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To Succeed You Must Tell A Different Story!

“Stop telling the same old story of why things don’t work they way your would like. Stop it. Zip your lips. Stop thinking it. Stop speaking it. Enough already. You create your life circumstances through the stories you tell. How so? You get what you focus on! Get it?

While you may not wish to own up to this, your present life experience, the results you are getting, favorable or not, are due to your previous thoughts, words and actions. What you think determines what you do or not do. Get it? You create everything!

Until you get this major point you are bound to perpetuate a lot of what you’d rather not have. If you are getting a lot of what you don’t want and not enough of what you do want, then you need to make some real changes. They can be small but you need to make them.

You Become What You Think About Most Frequently

First change to make is to begin telling a brand new story. Think and speak only of how things already are the way you want them to be.  Stop reinforcing old things you want to change. Begin reinforcing the positive change you want to have.

Stop speaking about what is wrong. Begin speaking, with enthusiasm and passion and excitement, about what is right!  ‘Act As If’ you are already do have the future good you want in your life. You can pretend anything and master it. You can fake it till you make it.

Act As If that future you, does all the things necessary to succeed. You think right, feel good and take the right actions. Start telling that story of how you do positively accomplish things. Repeat the story over and over to yourself. Write it out. Share with others.

What You Say Is What You Get – What You Focus On Expands

You aren’t lying you are in the process of making it happen. You are bringing it about with your positive attitude and actions. Get it. You can share how you are learning to make good things result! JUST stop talking about all the crap, negativity and distractions. Get it?

Talk about nothing else. but what you want more of. Create a new story for the person you are. Put an end to the old story you have told for so long. Think, ‘I’ve had enough of that crap already!’ Tell the new story. Create it and live it! Think it, write it, live it and be it

Little bit by little bit your life and circumstances will improve. When you improve your story you will get better results! Be glad. Be grateful. Have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!


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What You Do Now Determines What Happens Next

“Always remember that the thought you think now determines the next thought. It creates and attracts what follows it. Our thoughts lead to our feelings. What we think now determines how we feel. How we feel determines our next thought. It is cyclic. It is a loop.

A negative thought leads to negative feelings and other negative thoughts. A positive thought leads to positive feelings and other positive thoughts. You either spiral down into more negativity and bad feelings or up into positivity and good feeling. It is a direction.

Get it? You set a direction by the thoughts you think. Either positive or negative. You determine what happens next by what you think right now. This is why it is important to learn to control, take charge of, and manage your thinking. You get back what you put out!

Positivity Is A Choice – Your Destiny Is Shaped By Your Decisions

As you deliberately think more frequently about what you want, as you consistently think more positively, as you think and speak in this way, and think less and speak less of what you do not want, you will discover yourself feeling and acting better. You get what you put out.

You will feel better, think better, and as a result act better and wiser. You will transform yourself and your life. Remember, we become what we think about most of the time. How you spend your time thinking is the difference that makes the difference for you.

Stay positive. Stay consistently positive. Focus on what you want that is good and that you desire. Stop thinking about what is negative, bothering you. and what you want to exclude from your life. Choose which you will do most. It is completely up to you.

Your Happiness In Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts

Your decision determines what happens next. Step by step along the way. You will discover life extremely pleasing when you become predominantly positive. Discover the joy that awaits you by taking charge of your thinking and therefore your life. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!

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‘What’s Stopping You?’You’ll like my gift to you! ‘What’s Stopping You’ is a life changing 22 minute audio MP3 that helps you go beyond limitations, break through and make positive things happen!Get it! It is Free!

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MENTORING AND COACHING CANDIDATES, and those interested in learning more, come join me now! Send email or leave comments, but reach out NOW! New programs available.

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You Must Stop First Before You Move On!

What can you ask yourself that makes an incredible difference and sets you in the right direction to create, and attract, your goals and dreams? I  provided two answers in my recent blog. Now I’ll share with you some more powerful suggestions to utilize daily.

Questions direct the mind. In order for them to direct your mind in a positive way YOU actually have to STOP and then ask the question. Do this whenever you notice yourself thinking, feeling or behaving in less than positive, glorious, good ways. Stop and ask.

It isn’t about getting an answer. Forget about seeking the answer. It’s ALL about asking the right question. It’s all about directing your mind. It’s all about becoming aware of whether you’re moving closer or farther away from what you want, while taking right action.

Change Your Mindset And You Change Your Life

You have to stop asking negative questions. Stop asking, ‘why things don’t work out?’ Stop asking ‘why you can never get ahead, or are broke, or unlucky in life and love’! Stop asking questions that cause you to feel worse. Do you get it? You really need to shift mindset.

Ask ones that cause you to become positive, powerful and change! I gave you two last time. Use them. I’ll share one or two more. For now, ask the positive questions that direct your mind in powerful and positive ways. Spiral up into positivity, not down into negativity!

Not everything is positive or supportive. We react to ‘hot buttons and triggers. We’re conditioned; habitual. The only way you break free and transform yourself is to become aware. You have to notice when you are caught up and acting from old, chronic programs.

You Won’t Change And Make Progress Without Making Decisions

You must stop. Take a break, a pause, a breath and then start the new program. Think of driving your car, When you realize you are moving in the wrong direction, you stop, and turn around. Get it? You discontinue traveling in the old way. You stop, and shift or turn.

You begin moving in the direction you want to be traveling in. Same thing with training your mind to work for you instead of against you. You must become aware. Awareness is the  doorway to change. You must BECOME AWARE, notice what isn’t working, and change it.

Change it to something that works better. Think, feel, and act better by asking yourself the questions I have been sharing with you. You stop and DECIDE to be, do and have things differently, YOU make A decision and follow through with it! That is how you TRANSFORM!

Distance Yourself From Negativity And Beautiful Things Happen

In my upcoming blogs I share other powerful questions you can ask to make an incredible difference for you. Stay reading. Keep using the material I have shared with you. Practice gratitude. Stay feeling appreciative and blessed by all of it. Be thankful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Celebrate yourself and others today!

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How To Experience The Joy Peace And Success You Want


“If you aren’t living as you want? If you aren’t experiencing the joy, and peace you would like to, that you deserve to; if you aren’t making your dreams come true and creating the success you want then you need to begin right now.  Stop waiting. Start having!

You are already that which you seek. Are you aware of this? You already have what you want and need? All you have to do is claim it! You do that by declaration. You have the ability to install powerful thoughts and beliefs in your mind any time you decide to.

Choose to focus on supportive thoughts, beliefs, ideas, behaviors and feelings. It is that simple. You have the power to control your mind. Let me repeat: you are already that which you seek. You already have everything you need or want. Simply claim it! Choose!

You Have The Power To Create The Life You Want To Live

It boils down to simple, stark choices. Similar to day and night you have supportive or not supportive. There is positive or negative. Strong or weak. Victor or victim. Champion or loser. Choose which you prefer. Focus on the one you want. Stay focused on it. FOCUS!

Most people do an unsuccessful mix of both. The reason they don’t get what they want is they take one step forward and one step back. They get mostly what they don’t want because they aren’t focused exclusively on what they DO want. Their thoughts are lopsided.

The balance isn’t in their favor. They think weak, non-supportive, loser, victim, negative, thoughts much or most of the time. They get caught up in excuses, blaming, complaining and worrying. Occasionally, they get hopeful and positive. That isn’t enough!

Visualize What You Want – Live Into It As If You Already Have It

When 80% of your time or better is focused on what you want, feeling good, and  thinking like a champion you make things happen. Even 55%, 60% 70% is better than 50-50. The more think positive and have positive feelings and actions you get more positive results.

Begin today. Make a choice and commit. It isn’t difficult. It can be fun. You can make it an adventure. Discover how much fun and positivity you can create for yourself. Become curious how much you life can change when you focus on these in this way. It can be magnificent!

Find reasons to enjoy everything. Be grateful. Remember you already have within you the ability to chose what to focus on. Shift away from the less than glorious. Choose to be different. You HAVE the power to control your thinking. Your life will be more than you can imagine when you are thankful and celebrate everything. ” Rex Sikes

It is only 24 hours. You can make the most of them!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Be A Moron You Can’t Fly Like Superman! Unless, Of Course You Can!


“Reality is our making. We create reality. Our perceptions, and beliefs, and neurological filters determine what we notice, pay attention to and miss. What we believe makes it so. Whether we think we can or we think we can’t we are correct. Said Henry Ford.

Does that mean we can fly like Superman? My first answer is no we cannot violate the laws of physics. Unless of course we can. So my second answer would be perhaps we can. Who knows? Just because no one has isn’t a good answer. Tell that to Roger Banniseter.

He broke the 4 minute mile record. Tell that to Edison or the Wright Brothers when people told them they were insane for trying. There are plenty of reason why we might be able to fly even if we have never yet done it. I honestly don’t know if it is possible or not.

You Create Your Own Reality – Thoughts Become Things

I do know this. It took Edison 10,000 attempts to get the light bulb right. If you go to a roof top and jump off trying to fly you may only get one attempt. Makes it hard to prove your theorem that way. Start on the sidewalk and attempt to rise up. That is smarter; wiser.

It might take 10,000 trials. Personally, I’m not that interest. So I haven’t tried but a few times in my young life. It doesn’t mean it is impossible even if we think it is. Our thoughts prevent us more than reality from behaving in our own best interests. Really, they do.

For example. You need to make more sales but you let fear prevent you from walking over and talking to the client. The same is true of meeting new people and friends at parties. Some people hug the walls and the bar or buffet table. Consider this next example.

Create The Highest Grandest Vision Possible For Your Life

The number one fear of most people is public speaking. SPEAKING TO STRANGERS!!! People you don’t know and are probably never going to see ever again. People fear that. WOW! I’d be more afraid of speaking in front of my family who loves me than strangers.

Yet, people fear public speaking. THAT is THOUGHTS preventing someone from acting. I guess it all depends on how much you want it. If I told you I’d give you 5 million dollars to give a speech before  10,000 people would you do it? Would it be worth it to try?

If you answer yes, then for goodness sakes why not just do it anyway? I mean come on now! If the reward is large enough then you will do it means there is nothing actually there to be afraid of. You are only stopping yourself from acting because you think poorly.

You Become What You Believe – Thoughts Create Reality

You think thoughts that prevent you and weaken you instead of ones that make you strong and support you. THAT really is all that is going on. You think thoughts that make you feel scared or bad or depressed and so you do not do good things for yourself. I say wow!

I get it though. I have been there and done that too. We all have or at least most of us have over something. Still, we can learn that we don’t have to let our thoughts prevent us. We can think better, stronger more powerful thoughts and become invincible. Powerful.

What you don’t believe that? See, right there IS the issue. If YOU don’t believe it SO WHAT? Big f’n deal. Who died and made you god. What kind of authority are you? Are you an expert in this. I think not since you can’t even do it. Maybe, then you ought to give it a try.

What We See And Find Depends On What We Look For

Don’t let a mental packet of energy prevent you from being more of who you are. Stop letting your thoughts keep you down, insecure, broke and unhappy. Stop worrying and start living. For goodness sake! Consider this next thought very carefully. It may push buttons.

Right now. This moment. Wealth, enormous, incredible wealth and abundance are available to you. Right now massive wealth and power are available to you. You can choose to feel worthy or not. You can choose to accept this. You can choose to accept the best.

You can feel as if you deserve it. I mean, why not? If you answer with why not THAT is your limiting belief or beliefs. Right there! Your answer is what prevents you. Get it? It was automatic. It came right up. I proposed it and you thought, ‘nah. nope’. Not true or whatever.

You Create Your Thoughts – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

That’s the issue. Consider this. WHAT is the very WORST THING THAT COULD, WOULD, EVER, EVER, EVER HAPPEN if you were to believe 100% that massive wealth, abundance and power were yours right now? How would your life suck? Well,? How would it?

Again, if you have an answer, THAT is the issue for you to resolve. You can, you know. WHAT?  You don’t believe that either? See how persnickety those limiting beliefs can be. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with them. They are just there to keep you the same ole reliable you.

They come up to keep you consistent. Still, you can change them if you want to. See for me, I don’t have to fly like Superman in the air but I want to live like a king on the earth. I want to feel my best and be my best. I want to do and have things. I want my thoughts great!

Hey Wake Up – It Is You Thinking Those Thoughts – Wake Up

I want my thoughts and feelings to serve me. I feel better believing I deserve riches and that I can work for and attain them because there is plenty to go around MORE THAN I like thinking about lack and how things suck and why I’d never amount to anything.

I call it good taste. I choose my thoughts. You can too. Actually, we all have each and every moment. Every moment a we encounter an opportunity we either think positive and take it or think negative and pass it up. Every second we have choices about how we feel.

We don’t live as if we have choice BUT WE HAVE CHOICE. What now, another negative limiting belief poking its head up? Tame it for goodness sake. Choose how you are going to spend your time. It is completely up to you. Pain or pleasure. Negative or Positive.

No One Is Forcing Or Choosing For You – You  Are Choosing

Which is it? You are either growing or dying. Good taste in my book is opting to live to the fullest. Choose your thoughts. Deliberately put your attention on good things. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be filled with thoughts of I CAN instead of I can’t. CHOOSE! Be wise! Be smart. Make your life the life you want! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make someone feel good today. You!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Get What You Want For Yourself And Others


“Some people get the opposite of what they appear to want. They hope and wish but they aren’t creating or attracting their desires. I’ve talked with a few recently. When you talk with them it is easy to understand the issues. It is clear the adjustment they need to make.

We attract and make happen what we focus on most. What is it we focus on most? It is that which we think about most frequently. It is that which we think about with the most emotion attached to it. It’s what we feel the strongest about. It is what occupies our being.

For many people IT is what they desire. It is their MAJOR PURPOSE. They want to accomplish something big for themselves It is critical that they do. They want it so much they can taste it.They believe they can. They will absolutely make it happen. They know it!

Determine What You Want – Go For It Positively – Commit To It

It isn’t a matter of ‘if’ it is only a matter of when. When the world throws curve balls at them, they adjust, adapt and continue on. Nothing deters them. They are invincible. The pick up wins along the way. They are positive and optimistic in their pursuit. They get it!

Then there are the rest of the people. Many, who want things but fear the worst. They worry they won’t get what they want. They worry the world or others will somehow prevent them. They feel inadequate and doubt that it will ever happen. They hope, but…

They just don’t ever see it happening. They see calamity, they see trouble and they feel uneasy much of the time. They aren’t necessarily down and out but they think, feel and act as if they are. The think and feel mostly about what they don’t want. They worry.

Don’t Think About What’s Wrong – Think About What’s Right

If we are predominantly occupied with that which we fear,  look out. If it is what we want,enjoy.  Then there are the others. Those Napoleon Hill called ‘drifters’. I was one of these first, fearing second. Drifters are aimless. They don’t have goals. They drift.

One day they go one way. The next day they can go the other way. They are like a cork in the water they go where the current takes them. They aren’t ‘go with the flow’ people because they do want it better. They just don’t aim at anything. They do fear and worry.

They try things but they don’t stick with anything long enough to master it. They don’t focus on a target and make certain they hit it. They look at the target, lob some things at it, miss some, hit some, think ‘oh well’ and move to another target. Hence, they miss out.

Believe In Yourself – Commit To Being A Better Person Each Day

There are people who occupy themselves with getting what they want. There are those who occupy themselves with avoiding what they don’t want. Then there are those who just aren’t sure either way. There could be other descriptions but this is enough.

Time spent creating what we want instead of what we don’t want makes the most sense to me. If I want something then it is up to me to get it. That is how it works. Yes, some people are good at waiting on others to provide it. Some people were raised that way.

Some people have been beat down and don’t believe they deserve anything at all. Some people give up. We don’t need to judge others that isn’t what this is about. We need to evaluate ourself and decide what we will do about creating our life and our future. Ask yourself?

Train Your Mind To See The Good In Every Situation

What do I absolutely want and need? What do I absolutely don’t want? This second question actually helps clarify what you want. Once answered shift your focus to what you WANT and let go of what you don’t. Clarify it, then focus on it! That is how it works.

What kind of life do I want, for me, my kids, the rest of the world? How do I contribute to that and help make it happen? What can I do each moment that brings me great joy and fulfillment? How can I share that with others so they can too? There are many questions.

You might have others. Simply ask yourself what you want? Don’t bother with HOW! You may not know how yet. That is fine. You do not have to know how yet. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FIRST! Too many miss out trying to figure out how.

Think Positive And Positive Things Will Start To Happen

The how will come as you clarify the want. You will ultimately build a plan but you don’t need to wait. You go as far as you can see and when you get there you can see farther. Do you get that? Don’t put things off because you don’t know how. How is irrelevant!

Edison didn’t know how to make a light bulb work until he made one. Until he succeeded he was trying things, experimenting, but he did not know how to do it. The Wright Brothers did the same with flight. No one had flown before. No one knew how to. They did it by trying.

Focus on building something better, something wonderful for yourself. Stop worrying about the opposite. Stop the excuses as to why you can’t, or won’t. Stop blaming and complaining. Start deciding you can and you will. Commit to making it happen.

The Mind Is Everything – What You Think About You Become

After years of attracting the wrong people, events and situations into my life I decided to THINK DIFFERENTLY and create what I want instead of what I don’t. Funny thing is, it works.  We each come to it in our own time. We may have missed it many times previously.

When we are ready the teacher appears. That IS how it works. We wake up to new opportunity. We awaken to a new way of being. Until then we repeat the old conditioned ways. Once we awaken we work to develop new thought, feeling and behavior habits.

Make your dreams come true. Think ‘I can’! Think positive. Then consider this. Together, how can we build a better world? Think positive.  What CAN we begin to do?  We might not have all the answers yet, but we will find them as we apply ourselves.

Your Happiness In Life Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts

Think about possible positive outcomes. Find them and amplify them. Let’s make more good. Let’s let go of the bad. Let’s concentrate on what we want our future to be. Let’s get on the same positive, optimistic, powerful page. Then let’s work to bring it about.

You know the saying. ‘Don’t waste time tearing down the old. Spend your time wisely building the new.’ That is my preference. Get your life in order. Create the future you want and along the way help others. Together, we can build a better tomorrow. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How big and how often can you smile more today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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This Is A Powerful Force To Reckon With Don’t Miss Out!

horizons bridged-phil-koch

“Have you ever noticed some people live the good life? A dream life. It may not be that everything comes effortlessly but it sure seems like it. Do you ever hope this could be you? If challenges arise some people glide right through them, while others, maybe you, don’t.

The difference that makes the difference is what goes on in the head of the successful versus the not so successful person. The happy versus the not so happy person. There is a large and significant difference. One is optimistic and positive the other not so much.

The optimist is not some airy fairy thinker who sits and wishes that life were different. The true optimist sees the good and the lessons inside all adversary; who finds way when the view is obscured and who embodies ‘I can do it ‘ when others think they can’t.

Your Attitude Not Your Aptitude Determines Your Altitude

The true optimist thinks positively powerfully but more than that the true optimist acts. There is no sitting and wishing, there is attitude and action. The true optimist is one of positive mindset and movement. Action IS the proper fruit of knowledge.

Without action dreams are fantasy, mere wishes hoped for and frequently abandoned. With action dreams become reality because the positive person, the optimist, works to bring about the results intended. The true optimist is intentional by nature.

What does this mean? It means the positive person determines what steps he or she will take and then takes them. The true optimist always follows through. The optimist does not disappoint oneself or others by breaking a promise. A promise made IS a promise kept.

Attitude Is Everything

A true optimist does not shirk responsibility nor accountability. The buck stops with the optimist because this person knows if it is going to happen at all it will be up to him or her to make it happen. A true optimist can and does handle any challenge. They play to win.

They see possibility, opportunity and success. They don’t notice or pay attention to negativity because they ARE an optimist. If anything they use negativity and frustration to motivate and inspire them into the positive. They understand the value of that.

They recognize what they don’t want but then focus on what they do want and put energy into making what they want to happen. Remember, they see the glass half full. Energy flows where attention goes so they manage and maintain their attention on what works.

Attitude Is A Decision

They understand that negative feelings are signals to alert them that they are not focused on what they want. That their thinking may have gone astray. Of course, that is possible they are human, after all. They use the signal to put themselves back on track.

They don’t wait for help from the outside to do their work for them. Still, they can welcome collaboration and understand the value of a team and being a productive team member. They seek to add value and go the extra mile because they realize the benefits of doing so.

In helping others they help themselves. By teaching others they learn more too. The true optimist is a person of positive mindset and productive positive action. Anyone who says differently has missed the concept entirely. There are those who have, indeed.

Life Is 10% What Happens And 90% How You Respond To It

There are negative people and naysayers who blame others, and themselves, who make excuses for why things don’t work out. The negative person or the pretend optimist sees the glass half empty and worries that they won’t be happy. They live with fear and worse.

The negative person worries about what they don’t want and ends up bringing more of it about because, ‘what you focus on expands’. You don’t get healthy thinking sick thoughts. If you used your sick thoughts to change direction and seek getting healthy that is good.

That is becoming aware of the negative alert signal and then putting your energy into what you WANT to accomplish instead. Even the most negative person CAN learn to become the most powerful positive optimist. Anyone can condition their mind for success!

Attitude And Behavior Is A Two Way Street

It comes down to an old saying. ‘You are what you eat’. If you eat crap what kind of heath would you expect? If you fill your mind with crap what kind of mental health, power or ability would you expect to have? In order to be healthy you must nourish yourself well.

Fill your body and your mind with quality food and thought and you will do better. What you focus on expands. What you think about you become. You are what you fill yourself with. You are where you spend your time. You are what you do. You are what you embrace.

Actions speak louder than words. Take action. Fill your mind daily with positive, inspirational, motivating thoughts. When you do you feel more inclined to do what you need to accomplish your goals and dreams. You can and will take the steps toward your destiny.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Seek to think positive and feel your best most of the time and you will. Remember, you become what you most frequently think about. When you condition yourself regularly you grow stronger in time. You are able to do more and make more happen. That’s how it is!

It isn’t how much you do it is what you do smartly. 80% of your positive results can be accomplished by 20% of quality, right effort. Work smarter not harder. Attitude is everything. Your mindset paves your way.

The true optimist isn’t bothered but anyone or anything because they don’t fear the negative. They understand it. The true optimist is not shaken when the storms come because they know there is value in the storm.

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference

They don’t fear the night because they know it is part of the cycle. They aren’t ‘can’t do people’ rather they are ‘I can do anything I learn to do’ people. AND this is important because YOU can learn to do anything you put your mind to, if you only take the time to do it.

They don’t worry that someone or something will come along and spoil their party because they are too busy having fun and celebrating. You can too! Fill your mind with good things. Nourish yourself. Condition yourself. Become aware. Delight more!

If you make a mistake, don’t blame, simply correct it, learn from it and move forward. Look for the good in all things, yourself included. Become more grateful and appreciative. Life is wonderful find out in how many different ways that is true. The world opens up to you when you celebrate everything so celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make you attitude gratitude and have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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