Note To Friends And Readers

This blog is created and published daily. Sometimes, typos slip through and you receive the post containing them. Typically, within 24 these are discovered and corrected. If you are bothered by typos please visit the website later to read a corrected version.

Or, and I say this somewhat in jest, learn to not let them bother you. However, in the pursuit of easier readability these are corrected when caught. Some readers provide feedback and that is fantastic! They let me know the errors so I can correct. Kudos to these helpers.

On another note, there is a privacy notice that we are informed needed to be turned on, especially for European readers. This notice WordPress places in comments for whatever reason. If you need to know the new privacy policy, hopefully you will find it there.

Though the feature has been turned on I am not able to see it at this time. I hope you do if it’s important to you. There it is, my explanation regarding corrections and the new updated privacy policy. Lastly, I would like to add this, and perhaps it should be first.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for being a friend of mine and this blog. I enjoy the comments and questions. Sometimes, I am able to like a comment or to reply. At other times, something goes haywire in the blog  process and I’m unable to.

I  just want you to know that. PLUS, I am here for you. I want to help support you in being who you want to be, and in creating your best life ever! I am always open to feedback and to address needs as you share them with me. I wish you the very best always!

Much love! Peace and Blessings,


Celebrate everything!


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