Make The Invisible Visible!

“You are in a process. Life is like a river. There are bends and turns, dams and obstacles, calm water, rapid water, dry spots, debris, pollution and clean, fresh water. There are plants, fish, birds, humans and animals in and about the water. You will discover many things.

You are in a process. You can’t see around the bend. You may not know how deep. There is so much you don’t know. There is much you can become presently aware of. Some people love white water challenges, some calm and serene water. You can enjoy anything.

What you pay attention to, what you emphasize, determines your experience in the moment. If you are inside your head feeling doubt, worry, fear, anxiety while on the river you are missing all the good on the outside. You are only paying attention to inner turmoil.

Life Is – Life Happens – Life Is Flow – Life Is Moment To Moment 

You may be reacting to an outer trigger, something in the river, and you went inside and suffer. The river is what the river is. Some would enjoy it, even while you suffer. Reactions are part of our conditioning. It is better to learn to respond than react. Get it?

Enjoy the present moment! Pay attention. Become aware. You have choices about what you continue to pay attention to. It may have started as a reaction, but most science says our feelings, good or bad, end in about 90 seconds. We keep them going by what we do.

So if you suffer, it is you doing it. If you feel marvelous, it is you doing it. Realize this. Become aware that what you put your attention on grows and lingers. You, and you alone, keep suffering alive. Stop it if you want to be free of it. Shift where you put your attention. Shift!

Fall Into The Present Moment – Celebrate Now – Become Grateful

Stop perpetuating the ‘bad’ and begin to perpetuate the good. Even the ‘bad’ can be a blessing if you choose to look at it that way. It is always, only, up to you. You may not have learned how to do this in the past, but it is never to later to learn and to transform!

Unless, of course, you believe it is too late. Get it? You must shift. This is your choice . If you want to feel better you must engage the mind and feelings and behaviors in doing what brings the positive feelings, thoughts and behaviors about. Same is true about results.

You are on a river moving toward your destination; your purpose, goal or ambition. You are closing in on what you want to achieve, as long as you are moving towards it. Along the way the river may become turbulent. It may be difficult. So, you need to keep faith.

You Are A Creator – For Goodness Sake Act Like One – Choose

There is always darkness before the dawn!  There are always rapids and troubled waters. Keep the faith! Keep doing what you do to move forward. Don’t go inside and worry.  Don’t succumb to fear or doubt. Push forward and prevail. No one ever wins by quitting!

You can’t yet see that which is around the bend. You can’t see what is invisible but you can know it is there and that you will get to it. You can become certain that you will make what you want happen. Become aware that making it is up to you and not luck or others.

Declare what you want.  Pay attention and emphasize what you want! Tell the story you want, even though it may be presently invisible. From our thoughts our creations arise. Let go of the rest. What you focus on, where your attention goes, is what you get.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

What you focus on it IS what expands. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO EXPAND? What do you want to experience? Decide. Then focus on creating that.  Create more good. Create more blessings. Create more fun. Create abundance and enjoyment! Look for the good. Look for the blessings. Focus. Be thankful. Feel grateful! You can be do and have what you want when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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