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How To Use Your Brain To Get What You Want Pt 1

see clearly visualize goals

“..The results they get are due to the conditioning and training they undergo. They built the skills and habits needed to play and perform successfully, optimally. The truly successful people in this world do exactly the same thing. They know how to use their mind to get what they want and that organizes all of their efforts…”

Continued from  Are You Using Your Brain To Get What You Want

“We make sense of the outer world by recreating it on the inside and we do this by pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells. We use our five senses within and without to. We see pictures and movies in our minds while walking and talking and driving and computing with our eyes open and engaged, or while daydreaming, and or with our eyes closed napping or sleeping.

Memories are what we see, hear and feel, and what we imagine and remember on the inside. As we move through life we collect memories. We may be deeply, profoundly touched by the power of a positive or not so positive memory. Some memories may bring about nearly the same feelings each time we recall them.

We can close our eyes and imagine our present right now where we are as we read this, we can with eyes closed recall and see what surrounds us. We can hear both what is going on outside of us, noises and we can hear our inner thoughts, noises and voice as well. We can presently feel what we feel, our emotions and sensations or our butts against the surface of some material we sit or recline on.

We can also see future events happen in our mind, imaginary and unlikely or likely scenarios that we picture, hear, feel and respond to that have not happened yet. We can see happy future events and feel good about them or we can look at unwanted anticipated events and feel anxious or fearful.

Assuming we have all these neurological five senses or faculties intact and unimpaired we are able to do these. We all seem to have lead systems. Some people see images in their mind quickly then hear and feel. Or see, feel and hear. Another person may lead with sounds then see and feel or feel and see their movies. Others may lead off with the feeling and then images and sounds or vice versa. Smells and tastes likewise trigger full associations or memories, or pictures, sounds and feelings. Typically, it all happens very quickly.

visualize and believe

I point this out because some people may claim a difficulty with whichever sense they are attempting to work with. Some might say I don’t see my pictures very well. In that case, listen or feel first and discover what happens to bring about the full representation. Explore playfully and find out which sense seems better developed or which you are better able to manipulate or work with.

We will explore more of this in more detail in upcoming times. Still, you can develop the ability to use anyone of these senses to a much greater degree by deliberately choosing to exercise your abilities. They ALL work powerfully in us (again assuming no neurological impairment) whether we exercise control or not, whether we are consciously aware or not of them. We are influenced by our internal activity. Those who succeed typically already know how to work with their inner world powerfully to get positive results.” Rex Sikes

More tomorrow. Have an incredible day!

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Are You Using Your Brain To Get What You Want?

when u see yourself as a powerful creator

You and I have exactly the same equipment as the wildly successful do. We have the same abilities as they do. We have the same amount of hours in a day and we all breath the same air. BUT the truly successful have accessed a cutting edge technology, a vastly superior scientific practice that puts them out front of all the rest. These successful investors, sports figures, celebrities, scientists, parents, and those who excel in every walk of life get different results from the rest of us, using the very same equipment, but using it differently and precisely. It is time the rest of us caught on and begin to capture some of that success for ourselves.

The successful people understand that it is an inner game. They know and use their minds with precision in ways the rest of us do not. Everyone has essentially the same capacity and we are all using our brains and mind power, more or less alike, but these successful people do things that the rest just do not do. Analogy time. Pretend everyone drives cars. We all drive cars and know how to but some people drive cars to great, wonderful, fun, exciting places while others don’t. Why do you suppose that is?

Let’s find out. Let’s begin to examine what we all do but that the successful people do differently. Let’s look at what puts them out ahead of the rest of us and that gets them where they are. I’ll explore this in a series of blog posts. So here we go, first point.

We all run movies in our head. Some of these images, sounds and feelings we are aware of and some operate out of consciousness. Whether we notice them or not we still make them and are influenced by them. We have a vivid and active inner life between our ears. What we do between our ears determines how much we experience life.

What we do in our minds determines whether we are proactive go getters, who create and get what we want, or whether we are more reactive and wait for things to happen to or for us. What we do inside our head determines our outlook on the world, our frame of mind, our attitudes and beliefs and whether we mostly enjoy our experience or maybe not so much. What we do determines whether we react more like habitual robots or respond with freer choice and free will. The inside determines the outside so much more than the other way around!

if you can dream it you can do it

Some people use their minds very powerfully. These are very smart people. I don’t mean book smart people who know lots of facts and figures and have very high IQs. They may be smart in some ways but that is not the smarts I am referring to. The smarts I am speaking of are much more important! There are people who know how to use their inner world to make the outer world conform to what they imagine inside. It all begins on the inside!

They create and cause things to occur that bring them positive results. They understand how to use their minds powerfully to attract what they want. These people are not only smart and successful (however one defines success) but they are wise. They make wise choices with their abilities and their efforts to bring about more of what they enjoy. They attract and create more love, health, happiness, well-being, positive relationships, warm inviting home lives, family, friends, career success, and wealth because they understand how it all works. Thought precedes everything!

When you understand how something works you can utilize it to get good results. As we grew in our understanding of electricity we could harness its power. The same is true with the powers of our own minds. Your mind can and already does incredible things. Whether it is serving you to get what you want most of the time or not depends on how you have been using it. You and I use our minds all the time and some of the times we do so deliberately.

The more deliberately we can use our mind the better results we can guarantee. For all us to get better results, like those people who already are getting fantastic results, we need to deliberately consciously train our minds to work better for us in our own behalf. We train our mind to look for and go after great results.

People have trained their minds to get good at many things.  Music and sports for example. Many get great results. Successful people in all walks of life use their their inner movie theater to visualize and get good  in whatever area they are successful at. They use their mind to their advantage purposefully and deliberately. The less successful people aren’t doing the same things the successful are.


This separates the successful from the non-successful by a huge chasm. There have been many important books available for eons on how to run one’s mind and create one’s future. The point is people don’t transform by reading, they only transform by doing. It is practice that makes perfect not the fact that you know something you never apply. Application, action is the proper fruit of knowledge.

What the successful do, and have already done, the rest of us need to do. We need to train our mind, we need to instruct it in what we want to be and have and what we want it to do and then we let it do that automatically. We create positive habits through training and then we live and we create from those habits.

Consider the sports star who trains their mind and body to compete and who practices and drills everyday. This athlete trains hard so that when they play the game all of their training and conditioning becomes a reliable asset. DO you think they would have enjoyed the success they do and play as well without the effort? I think not. They rehearse so that ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’. (Vince Lombardi).

The results they get are due to the conditioning and training they undergo. They built the skills and habits needed to play and perform successfully, optimally. The truly successful people in this world do exactly the same thing. They know how to use their mind to get what they want and that organizes all of their efforts.

habit replaces habit

We initiate and maintain the process. Yes, we still manage the process but we learned through positive habit formation to allow it to work automatically in positive ways. It is already running on automatic most of the time, but if you aren’t enjoying the good life you deserve, if your results are haphazard, unreliable, if you feel unlucky and or you aren’t getting what and where you want then you need to train it to do better for you. So let’s get to it. Let’s train our minds to run better so we go after and get what we want and deserve in life. Those who succeed typically already know how to work with their inner world powerfully to get positive results.” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day! Please continue celebrating, and finding things and moments to appreciate and enjoy. Look back on previous posts and focus on the positive.

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The Successful Flock Together! A Powerful Practice You Need To Know

i am starting to attract the people around me

It is always easier when we have some support from others as we learn and grow and develop new skills and abilities. Even though you keep your purpose and dreams to yourself and not discuss them (see previous post), it is healthy to be around other positive people who are moving ahead. If you want to be a mover and shaker hang with others who already are.

By thinking positive and feeling good most of the time you raise your energy level. You look and feel different. If we think of everything as energy you could say you vibrate at a higher frequency. This is good. You want to vibrate at the highest positive frequency possible.

Imagine that you transmit that frequency. You broadcast it everywhere. In so many ways you actually do. You look better, feel better, you reflect and radiate the positivity and strength inside you. When you do this you will naturally begin to attract people who vibrate similarly. Remember, birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. What you cause you get back in effect. People will be drawn toward your positive energy. Success attracts success.

This is wonderful because together we can accomplish much more than alone. We can support and encourage each other. Just being around positive people is so much more enjoyable. Those who are successful know this. Wealth attracts wealth, success attracts success. Celebrities hang around and marry other celebrities. People like people who are like themselves.

The powerful mingle and associate together, as do the rich and celebrities. Actually the poor hangout together too. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather… remember. If you want to succeed and enjoy more health and wealth and all good things, raise your vibratory level and begin to hang out with others who are of like positive energy, like positive mind and like positive pursuits. You are known by the company you keep and by your fruits. Those who surround you and gravitate to you can help you get where you want to go. Your thoughts and actions will determine whether you actually get there. Keep your energy high, positive, friendly and helpful to all!

what u put out u attract

SO what to do about the less than positive people. The negative people those who may rain on your parade. As people begin to practice positive thinking and transform their life some tend to shun them, they fear that their negativity may contaminate their positivity. I understand their concerns but I think it is silly and not a healthy way to think.

I actually refer you back to the principle: ‘whatever you think about you get’. Let me ask you this: If you fear the negative or being around negative people what might do you think you are actually creating or attracting to yourself? If you attract and become what you think about then you should understand that if you fear or worry about, or are even concerned with negativity then that is what you are creating and attracting. You need to be bigger than any negativity and you can be!

I think one should endeavor to be such a beacon that nothing can keep your light from shining bright.

You may wish to limit contact while developing your positivity muscle but I don’t think you have to. You want to  begin to think the thoughts that you are a positive, powerful, magnetic attractor and creator and you move through the world powerfully. You can handle anything!

Don’t run if you aren’t being chased and don’t give power where it doesn’t need to be given. Don’t put energy into the negative, don’t resist it because what you resist persists. Instead, seek mostly the company of positive people and keep your focus on feeling wonderful. Stop and do not focus on someone being able to spoil your party. Be stronger than that. Live larger. Get more grand! Stay positive and be the light that darkness flees from. The light doesn’t have to do anything but shine.

After all, that is what we are aiming towards. We want to create more positivity and not be set off track by a little negativity in another person or from circumstances. In fact, it is best to be grateful and appreciate the person and the circumstances when they are less than glorious for providing you the opportunity to steer back to center, to stay rooted in your positivity come what may.

If you are tossed about on the sea on the way to your destination so be it. You have to make it through the rough water and the calm. Challenges provided much opportunity to learn how to overcome them and to hone our skills and to keep going no matter what. You don’t want rain to spoil your day. Learn to enjoy it and it takes all the sting out.

expereince is how u react

Focus on what you want. Focus on what you want. Focus on what you want. NOT on what you don’t want, or fear, or don’t like or don’t enjoy. Focus on what you want. Focus on what you want! Create what you want. Attract what you want. That is the whole point. Keep your mind on what you want! Become what you think about!

You are learning to manage your thoughts and emotions. You are learning to direct your mind. Everything becomes a glorious opportunity when you allow it and accept it as such. When you fight it and resist it you, at least temporarily, get off course. Getting off course is part of learning how to navigate back onto course. So remember ALL IS GOOD.

Yes surround yourself with quality positive people. Enjoy them. Focus on what you want and you become what you focus on most of the time. KEEP THIS IN MIND and let nothing distract you. When it does, accept that it did and steer back to center joyfully. Be happy you realized you needed to get back to center.

repetition repetition

Through all of this each moment is an opportunity, a gift, to help you along the way. By successfully repeating positive practices, through repetition, you grow your positivity muscle. You make positive habits. In order to grow a muscle resistance is required. Allow it don’t resist it. Your muscle will grow much faster when your do those things and nurture it along. Being healthy comes from having healthy habits. This is true of both mind and body.

Celebrate and appreciate everything and you transform your being and your life in absolutely incredible ways! All is good. Surprises and delight abound even when you are not yet able to see them. Expect good things to come even when there seems to be no reason to think so.

Create and attract what you want to be, do and have. Stay focused and enjoy. More and more good things will come your way all along the way. You will find that as you become a more positive, powerful, radiant person you will attract more positive people and opportunities to yourself. Like does attract like! You put it all into motion by becoming the very person others want to be around. Be positive! The journey can indeed be marvelous!” Rex Sikes

Savor the seconds, make marvelous the minutes, delight in the day!

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We Become What We Think About! What Are You Grateful For?

when you arise think of the privilege

“What can you find to celebrate today? What is something you really enjoy? Who has touched your life in positive ways for which you are grateful? Which opportunities have you discovered that have made a positive difference for you? Are there places in this world you have been to that you liked? What life lessons have contributed to you in amazing ways? Who, what, and where puts a smile on your face?

What is good in your life? Which people, places, activities, circumstances can you appreciate and emphasize? Who do you like, love and admire? What about you? How are you better off? What are your attributes and characteristics you are pleased with? What talents are you proud of? What new new things can you find in each moment to put your attention on that bring you new awareness and delight?

what ever we plant in subconscious and nourish becomes reality

What positive powerful thoughts can and will you think today? What will  be you mantra, your chant, your affirmations today? How many wonderful feelings can you find that make you feel energized and more alive? How much extra enthusiasm and energy can you bring to thinking about, saying and shouting your affirmations with gusto and joy?

What large and little things can you make more marvelous today by bringing you attention to them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to make today extra special by managing the moments? Won’t you do a little bit by little bit to be happier, healthier and experience more well being? Why not make it a point to be positive most of the time? Will you look for the good, emphasize the good, find the silver linings in all your interactions with people and circumstances?

water cant sink a ship

Will you practice some gratitude today? Can you fill your heart and mind with the very best you can find? Did you know that once you begin to look for all the good things you will start finding them? It may be a little difficult at first if you are not regularly in the habit of doing this, but as you do, when you begin, it will become easier and easier and you will discover many more marvelous moments to savor, did you know that?

Sometimes the wheel has to be greased to get things rolling but once you are moving momentum takes over. Like attracts like and you will find much more to delight in. You may not even be able to imagine all the marvelous benefits you will derive from doing this daily, yet, but you will discover so many more incredible things once you begin and follow through. Spend some today time seeing, hearing, feeling, reliving, positive memories and moments.

remind yourself that you are amazing

You do realize life is what you make it, don’t you? Today will go on and be however you experience each moment and and whatever you do with those moments that life offers, you do you understand that, don’t you? Today is completely in your hands, as is everyday, what will you do with what you have? How we experience each moment, each day, each week is completely up to each of us.

Find out how easy it is to transform your life when you spend the time necessary to do so. Can you keep this in mind too? It makes an incredible difference and can guide you: We become what we think about most of the time. We get what we think about.” Rex Sikes

I hope you take the time to make today and each day awesome!

Delight in this day!

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Show Don’t Tell! Successful People Show Others Talk: How To Start Getting Results You Want

everything is energy einstein

Once you have decided on your definite chief purpose, THE major goal for your life, what you want more than anything else you write it down in detail. You read it to yourself a couple times a day with energy and enthusiasm. You visualize yourself already in possession of it, you see it in your mind, the way it would look and sound and feel once it has come to pass.

In your mind you act as if you already have it (because in your visualization you already do). You look for the best feelings to enjoy and savor throughout each day and you live with gratitude. When you do these you are well on your way to making it all happen. Actually, you are well on your way the moment you commit to making the decision and write it down.

It is a great place to start with the most important because why spend time on anything less than that. You always can have other goals and dreams you work on later but for goodness sake begin with what you feel is most important for you.

Once you determine what you absolutely want in life your mind gets to working on it. You nurture it along and keep it alive in healthy ways every day. As you repeat what you want by reading it and seeing it in your mind with energy you are keeping your self on track for brining it about. The more you feel wonderful and positive throughout each day the more you get back exponentially. The more you choose to be positive and find good feelings and feel grateful each day the more you supercharge everything. It all works together synergistically.

Here is an important piece that will help you greatly. ‘Don’t cast pearls before swine’. It is a Biblical saying.

While you are working at making your dreams come true – keep it all a secret. Keep your purpose a secret.

Don’t mention your goals and what you are working on. Keep it to yourself. People who succeed understand the importance of remaining focused and committed. They know how critical it is not to let anything or anyone take the wind out of our sails. They understand the benefit of secrecy and so should you.

if you can imagine it you can achieve it

One reason for secrecy is that this dream is yours and you cherish it. Enjoy it, value it, keep the energy high. It is your dream and it is important to you. Others may not feel the same as you do about it and may treat it with less respect than you. Do not give others that opportunity. Cherish your dreams, keep them important and alive and vital. Respect yourself and your goal.

Many of us when, we feel troubled, want to talk about our troubles. We talk to think it through, to take away the sting or the hurt and disappointment. We talk to dissipate the energy to get relief. We do it decrease its severity. Talking has the potential to dissipate and remove the sense of urgency so don’t do it. Don’t give it away. Preserve the energy.

You want your dreams to be urgent and dynamic and important. So keep your dreams and goals to yourself. Gather the positive energy, collect it and enhance it. You want the energy to stay high to stay positive and increase. You want to remain enthusiastic and dynamic and focused! Don’t do anything to dilute it. The reason we add energy and positive feelings to our written commitment and our visualization is because the unconscious mind understand powerful emotions.

How we end up with the results we get? This is important to understand and I have discussed it many times.

We get whatever results we get because we put them into motion by what we think about and feel at the same time.

The unconscious mind doesn’t care whether you want it or don’t, it makes wanted or unwanted results come about because of the instructions we give it. The instructions are what we think about coupled with our strong feelings.

We attract wanted or unwanted because of the emotions we feel when thinking about things.

This is how we end up with all sorts of unwanted things in our life. Something happens and we feel bad about it. We think about it over and over while we worry, are sad, upset, angry or fearful. We attract more of what we are thinking and feeling about. It is the feelings that drive the unconscious. Our circumstances are brought about as a result of this process. Our future and our present is determined by where and how we spend most of our time thinking and feeling.

choose wisely

If you want different results you need to think positive while feeling wonderful. That is the key.

Since the unconscious is a servo mechanism its only job is to perform the tasks given it without judgement. It carries out whatever it is given. If you don’t like the results you have been getting you need to change what you are doing. You need to focus on strong positive thoughts and feelings.

Then through repetition, strong repetition, dynamically charged repetition, you give clear instructions to your unconscious about what you want. Whenever anything comes along to knock you off course, your best possible choice is to steer back on course, return to positive thoughts and feelings as quickly as you are capable of.

Where and how we spend our time is what we get. We become what we think about most of our time. It is all about HOW we use our time that matters.

Another reason to not discuss what your goals are is to prevent people from feeling envy or trying to thwart your efforts or criticize and belittle you. Some people just want to bring others down while others get envious or resentful. Even our most ardent supporters and family can rain on a parade. They mean well and they love you but they steal your thunder albeit inadvertently or because they think there is a better course for you. If they don’t know your plans and dreams they can’t do this.

we reap what we sow choose carefully

You also don’t want to come off as boasting or bragging. You want to make it as easy on yourself as possible. You simply want to be a positive, nice person others can enjoy being around. When you talk too much about what you want you are missing out on being with others. Listen and enjoy them instead of talking about what you are and will be doing.

When you have decided and made a permanent commitment to making what you want a reality things about you will change. Once you begin to focus on the positive and what you can do, and you begin doing it each day, everything does change for the better. You change, your energy changes.

As you focus on the positive and find opportunity each day to feel grateful and you spend the bulk of your thinking time on these you transform. Your energy shifts and people will notice. They may comment or they may ask. There is nothing wrong in telling them you feel good or wonderful. You can mention that things are going well without giving a sermon or telling them what you are working on inside of you. You can share with them that you feel grateful and think positive at the same time you keep your pearls sacred and safe.

There is a saying and it is important. It is better anyway when you are able to do this. You encounter less resistance. The saying is: ‘Show don’t tell’. They will see the results soon enough. So let them see them for themselves instead of telling them in advance what they are going to see. ‘Show them don’t tell them’.

Keep in mind all is good. Keep your focus on what you want and have fun. Don’t add stress, simplify and relax. Keep the faith and the momentum by what you think and do on a daily basis and you will surprise yourself. Enjoy and delight in the process. You can have everything you want in life and you can easily get along with others at the same time. By keeping these principles in mind you will. Enjoy the adventure have a glorious journey!” Rex Sikes

What wonderful results will you bring about today for yourself and others?

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Discover The Magic Of The Moment!

bless each day w gratefulness

“Today stop and take time to enjoy the world around you. Notice what you have in your life that is good. Look at yourself and emphasize everything you like about yourself. Take a positive inventory. Look at the people you like and love and are grateful for. Bask in being surrounded by quality people.

Fill today with appreciation for everything and everyone. Celebrate and be thankful. This day, as is each day, is your day to do what you will with. Today is the only day you have, made up of moments. Make each moment marvelous. Make each count. Discover the magic of each moment.

Notice those who have been a challenge to you and be thankful they are there to help you grow. Difficult people and circumstances are a blessing. Focus on what you gain because of them, focus on what you have learned as a result. Everything can have a benefit, every dark cloud a silver lining look for these. Notice the good aspects of tough times and people. Appreciate all the delightful and difficult circumstances in your life. Notice the lessons learned through hardship and the joys along the way. Transform how you regard difficulty.

Find the reasons to feel incredible. Linger with these reasons.

Look for the good. Look for what is new. Adventure, explore, discover. Be as a child and be curious. Allow yourself to be filled with wonder. Allow yourself to become fascinated. Fill your mind and being with beauty today. Think the best thoughts. Choose the best feelings and accentuate them. Laugh, enjoy yourself. Be strong, be positive, be confident, feel powerful.

you are a living magnet

Relax, let go, accept. Take it easy, take it step by step. Put a smile on your own face, help put a smile on someone else’s too. Dream big today. Pretend you have everything you could ever imagine. Feel blessed. Discover. Find joy!

Whatever you do today, make it a special day! Bask!

After all this day is going to pass, it will fade away. It will only be a memory. Make the most of it while you have it! This day is your day! Discover the magic.” Rex SIkes

Have fun!

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Doing This Prevents You From Getting What You Want! How To Change It!

life is about creating yourself

It is frustrating to struggle and not get ahead. It is difficult to want something and not be able to make it happen. When our dreams don’t come true we feel disappointed. Has it ever occurred to you that disappointment and doubt is much of why you aren’t succeeding in your life of career. If it hasn’t yet occurred, stop, sit up, and read the rest of this blog post.

Our present and future circumstances is directly tied to, chained to, what we think, don’t think and what we do and don’t do. Since thought precedes all action it is important to first begin with learning to manage and guide our thoughts. When we learn how to take control of our mind we also learn how to take control and get better results.

If you want a better present and future there is hope. There are some simple things you can begin to do right away that will make an incredible difference as you do them and as long as you do them. Today, I am providing you with some thought exercises. Do these. Make these a  habit and things will begin to change for the better.

If you want your life circumstances to be more wonderful, are you willing to do what it takes. Nothing in life is free. There is a price to pay. That prices is your time and your energy on your own behalf. It will require you take charge of your mind and change how you may have been using it. Let’s begin.

i choose success...

Today imagine in your mind, think to yourself, that your success will multiply and increase. Think and repeat to yourself over and over while seeing yourself in your mind’s eye, ‘I am the master of my destiny I can make my life anything i want it to be.’

You don’t have to know how. Really, you don’t so let it go. You may be totally ignorant of how. Instead of concerning yourself at this time with ‘how’ just focus on and imagine that you can make your life anything you want it to be. The how will come along later. Let’s take one step at a time.

First imagine yourself as a powerful creator. You are the person in charge of your future. You shape it and make it happen. You are the master of your destiny. Spend some time vividly imagining this. Do it for 5 minutes.

AND then imagine yourself as a powerful magnet attracting all good thoughts, energy, people, experiences, situations and opportunities towards you. You literally draw everything marvelous to you. Spend some time vividly imagining this.Do this for 5 minutes.

let ur positive energy shift room vibrations

AND then imagine yourself as an incredible power source vibrating and radiating the very highest positive energy and spreading it to everyone and everything in the universe. Imagine spreading your light and love, your enthusiasm and positive energy to all. Spend some time vividly imagining this.Do this too for 5 minutes.

Focus and enjoy! Relax. I have provided you with three different ways to consider yourself. A creator, an attractor, and a high powered positive energy source.

Concentrate, hold these in your mind and feel delighted in the images. Enjoy feeling wonderful. Spend a good five minutes or more with each. Or make it a point to spend 30 minutes a day to use your mind this way. As you look at yourself in these wonderful ways feel all the incredible feelings you can feel and savor them.

Consider this: Like does attract Like. I don’t mean in a magical way, but certainly, it could. I mean that our minds work by association and one thought leads to another. Typically, for people they spiral into negativity, but instead you can ramp yourself into positivity. Now it is time to make one positive thought attract another positive thought. It will by association.

if you want a different result make a different choice

Your unconscious mind doesn’t care what you think about. Whatever you think about paired with emotion is what you get more of in your life experience. You mind brings you more of the same kind of thoughts. One thought triggers the next and so on. Since your unconscious mind doesn’t care about the content of your thoughts you may be getting more ‘less than glorious’ thoughts and feelings because you aren’t managing what you are thinking about. You may actually be getting more negative thoughts, or worries or fears. Hang in there, you can change this.

There is a direct correlation between our current thoughts and what we are currently experiencing. Our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts create our current conditions. if you want to change the outcome or what is going on in your life then you must change your thoughts.

So focus on the positive. Imagine yourself in the positive ways I have described. Make your mind work for you. The more you focus in this way, on these ways to be, the easier it gets and the more powerful positive thoughts your mind will give you.

The key to changing your thoughts is to see what you want, create it in your mind, and linger with it. Stick with it, spend time with it. Repeat this over and over. Keep thinking these new thoughts.

We think in pictures but many of us are not aware of the pictures that we think. They go by too quickly often outside of our awareness but they are there and they do affect us.Now you can begin to manage them and make them serve you.

if you can imagine it you can achieve it

What I am prescribing is an exercise in deliberately creating mental pictures and movies. Doing this over and over again helps builds the muscle to visualize well. When you bring your attention to the process again and again deliberately you are enhancing your ability. Just as physical exercise makes us strong and more agile mental exercise does too. Plus, you are practicing choosing positive mental images to concentrate on and hold your focus on. This holds incredible benefit for you.

Create the positive images and concentrate on them so that they serve you to get the good things you want. The more you engage your mind in doing this the more you are getting closer to making it a habit. You are training your mind that this is what you want it to do. These thoughts and positive images are what you want more of! Remember, we become what we think about most of the time through out each day. So when think your best thoughts most of the time that is what you will get.

Repeat with enthusiasm and commitment to yourself,  ‘I am the master of my destiny I can make my life anything i want it to be.’ and other positive variations. Say it, sing it, chant it, shout it, just remember to do it.

When you do these things you will feel better. Savor the feelings. DO whatever you have to do to bring energy, enthusiasm and confidence to the process. That is why I mentioned singing, shouting etc. You can jump, run in place too. You don’t have to if you are able to do it otherwise, but it helps. If you are in a public place, it may be better to just visualize quietly.

think happy thoughts good things will happen

The point is to MAKE YOURSELF feel good, feel powerful, feel positive even when you don’t. Take charge and DO IT. Learn that this is totally within your control. It is how you use your mind and body that determines how you think and feel.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion is The Law Of Action and Reaction (also commonly referred to as the Law of Cause and Effect) states that there are two forces called action and reaction. For every action (cause), there is an equal and opposite reaction (effect).

Whatever positive action or cause you create and put out there the reaction or effect (or result) comes back to you. The positive effects (results)  are returned to you. The same is true for whatever negative action or cause you put out there. So it is important to monitor or guard what you are thinking about, putting out there, broadcasting, transmitting, or creating, or causing. This is precisely why it is important to maintain mostly positive thoughts and feelings. You become what you think about. You get back whatever energy you radiate. The results you get are because of the causes you initiate and maintain.

You are ALWAYS informing your unconscious MIND what to create or attract by what your think and feel. We can’t change that or stop that. SO the question becomes what are your predominant thoughts? Are they good, positive healthy or are they otherwise? It makes a difference! Since it makes a difference, once you become aware of this, there are things you can do to change the results you have been getting, if you have been getting unwanted results. It is up to you and what you do next!


If you want abundance then think thoughts of prosperity. If you want prosperity think thoughts of abundance. Focusing on lack, poverty and limitations will not help you get better and have a brighter future. Turmoil in your life is the result of thinking about problems and issues, lack, difficulty, and in many cases simply not being in charge of your own thoughts.So choose what you want because you are getting back whatever you are doing on the inside already, anyway!!!

Embrace that you are creator, the  master of your destiny and that you can work with the power within. Accept that you are the powerful positive creator of your own future. Understand that happiness is available to all of us and all you have to do to change your life is think different thoughts. Whatever you focus on expands! Focus on what YOU want to bring about and not what you have been bringing about. If you want happiness think about happiness not about how you don’t have it or how you are sad. You don’t get the color red thinking blue. You must think over and over about red.

SO as a beginning place recognize that you have always been responsible for the outcomes you have been getting. That is okay. All of us are. Now change what you focus on and make a difference for yourself!

NOW visualize yourself as a powerful creator, a powerful magnet and a powerful broadcaster of POSITIVE energy. See yourself as a vibrant powerful positive transmitter. Imagine and practice transmitting AND receiving powerful positive vibrations! Make it a point to think and feel and broadcast POSITIVE thoughts instead of negative ones. You can easily do this!

The reason why some people don’t move forward is they don’t believe it will work. They may think it sounds too good to be true so they don’t bother. They are skeptical. Others, think it must be hard, too difficult, not easy enough and so they never try it. Still, others, are just lazy or prefer to complain because they erroneously think that misery loves company.

what u put out u attract

Actually, there is some truth to the latter. Birds of a feather do flock together. People of like minds and energy tend to attract each other. So positive happy people hang together, just as celebrities do, or the rich. Negative people gravitate towards each other as well. So choose the company of the thoughts, feelings and people you keep. It makes a difference.

Here is what I suggest. Try it for no less than 30 days. Spend some time each day morning and night using your mind this way and then make a decision after 30 days as to whether or not you will continue. Don’t judge it, stay as open as possible without making an assessment. Don’t let limiting habitual old thinking prevent you from acting in your own best interests.

It is important that when you visualize you feel incredible and you believe you are going to have this future. It is important to feel and believe you deserve it and that it is yours. BUT if you do not at first, do not dismay, do it anyway! As you repeatedly do this exercise you will find that it gets easier. When you keep at it you will find your thoughts and energy shifting and you can come to believe it. As you continue the likelihood is that you will begin to enjoy the results you are getting back that you not only feel great and believe it but that you want to go beyond the 30 days.

Remember that once you become aware and understand electricity you can harness its power. The same applies to training your mind to work for you.

Practice thinking and imagining that happiness and wealth and health is your natural state, that these are your birthright. Believe, even if you don’t yet, that you are entitled to all wonderful things. Believe it is the natural state for all people.

forget why it wont believe why it will

Your unconscious doesn’t make a distinction between wanted or unwanted, good or bad it just goes where your energy consistently flows and what you put your attention on repeatedly. It works to manifest and attract what you focus on SO  choose to focus on the very best. Focus on the best and keep your focus on the best! It will astound you when you do!

Make these thoughts your daily practice. Imagine being in a relaxed abundant flow, see good coming to you; health, wealth, love, friends, well-being. Notice how it fabulous it feels and enjoy these feelings.

It is the inner reality that is important to focus on in order to get the results you want. Stay focused and don’t get distracted by what is outside of you presently. Whatever is going on in the present practice gratitude. Train your mind to see the good in all people and situations. Even if it is crumbling around you keep your inner focus intact, and maintain gratitude for everything.

Sometimes things DO fall apart to make way for new things. Don’t let it concern you.

gratitude magic

Honor yourself as creative and powerful – stay focused – steer back to center whenever you find yourself not thinking positively. Realize it is always your choice and when you become aware that you are spending your time creating what you don’t want steer your mind back onto creating the good you do want. It is up to you.

The more you practice the better you become in anything. This applies to and is true about creating and attracting. You get better and better at creating what YOU DO WANT and not what you don’t want.

Have fun, be dedicated, keep an open mind, be intense, yet work at it in a relaxed positive energetic way. You will have everything when you need it in its perfect time. Have faith and it will unfold as it will.

Keep it simple for yourself. Everything you need and want in order to do this well WILL come about as a result of your positive efforts. Remember there is a positive effect for any positive cause. WHEN you take charge and focus your mind in this fashion you become a positive cause for your own future. The results you get are the effects you get.

sometimes smallest step is biggest step

IT has always been the case. You have always been causing the results you have been getting.

What is different now is that you take charge of creating what you DO want. You better understand your responsibility in the creation process. You know that the results you get are up to you and nothing and no one else.

This gives you a new purpose to create only the positive and the good. Stop creating what you don’t want and start creating what you do want.

Keep your attention and intensity on what you want and in the direction you want to go in and you will. It is your right to enjoy anything you want (legally and ethically) without limits. Become aware of your amazing power. Do not let outside distractions take you away. Stay focused and master your concentration!  Spend time each evening and each day have a routine that becomes for you a powerful ritual. Soon it will be a positive powerful productive habit.

Create great things for yourself BECAUSE YOU CAN!” Rex Sikes

Have a fun filled, energetic, delightfully, relaxing day, doing something wonderful for yourself and others!

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