The Surest Signal You Are Ready For A Change


“The surest signal you are ready to change is discomfort. Why discomfort? You might ask. Well, when you are feeling uncomfortable  you seek to feel comfortable again. Don’t you? Yes, you do. Humans try to maintain comfort at nearly all costs.

When you are outside of your zone if feels UNcomfortable.  What is really going on is your subconscious, while trying to preserve your comfort, is telling you that you need to change something. Your feelings are the signal, they are clues, you need to make a change.

When you are comfortable there isn’t any resistance. When you are growing or pushing the envelop there is some push back. If everything is cushy, then, suddenly uncomfortable, or you feel negative or sad, or angry, you are getting a message to change.

Your Heart Knows Things Your Mind Cant Explain

If everything were okay you wouldn’t feel discomfort. Would you? You’d feel as if everything was fine. So then discomfort IS the signal that something is amiss! Stop fighting the signal. Accept it. Seek to change the cause of the signal. Correct that and continue.

This is wonderful. The good news is you have a system that signals you when you need to make a change. Learn to recognize when you are being signaled. You are being called to action. Your non-conscious self is alerting you so you can make adjustments.

Hooray, celebrate you no longer have to be stuck the way you are. You get a message delivered from your self that you need to change some things. The discomfort is alerting you so you CAN change your thinking because your thoughts determines how you feel.

Trust Your Gut It Knows What Your Head Hasn’t Figured Out

Change your thinking and your feeling and your actions change. Change your thinking for the better and get better results. That is how it works. Challenge, discomfort, struggle is really an opportunity to be and do thing differently. Do you understand?

If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. You wouldn’t grow and evolve. Think of struggle and challenge and pain as growth spurts. Those can be uncomfortable but it IS because you are growing and evolving. Embrace change.

Embrace the discomfort and you will go through it more quickly. Accept it. Allow it. Learn whatever lesson is there for you to learn. Be glad. Feel blessed. Express gratitude. When you do you are bigger than your problems and can manage them more readily. You evolve quicker. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How much delight can you create today?

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Get Along Better With Everyone


“Would you like to get along better with people? For some that means family, friends, or employers, employees or co-workers and associates. For others it means strangers or people the meet in the coffee shop and supermarket Here is a framework to keep in mind.

To get along with others first notice they are different from you. They are unlike you in nearly every way. They like different things. They do things in ways you don’t like or understand. They have opposite views and understanding. They have different values.

They are not like you at all. The have different political views, religious views and approaches to doing things you may think are insane. They have habits or behaviors that are annoying. Why they are like they are and do what they do is anyone’s guess!

Speak In Such A Way That Others Love To Listen To You

While different in many ways they are also just like you. They have hopes and dreams, people and things they love, fears and worries, anger and sadness. They are people just like you but different. They want to be loved and need security. They want to be care for.

They want to care for others too. They want loyal dependable people around them. Most likely they want some creature comforts. Like you they are doing the best with what they have. Like you they are trying to make their way in the world with an incomplete map.

Just like you they weren’t born with an owner’s manual. They learn by trail and error too. They make mistakes and hold grudges. Do you get it yet? People are more like each other than they are different! We all have the same basic needs and many of the same wants.

Listen In Such A Way That Others Love To Speak To You

How we go about understanding these and fulfilling these differ. What we consider important may differ but otherwise we are mostly alike. We are all trying to make our way in the world. We make rules for ourselves and others. We uphold these and break these rules.

How do you best get along with others? Two ways. Treat others the way you prefer to be treated. AND treat others the way they prefer to be treated. The first is about YOUR mindset. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you like it do it for others.

If YOU don’t like it then remember OTHERS may not either. Treat them the way you want to be treated. If you want respect, respect them. If you want love, love them. If you want to be heard, listen to them. Get it? Whatever you want, give first, and you will give it back.

Enter Someone Else’s World And Make Them Feel You Understand

Treat others the way they prefer to be treated means THEY may not want to get it the way you do. They may like their coffee with cream while you like yours black. Give them coffee with cream. Be willing to adjust and tailor your approach to their preferences. Understand?

Give them what they want or need they way THEY want or need it. Do not demand they do things, think things of feel things as you do. Allow them to be themselves with their preferences. Allow them to pursue their dreams as they see fit. Stop judging and start accepting.

Live and let live. You want to be understood and ask that people speak softly. They want to be understood and ask that people speak up. To best communicate with them speak loudly. You may ask that they be a little more quiet. Negotiate  an agreement. Consider this.

Be The Person That Makes Others Feel Special

Some people walk either faster or slower than you do. Walk at their rate. Do it their way. Together you will find a rhythm. The same is true when speaking. Some speak faster others slower. If you are with a fast talker speed up a bit, with a slower one, slow down.

Why is this important to do? You learn to be more flexible and adjust and vary your behaviors. You learn to communicate with more people. Doing this takes you out of your comfort zone but eventually you become more comfortable doing things in a variety of ways.

It will help you learn better that we are the same while different. Whatever color, gender, nationality, religion or political ideology we are pretty  much the same. We want mostly the same things and yet, we go about getting what we want differently. Our values may differ.

Be Known For Your Kindness And Grace

The more mentally and behaviorally flexible you are and the more you can accept others for whom they are and the more successful you can be. The more ways you have to understand people the greater your chances for creating understanding with more people.

Most people are trying to do the best they can with the cards they feel they have been dealt. Many don’t realize it can be different. They only see from their conditioned point of you. If you can get beyond your conditioning you can have greater success with others.

Treat people  the way you want to be treated but also they way they want to be treated. If you cultivate a deep appreciation for others that works wonders too. The more you are grateful the more the world opens up for you. You radiate an energy that attracts others.

Your Greatness Isn’t In What You Have It Is In What You Give

When you are positive and filled with gratitude deep within you can stop telling others how to live. You can allow and accept others for who they are. This gives you immense freedom too. You are free to let them be who they are and you are free to be yourself.

Live, laugh, learn and love. Fill yourself with delight. Be more willing to laugh with people and let hurts and daily jostles roll off of you. Let it all go. Don’t laugh at people but with them. Be grateful. Enjoy everyone. A stranger is merely a friend you haven’t met yet. Have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a  good today.

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret To Getting More Acceptance And Respect From Your Loved Ones


“Do you want more love and friendship in your life? Is acceptance and respect from family, friends, co-workers and others important to you? Would you like to get along more easily with these important people  Do you want to take your relationship higher?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions you can have more of what you want. The first step in getting anything or making any change is knowing what you want that is important to you. The second step is being willing to do what it take positively to get it.

That means know what you desire. Believe you can make it happen. Feel good about that. Take action to bring it about. Keep at it until you get it. That is the formula in a nutshell. Now the added critical component. You get back what you put out. This is most important!

What Goes Around Comes Around Do Good And It Will Follow You

If you want love, acceptance and respect you need to give it first. When you give it it can be returned to you. If you say, ‘wait, wait, I already do that!’ and you don’t have the results you want, you have the feedback you need to make the necessary changes, right now.

If you aren’t getting what you want you aren’t putting out what you want to get back. You may think you are BUT you are not. You are putting out something else. That means you NOW have the opportunity to examine what you think you are putting out.

Are you secretly harboring some resentments? Are you freely giving love, acceptance and respect without judgements or labels? Are you withholding in any way? Are you open to taking your relationship to a higher more positive level? Are you connecting well with others?

Some People Create Storms Then Get Mad When It Rains

Much of the time we think we are doing everything we can. Many of us think we are not the problem it is the other person or  life events and circumstances. The opportunity before us is to adjust our thinking, emotions and actions to more successfully get our wants.

Examine your attitudes and beliefs. Examine what you are putting out. Be sure you give love, acceptance and respect without reservation. Wish them well no matter what. Bless them. Forgive them and yourself. Accept them without any judgement.

To assist you affirm it. Decide that you are open and more loving and accepting. Declare it. ‘I love myself. I love my family. I love who they are and how they are. I allow people to be who they are. I accept and respect my family. I easily connect with them. I have a great family.’

Think Good Thoughts – Say Good Words – Do Good Deeds

Use those or create positive similar ones tailored for your specific needs. Ask yourself how you can be more loving and accepting. Wonder what you can do to help them know they are loved and appreciated. Visualize yourself behaving positively with them.

Don’t visualize them changing. Visualize yourself changing and them responding to your changes. Do not try to control or manipulate them to be different. You need to change what you are thinking, feeling and doing. If you attempt to control them that is the problem.

Remember what you resist persists. If you push back you get more push back. If you accept and love and allow instead, you get more back. Don’t expect overnight changes but expect that seeds you plant will grow to fruition as long as you continue to nurture them.

What Goes Around Comes Around – Keep The Circle Positive

Whatever you put out, think about most and how you feel, your energy, is what is returned. Remember birds of a feather flock together. If you aren’t getting what you want that is information you need in order to be able to change it. Get it? You change then it does.

You get back what you put out. Put out unconditional love, acceptance, respect, liking, getting along, delight in each other so that you get that in return. Be grateful for who they are and appreciate them in your life. Celebrate them. Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Make someone you love feel good today.

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Be A Moron You Can’t Fly Like Superman! Unless, Of Course You Can!


“Reality is our making. We create reality. Our perceptions, and beliefs, and neurological filters determine what we notice, pay attention to and miss. What we believe makes it so. Whether we think we can or we think we can’t we are correct. Said Henry Ford.

Does that mean we can fly like Superman? My first answer is no we cannot violate the laws of physics. Unless of course we can. So my second answer would be perhaps we can. Who knows? Just because no one has isn’t a good answer. Tell that to Roger Banniseter.

He broke the 4 minute mile record. Tell that to Edison or the Wright Brothers when people told them they were insane for trying. There are plenty of reason why we might be able to fly even if we have never yet done it. I honestly don’t know if it is possible or not.

You Create Your Own Reality – Thoughts Become Things

I do know this. It took Edison 10,000 attempts to get the light bulb right. If you go to a roof top and jump off trying to fly you may only get one attempt. Makes it hard to prove your theorem that way. Start on the sidewalk and attempt to rise up. That is smarter; wiser.

It might take 10,000 trials. Personally, I’m not that interest. So I haven’t tried but a few times in my young life. It doesn’t mean it is impossible even if we think it is. Our thoughts prevent us more than reality from behaving in our own best interests. Really, they do.

For example. You need to make more sales but you let fear prevent you from walking over and talking to the client. The same is true of meeting new people and friends at parties. Some people hug the walls and the bar or buffet table. Consider this next example.

Create The Highest Grandest Vision Possible For Your Life

The number one fear of most people is public speaking. SPEAKING TO STRANGERS!!! People you don’t know and are probably never going to see ever again. People fear that. WOW! I’d be more afraid of speaking in front of my family who loves me than strangers.

Yet, people fear public speaking. THAT is THOUGHTS preventing someone from acting. I guess it all depends on how much you want it. If I told you I’d give you 5 million dollars to give a speech before  10,000 people would you do it? Would it be worth it to try?

If you answer yes, then for goodness sakes why not just do it anyway? I mean come on now! If the reward is large enough then you will do it means there is nothing actually there to be afraid of. You are only stopping yourself from acting because you think poorly.

You Become What You Believe – Thoughts Create Reality

You think thoughts that prevent you and weaken you instead of ones that make you strong and support you. THAT really is all that is going on. You think thoughts that make you feel scared or bad or depressed and so you do not do good things for yourself. I say wow!

I get it though. I have been there and done that too. We all have or at least most of us have over something. Still, we can learn that we don’t have to let our thoughts prevent us. We can think better, stronger more powerful thoughts and become invincible. Powerful.

What you don’t believe that? See, right there IS the issue. If YOU don’t believe it SO WHAT? Big f’n deal. Who died and made you god. What kind of authority are you? Are you an expert in this. I think not since you can’t even do it. Maybe, then you ought to give it a try.

What We See And Find Depends On What We Look For

Don’t let a mental packet of energy prevent you from being more of who you are. Stop letting your thoughts keep you down, insecure, broke and unhappy. Stop worrying and start living. For goodness sake! Consider this next thought very carefully. It may push buttons.

Right now. This moment. Wealth, enormous, incredible wealth and abundance are available to you. Right now massive wealth and power are available to you. You can choose to feel worthy or not. You can choose to accept this. You can choose to accept the best.

You can feel as if you deserve it. I mean, why not? If you answer with why not THAT is your limiting belief or beliefs. Right there! Your answer is what prevents you. Get it? It was automatic. It came right up. I proposed it and you thought, ‘nah. nope’. Not true or whatever.

You Create Your Thoughts – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

That’s the issue. Consider this. WHAT is the very WORST THING THAT COULD, WOULD, EVER, EVER, EVER HAPPEN if you were to believe 100% that massive wealth, abundance and power were yours right now? How would your life suck? Well,? How would it?

Again, if you have an answer, THAT is the issue for you to resolve. You can, you know. WHAT?  You don’t believe that either? See how persnickety those limiting beliefs can be. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with them. They are just there to keep you the same ole reliable you.

They come up to keep you consistent. Still, you can change them if you want to. See for me, I don’t have to fly like Superman in the air but I want to live like a king on the earth. I want to feel my best and be my best. I want to do and have things. I want my thoughts great!

Hey Wake Up – It Is You Thinking Those Thoughts – Wake Up

I want my thoughts and feelings to serve me. I feel better believing I deserve riches and that I can work for and attain them because there is plenty to go around MORE THAN I like thinking about lack and how things suck and why I’d never amount to anything.

I call it good taste. I choose my thoughts. You can too. Actually, we all have each and every moment. Every moment a we encounter an opportunity we either think positive and take it or think negative and pass it up. Every second we have choices about how we feel.

We don’t live as if we have choice BUT WE HAVE CHOICE. What now, another negative limiting belief poking its head up? Tame it for goodness sake. Choose how you are going to spend your time. It is completely up to you. Pain or pleasure. Negative or Positive.

No One Is Forcing Or Choosing For You – You  Are Choosing

Which is it? You are either growing or dying. Good taste in my book is opting to live to the fullest. Choose your thoughts. Deliberately put your attention on good things. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be filled with thoughts of I CAN instead of I can’t. CHOOSE! Be wise! Be smart. Make your life the life you want! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make someone feel good today. You!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop Acting Like Your Tongue. Just Stop It!


“I am going to share a small event that happened today. However, there is a large lesson that can be learn. The event is an analogy for how we approach difficulties and what we can and must do instead if we’d like to get over them. If you want your life to change, then, you must change things in your life. That is how it works.

This morning, at breakfast, I broke my tooth. It must have been a cap. I don’t recall having any front teeth capped but while chewing I noticed something gritty and stopped to extract what appeared to be a tiny piece of bone or tooth. It might be a tooth and not a cap. All I know for certain is there’s a dentist in my future.

At first I thought it was something in my food. I decided to run a check.I ran my tongue along the bottoms of my top teeth and didn’t notice anything, at first. I sipped some coffee and then noticed my lip felt funny. I ran my tongue over the front of my teeth and felt a gap. A large one! It is sharp and can scrap my tongue.

When You Focus On Problems You’ll Have More Problems

It doesn’t hurt but it is scratchy to my tongue. Plus, the area along the gum line actually scraps the inside of my upper lip high up. When I run my tongue over my teeth it is sharp, scrapping and uncomfortable. I am missing a tooth. Still, I have all my other teeth that are fine, smooth and work perfectly well.

All my other teeth are fine. This is my point. Too often, we focus on what isn’t there. We look at what we don’t have. We notice what is missing. What is wrong. We concentrate on a problem. We examine it from all sides just as our tongue searches and explores our mouth when something is amiss. We keep at it too over and over.

When things are right we don’t nearly notice at all. We don’t pay attention or express much gratitude that we have everything is fine. Even when we have a problem or problems we focus on those and miss all the other things that are right and good. Our focus is disproportionate to what it. Yes, we have problems. We do.

When You Focus On Possibilities You’ll Have More Opportunities

But most everything else is fine. Just as there are crappy weather days most of the days are pleasant. Yes, there are atrocious acts committed by bad people but there is MORE good and right that goes unnoticed and unappreciated. I have more teeth that are perfectly fine but one that broke. Which gets more attention?

And there you have it! We have all this things that are going well and are good in our lives that we don’t pay attention too. Instead we focus on what is wrong, broken, missing our lacking. You know the sad thing about all this, don’t you. We get what we focus on. We become what we think about most.

What we think about we bring about. What we hold in our head we will someday hold in our hand. We end up creating and attracting more of the same of WHATEVER it is we focus on. That is how it works Energy flows where attention goes. Water weeds or flowers they both grow. The one that grows is the one you nourish.

What You Focus On Expands – Choose What You Focus On

We spend time watering the weeds. We get bad results because we nurture the negative. Worry is just negatively planning for your future to suck. Yet, just like our tongues that is what we probe and explore and search out and find. We wallow in crap and get covered in it. We roll in it, bath in it and then complain about it.

All our moaning and whining and complaining and blaming and excusing brings more of the same. We are putting energy into our problems and misfortune. Instead of deciding to create what we want we live as if we have no other choice. We have choices even when we don’t feel we do. We do and we ought to begin to act like it.

Focus on what you do have that works. Focus on the teeth that are there and work well. Pay attention and concentrate on that which is good, positive and working well. Let go of what isn’t working. Focus on what does work. Remember, what you focus on expands. What you think about you become. Focus on the positive things.

Focus On What You Want To Create – Set Positive Intentions

Drop the negativity and focus on the good you can be. Focus on the good you can do do and the good you have. Draw your attention to what you can be thankful for. Feel grateful! Fill yourself with positive emotions and wonderful feelings. Stop looking for what is wrong. Stop looking at what is wrong. You already noticed it.

Stop dwelling on what sucks and start dwelling on what is great. This IS how you will make your life different and better. If you want your life to change YOU HAVE TO CHANGE things in your life. Change what you put energy into. Withdraw yours. Starve the problems and feed the solutions. Learn to control your mind.

Focus on what is right! Celebrate what you already have to be thankful for. Really get into appreciating all the other stuff you normally don’t bother to notice. Notice the good. Notice it! Take inventory. Catalog it. Embrace it. Feel it! Delight in it. Do it now! Learn that your life can and will be different when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Feel good  today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How You Begin Your Day Can Determine How It Ends!


“How you wake up in the morning is critical. What you do first is important to how the rest of your day unfolds. The most important thing you can do each day do is begin your morning positive. Having a good morning routine is the way to insure you wake up right.

Wake up. Declare. Make a declaration. ‘I love my life’. ‘Today something good is coming my way.’ ‘I find and create opportunities’. ‘My life is amazing’. ”I am magnificent’. Thanks for another great day!’ ‘Today, is going to be an incredible day’. Feel it and say it!

While in bed spend a few moments in gratitude. Be thankful for everything. Remember, to appreciate family, friends, yourself, opportunities, things you have, experiences, lessons learned, anything and everything. Celebrate. Delight.  Feel thankful.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Anything

Expect great things to come your way. Set your intentions for the day. ‘Today, I intend to do X’ Take a moment to decide what you will do and how you will do it. ‘I will to make five sales calls’. I am going to think positive’ ‘I  will complete my report and turn it in by 2pm.’

Intentions are great. They help you live on purpose and set direction. You can set intentions for anything and everything. Get in the car, think, ‘I will to drive calmly and safely’. ‘I will be patient in the line at the coffee shop’. Set intentions and then make them happen.

Spend a few moments doing  your affirmations, visualization or Directed Questions™. Spend as much time as you can reading positive, uplifting inspirational material. Think about it. Study what you read. Reflect or meditate on it.

Since Habits Are Hard To Break It Is Wise To Create Good Habits

Consider how you will apply what you read and are learning. Your morning ritual routine that you want to make a habit could be 5, 10 20 or 30 minutes. It is up to you the time you invest in yourself. It is best to begin with a small amount and work your way up to more.

Do something physical. Stretch. Yoga, Walk, Rebound, Do a few minutes morning exercise to get going! Swim, water walk, skip,dance. Get moving. Get your body and your mind moving. Exercise is good for the body and the brain. Keep moving it!

Eat healthy.  Avoid sugars, grains, processed foods. Get some fiber, some fermented foods, some plain yogurt with no sugar. Organic eggs, raw grass fed organic whey protein is good. Organic veggies are good. Spend time eating without distractions. Chew slowly.

You Get What You Focus On – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Savor your meal. Be with your food. IT is your nourishment. It keeps you alive. It is your fuel. Choose it wisely. STOP rushing! Some people bless their food or ask their food to be blessed. Begin your day being grateful. Imagine it adding to your health and wellbeing.

Drink organic coffee or tea. Avoid sugar or fruit juices, especially commercial brands. Warm water and lemon is great to have on an empty stomach when you first wake. Try Kombucha tea hot or cold. You can drink your greens. When finished. Take care of the 3 Ss.

Do one small thing toward accomplishing your major goals. 1% movement toward your goal results in more than 300% improvement in a year. Make that call. Visit that client. Set that meeting. Submit that bill. Whatever it is.

Greet The Day With Enthusiasm – It Is Another Day Just For You

Set your morning ritual. Remember how you do one anything is how you do everything. Find some positive people to share the day with. Reduce the amount of time around energy vampires and negative people. Be respectful.  Keep moving forward.

Get a friend to be accountability partner. Hold each other to your routines. Sometimes it is easier to work out if you have a partner or a trainer. Get someone who will help inspire you to follow through on creating your positive morning routine.

Live on purpose with purpose. If you don’t master yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your habits, your day, it means someone else is your master. Take charge from the moment you arise. After all it is your day. It is one more you get to enjoy or manage to make it through. Make  it enjoyable. One important way to create more delight is to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live today to the fullest!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Feel Love At Anytime


“Would you like a mental trick that can help you feel better overall? Adopting the right attitude or mindset can make all the difference in the world.  Sometimes, you just want to bask in the glow of ‘all is well’ and feel that the world and others ‘got your back’. Right?

Well, you can. Remember the key always is, ‘If it is to be it is up to me’. That means YOU go first. You think the thoughts. You adopt the mindset. Don’t wait for others. Just begin right away. Begin right now. I always suggest choosing thoughts that support you.

You want ones that uplift you. You want to feel more positive and optimistic. I  want ones I can believe and that are realistic, both plausible and possible because I want to be able to believe they are or can be so. I don’t want airy fairy ones that don’t support me.

To Accept Is To Say Yes To Life In Its Entirety

Here is one for today that you may try on. Think these thoughts, repeat throughout the day. Embrace the concepts and wrap the feelings around you. Remember, the non-conscious mind, or subconscious responds to feelings more than words.

The words are for your conscious understanding and for you to create the feelings. So try this on as you would some wonderful new clothing item you love. Say it. Repeat it until you mean it and believe it. That is how it works. You keep repeating it until you believe it!

Remember, it has been borne out that a lie repeated or heard often enough can or is substituted for the truth. Repetition is how we condition the non-conscious mind. Repetition of the feeling is the most important. Believe the words, feel the feelings. It works!

Love And Accept Yourself Exactly As You Are Past Present Future

Here it is: ‘I am loved by everyone! People appreciate, love and respect me. I am a beautiful person inside and out. Others can see and feel my presence. I radiate acceptance. I am surrounded by love and beautiful people. I am protected by love. I’m loved and I am love.’

‘I can love and appreciate others. I accept and allow others to be who they are. We can easily get along. People allow me to be me. I allow me to be me. I drop and let go of judgements. I accept myself.  I love myself.  It feels wonderful to give and receive love freely.’

You can tailor it to mean the most and feel best for you. As with any affirmation or set of thoughts it is best to pick a topic area and repeat it over and over for awhile. A rule of thumb you hear all the time is AT LEAST 21 days. Repetition is the mother of skill.

Real Change Is Not An Event – Real Change Requires Repetition

In order to make a new habit we have to repeat it enough, over a long enough period of time. 21 days is the shortest time period, according to researchers to begin to form a new habit. So try it out for at least that short while. Longer is even better.

Just pick something that uplifts and supports you in being positive and authentic. You can learn to think anything you’d like to with practice. Choose the best thoughts to think and you will feel better You will transform your experience, yourself and your life.

You can feel loved and loving at anytime. It is up to you. It is in your hands, your heart and your mind. If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hands. What you focus on expands. What you think about you become. It happen even quicker when you appreciate all life offers without judgement  and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make all your moments meaningful!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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