First Awareness, Then Acceptance Now Affirm It!


What is the best way to begin to make changes? Simple. Decide to. Decide that you are beginning the PROCESS of changing your life for the better. Recognize or realize or accept that it is a process you initiate. To be in a process, is not unlike being in or on the river.

Wherever you find yourself on the river that is where you are. That is, from, where you begin. A process means ongoing as a river is. Go with the flow. Put your boat in. Let it take you to where you want to go. Paddle in the same direction. Don’t fight it. Go with it! Allow!

Don’t resist. Don’t try to go upstream. Let go and go with the current. You decided you want to make a change or begin making changes. Accept that you are beginning the process. Enjoy it. Don’t try to do to much or figure out the ‘hows’ yet. Just begin.

What You See Is What You Get

A great way to begin is to read some positive or inspirational material each day. Morning is a great time of day. When you start your day begin with a positive, inspired, optimistic, motivated mindset. Read Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, or others.

Read for as long or as much as you can. Try for a half hour; too much, cut it down. Make a point to read even if it is only a page a day. Do it every day. Just as you eat each day to feed your body read to feed your mind. Think about what you read. Reflect on it. Practice it!

Study success. Study happiness. Learn from others. Find positive mentors and role models. Be wise about choosing mentors. I’ll share more in another post. Learn from those who do and have and are what you want to beWHO BEGAN as you did. Study their approach.

What You Say Is What You Get

Begin reading. Remember, our first step. Clarify what you want. I assume you already have done this or you are in the process. This is the 3rd post in a series. If you haven’t read the previous two please go back and read those first. Then return here. Clarify your purpose.

Know what you want. Specify it. Keep it in mind. Read and fill your mind with positive thoughts about your goal. Feel good about it. Think about it often during the day and affirm, ‘I can begin now to change my life.’ ‘I am in the process of making my dreams come true’.

You can substitute your actual dream for ‘my dreams’. ‘I am in the process of creating more happiness in my life’. ‘I am beginning the process of taking control of my money and becoming financially free.’ ‘I am learning to be smart about managing my money’.

What You Feel Is What You Get

‘I am in the process of learning to communicate better so I can connect with people and enjoy more lasting friendships’. ‘I am beginning to attract the right person into my life’. ‘I am deciding to be more open and tolerant of other people’s views.’ Whatever it is.

‘Even if I don’t know how I can begin to take tiny baby steps that move me forward to what I want’. Get it? You declare it. You make statements about how you are beginning the process of making the changes you want. Affirming is a great way to begin.

Up your energy and vibrational levels and affirm with enthusiasm. Why affirmations don’t work for some people is primarily two fold. One reason is they recite meaningless phrases with no emotional power behind them. The words aren’t what your brain responds to.

What You Think About You Become

Rote repetition doesn’t impact our brains or our being. We must emotionalize it.  We must use enjoyment, enthusiasm and power. Chant and declare what you affirm. Do it  loud, clear, with fun, energy and optimism! Think military boot camp. They chant a lot.

In armed services boot camps they chant as if their life depended on it because it does. They chant to wire in important concepts and habits. They do it for different purposes than we do; it works just the same. Our purposes are not so much survival based but could be.

Chant your affirmations. Shout them out with joy, Have fun and delight in doing them and mean it. Commit to these. Make them short, to the point, positive and energized. This makes the process work faster. Your brain learns from exaggerated examples!

What You Focus On Expands

Don’t be subtle. Your brain doesn’t learn by subtle. Be subtle only when surrounded by others at home or work and when you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Otherwise GO FOR IT! Declare them and mean it. Believe it! Know it. Convince yourself completely!

By doing this you create new neural pathways and new positive habits. Enjoy the process! The other primary reason is people don’t believe them. They make too large a statement and then resist it. The declare ‘I can make 100 million this year’. It is too big a leap.

Certainly, it could be possible. BUT it is not that likely they will make that kind of money if they never have. Could they, yes. Is it possible, yes! Is it plausible or likely? Not so much. IT COULD happen, but usually a goal too big makes people doubt they will be successful.

What You Think About You Bring About

If you have never made big money before start with smaller sums. Make them big enough to stretch you but not so big as to seem impossible. Your goal should stretch and challenge you and maybe make you a little afraid but not too much. I will explain. Stretch!

You want to choose something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Something you do have to work at. Something that would exhilarate you when you make it happen. BUT, not something you don’t believe you could do and will do. You need to believe you can.

You want to eventually feel certain, not only you can, but that you will. When you choose something you feel certain you can make happen; and believe that you will; and you absolutely want to have it; then you have found your sweet spot. Then it IS likely you will.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Get it? You want to believe YOU WILL do it. This will be reinforced by your affirmations, too. You will come to believe it more if you don’t at first. Still, choose something you CAN believe. Those people who don’t, since they don’t truly believe they can, usually give up.

It isn’t that the process doesn’t work. It is that they didn’t choose wisely. Start smaller. Get some wins. Prove to yourself you can do it. Prove you can make it happen and gather wins Then increase the size of your wants and make those happen too. Experience matters!

For those people, since it is outside the sweet spot, they don’t feel good when they think about their goals and affirm them. Instead they doubt or feel concerned. They hope it will happen. They don’t feel they will absolutely make it happen. The mindset is different!

Believing Is Seeing – Perception Is Everything

It isn’t a winner, ‘I CAN DO ANYTHING’ mindset. It is a ‘gee I hope I do this right and get what I want some day, but it probably won’t work and then I’ll be worse off than before’ mindset. Do you understand? Those people are defeated before they begin.

They abandon the affirmations because it doesn’t feel right or good when they affirm. The give up and then state, ‘I tried affirmations and they don’t work.’ You are beginning a process. Accept you are a beginner. Take baby steps. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Implement these practices. Use positive affirmations powerfully. This, is and area  where my Directed Questions™ is absolutely beneficial to use. I will share more about this later. For now, read, affirm and imagine already having what you want in the future.

Live The Future You Want Right Now As If It Is Already Yours

Affirm, declare, command and own. Own your future. YOU make it happen. You create and you attract. Enjoy learning to do this. Enjoy the process. Be grateful and express your gratitude freely. Make a list daily. Feel appreciation for everything! That makes you feel better all around. Plus, you’ll feel more positive. Enjoy everything and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Feel thrilled. Feel Delighted. Feel enthusiastic. Feel Fully Alive!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Once I Become Aware Now What Do I Do?


“Awareness is the first step in transformation. Acceptance is the second. That means you accept right where you are. You drop, let go or turn your back on self criticism and judgement. You accept or allow yourself to be precisely who you are right now. Accept you!

This is 2nd in a series of posts. Be sure to read previous post if you haven’t. Then continue with this one. Feel free to dip and dive into all the other posts. By reading and rereading you will gain great value. Experience revisited is how we learn and develop skill. Enjoy!

‘Okay, I am not where I want to be.’ Yet, that IS what is. No use crying over spilt milk. Accept it and move on. Accept that you may not be perfect, that you aren’t further ahead yet, that you have character flaws and that you might not, yet, know how to change. Accept it.

Be Yourself – Accept Yourself – Love Yourself – Be Grateful 

Whatever it is accept. Love yourself in spite of it. Better yet, love yourself because of it. You are you. You can’t be further ahead of you than you are. So stop judgements and assessing and relax into yourself. Embrace yourself as you are. Congratulate yourself!

Congratulate yourself for being you. Congratulate yourself for what you noticed. Pat yourself on the back. You don’t know what you don’t know. You are who you are up to this point. Be grateful you are able to recognize this about yourself right now. Celebrate you!

Change becomes easier when you don’t resist or fight anything. You may still want to move ahead and end up in another place but appreciate where you are right now. Really, truly, be grateful. If you will, you will open up incredible doorways to greater opportunity.

Accept Your Past Without Regrets – Learn From It – Accept It

Don’t fight yourself. Don’t blame or excuse. Don’t whine or complain. You are who you are, you have done what you have done and now you are here in this moment, aware and willing to make changes. Accept, allow, let go and delight in all of it. Truly celebrate you!

As for making the changes you want to make, accept that you can do it. Accept that you may want or need some help along the way. Accept that not everything happens according to your time line. Accept challenges and obstacles as life’s learning lessons. Learn!

If you felt or feel stuck, accept it. You may be stuck and don’t yet know what to do. That is okay. Don’t push it. You don’t have to know what to do right now. You don’t need to know how you will change. Later, you will know all that.  For now, simply enjoy being aware.

Accept Where You Are Here And Now You Can’t Be Anywhere Else

Realize that each of us becomes aware, or wakes up, or sees a potentially different life for ourselves in our own time. Whenever or wherever that is IS when it is. Accept the timing of the universe instead of fighting with it. Do you understand this? You will in time.

Accept that you awaken when you awaken. Accept and utilize everything. Don’t be dismissive or wallow. Get it? When you become aware that you want to move forward differently, and you accept where you are at, YOU CAN BEGIN to move forward; From here!

You don’t blame and excuse yourself, which further causes you to remain stuck. You let go and become open to new possibilities. Okay, you think, ‘but I still don’t know what to do’. Well, you begin from where you are. Your first steps are from here and now.

Accept The Universe’s Time Frame – Everything Has A Season

You can’t begin from elsewhere. You can’t be other than who you are right now.  So you begin from here and now. Take a deep breath. Decide to begin to live differently. Commit to living more positively. Determine to be more optimistic and enjoy life more. Choose!

You will find great power comes from making an important decision. Decide what you want and then commit to making it happen. HOW you make it happen will become clear as you move along. First things first. Become aware. Accept. Decide what you want and commit.

Know where you want to end up then you can plan your route. Determine to make happen what you want to make happen and never give up. Travel as far as you can see and when you get to that place you will be able to see farther. Get it? First things first,

Some People Are Ready To Change – Some People Aren’t – Decide

How is not the question to ask now. You will discover how. WHY? Is a much more important question. List out all the reasons you want what you want. Notice what you want and what you don’t want. Re-state it in the positive. Think ‘This is WHY I will make this happen’.

Create as big list of positive ‘whys’ as you can.  Know WHY you want what you want. What will having that do for you? How will your life improve when you have this? See it, hear it, feel it, smell it , taster it. If your why’s are big enough there is no question you will go after it.

If you are wishy washy about your why’s you probably won’t get very far. Know what you want and why! If you absolutely must have it then commit to making it happen. Do whatever honest, legitimate, positive things you need to do to bring it about. Make it happen!

Accept that you are able to do this. Accept that anything you might need you can find, make or learn to do. Accept your decision and enjoy it. You want life to be better now go ahead and make it better. Feel good about your decision to improve yourself. Feel glad.

Your Life Is 100% Your Responsibility – Do You Understand This

Ultimately, you will make a plan for getting what you want. But that is not the first step. Many people never go after their goals because they make a big mistake. They  think  they need to know how first. You don’t BUT YOU DO need know what you want and why you do.

You are at the beginning. Be delighted! You became aware enough to initiate some changes. Delight in yourself. Delight in your new awareness.  Delight in your decision. Enjoy the process of getting your goals. AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Skip, sing, do a little happy dance today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Know The Critical First Step In Making Positive Permanent Changes?


“Would you like to be happier? Do you want better heath? Want to perform better in your career, sports, life and relationships? How do you transform you for the better? How do you get started making personal changes? If you are curious we’ll explore in a short series.

Awareness is the first step. At some point on some day for whatever reason you notice something isn’t as wonderful as you hope it would be. You notice a glitch or a disaster. You see someone else being doing or having something you want and you think, ‘that’s for me’.

Somehow at sometime, somewhere you become aware that what you are doing isn’t working. You become aware that something you are doing could be done better. You become aware of lack, of negativity, of the downside or of missing out on the upside.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

You become aware you need to change. You become aware that it might be possible to make changes. You can or could change so you can have more of what you desire. Without this AS a possibility you wouldn’t move forward. Awareness starts it all off. It is the trigger.

Often, you first become aware of what you don’t want before you become aware of what you want. It is as if you outgrow a pair of shoes and feel the pain. You think, ‘I need some new shoes’. Then you begin to decide what kind of new shoes you need or want.

The choice of what you WANT is up to you. You recognize there is a gulf between what you don’t want and what you do want. You realize you need something to be different. You imagine a better you or a better life. You dream of it. You begin to wonder and explore how.

Your Thoughts Create Your Future 

You don’t know yet how it might be possible. You don’t know what to do, for certain, to make it better. You may have an idea or you may be lost trying to figure out what to do next.It can be confusing. So stop. Look at all you don’t want and ask yourself, What do I want instead?’

People get stuck for many reasons. One of the first is when they become aware that life isn’t what they wanted and they get depressed and upset. They get frustrated and angry. They sit there. They stay rooted. They wallow and whine. They complain and blame.

Obviously, this isn’t good though It is normal. It is human. It is actually IS great to get angry. It is good to be SO angry YOU definitely DECIDE to make things different. You get angry enough to think and behave in new ways different.

You Become What You Think About – You Get What You Focus On

It is not so good to wallow and whine. However, anger can be and is a useful starting place because it can cause you to turn your back on the negative. You decided to  drop what is and move toward the positive desires you have. It is the impetus for making changes.

It is critical you turn from the negative and move into the positive. You need to change your focus from what you do not want and begin to entirely focus on what you DO want. You have to build, create or attract what you want and let go of what you don’t want.

Leave or let go of what you don’t want, completely! Use it only to clarify what you want. Get precision and focus on your positive goal. Unfortunately, too many people get stuck in creating more of what they don’t want because they don’t turn towards the positive.

Your Habits Determine Your Present

You must focus on what you want. The anger, and negativity, and knowing what you don’t want is absolutely valuable to help you specify what you do want. You must get clear about what you want and where you want to head. Then you must head there.

You can’t drive forward safely with all your attention in the rearview mirror. When you go on a vacation you need to know your destination.  BUT some exclaim, ‘what if I just want to wander around taking in everything?’ That is the problem with most people.

They wander, they don’t know what they want or where they want to end up. They drift aimlessly. They aren’t focused. They don’t have a plan. They don’t have a road map to get from points A to Z. You need to know where you are going in order to get there.

If You Want A New Better Future – Create New Better Habits

If they would set their site of the end goal they will know when they get there. This is an important point not to miss! Know what you want. Focus on it so you can create it. Build what you want rather than fighting the old.  Once it is built party. Celebrate along the way.

In the next blog posts I’ll share some move. Meanwhile explore. Determine hat do you truly want. Clarify it. Be specific. Visualize it. See it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Make it as real as you can for yourself. Be glad you are being concise.

Be glad you know what you want. Be glad you are becoming more aware. Feel grateful for the opportunity to make your dream come true. Many people miss out because they never wake up to the fake that destiny is within their reach. It is in their grasp. YOUR destiny is in your hands. What will you do about it? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it a point to feel awesome today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What To Do With The Important People In Your Life?


“Tonight I am at a film festival. It is good to see some old friends. It is good to meet new friends. For the blog today,  I encourage you to catch up with family and friends. Nurture your relationships. Celebrate the people you know. Stop and listen and learn from them.

Take a moment to really connect. Enjoy the people who make up your life. Business, while important, is not that important. I grew up, for the most part, surrounded by filmmakers. Many whose heads were planted firmly planted up the rectal canal.  Vision limited.

I mean no disrespect. However, while film is important people are more important. I know some will disagree. I am writing tonight to remind you to connect and enjoy. Celebrate and love. Make time to savor your family and friends and support each other.

Take The Time To Tell Someone Why They Are Special To You

Take a moment and list out what you appreciate about each of your children, your siblings, your parents, you partners in life, your closest friends. Really think about what makes them special and what you like about them. Appreciate them. Sometime, perhaps, tell them.

Tell them why they are so important to you. Look them in the eye and let them know you care. It is one thing to say ‘I love you’ and it is another to tell them what you like and admire about them and why. Be grateful. Live, laugh, love and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Get in touch with a loved one today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Today I Found 35 cents! Celebrate! Hooray!


“Your brain doesn’t know positive from negative. You do, a part of you does,  but a large portion of you doesn’t. It doesn’t know good from bad or a million dollars from a penny. You subconscious knows threats to your safety, and habits. It operates the same continuously.

It doesn’t know the difference between a perceived threat or a real one. It only knows threats. It could be likened to a machine or a shark. It does what it does and is ongoing. It has some basic instinctual programming, keep the human alive. Its conditioning

Evolution or or a creator or both built in a survival mechanism, which causes, fear, flight, freeze or fight. This topic we will save for another time. I have mentioned it in previous posts. It works brilliantly. It did from the dawn of human time through to today.

What You Think You Become – You Get What You Focus On

Today, however, few of us, at fewer times, encounter the real life physical threat of danger. Some of us do for certain, but we live in a modern world. Our brain doesn’t know that yet. So it doesn’t recognize the difference between a perceived threat and a real one.

It just doesn’t. It evolved or was designed to act quick. Now days, our threats tend to be emotional and/or perceived threats to our safety. Still out brain responds as it did years ago. We may be scared of meeting someone so we freeze or we flee. We feel afraid WHAM!

The brain kicks in. Your spouse argues with you. You feel threatened and you fight! Instantly, the body responds for fighting. Adrenaline pumps, we turn red, get hot etc., etc., etc. Our brain works to keep us alive by squirting chemicals to make us act in certain ways quickly!

You Attract What You Feel – What You Imagine You Create

Positive and negative are the domain of the conscious mind. Your developed the habit of smoking, biting your nails, drinking, over eating, being afraid of meeting new people and you decide you want to change it, your brain feels threatened. The status quo is changing.

It does everything it can to keep you the same. That is the job it has. It doesn’t care if you smoke or what you smoke. If it is a habit it will endeavor to keep you doing it. That is why to change behaviors you must learn new habits. You re-condition yourself to new behavior.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between an imagined image and a real image. So when you visualize your brain and body respond squirting chemicals. You are afraid to talk in front of others and make internal images of being embarrassed. Your brain reacts.

You Can’t Have A Better Tomorrow Thinking About Yesterday

It pumps chemicals in you. You freeze or want to flee. Over time you become habituated to not talking and the feelings of fear when you think about it. To change you need to re-condition yourself to new habits. You need to learn new ways of behaving as you would like.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between one penny and one million dollars. It doesn’t know or care. You do. Your brain will respond to what you care about because when you are filled with emotions your brain takes notice. Especially the fearful ones.

However, it takes notice of really positive, cheerful ones too. Strong emotion signals the brain to pay attention and respond. This is why when we are worried about things, people, events, circumstances, bills, and more we seem to keep perpetuating them.

When You Feel Alive, Vital, Wealthy You Attract More Of These

The brain reinforces and reacts to the strong emotion. The Reticular Activating System that scouts for danger also finds internal and external matches for what you are experiencing. If you feel afraid it provides you with more to fear, in associations or memories.

So, if you say to yourself, ‘I am such a klutz’, your brain finds more times when you behaved that way. If you say,’I am so stupid’, your brain has examples ready for you. If you say, ‘I’ll never get out of debt’ your brain will reenforce difficulty and failure or debt.

It isn’t really working against you it is working FOR you! It thinks that is what you want. It doesn’t know any better it just does what it is conditioned to do. It is a loyal, reliable, consistent servant and it is reacting in the only way it knows how. So if you want to change it…

Be The Energy You Want More Of – Be It And You Will Attract It

Here is what you must do. ‘I found thirty five cents today! Hooray! How incredible. WoW! I love finding money. Fantastic! Yes, Yes YES!!’ And do a happy dance. Celebrate. Make a big positive emotional deal about it. Have fun. Sing, skip, dance! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Make a big deal about what you want more of! Really celebrate. All it knows is you are thrilled with finding money. It isn’t concerned with the amount. It just notes the feelings! Because you are thrilled it gets the signal to find more money. It begins looking for matches.

I did this today! I found 35 cents while looking for something in my car. I celebrate. I celebrate finding a penny. When good things happen make a big deal about them. Delight in everything! Have fun. Even if it never worked you had a happy moment. BUT it does work!

Happiness Is A Conscious Choice – Not An Automatic Response

It is the same process that you already use when you get mad and fearful, but in reverse. We switch from the dark side to the ‘force’ side to create or attract more of what we want. Whatever you want more of in life, focus on it and feel fantastic about it. You will get it.

You get whatever you focus on and feel most strongly about anyway. So make sure you use good taste and aim it toward those things that improve you and your life. Focus on finding more love, joy and happiness. Find more good will and opportunity. Friendship and fun!

Celebrate and make a big deal. That is why gratitude plays such an important role in opening the doorway for more. Your RAS finds matches for what you most strongly pay attention to and feel strongly about. So imagine it, visualize what you want and feel great!

Your Positive Energy Vibrations Is What Attracts Things To You

This is how you begin to easily recondition yourself. Sometimes change is instant. Sometimes it takes awhile. Celebrate all of it. Be grateful and glad for the little changes. Exaggerate and delight in them and you will find yourself having more. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Revel in curiosity today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Problem Is Lies Lies Lies Then More Lies And Excuses


“What is wrong in the world today? What is wrong in families? What is wrong in business? It seems everyone wants to pass the buck. No one wants to take responsibility. Politicians lie and blame each other. So do families, corporations and we blame each other on Facebook.

There is so much lost, wasted time focused on what is wrong, who is wrong, why they are wrong,  and what they did that screwed it up. It is never ‘my fault’ it is always someone else’s fault. Seems ‘the buck never stops here, at ‘me’. We need to rethink what is occurring.

We need to own up. ‘Man’ up. We need to use those balls for good reason. We need to be accountable. Be responsible. We need to act with integrity and steel will. Enough with the reasons, the excuses, the pointing fingers. Time to say, ‘what happens is always up to me.’

Do What Is Right – Not  What Is Easy – Act With Integrity

I wrote about keeping your word. Your word should be enough. People should know you are a person of integrity and that you always follow through on what you say you will do. Why did I write about that? Because it is an important topic especially at this time.

Politicians make promises but it appears we have become so jaded we don’t expect them to actually carry the promises out. In fact, we say, ‘all politicians lie and can’t be trusted’. WOW that is a sad state of affairs. Why do we even tolerate that for a second? But we do.

I believe all politicians should be held accountable for the representations they make, on or off camera, in ads and elsewhere. There should be consequences for misleading. We should have zero tolerance for lying. The same applies to our fellow man and woman.

Integrity Is Measured By Conduct Not By Promises – Talk Is Cheap

We should be held to our word. No excuses. No complaints. No cop-outs, blames or whines allowed. We should all be accountable and responsible. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard not a lessor one. We should walk the high road, less traveled. Few do.

We should keep our verbal contracts. We should operate with integrity. We should be honest and forthright. We should go the extra mile. Do what few others do! That would sets us apart in this day and age. You want to be valued and deemed worthy?

Then make yourself valuable and worthy. Stay positive. Be optimistic. Be responsible and be accountable. Be true to who you are and be true to the word you give. Don’t play politics. Let go of blaming others and the world. End the excuses and complaints.

Integrity Is When What You Say And What You Do Are Aligned

Start owning up. Start taking action. Start making good things happen for you and others. Develop the reputation for honesty, integrity, loyalty and great service. Help others. Be generous. Give of yourself. Help make the world better. If you do, you too will get back.

What goes around comes around. You will find yourself attracting a higher caliber of people. The right people will flock to you. What you sow you will reap. You will begin attracting better people, events and circumstances. Your life will improve when you improve on you.

It works that way. Be glad. Be happy. Become filled with gratitude. You will delight more and discover more. When your word is law you will find the Red Sea parting for you. Not because of luck but because of your will and your attitude. You become unstoppable!

People Of Good Character Keep Their Promises – Keep Your Word

When you have backbone and will and followthrough. When you take action. When you believe in yourself enough to keep your commitments you become invincible. Your word becomes THE law. You begin to change things. You rock your world! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment magical!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Suck If You Can’t Keep This! You Really Do!


“Want to ruin a romance fast? What to destroy a business relationship? Are you tired of keeping family and friends around? Want to lose a few? Do this and you will. Many have already? It is simple to drive people away. Harder if you want to keep them.

Do you ever make promises? Do you keep your commitments? Are you known as a trustworthy and reliable person? I am sure you’d like to think so, but are you? Do you stand by your word? Is your word your bond? Is your word law? If not, you absolutely want it to be.

I don’t have to point out how aggravating it is to receive promises from family, friends or businesses and expect them to honor their word only to have them not deliver on it. I don’t have to do that, do I? It sucks, right? Does it make you like them better? I bet not! Right?

People Of Good Character Keep Their Promises – Stay True

Do you feel like believing them the next time? How many times have you been repeatedly burned by the same person or business? What do you ultimately do? Are they gaining any good will from you? Have you cut some off. Have you said, ‘never again!’ Maybe to some, right.

‘My word is my bond. My word is law’. You are only as good a person and reliable as you word is true.  Your promise is your word. It is your commitment. Your word is a contract. You and I make verbal contracts all day long. Do you honor them is the question? Do you?

If you say you will be somewhere or do something, do you? If you promise to deliver then do it. Keep your agreement. If you say Friday you will do it or have it done that is a promise that you will have it done on Friday. If you don’t deliver on Friday your word is not good!

Never Make A Promise You’re Not 100% Committed To Fulfill

You are only as good and as valuable to others as the agreements you keep. Most people, want the people they associate with, in their family, friends, relationships, business and elsewhere to be honest, loyal, trustworthy and reliable or dependable. We value these!

We want to be able to take you at your word and hold you to your it. If we can’t count on you, if we aren’t able to rely on you, if you fail to come through and deliver as you say you will, of what use or value are you to us? No use! Because you betray the trust we place in you.

If you say you will do something. DO IT! That is the honorable thing to do. Your word is your bond. Your word should be law. Your word should actually mean something. If it doesn’t I don’t want much to do with you. I may like you but I can’t count on you. I don’t trust you.

Respect My Time – Match My Effort – Keep Your Word – Be Honest

So I may like you but you aren’t anyone I could recommend to others. Think business. Think networking. Think jobs. Do you want to refer someone to others who you know will let them down. Of course, you don’t! It would bite you in the ass. It would reflect poorly on you.

You may have a family member like this. You love them with your whole heart and soul but you can’t count on them for anything. What to do about them? Nothing. You can’t do anything until they begin to value their commitments, their word and their relationships.

If you state ‘I’ll try to get it done by Friday’ you are wishy-washy and not deserving of the trust of anyone. Yes,I know this is hard-core. The point is your word is your bond. Your word is either 100% valid or not. If it’s only 50% valid or 8o% valid who can rely on you?

You Lose Credibility When You Don’t Keep Your Word 

If you don’t honor your word why should anyone else? Why should anyone trust or rely or think you will deliver? They shouldn’t. We shouldn’t! Yes, I know there are times when you are over extended and you don’t want to commit to anything. It’d be better if you don’t.

Don’t say you will try only to disappoint someone else. Better to not say anything at all. Of course, that is difficult, but if you can’t keep your word don’t act as if you will. Better to pick a time when you know you can and will deliver and give them that date and time.

There are two people in the world most important to keep your word with. The first is YOU! You should always do what you say you will do. Keep your promise to yourself. If you say you are going to clean your desk Monday morning then do it. Keep your word!

A Promise Means Everything Once Broken Sorry Means Nothing

You are worth keeping your word with. You deserve respect. You are worthy of following through on your own promises to yourself. Make intentions. Keep them clear and simple and commit to them. Don’t say you will do things and then not follow through.

That is bad practice. Develop good habits. Make the task bite size if you must but do it. The second person absolutely critical to keep your word with is THE OTHER PERSON. Whomever you give your word to, friend, foe or stranger KEEP IT! Keep your promises.

Don’t be childish. Some people will argue that ‘I said I would do it but I didn’t promise’.  Because they didn’t utter the word promise they think that lets them off the hook. It doesn’t. Your word IS your verbal contract. If you say, ‘I will’ you promised you will. Not maybe but will.

Integrity Is The Most Valued And Respected Quality Of Leadership

Your word is either valuable or worthless to yourself and others. Keep your commitments. Keep your appointments. Be on time. Get  known as a person who delivers. Become known as someone who can be relied on.  Develop that reputation. Treat yourself well!

Because when you do you become a person of great value to others. You become indispensable in business. You stand out from all the rest. Your word is law. You are known to keep it. You are trustworthy. You make yourself indispensable. You are valuable!

Remember your word is gold. Every promise you make is a verbal contract. Keep it with yourself and others. If you can’t keep your word don’t give your word. Build the habit of being reliable. Great things can come about when you truly begin to value your own word! Practice keeping it and succeed! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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