Happiness Is Already Yours: Happiness Is Your Birthright!

“All one has to do is reflect on the wisdom of the ancients. Those who suggested we should travel within to find our bliss. Love, peace, and joy aren’t found outside oneself but from within. Happiness is already within you. It doesn’t come from what you acquire.

Plenty of people pursue the wrong things and the wrong thinking. They think a new car, home, shiny toy or even a new relationship will bring them the happiness and satisfaction they now lack. Scores of people prove that is wrong. Things and riches don’t fulfill us.

Ask any number of people who have made it to the top to find themselves still sad and lonely. I had a very successful music producer tell me he ‘lucked’ into become fantastically rich by putting out music he wanted to hear, only to discover his wealth hollow.

Unhappiness Stems Not From Circumstances But Your Thoughts

He said, with all this, ‘I am still me.’ By the way, he wasn’t lucky in getting rich he was smart about it. He knew what he wanted and worked to make it happen. So what was wrong? He put his faith in the results that having those would make him happy and different.

They didn’t. He changed his circumstances without changing himself. From the top he sought to transform himself. That is why he called me. With help he discovered how to go within. He began studying transformation. He meditated. He practiced being fulfilled.

It worked because it is a mental game, a heart game, a game of the spirit. Thinking about it  won’t make you happy. Wanting things to be different doesn’t make you happy. Comparison doesn’t make you happy if you come up filled with envy. Only you make you happy.

Happiness Is Within – It Comes From What You Give Energy To

I am happier in my life for the last number of decades than I was for the first couple. It is me that changed not the circumstances. Although, as I changed my circumstances changed. Life is good as a result of my inner happiness and not the other way around.

When we live ‘at cause’, in charge of our thinking, feeling and behaviors the ‘effect’ is happiness. The results are happiness. Does that mean we never have sad or ho-hum moments. Probably not. All emotions are part of being human. Be glad they are too. It is good.

What it does mean is you spend more time in those moments that uplift and support you and less time in those that bring you down. You are ‘at cause’ and no longer ‘at effect’. Happiness is already yours. This is what so many people and researchers miss!

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself It’s About Creating Yourself

You were born happy. Consider this. Who was that being prior to any speech or any outer influence? You learned your language, your thoughts, your beliefs, your feelings, behaviors, your paradigms from the outside, from those surrounding you. It was added to you.

Happiness is what’s left within you when you remove all that masks and hides it. Let go, drop all that. Allow yourself to become aware that happiness is already yours and accept it. Learn to become a great receiver and receive all that is already yours. Stop waiting and start living! Begin now by. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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