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According To Experts Is Trump A Good Or Bad Leader? What Kind Of Leader Are You?

“If Donald Trump were not president he would be indicted along with Cohen but the office he occupies makes it so he does not face criminal charges while president. That doesn’t mean he isn’t culpable,  just that he can’t presently be indicted.

THINK about that for a second. THEN consider these factors in my recent video and discover what attributes you need to be a good leader and what elements cause failure. What say you? After watching video comment.

Is Trump And Effective Leader

THEN decide how many of these you, and people like Trump and our so called leaders embody. Are you a good leader? Are they? Assess the leadership qualities of those who assume those positions. You may be surprised! Watch my new video 3 part series.

Suspend your love or your hate for these people and make an honest assessment. Most importantly, assess yourself!

Stay tuned for the next two videos. Realize this is an opportunity to assess yourself, and others,  in light of Hill’s research. Do you have what it takes to lead yourself to victory and make your dreams come true? Well, do you? If not, then you know what you need to develop!

Could you inspire, motivate and induce others to victory as well? Do you have what it takes? Be honest with yourself your future depends on it. Use these videos and Hill’s research to gain much needed feedback for your success. Meanwhile, continue to learn and develop your self and your skills and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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