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Start Your Day With A Beautiful Thought…

start your day w beautiful thought

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Your present moment determines your future moments

trees and colors in the clouds

“Your present moment determines your future moments.Since we become what we think about, since what we focus on expands, since what we give out we get back, since like attracts like, how you think, speak, feel and act determine what you get back in the next moment.

If you want a happy future be happy now. Live now as you want to live then. Feel the best, think the best, say the best, act the best. Consider yourself an active creator and create, manifest what you want right now. Chose the best thoughts and feelings and you will get more back in kind. Stay focused on how wonderful life is and life becomes more wonderful. Remain positive and even during challenges you will find it easier than by being negative or a victim.

YOU determine what is to come by what you experience and exude right now. We only have the present moment to live in. The past is gone, it does not matter what it was. You begin now in this instant to live fully and you will continue to live more fully in the next instant. You will manifest your dreams and your destiny when you right now choose the best.

ACT AS IF you have everything you need, it doesn’t matter what goes on around you for you to choose your thoughts and stay focused on them. If right now it is a difficult time if you buy into it and think defeated thoughts that is what your present and future will remain. However, if you think the thoughts of a champion, if you think positive thoughts, even in your darkest hour, the light will begin to shine because you will be choosing what you want and you will be getting what you chose – either way.

So if you want the best future create for yourself the best right now present. Live as you want to live, dream of all the incredible moments you want to have, stay focused on the positive and never give up and you will surprise and delight yourself beyond your wildest expectations.

When you expect a miracle, when you expect good things you open the space to get more of these. If instead you expect the worse you open that space too.

Decide now what it is you want your life to be like because YOU make it happen either way. Be a champion thinker, feeler and doer regardless of the circumstance and you will have a champion life. It is always up to each of us to manifest what we want because if we don’t decide and act on it we will get what ever we already have.

If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life. If you always say what you already have you will have what you say. If it is marvelous you will get more back in kind. If it is less than glorious you will get that too. Either good or bad whatever you put out now by thought, feeling, word or deed you get back more of the same. Birds of a feather flock together. So be wise and make it wonderful for yourself. Do it this instant.” Rex Sikes

What are you saying to YOU? Hmmmmm….


“Your self talk and your internal images have a big effect on how you feel. Your self talk, your thoughts greatly effect what you are able to notice around you, and how your life goes. These determine whether you enjoy a full wonderful life or not.

So take control and only speak that which you want to create. Control them so that you focus on  that which you want to be, do and have. Be wise! Treat yourself nicely. Thoughts become words, words become actions. Start with wonderful thoughts. 

Speak only words to yourself AND out loud to others that Bless, Prosper and Heal and your world will change so much for the better you will be amazed. Delight, success, enjoyment, overcoming difficulty, fun, is all in you hands. Actually, you think it, you speak it, you create it.

It IS Magical!  Remember always – You get and you become what you focus on and think about most of the time through out your days.” Rex Sikes

Your path will take you to many amazing places!


“Your path will take you to many amazing places! It won’t all be easy but that is part of the enjoyment of the journey. It will always be very beautiful if you just keep your eyes open and look. Enjoy the journey and all you discover along the way.

No one can walk your path but you so you might well make the most of it. After all it is your path, your journey, your decision how you will enjoy it. For some, they think, it is difficult and they will never get there, to the end. For others, it is all to brief.

What your journey is like is up to you. Your attitude will determine how it goes along the way. Keep this in mind.” Rex Sikes

Let it blossom…

mountains and barns

“All this took time. People want it to happen instantly, be patient, hang in there, have faith and know that it will happen. Perhaps, not instantly, but it will happen when you persist. As Epictetus, said, “No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.” Keep this in mind and embrace the wisdom AND make your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

It can be an awesome journey

path desert

“The other side of walking up hill is walking down hill.

Sometimes things are tough and some times they are easy. Much of it depends on what you make of it and what you focus on.

When you focus on the beauty that surrounds you and you make a point of enjoying the journey, while getting to your destination no matter what, it is a worthwhile use of your time.

You will make it. Keep going and enjoy it all. Hardships give way.

Challenges make us stronger. Pleasant moments inspire us. All of these come and they go. You determine how you travel your path.

Why not make it glorious no matter what? Because you can. It is all up to the attitude you venture out with. Attitude IS everything.

Find the wonderful moments, the wonderful people and things to enjoy and appreciate and you will discover more of these along the way. You attract like thoughts, like things and people. You will attract positive circumstances and events into your life when you have a positive attitude.

SO find the very best and you get more of the best. As you focus on great thoughts, positive thoughts, beautiful thoughts you become these. Your fill your mind and being with the good things, the good thoughts, and joyous feeling. When you do this you will learn that you can keep these no matter what the pathway is like. You can find your strength and your peace and your joy no matter what life offers you.

You may not be able to choose what path always walk on, you may find yourself somewhere you hadn’t expected but your attitude determines your experience of the path. How you travel it is always up to you.

Enjoy the adventure and explore!” Rex Sikes

Today’s thoughts become tomorrow’s reality

whatever we plant in our subconscious

We might as well face it our present reality comes from our past thinking.  What we have already sowed is what we have reaped. But we can decide to make our life what we want it to be. Plant the best positive thoughts into your subconscious and nourish that with repetition and emotion so that one day you have the best. Our thoughts today become our future. Change your thoughts, your thinking and you change your life. It is your choice. Do nothing or do something.” Rex Sikes


It is true: Think Positive and Positive Things Will Happen!

think positive

“Positive things happen when you think positive because you take charge of your thinking.

You put yourself in the driver seat and you steer yourself in positive productive directions hence you get to where you want to get to because you know where you are going and you are responsible for getting there.

Because you take control of your thoughts you make good things happen. You become a powerful positive force. Good things happen when you control your thinking in this fashion.

You have a choice to either think positive “I can do it!” thoughts or you could think negative “I can’t do it thoughts” because this is the only real choice their is. Either positive or not positive.

Which every you decide to think about determines the quality of your life. Either way you get in your life what you think about consciously or not consciously. Whatever your predominant thoughts and attitude is is what you experience.

Whatever you focus on expands. What you think about most of the time each day is what you get. Whatever seed you plant is what will grow. Whatever you water and nourish will grow. You get the results you go after so think positive thoughts and get positive results.

Take charge of your own thinking and start getting the good things you want in your life. You can BE and you can DO and you can HAVE anything you want in life when you realize that you are the one who creates it. No one else. While it is true you must work co-operatively with others and get along to get enjoy getting along and to succeed in life all things begin with your thoughts. Positive or Negative. It is completely up to you. It is up to OUR thinking.

What will you decide to think about today?

If you aren’t managing your thoughts, if you aren’t controlling your thoughts and directing your thoughts toward the results you want then your thoughts are running wild and they are managing, controlling and directing you.

Whatever you currently have in your life is a result of your previous thinking. What you enjoy tomorrow will depend on what you begin doing today!

Find the very best things to think about. Look around find the beauty, the joy, the abundance. Look for simple things, small things to appreciate. Find big things too! Determine to thing “I can Be what I want to be”  “I can DO anything I determine to learn to do” “I can HAVE anything I want as I apply myself and work towards it”

If you don’t do these things, they are not likely to happen. Thought precedes creation, thought precedes action. There is a quote by Van Gough “I dream the painting then I paint my dream”.  It all begins inside us. What we get on the outside originates within.

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated “DO the thing and you will have the power.”

So please remember for yourself – Good things happen when you control your thinking in this fashion. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Success Tips – Today Audio Blog for you

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I thought I would include an audio blog for all of us to enjoy. For those who do not know I do an internet radio show Movie Beat in which I discuss with professional filmmakers how they do what they do and how we all can enjoy better success. Well, one day my guest did not show, so I decided to share some of the incredibly valuable positive approaches I know and use.

The show is very popular and this episode extremely popular – please listen and enjoy. There is some explanation prior to getting into the topic. My talk was all extemporaneous, utilizing the moment, as an opportunity to share the wealth of this great material.

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