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It’s incredible transformation tools and incredible value! The products are excellent! They work when you put them to use. Go to my new IDEA Seminars website using the link below to check into programs and products!

Idea Seminars Programs & Products

My goal is to help individuals connect with their inner resources and make their dreams come true. If you have read this blog for any length of time I think you can determine what I think is important. I hope you find value and encouragement in each of my posts.

I write each day with my readers and my message in my heart and mind. Thank you for being with me on this journey. If you have been blessed in any way from the effort her I hope you will the blog with others so that they too can benefit. Thank you for being my friends and my reader.

Together we can do wonderful things and even help change the world in positive ways!

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You will love these products as so many others have. They are absolutely tried and true. They have stood the test of time! HERE ARE JUST A COUPLE!

‘How To Get People To Do What ‘ Home Study Program

This is a must have program if you deal with humans. Listen and Learn. Recorded live during training. Excellent for getting along better with others professionally and personally. Comes with manual and 14 mp3s. A true favorite!

Get ‘How To Get People To Do What You Want’ Now

‘Attitude Activator’ mp3 format. Change you attitude and you change what you are capable of. People have loved this audio for many years because of its versatility. If you want to make personal changes this audio program is for you! Comes with instructions and 2 mp3s.  A best seller!

Get ‘The Attitude Activator’ Now

Great for you. Wonderful as gift. OTHER great transformation products at IDEA Seminars.

There you have it!  All – bare bones – cut to the chase. The products are simple. Mp3s and pdfs.No fancy packaging. Just top of the line information and change technology. All products are digital delivery.

That is it. No heavy marketing. I was going to include testimonials but decided to just leave it simple. Either you want it or you don’t. You can read about these special products at on the web page.

This is my intellectual property (IP) and copyrighted  by me. I ask that you be respectful and not copy, share, duplicate (without expressed written permission) or in any other way pirate these materials.

More information is available at this web page – None of the products will ship. These are all now digital products.

Plus, I have a number of new training programs I am offering. I continue to do live events here and possibly where you are. Sponsorship is always an option.

Plus, I have online programs that are part of my new offerings. Additionally, for a limited time you can apply to join my mentor program. This is an exciting way to take your uplevel your life and your skills.

Personal coaching is available. Email me or leave comment with your email.

IDEA Seminars Products & Programs

Check out my new website for some  truly wonderful and powerful programs and products that will powerfully help you transform your life in incredible ways visit my IDEA Seminars page. While there get your free gifts!

Watch the videos, read the descriptions and the words shared from the hearts of students from around the world. Learn how to design your life and your mind, over come blocks and limitations, skyrocket you happiness, health, wealth and abundance.

I’m sure you will find something perfect for you to help you create you best life ever. Check it out, I know you will be glad you did!

Click Here To Visit:  Idea Seminars Products and Programs

NEED HELP? Stop Trying To Do It Alone. Doing it all alone is difficult. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Get some help!  Get a mentor. Get the right help! I will help you develop your inner power!

Let me show you how to manifest your desires! Enjoy abundance! Enroll in Mind Design™ Join my students and me. Together, we’ll help you create your best life ever! Learn how to really live.

Become fully alive. Live your best dreams! Read what a few students have to say!

“I’ve spent over 30 years seeking out the top experts in human performance. There is nothing I’ve found that comes close to Mind Design. It is the ultimate life enhancement experience! Michael Halbfish, Lawyer, Bethlehem PA

“I can create instant magic effortlessly regardless of circumstances. In short, Mind Design helps me discover that I can be an excellent Magician 🎩 with consistent Mind Design practice.” Ponsi Swett, CNHP and Wellness Consultant, Dayton OH

“Mind Design is a game changer! It is the missing link between LOA, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, EFT & DHE. The support and feedback in the training is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in 14 years of formal practice and 26 years of personal practice. You owe it to yourself and those you care about to look into this training!!” Tim Shay, Musician, Philadelphia, PA

“Mind Design helps me choose amazing thinking instead of habitual thoughts that aren’t useful. I form new habits in thought and feeling that result in actions that get me my goals. The possibilities are endless.” Robert Bogsten, Marketing Copyrighter, Turku, Finland


It’s Easy, Fun and Powerful! It’s incredible! Join Mind Design™ Online Program. Revolutionize Your Life

Enroll In Mind Design™ Click link for details! Join the many people who are positively transforming their minds and creating their best lives ever! You can too! Get it? Ask for information today!

Life is easier and more enjoyable than you ever realized. Learn to use your mind to get what you want!

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