Nothing Else Matters!

u r responsible

“Today is reminder day: Everyday only you  can make the decision for yourself to be happy and have a great day no matter what the circumstances are. Be thankful and celebrate everything. Life is wonderful and truly exciting. It is even more so when you live filled with appreciation for everything no matter what. As you celebrate what you have you make room for more in your heart, your mind and in your life. When you celebrate the less than glorious you take the sting out, are more able to find the good hidden in the situation and learn from the experience. You transform the less than glorious into something useful and beneficial.

Pour more good feelings into each moment and you will experience more good feelings than you can imagine. Simply begin by enjoying every simple pleasure. Stop and savor each second. Feel great in this moment and you’ll feel great in the next moment. Come what may find cause to celebrate, to be thankful and feel wonderful. Make this your daily routine, your habit. The more you do this deliberately the more you will find yourself doing it spontaneously. You will have developed a reliable positive habit.

Life is what you make of it! You will feel as good as you choose to feel! Live each day of your life 100% on purpose. Once you realize that create your own happiness and that you are responsible for your own joys and bliss you make it possible to have much, much more. Don’t depend on others and outer circumstances learn to rely on yourself. Recognize that it is your choices that make the difference. Choose to live happily and confidently each day. Choose to expect great things.

It is never what is “out there” or outside of you that  will make you happy. It only seems as though happiness comes from things and other people or circumstances but that is not lasting happiness. That is drifting and allowing external people , events and things to control you.  You don’t have to let those determine how you feel. Happiness comes from within. It is a choice you make in each moment. Once you absolutely understand this your life will positively transform.

To keep you inspired and motivated read inspiring books and listen to audio programs. Put a guard before you mind and tongue and only think and speak good things all day everyday. IT IS A GREAT WAY to begin and end your day with a positive frame of mind. Choose to focus on well-being and delightful feelings. Make your goal to feel wonderful each moment. You can!

YOU can be in charge and determine how you respond to life’s offerings. You can be in charge of your own happiness and you will be happy much more often when you are. You can be the creator and create more happy wonderful feelings for yourself to enjoy. Happiness comes 100% from within.

Remember, you become what you think about! Remember, only YOU determine what YOU think about and focus on. SO live like it. Live as a person with the power to choose. Live as a victor! Live as one who is in charge and who is in control.

How do you do that? You recognize that it is all up to you and only you. Take 100% responsibility for everything good or bad. Make decisions moment to moment, bit by bit as to how you will respond. Claim you power, exercise your power and you WILL live more powerfully. Fill yourself full with so many good feelings there is no room for anything else.” Rex Sikes

Be thankful and celebrate this day!

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Don’t Settle For Less! Begin Now To Transform Your Life Into Something Grand!

your frustrated waiting for flowers u haven't planted

“How is your life going? Are you ecstatically pleased and happy? Are you enjoying your life to the utmost OR is your life not so good? What is life anyway? It is your feelings and thoughts about yourself, your relationships, family, significant others, friends, associates, it is you career or job, your play time, your health, your wealth, you relaxation time. It is comprised of your home, transportation, what you can do, when, where and with whom?

How do you define yourself and your life? Are you pleased or displeased? What are your thoughts about these? What are your thoughts about the world and others around you?

These are great questions! A really great question is what are your predominant thoughts? What do you think about most of the time? What do you think about in each of these areas? How do you think and feel as you consider them? Are you mostly positive or negative? Do you feel mostly joyful or not so good as you entertain these notions?

Do you realize that whatever is going on in your present life IS a reflection of you previous and current thinking? Are you aware that your experience is completely up to you?

What are you feeling most of the time? Do you feel wonderful, just okay or less than glorious?

It is true you determine what your life is. You decide what your experience will be. Each of us does. You may not believe it but stop and look around. Take stock. Examine your life without blaming anyone else for your good or bad circumstances. Recognize, perhaps for the very first time, that your life is entirely comprised of the decisions you have or haven’t made. (Not making a decision is actually a decision). Everything has always been up to you.

If life is wonderful fantastic! Either you know precisely how and why and what you are doing or you stumbled onto something that works and, yet, you haven’t a clue. If life is merely okay and you are getting by or if it is worse, then you are ripe to make some changes. If you want things in your life to change, yup, you gotta change some things.

your habits will change your future

You have to change what you are thinking and feeling and doing. There is no point in blaming yourself OR anyone else that doesn’t make anything better. Just accept the consequences of your thoughts and actions, and realize you made the best choices you knew how to at that time. Realize too, that was then. This is now. Right now, you have the opportunity to begin making better choices. Become accountable and responsible.

The single most powerful thought that changed my life most significantly I first learned when I was eleven years old. It didn’t sink in and make sense or a difference until decades later. Sometimes, we just aren’t ready or prepared to take advantage of great things. I missed plenty of opportunities because I just could not see them.

This one thought that transformed me and my life more than anything else. It was Earl Nightengale’s ‘You become what you think about’. He referenced it in his recording of ‘The Strangest Secret’. He said it was the strangest secret because it was so simple that most people missed it. I certainly missed it for quite some time!

Since that time I have heard and used variations. ‘You get what you think about’, “You become what you think about most of the time’. ‘What you focus on expands’. ‘Attention goes where energy flows’.

All of these are profound ways of pointing out that who you are, what you feel and what you have and do is UP TO YOU and within your control. The point is ‘YOU become WHAT YOU think about most of the time.’

Once I took this simple but powerful phrase to heart I began to change my life and my being. I kept that thought in the forefront of my brain, ‘you become what you think about’ as I took control of my other thoughts. If I can do any part of this you can as well.

what you think about yourself is more important than what others do

As an actor, a young actor I knew that ‘thought precedes doing’. It is the thought that compels you. What the audience sees are the actions you take based on what you as the character are thinking. The same is true in actual life. Thought precedes action. Everything begins first with thought.

We know this is true because all human made things first originate in the mind of the human creator prior to being translated into a physical reality. We see it in our minds eye, perhaps we translate it to paper (plans and blueprints) and share it with others. We manufacture and market and we sell ideas to others.  All the results we get we get because we envision them, good or bad, and we act in some fashion to bring them about. We really are creators!

There is another thought I adhered to which added to the incredible difference self control was making in my life.

That thought is, ‘As long as you say what you have You will have what you say’.

As long as you assert and declare how things are, as long as you think, act and speak from a particular mindset, that is what you will manifest, attract and have for yourself. This particular thought made me aware of what my life story is. Is it positive and filled with what I want to have and include or is it negative and about what I don’t have and why?

Whatever you say you have is what you will have! We are the creators and authors of our experience. Are our conversations and thoughts filled mostly with praise, can do thoughts and building up, or limiting can’t do thinking, tearing down and complaining? It actually matters! What we do most of most often is what we get back. These are the seeds we plant!

Both of these simple ideas led to great change in my life and they can in yours too. These are simple, easy to remember and be aware of throughout the day.

youa are creators

What do you think about most and what do you talk about most? Is it what you want or don’t want? If you don’t have, and aren’t getting and becoming, what you want then you need to take charge, gain control and think ‘more better’.

You and I are already thinking effectively all the time. If we will only accept 100% responsibility for everything we are and aren’t, have and don’t have, then we have an excellent starting place to make things happen. ‘If it is to be it is up to me’, is certainly another idea that matters. All of these thoughts say the same thing in different ways.

Whatever you want it is up to you and it all begins with thought! It matters where your attention is most of the time each day. So take an inventory and determine whether or not your thinking is serving you or hindering you. Once you find out then decide what to do about it. Only you can make the difference for yourself, no one else can.

Take charge, and begin to live the life you deserve to have, the life you truly desire, and the life you can have. Enjoy each moment because you become what you think about most of the time each day!” Rex Sikes

Take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for transformative moments during this day and enjoy!

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You Always Have The Power To Control Your Life

we cant direct the wind

A good book to read is ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ by Victor Frankl. Mr Frankl survived the horrible conditions of a Nazi concentration camp and yet, he said, no one can ever take away a person’s ability to choose how to feel. He points out what a few already know. YOU always have the power to control your feelings.

You have the power to be in charge and live life victoriously and not to live as a victim. All of us do. Some live this way some others may not.

He states, and he should know, that, ‘Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.’

He also stated, ‘I do not forget any good deed done to me and I do not carry a grudge for a bad one.’ For this man to say this is an incredible testament to the ability to forgive and let go. I previously posted about the power of forgiveness citing someone else as an example. I think this is wonderful. He includes remembering kindnesses.

He says it again a little differently, but he states these from his life experience. ‘Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.’

It may be that because of all that he went through he was able to discover his ability to control his thoughts and emotions as he did. The horrible challenge provided him the opportunity to recognize who actually was in charge. Even though circumstances were beyond his control he discovered what he did control and it saved him.

I think for us to do any less with our daily challenges is to not live as we can and as we should. We have such incredible power within! We only need to tap into our own strengths and live with purpose and in charge. We can do this. Difficulty or not we can find our ability to choose.

The final quote I’ll include is, ‘Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.’

we are our choices

I include share these quotes because this was a man who had everything taken away and he survived. He went on to not be a ‘survivor’ but one who thrived. He went on to share his findings with others and to attempt to help others come into their own power.

The reason he could thrive and forgive and love and move forward was because he took 100% responsibility for his response, his reactions, his thoughts, feelings, and actions, not only during the most trying of circumstances but, for his entire life. He understood holding a grudge only hurt him not the object of the grudge. He became aware of a life changing way to live.

He didn’t shift the blame to those outside himself, he placed responsibility squarely on his own shoulders. He spent the rest of his life pointing out that it was this which could made an incredible difference for all humans.

Certainly, it would have been easy to blame his captors, the circumstances, God anyone and everything, but he chose not to. He chose to focus on what he could control. He understood where the true power resides.

Many of us would not blame him or anyone else who is incarcerated and tortured if they complained and hated or threw in the towel. Most of us would accept that is allowed. I don’t post any of this to make any judgements against people going through any difficulty at all. Everyone should still be held in the highest esteem and allowed to be whomever they are without criticism. We should accept all possibilities for how people respond.

u r responsible

Still, Frankl became aware of something greater in him and that was that he was ‘the chooser’. He was the one who decided. He was the one in control and the one with the power and though anything and everything else could be stripped from him no one could take that power from him. That realization alone IS POWER!

Most of us never know the circumstances of a Frankl. Yet, some do suffer immensely. If Victor Frankl and others can come to this conclusion and alter their lives toward the positive we can too.

If we begin to accept our own powers of choice and responsibility then we are able to, as Victor Frankl and others are able to, live our lives more as victors and less as victims, complainers and haters.

There is incredible power and freedom in learning to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in our experience. I cannot say that I know what this means fully because I have never been tried as he and others have been.

I do know when I take responsibility for EVERYTHING good and not so good in my life, when I face it and not attempt to pass it off onto anyone or anything else something wonderful happens. Some positive changes occur and I find the power and the opportunities to accept it or make it different. Once I accept that it is ALL only in my hands it then is up to me what I do from that moment on. There is immense power and opportunity knowing that you can always choose.

Some people may  feel the need to disagree we me on this. They may think that some things just happen. ‘Bad things happen to good people’, they might say. They may not agree that anyone person is 100% responsible. That is okay.

u have within u whatever u need

What I say in response, is, it doesn’t matter who causes what,  if you ACT AS IF are in charge of your own response to it then you come from the place of a victor. When you assume you are 100% responsible for what and when and how and why and where you respond (even if that isn’t actually true) you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. You are in charge.

Even if, in actuality, it ultimately is not accurate that we are in charge of everything, we still would live with so much more incredible power and forcefulness if we acted AS IF we did. It is a mental framework to adopt.

I think Mr. Frankl was onto something and that perception is everything. We see what we believe and what we want to see. We accept our situation either as hopeless and unable to do anything about it or we accept that there is ONE single thing we can control even if we can’t control all else.

We can control our thoughts, our response, our attitude. That right there is incredible power.

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

What else is the alternative to taking responsibility? That we live as a victim, drifting, without any power or control. That certainly is not how I choose to want to live.

Every single day you and only you can make the decision to be happy. You can decide to have a great day no matter what. Regardless of whatever circumstances arise YOU can CHOOSE how to respond.

You have the power to control your thoughts and determine how things will be. Even when the outer circumstances may remain difficult you can choose how you will go through them. IT is always your choice what you attend to and focus on. WHAT you attend to and focus on determines what your experience is. Life is truly exciting and wonderful!

Enjoy this brief Ted Video of the historic Frankl delivering a talk. It runs about 4 minutes.

Victor Frankl talks on Man’s Search For Meaning

LIve fully today!


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Little Things Lead To Big Things! Transform The Moments And Your Life Transforms

when u r thankful for what u have more comes

“When you think more positively you feel more positive feelings. When you feel more positive feelings you think more positive thoughts! When you think great thoughts you feel great! When you feel great you think great! You get back more of what you put into it. It just works this way.

You attract more of the same. ‘Like attracts like’. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. In fact, you get back more than you put into it. That seems to be the law. Plant a seed, nurture it to fruition and your yield is far more than you planted. It is reciprocal and exponential. You reap far more than you could ever sow.

A major key to having everything you want in life IS to feel wonderful right NOW. Feel the best you are able to. Live with enthusiasm, passion and positivity. Enjoy each moment and fill your day with energy and ecstasy! Celebrate life and everything in it and about it.

As a result youI will have more intense wonderful, good feelings. It is as if the universe will pour into you MORE good things than ever before and in huge quantities, more than you can even imagine.  It will seem almost impossible for you to take it all in! BUT YOU can! Be open and allowing. Receive it!

Just start enjoying EVERY little moment. Embrace the simple pleasures!  FEEL grateful that YOU can experience it now and you will! Create what you want in the future by enjoying this second! Look for and find the good in everything. Discover what is new and delightful.

Deliberately put a smile on your face. Smile more through the day. Laugh more.  Move more, take a walk, exercise, skip, dance, do some yoga, get a massage. Take some ‘me’ time and relax. Take a nap, enjoy a delicious snack. Have a wonderful bath. Gift yourself. Help your body feel better and your mind will feel better. Treat yourself well.

we create what we believe

Help you mind feel better and your body will feel better.Think of everyone and everything you love and delight often throughout the day.

Fill your mind by reading positive materials and books a little each and every single day. Listen to positive inspiring audio or watch DVD’s. You create your own happiness. You bring on your own bliss by your thoughts and actions. It all begins with what YOU input on a regular consistent basis EACH DAY!

SPEAK and THINK good things daily. Make it a point that all your words and conversations only bless, heal or prosper yourself and others. Keep in mind this point; what you say you have IS what you will have!

What you put out (output) is what you get back in! Remember GIGO (garbage in garbage out) works the other way to. (garbage out garbage in).  SO make it a point to live another way instead; Great In, Great Out and Great Out, Great In! Keep the cycle working in your favor  because it is reciprocal and exponential!

Make some time for others, help someone else smile. Think kind and wonderful thoughts of everyone.  Lend a hand. Be more patient and accepting. Inspire and encourage someone else. Appreciate others. Treat others well.

Make marvelous the moments, savor the seconds! EACH DAY ALL DAY!

Simply enjoy and you will get far more enjoyment back. Transform the minutes and you transform the hours. Make the hours marvelous and you make your day magnificent!

Life IS what you make of it! You feel as good as you CHOOSE to feel! Try to live each day of YOUR life 100% with purpose, on purpose!” Rex Sikes

I wonder in how many fascinating ways you can easily amaze and astound yourself today?

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How You Travel The Success Road Determines How You Get There

you are here to expand and become more of yourself

“Always remember that the journey IS part of your destination. How you travel can determine how you are when you get there. You want to arrive at your destination refreshed and prepared to enjoy it fully so make it a point to enjoy and delight in all of it. Each second of each day is a gift. Each gift of each day passes and we can never have them again to live over. It makes the most sense to take full advantage when we can. So live fully. Be present. Live now!

When you have desires and dreams your destination is what you want. But don’t put it off. Do not NOT live incredibly while waiting to make something happen. Don’t sacrifice now for then. The journey and destination are part of the same trip. Enjoy all of it completely.

For example, if  you want to go biking or hiking or skydiving, or scuba diving, it is the journey you really enjoy. When you reach the destination the ride, or the hike, or the dive is over and completed. You feel great but it was the journey that you actually enjoyed. You got to the end of it feeling delighted and exhilarated because of the how you journeyed. That was the fun and the true enjoyment.

Of course, some people are so insistent on getting to their destination they miss everything along the way. That seems a very sad and disappointing way to live. The goal is to live now! Feel marvelous now! The present will give way to the future anyway, so while you are focused on what you want don’t forget what you now have that you can revel in.

you are a living magnet

The idea behind eating a fabulous meal is not to finish it and push away from the table but to savor it while it lasts. You ultimately will complete it. Enjoy it, don’t rush it. Notice it! Celebrate it. Feel how delicious it is and how good it is to be alive.

Yes, your destination IS important.

It is true you focus on getting there and pursue it passionately. You want to reach it that is the point and the reason to have a future dominant purpose. You put your energy into making it happen but  do not wait to live. In order to experience the fullest life, the bliss, the delight, the joy you must live it now. Always enjoy your journey.

If you want to go to Paris that is a destination place. It will take a certain amount of time from wherever you are at. That time can seem short or long depending on how you spend it and what you pay attention to.

Did you, as a child, ever ask an adult, ‘Are we there yet?… are we there?…how much longer?’ We wanted to get home or to our destination so badly it seemed to take forever. Our focus wasn’t on the joy of the journey it was JUST on ‘get me there now! I can’t stand waiting’.

Most of our life is spent journeying. Consider that. Most of our time is spent along the way. Make all of it delightful. Savor the seconds, make marvelous the moments and delight in everything. Know where you are headed and why and enjoy moving towards it.

you are a gift to the world celebrate

During your travels make it a point to experience these in plenty; love, harmony, joy, happiness, bliss, exhilaration, ecstasy, peace, contentment, serenity, relaxation, fun, comfort, confidence, strength, security, passion, pleasure,  acceptance, patience, gratitude, curiosity, wonder, fascination, amazement. Find fun, smile more, laugh more, enjoy your family, friends and even strangers. Feel awesome, incredible, magnificent and every wonderful feeling you can invite and allow. Celebrate!

If the journey gets tough and circumstances are bad keep focus on where you are headed and why. Find the good in the present circumstances and be grateful too for everything you have and can do. Don’t let less than glorious circumstances spoil your travels. Keep the faith, keep moving forward, adjust your route if you must, but don’t give up. You can make. You will make it. BE patient, not anxious.

Pretend for a moment you had such an incredible journey. More wonderful than you could ever imagine or plan. Sheer delight. Top of the world travel excitement. You lived the dream all along the way! BUT you never arrive at the destination. WOULD you care? Probably not. Because you have been and are so absolutely fulfilled you learned that wherever you are IS the destination and you live with joy.

Feeling this way, living from this reality means you are MUCH more likely to get to your destination because every fiber of your being is involved with feeling incredibly wonderful and alive. You are filled with positive, powerful, passionate radiating energy. Imagine what it would be like to live like this because it is entirely possible for you.

So, remember you want to arrive feeling incredible. Make it a point to enjoy the trip, come what may, and you will. Enjoy the journey and enjoy the destination!” Rex Sikes

Where can you put your attention today that will bring you the most delight?

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How To Feel Better, How To Feel Incredible, When You Don’t

u have within u whatever u need

Are their times when you just feel lackluster? You know you could and should feel better but you don’t? Perhaps, you are frustrated, angry, sad, anxious or fearful and want to shake it. Ever feel like that? Maybe you simply feel bored? You could be upset with yourself, others, events or circumstances but whatever it is you just want some relief right? What to do?

I’ll paraphrase a quote attributed to Einstein which states essentially, the solution is never found at the same level that the problem was created. By this it is meant we have to seek elsewhere for the resolution. This is an outstanding point to keep in mind! We rarely, if ever, solve the problem by constantly focusing on it. You have to stop and turn your attention elsewhere.

He did say, and I use it to make this point, ‘…we must realize that we cannot simultaneously plan for war and peace’. We can not focus on two things at once. We are not able to hold two thoughts at one time in our mind. It is not effective to be negative and positive, we need to choose which one to make dominant. If you are feeling less than glorious you won’t feel any better by continuing to focus on it. So you need to move away from those feelings toward something else, but how?

You know the ‘tip of the tongue’ phenomena. You know what you want to say, that person’s name, or that place, that you know YOU know, but can’t summon it up, right now. You can’t recall it for the life of you and the more you try to get it the more it eludes you. YOU cannot force it no matter how hard you try. SO what do you end up having to do? You give up, you forget about it, you go on to something else AND then what happens? Later, it pops into your head!!!

You had to shift your attention away from what you wanted to recall in order to recall it. The same is true with problems and feeling less than glorious. We have to shift our attention and get out of our own way. Focusing on why we feel bad doesn’t bring us good feelings. We have to look outside ourselves or elsewhere and let go.

Let go! Just as we had to give up searching for that name or place. We knew we knew it we just couldn’t access it. SO know that when you ‘let go’ and shift your focus and energy in other directions the answers, and feelings, and thoughts and behaviors you were trying ‘to get’ will ultimately become available to you in positive ways. They actually will when you get out of your own way and allow it!

be happy with what u have whle working for what u want

Many creative geniuses who have struggled to create, solve or invent something and put their energy into it fully, know to take a nap and ‘sleep on it’. Archimedes solved the problem of weighing the king’s crown, by displacement of water while sliding into the bathtub. ‘Eureka!’ he exclaimed and ran off naked to tell the king. The Archimedes Principle indicates that the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces. It took his body getting into the bath for the idea to ‘pop’ into his head.

In order to feel better RELAX! Let go! Shift your focus. Put it on anything other than yourself and your issue in the moment. Distract yourself by doing nice something for someone else. This is a great way to begin to feel better nearly instantly.

Are you able to find things in your life, family, friends, work, play, yourself for which you readily feel grateful? Some people can list hundreds of things right off the top of their head. Others seem to struggle to find a few. If you have difficulty looking at your life and finding all the wonderful reasons to celebrate and be thankful for then you can do a ‘compassionate comparison’.

You can look at all those millions of people who have it rougher and tougher than you have, who have less than you could ever imagine and be thankful you are, at least, better off. I mean really, most of us are well off beyond belief compared to many, MANY others. We have a roof, food, transportation, we have the basic necessities and then some!

When you make this comparison hopefully it does two things. You look into your own life and find a lot more reasons to be grateful. It stimulates your thinking and your sense of appreciation to celebrate what you do have. Your eyes and being open up and you begin to realize you are better off than you may have thought you were. You discover many new things that make you feel better. As you take inventory and celebrate and truly feel grateful your entire persona transforms. Your energy shifts. What you put your attention and focus on expands and you begin to feel even more wonderful. It is incredible!

Second, it helps you to be aware that there are people without access to what you have and it sensitizes you to their plight. It fills you with compassion and the idea that you might help ease some of the suffering of others. You can do many things small and large to assist them. Whatever action you take will be significant.

It is good to focus on helping others and to take the attention off yourself at least once in awhile. When you help others solve their problems frequently you resolve your own. While attempting to make the ‘me’ successful remember the ‘we’ who actually will help you get there. There is not a single person who ever lived who became successful without the help or co-operation of some others. Sadly, some forget this or just don’t care. Please don’t be one of those. Rise above selfishness.

what u put out u get back

You might volunteer, in some way, locally or elsewhere. You might donate whatever you can. You might give a neighbor a ride when needed. You might simply be nicer and more positive in your thoughts and actions to ALL others. Once your awareness is raised that others can benefit from positive actions, perhaps, you can share that awareness with family and friends, even strangers. Transform the world around you AND start by transforming yourself.

Thanksgiving is coming up.  A day when we are suppose to count our blessings and give thanks. Many people do not have homes or family or friends. What could you do to help out? Could you put some food cans in a drive? Could you serve holiday lunch at a shelter? What might you do? There are any number of options available to do. Your generosity is for you to decide.

Helping others is an incredible way to help ourself. It makes us feel good to know we are a benefit to others. It can make us smile and warm our hearts when we see someone else smile.

When you give to others in need, wherever and whenever you find them, it can make you feel fabulous because you did something kind and sincere. You elevate yourself when you lift up others. The Golden Rule applied makes your life more marvelous when you go first and hold others in high esteem in thought, word and action even if they can’t or won’t return the same to you. You give because you want to not because they will like you or return the favor. When you give from your heart everyone benefits in positive ways, and perhaps, you the most.

‘I had the blues because I had no shoes. Until the day I walked the street. I saw a man who had no feet.’ Dennis Waitley

Really do count your blessings daily it will transform your life. Take the time to do this. Once you begin you won’t want to stop. It will make you feel good. Take a daily and nightly inventory. Let your mind return to positive thoughts of gratitude throughout each day. As you do this life will become a real celebration!

Decades ago in my live workshops (and today) I had students make it a practice to find no less than 25 things they were grateful for every night before they went to bed. They could also do it upon arising. There were those who groaned at the initial suggestion. Some would come back into the seminar room the following day or two and exclaim they could not get to 25. But within days miracle of miracles occurred. Without fail all the students would find more than 25 and then ask if they could write down more than the 25 assigned. OF COURSE THEY COULD!

a man sees in the world what he carries in his heart

In my Mind Design programs we practice gratitude, laughter, finding the good and new in each moment, adding novelty by doing routine things, habitual things, in new ways. I encouraged these and many more simple, little things that have a profound effect. We  do contralateral movements known as cross crawling, some breathing and movement exercise, and we dance, we learn to ask and utilize Directed Questions to get better results. The key is to learn to approach everything in a relaxed, carefree, stress free way with positive expectations.

Lives were transformed and continue to be transformed doing little things daily. I share many of these with you in this blog. I hope you will take them to heart.

Everyday you, and only you, can make the decision to be happy and have a great day no matter what  circumstances appear. When you feel good most of the time you begin making happen your dreams, goals and desires. You can easily transform your entire experience when you keep your focus on the positive. Remember the reasons to be thankful. Think well of yourself and others. Expect the best at all times no matter what. Make this a daily practice and you will be amazed.

You begin attracting and getting what you want because you radiate and reflect that kind of positive energy. When you feel marvelous you accept and are able to allow what you want in life to come to you. You more easily recognize opportunity. You attract to yourself quality people, events and circumstances because you make these happen. YOU actually attract quality! When you feel good everything you desire can come into your life.

Feel good right now. That is the goal. Choose to feel great in the present. Today, I’ve mentioned two methods you can do to immediately start to begin feeling better, and to begin feeling good. When you feel good now you open the flood gates of the future! Life is truly exciting and wonderful! Life becomes grand!  ” Rex Sikes

What can you do today to make it incredible for yourself and someone else?

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How To STOP Negative Goal Setting And Be Free

water cant sink a ship

“It has been said that fear and anxiety, worry is negative goal setting. When you worry you are planning to have the very thing you don’t want. STOP! Once you discover yourself doing this STOP IT.

Stop planning for negatives, stop attracting what you don’t want and change it to what you do want. Recognize that you were behaving a certain way, stop it, and begin to behave and think in a new way.

Awareness in the moment is the key. Once you recognize you are acting in less than productive ways you can decide to stop and change it. As long as you are ignorant of the fact there will be no difference. Be thankful when your feel bad because that is a signal you can use to make the change. It is a signal alerting you that you have the opportunity to make a choice.

Either continue to do what you have been doing and keep getting what you do not want OR take charge and make a change right this moment to get what you want to have. You can change in this very instant. Be thankful you recognized the signal.  Be thankful it got your attention, finally!

You can’t eliminate negative thoughts  BUT you can transmute them into positive, productive, powerful thoughts. When you transform your thinking you transform your life. Now is your opportunity.

Whenever you are thinking less than gloriously stop and begin to think about what you are grateful for. Make a list and write down who you love, like and appreciate. Consider when and where you are lucky to have certain people in your life; your family, friends, co-workers, boss, employees. Remember who appreciates you too!

your mind is garden grow flowers or weeds

Take an inventory of the things you do have and the things you do that you feel  glad about. Look around at all the reasons you have to feel thankful. Look for love, peace, harmony, well-being, health, friendship, relaxation, pleasure, confidence. Anything and everything!

Change your focus. Stop worry, fear, anxiety, depression, feeling sorry for yourself and transform it. Steer yourself gently back to feeling better bit by bit.  Focus on what you have and what you want in your life. Imagine the better future. See yourself already in possession of what you want, living the life you dream. Visualize it vividly and often. Feel wonderful as you do. Enjoy theses feelings. Be enthusiastic!

You can’t move forward thinking backward thoughts. You need to place your attention, your concentration and your energy into what you do want and keep it there. You don’t get healthy by thinking unhealthy thoughts. You don’t get rich by thinking how broke you are. You move forward by determining where you want to end up.

Some people may use ‘bad times’ and ‘lack’ to motivate them. They say ‘Never Again!’ or ‘I won’t be poor’, and then they turn their back on the negative. Then they put their energy into creating and moving toward what they do want. They shift their focus from the painful stimulus to the positive prize and go after the prize. They keep their focus consistent. They do not let anything prevent them, no matter what.

The difference between those born to privilege, the silver spooners, and the rest of the population, is that the silver spoon mindset never considers that they can’t, or that they won’t succeed. If they want something they feel entitled to it.  The  born wealthy assume they can and will have it. They don’t doubt or fear not getting it. Yes, they are raised this way! Yes, they may even feel superior and snobby.

don't sit around waiting forwaever

YOU can begin to think this way without being a snob. You can begin to realize if you want anything in this world you deserve it.  You are as much entitled to it as anyone else. We all are! There is a legal, healthy way to make it happen for yourself when you first start believing that YOU can make it happen. Develop a positive, productive, powerful, CAN DO mindset!

As you do these things consistently you form a positive habit. Do these, when you don’t need to do them, so that when you do need them you are prepared. Do these things repeatedly and  you will build a habit that works automatically and reliably for you. Learn to face hard times with a smile knowing you can get through anything you are presented with AND YOU WILL! Become unstoppable.

Appreciate the present! Celebrate everything. Seek to feel wonderful each moment. Set your positive goals and make them happen. The more you do this the easier it becomes and the more time you will spend living this way! You will shift the balance of your thoughts, feelings, behavior and life to the positive. Your life will become so much more wonderful! Enjoy it, delight in it. Start now.

It all begins with thought. It begins with your own personal power and energy. Stop giving attention to what you do not want and give your attention and energy to that which you do. Create and attract what is good for you. ” Rex Sikes

Find fun, humor and laughter whenever and wherever you can today!

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