energy.

I determined to focus on whatever good feelings or thoughts I could muster about these activities.  Sometimes I found it helped to focus on the end result. The task was done and I could relax or celebrate the fact that it was completed.

At this stage, it occurred to me that whatever better thought I could come up with to replace the negative one, even if it was not the most positive thought I could find, this new one was actually better for me and moved me toward what I ultimately wanted. I found a way to move forward.

I didn’t have to be a cheer leader oozing with positivity for doing these tasks. To start the process off all I had to do was to find thoughts that were slightly more positive than what I started with.

Incremental steps toward where you want to go is far superior to no movement whatsoever or wallowing where you are.

This was another big realization for me.

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

I could navigate back to the positive (steer back to center) by choosing thoughts that were less negative or slightly more positive that the preceding ones. Yes, it meant I had to do some thinking and feeling, it meant I had to do some choosing instead of letting the thoughts and feelings run rampant over me. It meant I determined what I would think and feel, I would be in charge, I would take control instead of letting them control me as they had been doing all along.

Whew! It was a big realization and one I still continue to have to do. Although the process is much easier and more automated. The bottom line, as I write this. I AIN’T DONE yet, I am a work of art in progress. We all are. What happened for me was that now I began to realize it, recognize it and appreciate it.

I think much of life is learning how to get unhooked. We get captured, hooked by people, things, situations, our reactions all the time. Recognizing we bit the hook and getting off the hook is part of learning to be more aware. The more aware we become the more we notice many things. At first, we may notice our shortcomings, where we get stuck and how we get still get stuck again and again. This is blessing waiting to happen OR a curse. We can either celebrate getting hooked and unhooked or we can hate it and blame ourselves for not evolving fast enough. The latter is not a wise use of our time.

Be gentle and realize we will get caught up and that there are disappointments. How we handle at the time is what we do at the time. SO get over it, get over yourself and get on with positive things. Be gentle, accepting and loving of yourself and you will evolve much faster than criticizing yourself. This is a discovery we each make in our own time.

Moving on:

I am talking about two things here. One is the ability to maintain a positive focus.

Yes, choose powerful positive affirmations and potent questions to direct your mind in dynamic ways. Repeat them to yourself through out the day with energy and enthusiasm. Keep chanting them and holding them day and night in your mind until you actually believe them. See in your mind’s eye, visualize yourself as you want to be. Hold onto these images and enjoy them. Feel great about them. Stay positive, confident, powerful, enthusiastic and feeling marvelous!

BUT when you don’t feel fantastic, when you are faced with some unpleasantness, and to feel ecstatic is too large a leap for you – then you can incrementally nudge yourself in that direction by choosing better thoughts than the less than glorious ones you have. If you can’t get to powerfully positive right from the get go inch your way there.


Don’t stop being positive and wallow in self-pity, negativity or blame yourself, instead, find a way to think and feel a little bit better. Take a break, take a walk, do something! This is an area where using Directed Questions is extremely beneficial. (I have discussed this and other things you can do to alter your feelings positively in previous posts. I invite you to go back and reread).

When you do this you steer yourself back to center. You adjust where you are at mentally and physically in order to get back on track. You move step by step in a more positive direction. Even when you only move slightly in the direction of the more positive you are benefiting yourself. You are deciding on the direction you want to travel and this is a good thing!

Do you get that?

We create our experience. If our experience is to change we must first change ourselves. Once we change ourselves we can change our experience. The little things can make a big difference. So be flexible and appreciate it when you make large positive changes AND small positive changes.

The is other important aspect is choosing your destination. Where do you want to end up? What is your overall goal? What is your passion? What is you must have in life? What do you absolutely want?

This is THE larger question.

You can use all of the above approaches to make your life much more incredible at any time. It is useful and absolutely worth it to do so. You can find your experience definitely positively transformed.

To ramp up your evolution then you must chose you destiny. FIRST. (of course, if you already know yours and are working on it, these methods I discuss are extremely valuable in accelerating your accomplishments).

You must figure out what you want to have more than anything else in life. It can be anything. For some people it may be happiness, for others wealth, for another to have a partner or children, or a career or a big house, or little cottage by the lake or a farm. Whatever it is you must figure out what you want in your life. This is what Napoleon Hill would call a ‘definite chief purpose’. You must determine what yours is.

success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out

Why is this important? So that you don’t drift. So that you know where you are headed. Imagine this, you pick a vacation destination and a time when you want to get there. Most people can relate to this. You predetermine where you want to go and when.

Once you know where you want to go you can proceed. You know when you want to get there so it would be wise to determine, also in advance, HOW you want to get there.  How you travel is important. You do want to enjoy it don’t you?

Let’s assume you decide to enjoy it along the way, come what may. Whether you take detours or get sidetracked or lost, whether the going is arduous or easy you decided to enjoy it all and stick with it. You utilize everything I have been sharing to make your travel pleasant and positive.

If you don’t quit traveling you will ultimately get to your destination, either sooner, later or right on time but you will get there. As long as you make it a point to get to the destination no matter what happens and as long as you keep going you DO get there. If you stop and give up anywhere along the way you won’t make it. Certainly, this is easy to understand. You must not quit!

Because you know in your mind where you want to end up, all along the way, you will be able to determine whether you are getting closer or further away. You will know if you are off track and when you need to correct the course of travel to get to your destination.

You will know when you have arrived  because you chose where you wanted to end up from the very beginning. You had a plan you worked the plan and you got the results.

This is why it is important to know what you want in life.

The disclaimer is this:  You can have anything you want as long as it doesn’t harm you or someone else in the process. I won’t go into the reasons for this right now but will save that for another time. At this moment simply find a way to get what you want that helps others get what they want and you will be far, far better off.

When it comes to what you want there is no limit. You can have anything your heart desires. The caveat, as someone once said is, ‘there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines’.

every action and feeling is preceded by thought

Here are a couple of sticking points some people encounter. I know I have.

Some people never allow themselves to think that they deserve the best. Honestly, you do. You do deserve to have the best of everything, be the best you can be and enjoy all the abundance and wonderful things life has to offer. Some people never get around to accepting that for themselves. They think it is only for other people. It isn’t! It is all for you too.

When can you get it? This is sticking point number two. Some people think they can have anything (and they can) but they think it should be right the instant they think about it. They believe in magic. They don’t understand how these things (these laws) work. If you plant a seed you can expect a crop in the reasonable amount of time it takes to get the crop you planted. If you have never made 5 million dollars you still can. You may not do it this year or next but you can do it and you can have it!

I repeat YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN – if you believe that you can and that you will and then you do what is required to make it happen. That is the truth! When your deadline is realistic then you are more apt to keep going because you haven’t set off in fantasy. You are realistic about what it takes for you to get it in a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind that if you have never done this before you aren’t an expert in what is reasonable but you may guesstimate.

Could you be surprised and get it tomorrow? OF COURSE! Just realize it is not likely. The realistic time frame is important concept to grasp.

Go for all the gusto you can. Claim all you want (and be willing to share) and you can have it IN time. Once you understand this you are further along the path and actually closer to getting it than you may even realize. Thinking magically tends to keep it away.

To Recap: Determine what you want – what you MUST HAVE. Focus on it. Think Positive about it day and night. Use positive thinking to make your day to day experience wonderful. Keep the faith and keep going after it and do not stop. You ultimately will arrive and arrive well. The tools you are using and the habits you are forming as a result guarantee that you will transform your life for the better regardless of what comes down the pike. It is all about what you learn to do and take the time to master.

do it now seize the day focus and win

In a nutshell here is what you can do.

1. Revisit and re-read the thoughts and concepts I’ve shared in this and my other blog posts. Read books, watch inspirational shows and DVD, listen to inspirational audio. Fill your mind and heart with the best.

2. Surround yourself with positive people, form a Mastermind Group to move forward.

3. Make your lists of people, situations and things you are grateful for each day. Gratitude List.

4. Allow yourself to go after anything positive you want that benefits you and others. Realize you deserve the best that life has to offer as do others. Be good to yourself. Accept and give yourself permission to be and do and have abundantly.

4. Keep your Definite Chief Purpose. Know what you want by when, have it written down and review it at least twice a day, morning and night. Read or state it with passion and enthusiasm. Visualize yourself having already having your Definite Chief Purpose. See yourself already having what it is you want. Know this is your destiny.

5. Energetically repeat (or shout) your affirmations and your Directed Questions during the day, repeatedly. Keep doing it and believe it. You will once you make it a habit.

6. Find ways to add delight to yourself and others. Put a smile on someone else’s face. Help them out.

dream is goal w deadline

7. Gift and surprise yourself today. Take time and be generous and treat yourself well. Little things count! After all, after today, it will not be here any longer, it will only be a memory. Use the days you have to make them what you want them to be. Create more positive memories to enjoy.

8. Walk, move, skip, dance, do a little physical activity every day that makes you feel great. Shake it up!

9. Realize you are the creator of your life. Accept responsibility for what you create. Everything beging with thought! Thought precedes action. Whatever we create we first create inside our minds. If we hold it in our heads we can hold it in our hands.

10. Steer back to center whenever you need to. Be in charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Live as a victor not a victim.

11. Persist – never quit. Adjust your plans, be flexible, but keep going You will get there.

12. Practice the Golden Rule – this is about the power to think positive not only for yourself but about others. Think the best. Treat others the way you want to be treated well. Do it even if they don’t do it. Do it first! What you put out there you get back. Like attracts like. Make it a practice to only think thoughts and speak words that bless, heal and prosper yourself and others.

DO these and your life will change. Make these a habit and you will get your goals and make your dreams come true. ” Rex SIkes

We continue this topic next time. Enjoy the day!!!

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What Are You Not Thinking About Right Now?

happiness relies on what you think

When you consider people and things in your life to be grateful for what are you not thinking about that would be good for you if you did? Sometimes we choose the obvious and only go as far as those thoughts readily available. We hit the surface but we don’t go deep. Now, it’s time to dig deeper too. Examine everything. It is time to begin to think thoughts you may have never considered thinking before. So what are you not considering that if you did might make an amazing difference for you?

You don’t know yet, do you? That is because you have to actually stop and think about it.

What are you not thinking about right now? Well, of course there are countless things because we have a limited focus or conscious capacity. Not only that be we think repetitive thoughts along repetitive lines. Researchers tell us we don’t do a lot in the way of generating much new thinking from day to day. We think today much of what we thought about yesterday.

So consider this.

We think of people as geniuses or artists and great creative minds when they are able to think outside the box. We value those who think and create and do those things it never occurred to us to do. We appreciate those who think along lines that we never bother to. We may even revere these individuals.

change what is going on within you

Using this as an example – what can we begin to do for ourselves that could make an amazing difference? How can we begin to think outside the box and free up our minds to entertain other thought that may be quite beneficial? What can we begin to think about that we might have never ever considered thinking about before?


You have lived for how many years?  Have you ever thought to appreciate your feet for carrying you through life? Have you ever thought about how your feet and legs have made it possible for you to have traveled everywhere, all over, all along all this time? And you have always hated your toes or how your feet looked or your legs are too short or your calves to thick? Think about this: there may be something about you that you have never liked or thought to appreciate but that is the basis of much of everything you have ever done or accomplished.

What about your hands, your back, your ass your looks or your digestive system? There are so many things about you to appreciate that you may never have thought to.

You may be short or tall or thin or fat, you may be athletic or not, you may have a physical challenge have you ever thought to appreciate this about yourself. If not, why not?

If it never occurred to you – that too is an important point. It demonstrates what I said a moment ago. We think along routine lines and don’t venture out very far. Well, now you can.

im a product of my decisions

Instead of looking at something as a limitation or that ‘thing about yourself you can’t quite accept’ what if you could? What if, instead on not liking it, you began to see it as an aspect of you that opened many alternate doors? What if that thing you didn’t like was actually responsible for many positive other things about you?

Some of us have found aspects of ourselves that are not to our liking. We may have focused on these during our lifetime, and we have let these bother us. We don’t like our nose or our eyes or our teeth? Well, even though we don’t like these what have these very things allowed us to do during our life? What if we didn’t have a nose or a mount or our eyes? How would life be different?

There are those thing about us that we don’t like but to others it does not matter. It is not an issue. Other people don’t think about us the way we do. That might not even notice if we didn’t speak about it. SO if it is not an issue for them why do we make it an issue for ourself?

Not only that but maybe that ‘thing we don’t like about ourself’ is something that they find charming or unique about us.

The point is that we have thought a certain way for so long that we think that is just the way it is. We accept it as gospel or the only way to think about it when, in reality, there may be many other ways to think about it that would be better ways to think. Maybe it could be anything else but we just have never thought about this way.

It may not actually be the way we think it is at all. Maybe it IS otherwise, but how would we know if you only considered it in one fashion.

whatever we plant in our subconscious

It may not seem like anything you even want to be thankful about but when you open that possibility up many things can change. If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. It is not going to change when you keep it the same. BUT we can change it.

If you can change your perspective about what you thought was a limitation, or something you didn’t like about yourself, what else might change for the positive? If you spend less energy maintaining a problem where else might you put that energy. If you free yourself up from having one less problem what positive possibilities might become available.

Perhaps, you can stop it being a limitation and go beyond those thoughts and instead begin to develop a new more powerful and productive mindset. You may not have ever considered this as a possibility until now. Perhaps, you haven’t EVEN now but you could. What would it be like if you began to appreciate things about you that you never ever did before? What if you could take a new different positive perspective about yourself?

life is an echo

I am suggesting you begin to ‘grease the wheel’ to make things much easier for yourself.

Look at those things you appreciate about you and keep appreciating them. Then look for those things that you haven’t yet and begin to appreciate those too!

THEN look for those things you just might never appreciate about yourself and begin to open the door on new thinking that you might otherwise never do.

When you can develop flexibility in this way you will discover many new and exciting things waiting for you. When you can accept and embrace and validate in a positive way those things you considered negative, or less than glorious about you – you make room for many new positive thoughts and feelings and behaviors.

For example, some people have never tried eating certain foods because they didn’t like them as a child. So they have avoided eating them all along. They don’t even want to try eating them. It doesn’t even occur to them unless someone brings it up. BUT, if they would only taste these foods they may discover that they aren’t so bad. Perhaps, the food they have always avoided they may now discover is enjoyable, maybe even desirable. They would never, ever know this unless they are willing to try.

Here is an interesting little tidbit some parents already know. We can educate our taste buds to like things that we don’t presently, by repeated exposure.

we first make our habits then our habits make us

Researchers claimed that it takes a dozen or more trials before we are willing to eat a food we don’t like. If we will try it multiple times we get more used to it and can actually begin to like it. In fact, it becomes more likely we will after numerous exposures.

Actually this is true for a number of things. I have mentioned before in other blog pages this process is the same when it comes to thinking in new and positive ways and developing new skills. Repetition opens the door and leads to a positive new habit.

Utilized in reverse it is an approach to de-sensitizing people from what they fear. When a person fears a particular insect or animal or object repeated exposure has been found to eliminate the fear. The feared item is brought into view at a safe distance, the person responds and the item removed. This is repeated until they know and feel that they are safe. Once safe the item is brought closer and the process repeats until eventually they are able to handle the item or do a task or behavior without the limiting feelings. Through repeated exposure they become accustomed to it, or familiar with it, and learn they no longer have to respond in the old unproductive limiting way.

When they no longer are afraid or limited by their feelings they are free to engage in new positive and productive behaviors. They think new thoughts, feel new feelings and do new things as a result. Their energy is released from the problem and it can now flow in new ways.

we are what we repeatedly do Aristotle

So you can learn to like new foods or get over fears using a similar targeted approach. You can begin to think new thoughts, feel new better positive feelings and learn new behaviors and skills using repetition in an applied fashion.

Of course, one has to be willing to try.

If one is not willing to try new ways then things remain the same.

If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life. Begin slowly if you must but begin. Look for more things to appreciate about yourself and you will find them. Keep finding ways to value who you are and you will find more and more. You will begin to feel better. The better you feel the more you can do. The more you can do the more you will want to do. It becomes something you look forward to and in time it becomes a natural way to think because you will have developed the habit.

It will never become a habit though if you don’t take the time and make the effort to make it one.

don't sit around waiting forwaever

So it is up to you. Take it easy, make it gentle, but do it for yourself. Help yourself discover you true spirit and positive nature. It exists there inside you even if you never thought about it before. Great things exist inside you EVEN if you never thought so before. They do! You are amazing in so many ways and beyond all the ways you may already know. There are aspects about you that are incredible that you may never have noticed. There are all sorts of things about you that you  may never have given yourself credit for. Now, it is time.

Make your list today. Add to it. Keep doing it a little bit more each day. There are so many wonderful discoveries you will make along the way. Do it now.” Rex Sikes

Have a fun filled fabulous day!

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