How To Have A Wonderful Life Part 4

“Take charge. Stop focusing on what you don’t yet have and focus on all the good you do. Many people miss out because, for example, they want $100, but they do so because they are aware of not having it. They put it out to the universe but then notice its absence.

They wait and want and focus on $100 daily but they don’t seem to get it because what they actually are focused on is not having the $100 yet. Get it? The knack is learning to decide to make the $100 and then think and feel and take action to get it. Don’t wait.

Act! Become creative in positive ways as to how you can increase your wealth by the $100 honestly and legitimately. You think and become the kind of person who can create and make $100, not one who sits and waits for it. You transform yourself and you get it.

Your Decisions And Excuses Determine The Quality Of Your Life

It isn’t a magic wand that you wave and ‘poof’ magically money and all good things appear. It is a transformative process that enables you to make yourself and your life whatever you want it to be. It is you doing it, not magic happening, though it can seem like it.

You develop the knack for creating what you want. I had dinner with a gentleman and his wife 3 nights ago. He is worth over 50 million and had just bought a marina. He said making money was easy for him, it was part of his mindset. He is good at it. He enjoys it.

He’s been doing it since a kid. you know, lemonade stands and more. He is enterprising and looks for ways to succeed. He doesn’t think he can’t. He focuses on what he wants and continues with it until that, or something better, comes along to make it happen.

If You Are Not At Cause 100% Responsible You Are At Effect

Mindset is everything! Where you place your attention, how strongly you place it, and for how long, all matters. If you decide to make $100 dollars but doubt that you will, or remain disappointed by not having it yet, you most likely won’t make it happen, soon.

I really hope you get this! Focus! Concentrate! Spend your time creating and thinking positive thoughts. Believe you can do it. If you don’t believe it, you won’t make it happen. Great news again! You can come to believe anything you set your mind, time and energy on.

Create yourself as someone who believes it is possible, and not only possible, but one who does what one intends to do. Create and think yourself to be a successful, happy person who makes things happen because you are good at it. If you aren’t yet, you soon can be.

Victor Or Victim Is Up To You – Winner Or Loser Is Your Choice

Make it happen. Don’t wait. Don’t whine. Create and become it. Focus on what you have already. Focus on the good in your life. Focus on your strengths and improve your weaknesses by focusing on your strengths. Get it? Be thankful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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