Are You Waiting For Paradise? What Are You Waiting For? Part 3 The Past

past present future

WOW! Then the past became clear to me.

Everything I had ever done or thought, successfully or not, was a pathway to this moment. In retrospect, every decision could be seen to have brought me to this present moment right here. Whether it actually is a charted pathway to now or simply haphazard doesn’t matter it is the meaning we assign to it. I don’t care to debate the reality of the past. In the light of this new understanding I could look back and see how events in my life worked or did not work to bring me to this moment.

THIS AWARENESS brought another awareness. No matter what I may have suffered, lost, or didn’t take advantage of all of it was valuable to who I am today. No matter how I failed or succeeded, no matter what I was unlucky in or was lucky in all of it were stepping stones on the pathway.

EVERYTHING from my past good and bad I could appreciate in some fashion because it was part of the road to this realization. I could celebrate successes and failures, great times and tragedies and learn from all.

some things fall apart so things come together

My thinking underwent profound changes. Life altering realizations flooded me. Some changes in thinking were instantaneous while others came about over many weeks and many years. Most came about because I immersed myself in positive and inspirational material and made a commitment to find the best thoughts to think daily. The insights came about because I was changing myself. I was working at it and gaining new understandings as a result of my efforts.

My life changed when I decided to be in charge of my thinking and feelings. I decided to choose the best thoughts and the best feelings I could find each day. I decided to stop leaving things to chance and to stop living like a victim to anything. No longer would I be like that bobbing cork.

I would fill every moment I could with the best that I could find. It might not always be the most glorious but it would be the best I could do at the moment. I would do this without criticizing myself for the job I was doing. After all, I was no expert, I was learning to do this and learning to stay focused so I should treat myself with respect and love and gentleness while in this process. I was a neophyte, a beginner, a child in the school of self improvement.

I learned that progress is quicker without trying to manage it or critique it. We evolve faster when we give ourself permission to make mistakes and accept them as a natural part of growing. Every baker has burned a loaf of bread at times. Why should I think I won’t somewhere screw up? Accept it and go on without making a big deal out of it. Relax, do the work, and let go. I moved slow and steady. I nurture myself along as if an toddler. It is better while learning to praise than to punish.

attitude difference between ordeal and adventure

I learned to nurture change gently. It was extremely difficult at times and exceptionally easy at other times. Challenges came along. They always do. When I realized difficulties were opportunities to grow even stronger through adversity I embraced them. I encountered difficult people and when I could I would think of the Golden Rule and apply it I did. This became very important because I DO want to get back what I put out – so I want it to be the very best. I want to attract the best people to gather around me.

I learned life is too short to suffer, whine, complain and be annoyed by people and circumstances. I realized this is my life AND I want to make it what I want it to be. I use the Garden Of Eden analogy. According to my version of this Biblical story we were meant to live in paradise.

We were designed for and meant to live in paradise but because of our actions (our thoughts) we don’t. Still paradise was intended for us.

Heaven and hell exist inside us. We make our life whatever it is by what we choose to pay attention to. Very little suffering actually comes from the outside of us (but there are physical realities). Most of our suffering is a result of how we react to circumstances and people and our very own thoughts and feelings. In many ways, exactly how much we suffer is up to us. We know that people may respond very differently to similar circumstances. One persons floor is another person’s ceiling.

SO I decided to stop focusing on reasons I suffer and to begin making my life a return to paradise.

But why wait? Paradise shouldn’t be a far off possibility but immediate pleasure. If I want to live in paradise then I have to begin living it right now. This is why it is important to make the present as remarkable as it can be.

We make the present incredible when we appreciating everything. EVERYTHING! We accept we allow and we learn from everything. We forgive and truly forgive. We appreciate all from the past, we decide to live as champions not merely as survivors.

If you are reading this today then you have been succeeding along. You have been doing extremely well even if you don’t think so yet. You are here and that is a testimony to your strength. For some, they have demonstrated amazing strength others may have had it easier. No matter, you are here today reading this because you have succeeded in getting here. That is worth noting for yourself.

forgive yourself for not knowing

Accept the past, heal the past, appreciate where it has brought you. No matter what the journey was like before you are right here.

What tomorrow is like you will determine today.

If your present isn’t everything you want it to be you NOW have the chance to make it so. You can begin to make your present unbelievably wonderful while creating a more marvelous future.

It is time to stop being a victim, if that is how you have lived, and start being a victor.

There is the saying ‘if it is to be it is up to me’ and that is the truth. It is up to each of us. When I realized this (and the other realizations I mentioned) my life began to transform.

I am still a work in progress. I am not complete and not perfect. Perfection is not a goal anyway. I don’t want anything perfect. I am what and who I am. I have been learning I can enjoy that. I can celebrate and become even more awesome. Nothing is lacking and nothing is complete all at the very same time. Yes, I still experience challenges and need to look for the hidden opportunities but life is so much better today!! It can be for you too if it is not already.

think continually about what you want

The past and present and future all simultaneously co-habit this moment, oddly enough.

Learn to appreciate where you have been. Validate the journey you have traveled. Celebrate where you are at this moment as you move into the future. You will arrive at the destination you have chosen for yourself. Stay positive, stay optimistic, expect the best, keep focused on what you want and all that is wonderful. Each day do the little things you can to make each moment miraculous and your life will transform in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. Yes, your life will transform because YOU will be the one transforming it.

There is no reason to wait for paradise. Begin enjoying it right now. This world is your garden. Plant and nurture the wonderful things you want to have more of.

Everything begins with the thought you think. Choose your thoughts wisely. Plant good seeds. Celebrate the process and embrace the miraculous. I’ll share more later! Meanwhile, enjoy!” Rex Sikes

It is your day to make marvelous? What are you going to do about it?


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Are You Waiting For Paradise? What Are You Waiting For? PT 2

train your mind to see good

“This was a huge awakening for me. Tomorrow is a result of what we do today or what we don’t do today. We get back what we put out there. If we want different results we have to do things differently and it all begins with what and how we think. In order to have a different future I had to think different thoughts about it.

What this meant was I could no longer continue going along has I had been. I needed to take charge gain control. I knew it may not be easy but it seemed simple enough. If my thoughts are producing the results I am getting and I don’t like these results I must change my thoughts.

I could no longer live as I had, my habitual way of thinking and behaving had to be shaken up or wakened up. I could no longer afford to be a passenger  on the ship of life I had to become the captain. I had to set a destination, chart the course, and keep on course come what may. If I was going to have a different future it was dependent completely on me.

I began by creating what I wanted and focusing on that.  I set my goal I wrote down my definite chief purpose. I have discussed this process in my posts. The point is I determined what I wanted most in life and then I kept it in mind day and night.

I noticed, however, that  my attention was not always on what I wanted. At times I was thinking about what was going on right then in the current situation. I was paying attention to circumstances that were  UNLIKE those I wanted in my future.

I noticed sometimes my attention turned to problems or situations that I deemed might prevent my intended future from manifesting. Instead of being focused on the prize I was focusing on the obstacles.

I found myself going back and forth and realized that this process was not unlike what I already had been doing. It was really no different.

What I was doing was the same as I had been doing all along.

we are what we repeatedly do

In my past I had hoped for things but didn’t really think I could make them happen.

NOW I wanted things for the future and planned to get them but found myself noticing all the reasons and disappointments that made them unlikely. One moment I was positive the next moment I was not. One moment I was certain I was getting my goals the next moment I doubted it. One instant I imagined being wealthy later I saw the present mountains of bills and no cash to pay them.

It was just like bobbing along as cork on the currents. I was drifting wherever the currents went.

Isn’t it fascinating to notice that often we think we are doing something different when in reality we are doing the very same thing. This is like changing the color you paint the house.  The color is different but the act of painting is the same. This is why people say if you keep doing the same thing but expect different results it is insanity.

The change must be real not cosmetic. If I wanted things to be different I was going to have to develop new habits for myself.

It became clear that if I was going to make a difference for myself in my life and for my future I had to take charge of my thinking. I had to focus on what I wanted and keep it positive no matter what was going on right now. I had to do this even if I had to boot strap it. I could no longer drift along.

Boot strap it I did. I learned some things along the way too. I discovered the power of purposeful questions (Directed Questions) which I have mentioned in previous posts.

I discovered that I needed to hone my ability to return to center. I have used the example of driving down a lane in your car and the micro adjustments we have to make steering, on an ongoing basis, just to continue straight. I have used the examples of a ship or a rocket course correcting continuously in order to arrive at their intended destination.

just because soemthing isn't happening

So it became very clear to me that I had to choose my destination and set my course.  If I wanted to arrive at my destination I had to maintain my course no matter what. I could not succumb to drifting or to giving up. I had to keep doing no matter what was going on in the present.  No matter how treacherous the journey was presently, or how difficult it would become I would keep going. That was my commitment.

If you want to make you future happen you have to concentrate on it to the exclusion of all else. It should become your passion and your obsession.

When you choose your destination you have to concentrate on getting there and not all the distractions, obstacles, detours and side trips. YOU have to remain clear and intent on getting where you set out to get to. You must be of one mind and not tossed about.

You must act with purpose and determination and keep going until you get what goal.

I am in charge and I am choosing

THEN it hit me again. Yes, I could travel to my destination BUT HOW I traveled might be important too. I could travel with such determination that I missed everything along the way. That did not seem worthwhile, nor was it what I wanted. After all I wanted to enjoy life much more. That is why I made these changes.

If it was going to be just painful having a new future it would be unlikely I would stick with it. How then might I increase my odds of sticking with it.

Plenty of people through the century have talked about enjoying life along the way. Going back to a previous point in a post, people have stated you should enjoy the present. Smell the roses and ‘Be here now’.

The point is to not procrastinate and save all the good feelings for later of for some after life. It seemed the journey was an important part of arriving at the destination.

be happy with what u have whle working for what u want

Then I realized HOW the present and future serviced each other.

In order to arrive at my destination happily and with energy to enjoy it I had to like to journey along the way as well.

NOW I understood how the present was important.

Yes, savor the present, the good, the great, the grand. Appreciate the little things be filled with gratitude. Enjoy now and think the best positive thoughts now. Enjoy everything, learn from everything because this moment becomes the next.

Yes, I could make the journey as pleasant as possible.  We continue next time.” Rex Sikes

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| The Secret | How To Get The Positive Results You Want & Make Your Dreams Come True Part 2

any idea plan repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

“You must focus and remain focused on WHAT YOU WANT in order to engage your unconscious mind (the servo-mechanism)  to work on it for you

You must  provide a clear image to the unconscious so it knows what you want it to do. This is why the power and focus of your conscious mind matters. You deliver the right message to your unconscious and then your unconscious works for you on what you want it to work on.

Your unconscious mind is already working. It IS always working but if you are not getting the results you want to get it is because you have not provided clear instructions for it to carry out.

If you aren’t getting the results you want it is because you are not sending it the clear message of what you want. It IS currently producing what you have been sending it. This is important to understand and act on if you want your life to change for the best…

Part 2

In order for your unconscious mind to work on what you want you have to give it  a clear, definite picture and clear instructions of your ‘burning desire’. This is what you need to do every single day.

Stay focused and passionate about your goal, repeat what you wrote down out loud with lot’s of positive energy and enthusiasm at least twice a day. Adopt the attitude of expectation, believe you are going to get it.

If at first you find it difficult to believe 100% stick with the practice, there will come a time when you do fully believe it. This is important. Believe you will get it and you can get it. Believe that you won’t make it happen and it is nearly 100% certain you won’t.

You must remain constant and not waiver.

If one day you are focused on what you want and the next moment you are thinking about what you don’t want and then again back to what you want you, then what you don’t want you are sending confusing mixed messages. It is just as if you are commanding a pet dog to,”Stay, come here, stay, come here, don’t come, come, stay.”  You can’t flip flop and get good, quick results.

You will get to the prize faster by staying on target with what you want and being definite about it. You will get to your destination when you think and feel and act in alignment with getting there. Do not lett the past or present things throw you off course. Stay strong, be of one mind.

what holds u back is who u think u are not

For example, you may not have money to pay your bills.

When you worry about and think about how you don’t have the money and impending consequences does not help you get the money you want or need. You have to adopt a mental position of ‘whatever happens I will be okay, things always work out for me’ instead of worrying. This comes about with practice too!

Worry will only bring more worry. From a more confident, optimistic mindset you are more resourceful and have a better frame of mind to figure out how to get what you need.

The results you get back, how you feel, and your life and your being is filled with whatever predominantly occupies your mind most of the time each day.

In order to meet life’s challenges as you need to be thinking confidently and not frazzled, worried or frantic. Think about it. I will say it again: The results you get back, how you feel, and your life and your being is filled with whatever predominantly occupies your mind most of the time each day.

You become what you think about.

we are what we repeatedly do

I hope you get it.

Keep in mind that I am sharing with you a life changing process. It is a process. The word process defined means ‘a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end’. It functions through time. It  is not an over night, instantaneous, magic pill but a method. For some, you will see results more quickly, for others it may take longer, regardless it will take some time.

Changing your life is not a competition so don’t be concerned with the time it takes be concerned with being dedicated to the process.

What may be difficult at first becomes easier the more you do it. You may have learned to eat by yourself, walk, ride a bike, read and write, drive a care, play a sport and countless other things that seemed difficult at first. So hang in there and you will get better and eventually master this process too. Just stick with it and never stop and you will make it happen.

repetition of affirmations lead to belief

You must be clear about you want and focused on it. You must concentrate on it over and over again and only on it. You must remain faithful to your goal and the results you want. You must ignore what you don’t want and favor what you do want.

You may include all the incredible things, small and large, from your present and accentuate these. You must keep going and not quit in order to get what you want. When you do these things you will discover your life changing along the way, but remember, it may not be evident at first.

Keep this in mind: what do you want? Do you want the results (your dreams/goal) in the future or  do you what you have now? Whatever you focus on is what you will get more of. It is your decision. If you want your life to change for the better you are learning what you can do to make that happen. It is up to you to do it.” Rex Sikes

*I suggest you go back and read through these blogs again and again. You will discover things you missed when you read it the first time. What you missed was there all along but the person who goes back to read again has already been altered by life along the way.

You are not exactly the same person you were yesterday, a week ago, a month or years. You are changing. When you read something later you may bring a new awareness to it because you have new life experiences since the last time you visited. You understand things differently the second, third and forth time you read the same material. So Read, re-read, and implement. It is not the reading that will change you but what you put into practice from your new understandings.

Have a wonderful day! Imagine how much more marvelous you can make it.

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Are You Waiting For Paradise? What Are You Waiting For? PT 1

when you arise think of the privilege

“Past, Present or Future. People say, ‘live now’, not in the past or the future. ‘Now IS the only time you have’. I agree. I have learned you can not live in the past. I certainly used to. I preferred what came before to what is and what may be. I longed for the good old days. I mourned their passing. Until one day I realized for myself that it was true no amount of wishing would bring anything back. People I missed and reconnected with had moved on, only I hadn’t.

I believe part of the reason I so adored the past was that I was not ever taught about goals. My present was okay at best, so I tolerated it. Even when it was pretty bad I didn’t think there was much I could do about it. I had been encouraged to do whatever I wanted as long as I got a job and worked to make money but no one ever truly educated me in how to set goals and work in a disciplined fashion. I did not know how to make plans or how to get my goals. I was one of the most undisciplined people I know.

Life was about dealing with whatever happened. Whatever didn’t happen didn’t. I thought much of it was the result of others or circumstances. If someone else got something I wanted in life that was because luck was on their side. I was just unlucky. I had no say in what happened to me. Career success just a matter of the right breaks. I had no clue how to make my own breaks or move forward. Clueless, is how I lived much of my life.

I became a meditator and began to appreciate the now much more. I began to focus so much on ‘this moment’ that I paid no attention to what was down the road. I knew the past was over, my beloved past was not available. NOW is all I had. So I lived moment to moment without respecting the needs coming down the road very well. I had no future I had only now.

This was not that different from living in the past actually. I lived in the past with no regard for the future, living in the present was essentially the same. It was just more immediate in where I put my attention. It was not about friends or times long ago but about about those things right now. Basically, I traded one outlook for a similar outlook only I did not realize this at the time. I got the same shirt only in a different color.

I literally had to train my mind to begin to look into the future.

dream is goal w deadline

We all have to learn how to do this but for some of us it may happen earlier on as they grow up. As an adult, I had to being to force myself to consider where I was and what I wanted that would improve on my lot and my life. I could no longer leave it to chance. I had to actually decide what I want and work to make it happen.

For some readers, they may think, ‘well duh?’ Yes, it is true. I had to turn my attention from the now to the then. I had to decide what I want, what goals i wanted to set, and when I wanted it, the deadline. I learned that it wasn’t enough to want something you needed a delivery date. If you bought a pair of shoes online you want to know when you expect them to show up. You would never think to make the purchase with an ‘anytime in the future’ date of delivery.

Of course prior to this moment, I always wanted things to happen for me but I didn’t expect to get them. I wanted them, yes but I only hoped to get them. They were wants, yes, but not what I must absolutely have and go after to get. They fell into the category of, ‘it would be great to have these’ but ‘how come I don’t have them’.

Back to the shoe purchase analogy. You find what you want, you make the purchase, you get a delivery date and you expect to get it when and as promised.

I didn’t fully appreciate that if I wanted certain things I would have to make them happen. I looked at my shortcomings, my lack of knowledge and experience and resigned myself to the fact that I just didn’t know how to get what I hoped to have.

After years of aimless living I came to an understanding that if anything was going to change I had to change what I was thinking and doing, or what I was NOT thinking and NOT doing. It was not just a matter of what I was doing it was also what I was leaving out that was critical.

It became very clear that I was most like a cork that bobbed along in the water, moving wherever the current took me, longing for the past distant shores, or even enjoying the present surroundings, but with no destination in mind, nor power to get there. I had to change something, I had to change this thinking. I had to embrace new thinking if this was at all possible.

I wrote down what I wanted and began to review it throughout each day numerous times. I have described this method in previous blogs. I filled my mind with what I wanted to occur in the future and imagined myself already living as though it was mine.

Back to the shoes again: I had to select what I wanted for myself. I had to make a decision. Once I knew what I wanted I put in the order. From the moment I knew what I wanted I imagined what it would be like having it. People often visualize what they will look like wearing the new shoes. They may see others making a big deal about their choice and how cool it is. They visualize in their minds, right now, what it is like to live wearing the shoes even though the purchased shoes haven’t physically arrived yet. Do you understand what I mean by I imagined myself living as though it was mine?

desire back by faith

I steered my mind to the positive and chanted affirmations energetically, passionately. I took charge and made it a point to do something each day in service of the future I wanted. I made the future important to me!

NOW, it would be very easy, for some of us, to be so focused on what we want to make happen that we sacrifice our present for a later date. Fortunately, I came to the realization that this would not be a very good thing.

What I realized, early on, was that my present was a result of my past thoughts.

The lack of consistent plans and goals and positive thoughts resulted in where I was, aimlessly floating. My present was a result of my previous thinking or lack of thinking. Could it be that our future is dependent on the thoughts we think today?

I realized, then, that my current thoughts determined and created my future experience. Whatever I was currently thinking and not thinking about is what I would get in return. My future is dependent on where my mind is right now.

energy goes where attention goes

It became obvious to me that if I wanted a different sort of future it would depend on what I did right this moment.

WOW that hit me like a ton of bricks. My future is dependent on what I am thinking and feeling right now! Right this moment we are creating our futures! More next time.” Rex Sikes

Make today the finest day you have ever had. I mean, why not?

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Your Life Can Be Incredible! Did You Know It Can Begin This Weekend?

life is an echo

“It is the weekend! How can you make today and tomorrow special for yourself? What can you do that you will enjoy?Take a break, be sure to relax and do something to make you feel special.

Yes, after the work week we sometimes have to catch up on other important things and then spend the entire weekend working too. I have done it we all have. This weekend discover taking a little time for yourself to feel wonderful. Gift yourself with time for you and the people you love.

Spend time with your family and friends. Treat yourself and those you care about extra special for no reason at all. Celebrate who is in your life and what you are grateful for. Do something wonderful for someone else. Go somewhere that would be really fun. Explore, adventure, discover!

Life is really no more than moments. Moment to moment we live our day. When all is said and done we evaluate our day, even our lives, by how many moments we think are positive, fun and worthwhile. So should make sure that each day we create special moments for ourselves, family and friends. Take a moment to include the good, the new, the amazing, the wonderful.

positive mind, vibes, life

Don’t just spend life working and striving and doing what must be done. Sure, that may be important but relaxing, enjoying, delighting, and celebrating is important to. There is a reason why the phrase, ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ exists. So stop and smell the roses today and tomorrow.

Make it a practice, a habit to treat yourself wonderfully. Appreciate yourself for your talents and strengths. Then extend that appreciation to those around you and then to those circumstances you enjoy. Spend an hour or more just for you.

Don’t blow off what you need to complete but find a way to incorporate celebration and relaxation into your day. Work hard then play hard or play hard and then work hard whichever works for you. Just make it a point to make it a special time.

Perhaps, you can do something you have been wanting to do for awhile. Go someplace special you’d like to see, Take along someone you care about or just spend time quietly with them at home. Gift yourself in some way, give yourself a treat. Reward yourself for creating a special time today.

Refresh and renew your mind, your body, your spirit. Immerse yourself in the incredible. Dive into the delightful. Amaze yourself with something astounding. Service your soul.

Remember to make this weekend a retreat. If only for a little while, do it. Do it lightly, stress free, comfortably, and easily. No pressure, no stress, no reasons why you must, just do it for the sake of doing something different and enjoyable.

cabin and boat dock sunset

Just do anything marvelous and safe that will put a smile on your face and make you feel better. It can be small or large whatever works for you.

You could have a special beverage, a snack, go for a walk, take a bath, have a bonfire, a cookout, invite friends over, go to a play, a movie, some music. Go to the park, the beach, read a book, take a nap, buy yourself a little something you want and enjoy. Do something with you children or your parents, visit someone who can’t get out, take them somewhere nice if you and they are able.

Anything at all that makes you moments special.

Collect wonderful positive moments and memories! Then collect more. Each day is an opportunity for more marvelous moments and miracles. Create a space for yourself each day to savor.

Just start today. Commit to making it more satisfying, desirable and relaxing. Commit to nourishing yourself and having time alone and/or with loved ones. Treat yourself well.

It is a two way street. What you send out comes back. Send out the best and get the best in return. It will positively surprise you when you live life this way. Think the best, feel the best, act the best and you will have the best.

When you take time for yourself to enjoy, appreciate and delight you create space for more wonderful moments and miracles. You create them, you attract them, and they come along and simply surprise you because you made more room for unexpected blessings to come your way.

This you can do. The question is will you? Will you take the time to treat yourself well today?” Rex Sikes

My wish for you is a fabulous fun filled day with those you care about!

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Here is The Secret: How To Get The Positive Results You Want And Make Your Dreams Come True Part 1

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

The key, the trick, the most powerful thing you can do is focus on where you want to be and not what is going on around you. If what you are experiencing is less than glorious you need to ignore that and focus on the positive results you do want. As captain of your ship you need to be clear on your destination and not concerned with how difficult the journey may be.

Focus on the results you want to get in your future and not what you do not have at the moment. Even if things are crumbling around you you must stay focused on what you want and when you want it.

It may be the hardest thing you have to do but you must do it.

I repeat: You get and you become what you think about. If you are focused on what is wrong, what you don’t have, the lack of funds, whatever the problem is, you do not help yourself overcome these. You are focused on what you don’t want and your mind and being is filled with all the problems. The result is that you end up getting more of what you do not want. Certainly, you are not going to get what you want by concentrating on and worrying about what you don’t want.

Remember the planting seeds analogy I have used. If you plant wheat you will not get corn. If you plant peas you won’t get carrots. You get what you plant. As for the results in your life you get what you plant. If you spent all your time planting wheat but wanting corn we’d think you were crazy. You can’t get the results you want focused on what you don’t have. BUT if you focused on the corn you wanted AND you plant corn you are going to get corn as long as you take care to nurture it properly.

we reap what we sow choose carefully

Yes, it may be difficult to stay focused on the positive but you stay focused you must. You must steer your ship back on course when you get off track. You must focus on the results and the deadline you want and not on what or where you came from or the difficulties. You can’t move forward looking backwards.

You won’t move forward being focused on where you are right now. You get more of what you focus on. If you want to move forward focus on where you want to be AND on making sure you do move inch by inch in that direction.

What you MAY focus on from the present are all the good things.

When you focus on what you are grateful for and all the things you enjoy right now in this moment, and from your past, you open the door to get more of these. Concentrate on feeling grateful, filled with joy, peace, love and happiness these are great to focus on!

Concentrating on confidence and what you are able to accomplish is fantastic!

Thinking highly of others and treating them the way you want to be treated brings you better relationships and connections with others who may be of help to you too as you move along. Keep in mind no one ever succeeds alone. SO think the best of yourself and others.

Create the you and the life and world you want to live in and focus on these. Bring all the wonderful memories and moments from your present along with you. That is a great thing to do. Keep the positive while creating more positive!

REMEMBER: Stay focused on the positive results you want to have and not the shabby results you may currently experience.

Fill your dreams and goals with positively charged energy.

I’ve suggested writing what you want to have down and then looking at it through the day. Read it out loud to yourself with fully charged energy and confidence at least twice a day.  Do this every day without fail.

The results you get in the future are based on what you are doing now just as where you are today is a result of the thoughts and actions you took in your past. Stay with your goal, fill your being with it. In your mind see it and enjoy it. Act as if you are already living it. Do this often each day. Keep doing it every day, every week.

When you plant a seed it takes time and you do not see the results right away. YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE FAITH. This may be the most difficult part of the process. It may be hard to hang in there when there is no evidence that you should but you should. YOU MUST stick with it if you want to get the results you intend to get.

Stick with it, stay with your positive practice and it will pay off. It won’t happen if you quit. You won’t succeed if you don’t do the work. If you are not committed, if you slack on your practice or if you are wishy washy with your focus you aren’t going to see it come to pass. The odds are against you.

The only thing that will bring about the positive change you desire are the changes you make.

think to success

Reading about it won’t make a difference. It may inspire you but you have to implement what you learn. You can read about a wonderful meal and desire it but that is not the same as eating the beautiful meal. You must eat and digest on a daily basis (a number of times during the day) to stay healthy. Put into practice what you have read about and learned.

You must focus and remain focused on WHAT YOU WANT in order to engage your unconscious mind to work on it for you (the servo mechanism).

You must  provide a clear image to the unconscious so it knows what you want it to do. This is why the power and focus of your conscious mind matters. You must deliver the right message to your unconscious mind – then your unconscious works on what you want it to work on.

Remember, your unconscious mind is already working. It IS always working!  If you aren’t getting the results you want to get it – it is because you have not provided clear instructions for it to carry out. It doesn’t know what YOU want – it only works on what you have already been giving it.

I repeat: If you aren’t getting the results you want – it is because you are not sending it the clear message of what you DO want. It IS currently producing and carrying out actions from what you have been sending it. You are where your thoughts have brought you. You will go where your thoughts take you.

This is important to understand and act on if you want your life to change for the best.

This is why it is so important to decide what you want for yourself. You must decide on your most important goal. Napoleon Hill called it ‘your definite chief purpose’ and you must concentrate on making it come to pass.

You stay focused on positive thoughts and fill your mind and being with positive thoughts and feelings. You can not let the present get you down you must persevere even when the going seems impossible. Keep what you want, your goal, in mind at all times. This is how you end up getting what you truly want.

I will share more in the next post. Meanwhile enjoy and make your life wonderful.” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day! Make it really special!

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The Secret To Getting The Results You Want! Transform Your Life!


“Go back and read through these blogs again and again. Then come back again at a later time too.

Repetition is the mother of skill.

Come back again at a later time too.

Each time you re-read you can and will discover things you missed when you read it for the first time.

What you missed was there all along.

It is YOU who have changed.

The person who goes back to read again has already been altered by life along the way. New experiences have been added.

You are not exactly the same person you were yesterday, a week ago, a month or years past. It may not seem as though there is much difference from day to day but we do change.

You are changing now. So update what you are learning by going back and reviewing again.

we are what we repeatedly do Aristotle

When you re-read something, at another time, you bring a new awareness to. You discover new ideas for yourself or put together thoughts in a different way. Your thinking opens up to new possibilities while other concepts may take root or gel for you when you revisit the material.

You will become aware of more, understand more, learn more and be able to use more when you re-visit the material again and again over time.

It is a worthwhile practice to read and read and read over again the same inspirational material. It is a wonderful habit to form. The beginning of wisdom is experience revisited.

Skill acquisition is enhanced by repetition and the correct application of what you are learning. Implement what you learn, use it to change your life for the better.

As you read and review you better understand the process, the fine points and you can adjust and enhance your efforts as a result of the added information from new insights. When you do these things you hone your abilities and make them work for you.

So come back often.” Rex Sikes

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