It May Not Be Easy But It Is Almost Always Simple.

“It may not be easy but it is almost always simple. One reason why it seems difficult is people overthink and complicate things. They needn’t, but they do. This has been part of the conditioning process while growing up. It is also something we can overcome and change.

Most things are innately simple. We don’t believe it can be as easy as it is, so we get in our own way. We think it must be tougher, ‘I will never be able to do this’. We ask questions like, ‘why must it be so hard’? ‘How come shit always happens to me?’ We complain.

We think others have it easier. Hell, we KNOW they do, or so we think. Get it? What we often accept as true, our assumptions based on limited observations, are generally inaccurate and only part of the picture. We operate mostly on limited info. We don’t see it all.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

We operate off of maps and those, by virtue of being a map, a representation of the territory, are incomplete. A partial representation at best. Our own neurology filters what is available to us so we don’t even know what we don’t know. Get that?

We aren’t aware that we aren’t aware. We operate as if the info in our head is truthful and accurate. None of it is. Some of it is supportive and some of it non-supportive based on what you want to accomplish. It is what it is. Filtered info about reality.

We mistake it as reality. We think it is, as we think it is. It isn’t but we will fight tooth and nail to prove it is what we think it is. So when someone says, ‘I can’t do this’, while it isn’t true at all, it is true for the person who thinks it is. It is gospel. They are sure of it.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Choose Thoughts Wisely

Until, they decide differently. Once they decide, it could be possible, they begin to open up new avenues of thought, feeling, behaving and being. Once a possibility exists there is new hope. What most do is rush to the new hope in the old way with old beliefs and limitations.

If you always do what you always did you will continue to always get what you always got. Then, they try the new thing, determine it is hard, and they can’t do it. Get it? It is a cycle that needs to be broken. You really do need to think new thoughts and live from new ones!

If you live from old conditioning you will always continue to get the same results you were getting before. If you want different, better, more positive and productive results you need to think, feel and behave in new ways. This is the first possibility to become aware of.

Skill Comes Of Doing – Repetition Is The Mother Of Success

Pitfalls and plateaus are part of the climb. It doesn’t mean something is impossible because it is difficult or because you have never done it before. Get out of your own way. Realize there will be challenges. Learn to embrace them. Enjoy the challenges. Accept them.

Keep moving toward the goal. Step by step you get there. JUST stay out of your own way. YOU can learn to do that, too. Learn to think differently and you will learn to feel differently. You will transform from someone who can’t to someone who can! You will transform!

You will become someone who finds Opportunity where none seemed to exist. You will learn to recognize when you are BS’ing yourself and stop it. You will discover change is simple and can be easier than you ever thought before. You’ll get better results.

Awareness Is The Key To Change – What You Focus On Expands

You’ll find that you can more easily overcome the tough times. You’ll understand the purpose of the less than glorious, or uncomfortable feelings and difficult obstacles, and use these to break loose from the old limitations that bound you. You will learn to think positively and powerfully to overcome fear, worry, doubt and procrastination.

You will take charge. You will discover you can build a champion mindset and skyrocket the positive results you want to get. You can be, do, and have anything you decide to make happen, because you go from victim to victor and you persist in your pursuits, no matter what. You find reasons to feel blessed and be grateful. You will and do celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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