Mind Design™ Beta Program – To Attendees & Interested Parties

Hey There!

I have busily preparing for the launch of my Mind Design™ Online Program.  I’ve spent months designing and writing for this online program. This is one of the most positive and powerful programs available anywhere and I am so happy to offer it to the Beta group of pioneers.

This BETA program is an incredible offer. I am sorry if you did not get in. We filled up right away. If you want to get into another program, when we offer one, let us know today by emailing createyourbestlifewithrex@gmail.com

I have offered aspects of this program live, in my other NLP, hypnosis and personal transformations workshops and seminars since the 80’s. To date, I have not offered everything. That makes this program one incredible opportunity!

Mind Design ™ is one incredible program designed to help you be, do and have everything you want in life.  You can overcome whatever holds you back and get targeted, mind blowing results when you design your mind.

My goal has always been to assist you in creating your best life ever.

I am not that facile with online technology. I love live events.

So I, and my team, made special offer available. BRAVO and KUDOS to those who jumped in. We will have an incredible time together!

Besides everything else you get with this program you get a year of personal and group mentoring! Typically, people pay more than 10k for a day of my time. I mean, this is what is so cool. I get to spend time with you and you with me creating your best life ever!

Plus, I included so much more!

I always want to go the extra mild and provide great value and service. I an thrilled and eager to go! So congratulations to those of you who signed up! You rock! For those of you who missed out, keep the faith.

Contact us right now and we’ll see what we can do about getting another course up and running sometime.

Meanwhile, all the best wishes. Celebrate everything!

To those Jedi Knights who enrolled in Mind Design™ we are blasting off shortly!



4 thoughts on “Mind Design™ Beta Program – To Attendees & Interested Parties”

    1. Yup that is what most people need to do. Act now. If you want things in your life to change you have to change some things in your life. People wait, procrastinate, and miss out. NOW is the only time there is. Action brings results. Waiting only brings waiting. People need to take charge and move from what their comfort zone is that keeps them stuck into positive steps that move them forward. That is the point of the program. If you want something make it happen. No excuses, no blames, no whining. Take charge and make it happen. Your comment is wonderful, because that is what is needed. To leave the comfort zone of okay and into creating a fabulous life. Today, that opportunity exists. Grab hold. Create your best life ever! Love to have you join us too. All the best!


  1. OMB🙏🏽
    In less than a month, I’m receiving what I’m messaging out aloud (in writing ✍🏽 instead of in my head). Now what? Scary as it may seems, the only right answer is taking action.

    How do i take the next step with less fear & anxiety?

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    1. I am not certain what you mean exactly when you write, in less than a month… so I don’t know how to go about responding to the first part of your comment.

      I noticed you wrote: How do i take the next step with less fear & anxiety?

      The first step is to shift your focus. You are asking how you do something with less fear and anxiety. You are focused on fear and anxiety. It would serve you better to stop that, drop that and let that go. You are looking at what you want to avoid or eliminate. Remember, you get back, or more of, what you focus on.

      You are better served to only speak (write and think about) what you want more of and what you want to include. Speak, write and think about only that which blesses, heals and prospers.

      Better to think along these lines so you create and make happen what you want. So you attract what you want instead of what you don’t Keep in mind what you focus on you get. What you think about you become.

      So become good and wonderful positive things and characteristics. Realize you are in a learning process and beginning to create what you want more of. As you do you will get more and more of what you want.

      Speak, think and write this way:

      How do i take the next step with less confidence and delight? How do i take the next step easily and effortlessly? How do i take the next step in such a way that I maximize my joy and well-being? How do i take the next step with more fun than I could ever imagine possible? How much fun can I have? In how many ways can I discover myself moving forward with eagerness and enthusiasm? How soon can I begin to notice everything is working together in many wonderful and positive ways?

      Aim at what you want to create. Turn your back away from what you do not want to have. Shift from the negative, the less than glorious to the positive, the enjoyable, the wonderful and the glorious. You can do it!

      Do it and enjoy the new way of being. AND anytime you notice yourself not focused positively on positive steps and thoughts and feelings shift back to the positive. The goal is to keep shifting back and build that habit. Awareness leads to change. As you notice and shift you build the long lasting habit of dropping negativity and moving into your positive power.

      It is a process so enjoy, have fun and nurture the process. Monitor your thoughts and self talk and what you say to others so you continue to move forward. If you should slip up encourage yourself positively.

      Think always: WHAT DO I WANT? not What don’t I want? Okay?

      What do I want to do, enjoy, experience, include, allow, invite into my life right now?

      Get it? Move ward and keep moving forward. Drop by drop the tub fills! Consider everything a blessing and an opportunity. Life transforms incredibly as you do. SO celebrate everything!!


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