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Odds Are You Won’t Change And Will Likely Die Broke!

“People ask, why him or her, why not me? Why do things always suck? How come I can never get ahead? These and more questions plague many people. Estimates are 95-98% of us will die poor or broke and unhappy. Truly dire statistics! You must decide to change!

Instead of wallowing or disputing, which you can do, use the statistics as a wake up call to get your life and affairs in order so you can live the life of your dreams and leave the legacy you desire. No reason to die broke and unhappy if you can do otherwise. Is there?

Stop being a victim of circumstances and others. Learn to take charge of your life and make it what you want it to be. If you don’t, you will always live someone else’s dream or vision, but not your own. That is sad when you can create your best life ever!

Today You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

One of the reasons people die broke and unhappy is because they invest in things, purchase things, instead of investing in themselves and their future. This is a big mistake! You can’t take things with you but you will always have your self around you. Become the best self!

You buy things, but don’t buy what is most needed because you can’t, yet, imagine how life would be different if you actually transformed yourself.  The future is invisible, right? The car or dishwasher you can touch right now. You need to shift this.

You won’t end up moving forward and will remain in debt and unhappy, for that very reason. True change comes when you invest, in you and make the invisible future your visible present. This is what each of us needs to do. Invest in you! Invest in having a better future.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Today’s Thoughts Take You

Do what you need to in order to grow and transform your mindset, feelings, behaviors and results. You must not leave it to chance if you want to be certain you will have enough for your golden years and be happy too. Having more now, and later, requires you to change!

If you want to leave something behind for your kids you must not wait. You must invest in you right now, today! Take care to do what is right for you and you can buy all those things. You can be debt free, even wealthy, if, and when, you decide you want to be.

It takes courage and it takes right action. If you do nothing, nothing will change. If you change some things right now, everything can change for the better. It is up to you how you live now and how you live the rest of your life. Stop procrastinating. Act now. When you invest in yourself, you will celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

ACT TODAY! Stop suffering! Transform yourself and create your best life ever! Enroll In Mind Design™ Today  Stop struggling! It can be easier. Learn to use the mind you have to get what you want!

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Tired Of The Hype? Who Makes The Law Of Attraction Work?

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“Do you want a happening career? Want to get a great job? Want to book more gigs? Would you like to be happier? Want more money? How about a relationship? Are you interested in the good life?

People try all sorts of things; they work really hard, hope, pray, they bargain, try magic and the Law Of Attraction (LOA). They do lots of different things but seem only to be spinning their wheels.

How do you get what you want? Lot’s of people work hard but don’t get anywhere. They try all those things but still struggle. That is sad. They can have what they want if they work smarter.

They don’t have to work harder. That is a myth. They don’t need anything added to them from the outside, but they think they do. SO they try lots of things that don’t produce the results they want.

It Was Called Think And Grow Rich

I don’t really like the term ‘the law of attraction’ but it has been around for a hundred years or so. Since it is popular and somewhat accurate, I use it to discuss what you can make happen.

The practice is powerful and absolutely works but it is not the ‘instant magic pill’ people wish it to be.  When they find out ‘it’ doesn’t match their unrealistic expectations they quit.

They blame IT for not working, and move on. It’s not IT that doesn’t work. IT Does. The change that must first take place is an inner change. An inner attitude. Without this, IT won’t work, that is true.

It isn’t magic. It doesn’t come from outside of you. No one waves a magic wand. It stems from within you. It is a process and it requires time, so be patient. It is absolutely reliable.

It Was Called The Science Of The Mind

It does work. It is completely up to you. Just don’t believe all the hype about ‘finding the missing ingredient that wasn’t included in the secret’… there is much marketing BS around the LOA.

What is the law of attraction then?

It is the harnessing and focusing of your internal mental powers, your feelings and your actions in pursuit of a strongly desired outcome. Your inner workings determine your outer results.

It includes, the accurate notion that ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ That, ‘like attracts like’. THAT isn’t magic THAT is law! In order to have that happen YOU do it. I’ll explain.

What You Think About You Bring About

Simple enough. You put your brain to work deliberately accomplish what it is you want to accomplish. The difference between most people and those who make it work is outer and inner.

Those who have difficulty expect something outside of them to help them. Those who make it work know it is they who help themselves. They get their mindset right and create what they want.

The LOA means you focus on your goal with such desire, such passion, that all else falls away. You target your goal with laser like precision. All of your energy is devoted to making this come true.

Your goal begins as an idea that you make real. You create it and fashion it. It is all you. You focus your energies and resources the same way you aim a magnifying glass to focus light and burn paper.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

That same paper can sit in unfocused daylight forever and never burn. You focus, you create and you attract because of your mindset and your behaviors. Not because of magical wishing things different.

Your intention and attention is so devoted to what you want your subconscious works on this day and night and comes up with ideas and plans for how you can accomplish it.

You marshall your resources and abilities. You don’t have to know how to begin because as you act and move forward you initiate these processes. Begin where you are with what you have!

The ‘how’ will take care of itself as you act on your own behalf. You may change your plans many times on route to your destination but you keep traveling to where you want to get to.

You Don’t Live A Positive Life Thinking Negative Thoughts

You don’t give up. You don’t quit. If obstacles arise and you detour, you detour but keep going. You persist. This is where others throw in the towel. They think it should be easy. They want it easy. Easy!

It is easy. Not always, but it is. It is simple. When it does get tough you must too. You are the person in charge. Not a deity or deities, not magical fairy dust or laws, you, your subconscious mind.

As you journey you begin to understand that success never happens in isolation. If you are smart you do things that attract and enlist the aid of others. You develop your personality so as to be likable.

Develop a pleasing personality so others would want to help. You apply the Golden Rule. You treat others well, with respect and attention. You help first because you like people. THEY reciprocate.

You Become What You Think About All Day Long

Go that extra mile and add value. Again, you add it FIRST. You help without having to be asked. If you want others to help you it only makes sense you give them something worthy in advance. Get it?

Surround yourself with others who are smarter and who can help you on the way. Support others who are trying to succeed. Celebrate their successes as they move forward. They reciprocate!

Work together as a team. Become a valued player. Through co-operation we get further, faster than alone or in trying to compete. When we celebrate and validate others they reciprocate!

With your mind and energies so focused your brain becomes alerted to others, events and opportunities that are beneficial to you and you to them. More wonderful things seem to come your way.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain works this way. Because you focused it, it  finds matches in your experience and out in the world. You notice opportunity previously closed off from you.

People are attracted to you because you are a more attractive personality. You friendliness, your commitment, your drive and your passion are attractive to likeminded people. Like attracts like.

Like a beacon light on a hill others are drawn to you. Never forget however, it is you doing it. You are evolving yourself. You are making everything happen. You are responsible. When you take charge!

You are a deliberate creator. You and others help you succeed so no need to get egotistical about it. Keep humble. Stay focused on all the factors that contribute to your success and be grateful.

What You Say Is What You Get

You started it. You have to maintain it. It is always up to you. Most people expect it to happen to or for them if they believe, pray, chant, affirm, visualize. It doesn’t. YOU make it happen. You keep it going!

Keep going until you have what you want. You will attract like minded dedicated people to assist you. Value these people, your time and energy. Use it wisely to accomplish your dreams.

You’ll find more opportunity. You will discover more of the good life. You will notice yourself having more fun, being more delighted and living large. Celebrate it all. Never forget you are doing it.

You are doing it!  Others are helping and you are helping others. Take advantage of and continue to enjoy the new good life that comes to you. This is why it does seem magical.

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

Consider obstacles as lessons. Learn from those moments.  All defeat is temporary unless you give up. Maintain your focus and your positive mental attitude. Persevere and learn!

Maintain your positive productive actions, behaviors and practices. As you do you will develop positive reliable habits and eliminate old worn out ones. Its a conditioning process of developing good habits.

You will have replaced tired, chronic, defeatist thinking with positive powerful, thoughts.  You will have evolved yourself and your life. You took charge and lived a champion lifestyle. Celebrate!

Looking back you can connect the dots and see how you made it happen. Going through it keep your desire and faith high. Keep going no matter what. Are you beginning to understand?

Hindsight Is 20/20

When finished you’ll know the Law Of Attraction works. You have created and attracted what you want. Once you have put it into practice it is easy to do again and again. Thoughts become things.

Henry Ford said, ‘if you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.’ I say, ‘if you believe it will be easy it will be. if you believe it will be hard it will be. It will be whatever you believe it to be.’

Live the life of a creator. Live with gratitude and appreciation. Help others. Most don’t and won’t ever live this way. They drop out anywhere along the line. They didn’t have to it is just what they did.

Instead of owning up, they blamed the LOA. They say, it didn’t work. That thinking will never get them what they want because they are not in charge. Some ‘IT’ is in charge, but ‘IT’ doesn’t do the work.

Focus On What You Can Change

Since you are not like that, have fun and enjoy. Delight and make more moments marvelous. Have fun and enjoy all the good things you were born to enjoy. The world is your garden. Love it and care for it. Celebrate everything” Rex Sikes

What makes you feel alive?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Want To Be Wealthy But Are You Thinking Wealthy?

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“Are you aware the effects of your thinking is cumulative? What you get in life is determined by the critical mass of your thoughts? Most people believe they are positive most of the time. They aren’t. What would you say you are if asked? Are you mostly positive or mostly negative? It matters greatly. It determines your results.

Most people most of the time aren’t actually thinking positive much of the time. If they were our world would be a much different place. They spend some time thinking positive but then are distracted with other thoughts. Some are negative. For others it isn’t negativity occupying their mind but thoughts that don’t add up to positive.

What Do You Spend Most Of Your Time Thinking And Feeling?

Their cumulative effect is nil. Zero. This matters a great deal with how quickly you are able to manifest your dreams and goals. It is the preponderance of your thoughts that makes the difference. The scales must tip in the direction of positive thoughts and feeling most of the time, each day of the week.

You want to think and feel good more than you do anything else. If you had two piles of laundry one to be washed and one clean which is the larger?  Which is larger if you have three piles of thoughts? Is it the negative pile, the useless pile or the positive and directed thoughts?

You are either in a resort in the south of France or you are not. You can’t be there and back home at the same time in physical reality. Of course, you could be in your mind. You could be on the most marvelous beach in the world and miss it because you brought your office or family problems with you. That sucks, doesn’t it?

You Are Always On One Side Of The Fence Or The Other

Those of you working on being wealthier and living abundantly consider this:  You imagine, ‘I am abundant, I am rich. I have more than enough money to pay my bills’. Then you go into a store and look at items you want. If you’re like most people the first thing you check is the price tag. You look to see if you can afford it.

That is not abundant thinking! If you were wealthy, of course, you could afford it. The question is do you want it? Do you purchase what you want or only what you can afford? I am not suggesting you purchase anything because even the fabulously wealthy can be thrifty. Still, your thinking and actions, should support each other.

Positivity Is An Attitude To Permeate Each Of Your Moments

Most people purchase what they can afford. They aren’t purchasing what they want. Think about that. If the first thoughts are ‘wow, that is too much’ or ‘is there a cheaper one’ you aren’t thinking rich. If you want abundance you must practice abundance. You must think and act from having more than enough and not from lack.

Your behaviors should be congruent with your thoughts. You could look at it and think, ‘Good thing I am rich’. Or, ‘I can easily afford this’. Or ‘WOW that is inexpensive’. You could think, ‘I’ll take 6’, or ‘Maybe, I’ll just buy the entire store’. Someone owns the place, why not you? Your attitude should be one of plenty.

What You Say Is What You Get

Align your thoughts and feelings and behaviors. If you want to get out of debt and lack then think abundance and behave abundantly. Again, I am not suggesting spending a dime I am addressing the  thinking process. What are you focused on most of the time? Do you spend your days predominantly thinking about what you want?

Do you predominantly think about what you don’t want? Do you sometimes think positive and then most of your thoughts drift and are useless? They are on the news; Facebook items; gossip; distractions; the traffic; how slow the elevator is; the long line at the coffee shop;  etc. They’re useless thoughts that add up to nothing!

Feel The Best You Can Most Of The Time – Feel Wonderful

Those thoughts aren’t focused or directed. Develop your thought habits so that most of what you think each day is positive, optimistic and of well being. Think about what you want and are grateful for. You want your chronic thinking to be productive wonderful thinking not the thinking types you did in the past.

Monitor your feelings to determine what you are thinking most of the time. Are you feeling wonderful and energetic? Do you feel so so, okay or ho-hum.  Do you feel not good but not bad most of the time? Are you bored, angry, worried or miserable much of the time? To get what you want you must feel your best.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

We become what we think about. What we focus on expands. To live in a particular reality we must first conceive of that reality. The easiest way to feel good, apart from the numerous methods I have shared in these blog pages, is to feel grateful right now for what you already do have. Celebrate whatever you have fully! Delight in it!

Be thankful! Celebrate! Feel grateful right now for what you want in the future, too. Be as grateful as you will be when it arrives. Be grateful now as if you already have it. Be thankful for that which hasn’t appeared yet. Celebrate everything! Enjoy and delight and live in appreciation. This will help you always feel your best!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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To Tithe Or Not? Does It Work?

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“Is there are secret to giving? What about the practice of tithing, does it work? How does this relate to your career, your life? You may begin to have many important insights into how your mind works as you read this. Reflect on these. You could learn about yourself and your beliefs and practices.

I am going to share with you a small portion of a consulting session with a client who asked me a question on the practice of tithing. I was not coaching on tithing it was simply a question that came up during conversation. I am sharing some of our conversation around the topic.

A Conversation On Tithing

Client: ‘The only thing that is a little unsettling is the whole tithing thing. I’ve heard before when you put it out that it comes back to you, but I can’t help but be a bit nervous about it.

Rex: That is the point of doing it. It can unsettle anyone.

Client: A little easier if you’re making a little more money.

Rex: That is a belief many people probably have. Think about what you manifested in the past. Remember, my example of ‘goldfish’. Do you remember, what you accomplished?

Rex: Another belief, maybe. So? So, it has been awhile? So what? What does that mean? Does it mean you can or can’t now because it has been awhile?  Look, I can not tell you what to do.

I can only say you will encounter yourself through this notion of tithing. You will encounter your beliefs about limitations and your possibilities.

It is a potent opportunity to examine your beliefs. We all have them around things. So? What you decide, whether to tithe or not, is what you decide.

Client: Well, one does have to pay the bills.

Rex: Another belief… or excuse … or a reason you could examine.

Client: Who do we give the money to?

Rex: I imagine the church you chose to practice tithing with.

Client: Now this is not an excuse, but I’m not quite sure how I would do this as when money comes in, I put it in an account and pay my employee and other business expenses out of that account (taxes, etc) so I’m not quite sure how I would tithe for myself.

Rex: You write a check out of your business or your business writes you a check and you write one from that. I don’t know, How do you pay yourself?

I am not an account nor financial advisor so I can’t really tell you what or how, because I don’t know. It is all up to you and your decision anyway

Client: I don’t write a check to myself, I simply transfer money from business into personal checking when personal checking gets low.

Rex: Look, you will do what you will do. If you don’t do it, don’t do it and let t go. Don’t worry about it.  If you do, do it.  Let it go and don’t worry about it. You can tell the church you aren’t prepared to do this yet. What can they do?  Kick you out? I doubt it.

It has to be your congruent decision. Which way you decide and whatever you decide is okay. Just make the decision and be done with it. Don’t second guess it. Accept you made it. Relax. You can change it if you don’t like the decision you made.

If you learn something about how you think and what you believe and what you are open to and what you aren’t by this challenge then excellent. That is the challenge of tithing. The opportunity to explore Learn all you can. Forget the worry.

Client: Do you tithe weekly, or? I forget. I guess I’ll figure out a way to know how much to tithe.

Rex: Well, you can’t base your decision on my decision. Tithing is a belief and practice from the some religions. Some people feel very strongly that it works.  I know some who say it doesn’t matter. I know some who say it doesn’t work.

What the ‘truth’ is, I haven’t a clue. I suspect if you tithe and believe it works it does. If you tithe and believe it won’t then it wont. I think it is all about uncovering the beliefs we have about money, giving and receiving.

It is beliefs about the nature of the universe and our abilities. That, for me, is what I think the practice is mostly about. It is a practice in which you have to exercising your faith one way or the other.

Do you give and believe 110% you will get back or do you give but then doubt? I think it makes quite a difference. That is why I say it is about being congruent.

Client: Oh. I’m just wondering how you figure out 10% of what comes in, especially when you have an employee to pay. I’m not trying to make this difficult, I’m just trying to figure it out.

Rex: Well, you either go with the gross or the net. if you want to tithe 10% on what you make then it is on the net. The bottom line is if you want to tithe you can always tithe what you feel you can and increase it as you are able.

Rex: Or you step out on faith and tithe the specific 10 and expect the return as promised without wavering. It is really an exercise in developing strong faith. What if you sacrificed and gave 10% and didn’t see any return at all for a long time for a year? Maybe never.

How would you talk and think about it?  Then after a year, wow, you got it all back times 10 or 100. How would you think and feel and believe then? Or you step out on faith and give money and spend a year worrying about it and fretting about it and never get anything back?<

It is about faith and expectations and about being in charge of yourself and your beliefs and your thought process. If you did it and got nothing back monetarily but were happier and healthier over all would that be sufficient? See, we all make our own bargains about these things.

Thoughts About Tithing

We talked a bit further. I point out the conversation because it is similar to many we have with ourself or others. We want to do the right thing when we don’t know what the right thing is. We want to be assured in advance that we aren’t doing the wrong thing. We can’t actually know either.

If you do something and it turns out terrible that is what it is. If you do something and it turns out fantastic that is what it is. You have to be willing to take responsibility for either and know that no matter what, no matter how wonderful or how devastating, that you always will land on your feet and that you can begin again if necessary.

No one else can tell you what you need to do. Most of us try to avoid pain and loss and maximize gain and pleasure. When it is in question we vacillate, sit on the fence, fret, worry, hope and doubt. We don’t know what to do or how to do it. THAT is exactly why FAITH is involved.

It Is All About Faith And What We Believe

If you don’t like that answer there isn’t much I can do to convince you to. You will either embrace it now or at sometime in the future or you will never. That is your journey. FAITH IS IN THE INVISIBLE. We can’t see it. We don’t know the outcome. We don’t know how. If we did it wouldn’t be faith that was necessary.

To step out in faith means to believe when there may be no logical reason to. The Bible is ripe with stories of faith, whether true tales or myths they are potent examples for our benefit. Noah built an ark, Job trusted the lord, Daniel entered the lion’s den, David rushed Goliath, Jesus went to the cross, Peter denied his lord.

You might wish to grow your faith with lesser challenges. If you can’t believe in something put you faith into something that is a stretch but plausible. Practice using your faith to manifest opportunity, money, good things and build it up from experience. The point of manifesting and attracting is that is requires faith.

Examine Your Beliefs And How They Do Or Don’t Serve You<

If you don’t have faith IT would be silly to engage. You might believe you can win the lottery and spend all your money on tickets and still lose. Perhaps, you had doubts. Perhaps, you just didn’t win and yet you did believe 110%. You have to accept the outcome and if you aren’t prepared to do that then take smaller leaps of faith.

First Disclaimer: I never suggest gambling or playing the lottery. I never give financial, legal, medical or psychiatric advice. I am not qualified professionally.

Second  Disclaimer: Faith as used here is not the faith of the some Christian or religious thought. I use biblical examples. The faith here does not require someone to believe in any spiritual deity. Faith, as used here, and by me, means the full and compete belief  in oneself and the ability to accomplish ones purpose.

Faith can be built up. It can be tested. The Bible says we are already given faith so it is a matter of exercising it. Whether or not you believe the Bible isn’t my point. You don’t have to in order to learn about faith. You exercise your faith as you do any muscle.

You believe many things about yourself. You believe you can and can’t do things. You believe some positive things about yourself and unfortunately, you probably have some limiting ones you entertain too.

You put your faith in many things. You trust, believe and have faith that the chair you are sitting in will hold you up. You believe the house around you will continue to stand. You believe summer will give way to winter and then summer again. You believe these things.

You Already Believe So Many Things

You believe your TV remote will work, given there are batteries in it. You believe the sun will rise tomorrow. You believe your car will start. You believe electricity lights you lights and heats or cools your house. These are examples of the faith you use every single day.

I’m want to share a tiny bit of what Napoleon Hill said in ‘Think And Grow Rich’.

‘FAITH IS the head chemist of the mind. When FAITH is blended with the “vibration of thought,” the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent, and transmits it to Infinite Intelligence…

‘FAITH is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmations or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion. As an illustration, consider one main purpose for which, presumably, you are reading this book.

The object is, naturally, to acquire the ability to transmute the intangible thought impulse of DESIRE into its physical counterpart— money. By following the instructions laid down in the chapters…  if you can CONVINCE your subconscious mind that you believe you will receive that for which you ask.

What The Mind Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve

Your subconscious mind will act upon that belief, then pass it back to you in the form of FAITH, followed by definite plans for procuring that which you desire.


A thought thus “magnetized” with emotion may be compared to a seed which, when planted in fertile soil, germinates, grows, and multiplies itself over and over again until that which was originally one small seed becomes countless millions of seeds of the SAME KIND!

…read ALOUD twice daily the WRITTEN statement of your DESIRE FOR MONEY, and to SEE AND FEEL yourself ALREADY in possession of the money! By following these instructions, you communicate the object of your DESIRE directly to your SUBCONSCIOUS mind in a spirit of absolute FAITH.

Through repetition of this procedure, you voluntarily create thought habits which are favorable to your efforts to transmute desire into its monetary equivalent. (This procedure is NOT restricted to monetary gain alone.

The Results You Get Are The Product Of Your Thinking

It can be used to help you achieve WHATEVER IT IS that you DESIRE STRONGLY, so long as it does not violate the laws of God or the rights of others.)’ SO said Napoleon.

I think this is pretty clear. Use repetition to develop strong positive thinking, feeling and believing habits. You must be totally aligned and congruent inside about your passion. You have a strong burning desire, for what it is you want. You believe, without doubting; you absolutely know you will make it happen. THEN you will get it!

I think tithing is a way of confronting your beliefs about it. I don’t think you have to tithe. I do think going through the process of honestly considering it is a great exercise in uncovering what you think and believe. You will encounter yourself and your reasons pro and con. After that, it is your decision to make, if you chose to.

This isn’t really about tithing it is about your beliefs about anything. Can you make it in your career? Will you have the life you want? The conversation is included because we have lots of beliefs about money. Be glad when we have an opportunity to examine what we believe about anything.

Our beliefs govern what we think is possible or not. What we believe is possible determines what we will and won’t do. This is why Henry Ford said, ‘If you think you can or you think  you can’t, you’re right.’ Money issues drive most of us. What do we believe about money, ourselves, our abilities, the future? The larger issue is: Are we willing to examine our beliefs to take better charge of ourselves.

The purpose of taking control of your thoughts is to live the life you deserve to live. Maximize your abilities to make your dreams come true. Then you have the health, wealth, love, success, free time, and more that you have been seeking. Put your brain to work for you to get what you want. You are always getting results one way or the other. Are you getting the kind you want?” Rex Sikes

Another great day to have some more fun!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Have Everything You Want: What You Need To Stop And Start Doing

horizons sweet-surrender-phil-koch

“There are people who want to read and learn and get the right information to make a change. The read and study and do seminars and phone calls, but when it comes down to it they are info junkies. I know this because I am one of them.

I never thought I was but I am. I am addicted to info. I want the next book that will tell me what I need to know and do to evolve myself and my skills further. I want to read. So I buy lots of books. Videos and Cds too. I have so many! I’ve watched The Secret a dozen times.

I buy more books than I can ever read. So many are still waiting from decades ago while I buy the next new one I think I need. I used to buy record albums based on the cover art. YOU should never do that if you actually like music. I have spent a fortune on self help books.

I see it I want it. BUT I don’t actually want to do it. I want to learn about it not implement it. I want to read about healthy eating more than eating healthy. OH, I know I should eat a certain way because I have read everything about nutrition, and health, and diet, and… but geez those cupcakes look good.

Okay, I’ll eat a bag full of organic, gluten free, cookies or chips in a single sitting with a natural soda or juice. I want the body to be sculpted like Schwarzenegger’s only I don’t want to do what is required. I know I could visualize 68 seconds each day, or five minutes on my goals but I don’t. I don’t even really do affirmations.

If You Want Your Life To Change You Have To Change Things In Your Life

Most of my day is spent dealing with difficulties at work or at home. It seems there is an endless parade of distractions and issues that keep me occupied until I fall into bed at night exhausted. They call this the good life, right. It is trouble just making ends meet. Bills, bills, bills, you know. Death and taxes.

I could write in my manifestation journal everyday but instead I read about writing in the journal and about all the people who have made things happen. Then I sit and wonder why things aren’t happening quick enough. This LOA stuff just doesn’t work. I blame everyone and everyone else around me for my difficulties.

Tough making thing happen. I always believed that. Mom was right when she said ‘not everyone can be rich.’ I always thought some people were lucky but I never was. WOW, can you believe some of these silver spooners who have everything. Lucky bastards for sure!

I don’t know why things suck so much and nothing really ever works out for me how I hoped. It really bothers me to have lived this long and got so little… there is a webinar I plan to do this week that is supposed to get me all my dreams and show me how to turn on my magic attractor button. Can’t wait.

What You Say Is What You Get

Does this sound familiar? Do you do any of this? If so stop it! Stop it right now and take control of your thinking and your life. You dreams could be right around the corner. They might be here right now but you push them off by not doing what you can be doing now to make them happen.

Now is the time! Right here is the place! You begin from wherever you are with whatever you do or do not have. You no longer wait, you stop procrastinating, you stop seeking another ‘key to the future’ and you work right now with what you have.

See your goals as already having happened. Affirm the same. Describe them as completed and you are living your dreams. Describe the feelings! Feel the wonderful feelings as you do. Yes, write it in a journal a bit each day. Celebrate and be grateful.

What You See Is What You Get

Visualize for a few moments each day. Affirm while driving! USE your day to DO THE WORK and you will THINK and Grow Richer! Or spend the rest of your life complaining and seeking. The choice is yours. Monitor your feelings, control your thoughts and self-talk. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Spend your time creating!

Decide, right now, in this instant, how you want the rest of your life to be! To do nothing is a decision. Stop tolerating and start living your dreams. You can be, do and have anything you want BUT there are some things YOU MUST ACTUALLY DO. If you want your life to change YOU MUST change some things in your life! Don’t wait! Go for it Now! ” Rex Sikes

Make today your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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I’ll Bet You Never Actually Heard The Lyrics To This Famous Song!

horizons midsummers-dream-phil-koch

“I’m sharing a famous song. Perhaps, it is time you stopped and listened to the lyrics. I’m sure most of you have seen the show or heard this countless times.

Did you realize this is what they were singing about? Probably not. Seems to have slipped by most people. No worries. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to make us think.

Perhaps now, though we should embrace it. Maybe, we should each make it our own personal theme song. I mean, why not? It is catchy, after all.

Did you enjoy that? I hope so.

Enjoy, your day!”

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop Being Stuck It Doesn’t Have To Suck! Live The Life You Want!

horizons taking-a-time-out-phil-koch

“What happens when we don’t think we can’t accomplish something because it is too difficult? Since, thoughts determine our reality shouldn’t we be more careful what we believe? Can we do something about self-limitations ? How do we overcome what seems to hold us back?

Switch your thoughts! Stop thinking what you are thinking and begin to think new, different productive thoughts. You may exclaim, ‘but that is hard’. Yes, if you think it is, it most probably will be. THAT is but another thought!

Thoughts determine our reality. Everything begins with thought. Are you really going to let a thought prevent you from seeking the highest good? Are you? You would let a mental packet of energy, or an internal feeling prevent you from being and doing and having everything you want? Really? Sad, that seems pretty wimpy.

At some point you simply have to face it. If you want things to change you must change some things. You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect anything to be different. It doesn’t work like that. So give it up and face the fact that YOU have make some alterations if you want the clothes to fit. So to speak.

Why Would I Ever Choose To Believe That

You need to think more positive, productive thoughts. So whenever you discover yourself thinking or saying something less than productive or counter to what you want you challenge it.

When you encounter a limiting belief and recognize it as such ask yourself, ‘why would I ever choose to believe that?’

Your answers will be more of your paradigm of your limiting beliefs. More grapes from the cluster may appear. If you treat them as no big deal they will be no big deal. They are conditioning from your past that you accepted from other people. If you treat them as big things they will be big things.

You determine whether your responses will be minor or a big problem for you to deal with them.  How you feel about them will determine whether it’s  difficult or whether it is something you can easily and effortlessly change. YOU decide! Again, YOU DECIDE!

You can change effortlessly and let all your limiting beliefs go.

Whenever you encounter a limiting belief, from time to time, celebrate be happy. When you encounter something and you think ‘I can’t do that’ celebrate that you uncovered it because that’s the moment when you can become free.

Even If That Were True Why Would I Ever Choose To Believe That

If you become aware of a limiting belief then you can do something to change it. If you’re not aware of it it will just remain obscure. So as they come up, notice and let them go. Treat them as minor incidences. Ask yourself, ‘why would I EVER choose to believe that?’

You will get answers that are other reasons.  Continue to ask that. You can even state, ‘EVEN if that’s is true why would I choose believe that?’  The answers may sound logical, even plausible but be willing to simply gently challenge or question the belief statements.

For example, you think, ‘I can’t make a lot of money’ or ‘Other people get all the luck’, whatever the limitation statements may be THINK ABOUT IT – WHY ON EARTH would you EVER choose to belief that? WHY would YOU ever choose to limit yourself in this way? Who says you can’t?

How would your life be different if you didn’t believe that? Why would you ever accept that as true? Even if it were true why would you chose to believe it? Ask and repeatedly ask. You may find you get into a recursive loop of, ‘just because I do.’

Who Says? According tTo Whom?

The reason why most of our beliefs have some sort of power is because the assumptions within them go unchallenged. Questions have a way of helping you bring light to the darkness. Once illuminated you have some choices to make. Adopt new ones or continue with old.

There are many other questions you can ask, ‘ How do you know?’ ‘Who says’ or ‘According to whom?’ “How specifically does X cause Y?’ or “How do you know this causes that?’ ‘How does thinking this limit me?’ ‘How does X mean Y?’ ‘How does thinking this stop me from doing what I want?’ ‘Whose fault is it that I have this problem?’

‘How does this limitation benefit me?’ ‘What can I learn from this limitation or problem, or negative thought?’ ‘What seed of opportunity or advantage can I discover hidden within this?’ There are other questions.

Realize it is your choice. At some point you just let it go. IF you could be, do and have anything you want in the world why would you ever let a negative thought stop you? Yup, there might be that answer? BUT so what, that answer is only another thought.

Who Is Wearing Your Pants?

YOU could be, do and have anything you want in the world. It’s unlimited. Give yourself permission! Allow yourself to discover who you are without limitations. Seek the positive, the highest good for yourself and everyone else and enjoy what life offers.

In addition to the previous questions you can also ask,  ‘What do I want?’ ‘When, where and with whom do I want it?’  ‘What positive benefits and opportunities are there for me to explore?  ‘When I get what I want, what else will improve?’

What stops me from having the what I want already?’ (Yep, this question again explores the negative, limitation, or problem aspect of any situation) ‘What resources do I have to help me achieve what I want?’ or ‘In how many different ways am I resourceful?’

Time For You To Realize You Are In Charge – You Decide

‘What are the many different ways I am able to overcome it being a limitation?’ ‘What am I going to do to accomplish my goals and dreams?’ ‘What can I easily do to begin making it happen?’ ‘What will I do next?’ ‘How much fun can I have making my dreams come true?’

Don’t suck for your paradigm.  Don’t suck for a cluster of limiting beliefs you unconsciously adopted while growing up. Don’t let negativity and limitations hold you back from the positive good things in life. BUT treat them all lightly. They are not big things even when they may seem like it. They are what they are. Routine, patterned though habits.

There are not things in your unconscious you need to get rid of. If you worry about your paradigm you will worry about your paradigms and create another problem for yourself. Don’t be silly in this way. Others want you worried about your paradigms but you need not be. Be free instead! Be free. Enjoy life and have fun!

They are simply, old habits, familiar, comfortable ways of thinking because you didn’t think differently. Yes, they are traps, but they are only thought habits. They hold fast but they are no big deal. YOU can overcome negative thought habits and create new powerful positive thought habits. Let go of them. Keep it simple. Have fun. Enjoy!

Just remember to THINK that they are easy. THINK this will be easy. THINK This is easy. You probably have already thought for years that they are difficult. THIS TIME, right NOW, you determine how it is going to be instead of letting them call the shots.

When You Drop Your Keys You Don’t Try To – You Just Drop Them

Decide it will be easy and it will be a heck of a lot easier than if you decide it will be hard. That is how this thing works. Do not take them seriously or make an issue of them. Determine to keep it simple, easy, fun and free and it will be. Put your energy into what you want!

Declare yourself to bigger, larger, freer. You are unlimited. You are powerful. Assert it, affirm it, declare it with gusto and you will be! Remember, whatever you affirm negatively you will end up with too. You decide what you will affirm and declare. YOU make it so! You are the one who decides what and how life will be! Make it what YOU want!” Rex Sikes

Why not celebrate everything today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Get Exactly What You Accept; Nothing More Or Less!

horizons firelight-phil-koch

“Do you want more from your career, your relationships and your life? Would you like to be the best you you can be? Would you like to be more successful and happy?

Do you want better health and fitness, wealth and adventure, fun and enjoyment? Would you like things to simply work out and be more delightful?  Well, guess what:

‘Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. A great poet has correctly stated this universal truth through these lines:

“I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store.

“For Life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask, But once you have set the wages, Why, you must bear the task.

“I worked for a menial’s hire, Only to learn, dismayed, That any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have willingly paid.” Napoleon Hill, THINK AND GROW RICH

Not much more need be said does it? Life gives you what you ask and expect from it. YOU should set the terms not accept them. You determine your circumstances. You dictate how things will be. That is what it means to be a deliberate, intentional creator.

You either live richly or poorly. It is completely up to you and no one else. Yet, most people blame everyone and everything else. The truth is, it is up to you! If you are living in lack it is because you have accepted living that way.

If you want something else make something else happen. It is not about working harder it is about thinking smarter. Think and Grow Rich is the title of the book NOT work hard and grow rich.

NO, it does not mean you don’t do anything at all it means YOU take control and you make it happen. Everything first begins with your thoughts.

Know your destination. Set your course and keep going until you get there. Never stop, never give up and you will one day successfully arrive. Settle for nothing less. The reason you don’t have a million dollars is you don’t SEE YOURSELF with a million dollars, yet.

Determine to positively have the ife you want and deserve. If you want a better life thought precedes action. Think Rich and become rich. There is a formula.  Begin today!”Rex Sikes

Make today even more marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Suffer! Create The Life And Success You Want!

I can I will end of story

“What causes suffering? The act of comparison. When we compare where we are to where others are, what they have versus what we have it is possible to suffer. If we compare and come up on the short end and we are envious or jealous it can hurt. If we compare where we think we should be in our career or in life to where we actually are, and we don’t like it, we create more room to groan.

Whenever we create a division, a dichotomy, an incongruency, cognitive dissonance, we suffer. Many people, who expect the Law Of Attraction to save them from where they are in life, begin the process of wishing for changes. Then they keep checking to see if they are closer to getting what they hope for. If they find they haven’t made much progress they abandon hope.

That checking, that constant seeking to find out if anything is happening causes suffering. These people fail to realize that results take time and you just have to give it the time it takes! You have to learn to trust! I think the reason things take time IS so you have to learn to trust or you give up. Trust, faith, belief in oneself, one’s ability to ultimate create what one’s want is acquired through trials.

You Must Realize Everything Takes Time

If you wanted an orange or an apple or a grape it would take time. You have to plant the seed. Then  it sprouts and grows and blossoms. It produces fruit, which is harvested.  Then you to enjoy. You can’t be checking and digging up the very seeds you planted. You must let them go through the process.  The same is true with your goals and dreams and your plans.

You don’t wish for an orange you plant the orange so that you later get it. You expect it to grow and one day be yours. You don’t doubt that you will have it and wonder and check and worry and check yet again. You know at the right time it will be yours. Wishing has nothing whatesoever to do with creating what you want.

Decide What Your Dominant Chief Aim Or Purpose Is

Specify it! See it clearly in your mind. Imagine it AS IF  it’s already happened in your mind.  Do this daily, frequently, accentuating the all the positive feelings that come as a result of imagining your goal already completed. Enjoy and accentuate those feelings. Enjoy and celebrate! Really celebrate! Really feel it. The stronger the emotions the sooner you get what you want.

Wait patiently with expectation and eagerness knowing it will come about it. Know that you will create it. It is your faith, it is that expectation, and those feelings that bring it about. It is the passion and enthusiasm that make it all happen. What you are consumed with, what you obsess about you bring about.

The More Powerful The Emotions The Sooner We Make It Happen

That is why the  goal is to feel the best you can  all the time! If you feel incredible most all of the time and you vibrate joy and gratitude and celebration it works faster. The more positive and powerful the feelings  the more you resonate with your goals and your dreams and desires.

When you are excited and expecting good things and you are celebrating everything you’re not resisting nothing. Do you get that?You are not resisting but allowing and accepting. Feeling great is when you’re able to invite and receive. Negative feelings and thoughts block and prevent yourself from making it happen.

You will suffer if you doubt, fear, get anxious, worry or check to see if it is happening.

Focus On What You Want NOT On What You Don’t Want

If you expect riches and you focus on what you don’t have you create more of what you don’t have. You attract like thoughts of lack or poverty. You get more and more of them. This is how it works. In order to get the riches you have to celebrate having the riches before you actually have them.

You develop the rich mindset first! You develop the happy mindset first! You develop the successful mindset first before you make the results in the world! The mind is in the right place prior to you getting what you want. We are happy first and then we become successful or rich IT doesn’t work the other way around.

Thought Precedes Action: Believe It And You Will See It!

If you are impatient and go back between what you have and what has not yet arrived you will suffer AND prevent yourself from succeeding faster. You will stall your results. You must stop the suffering and develop faith that you will make it happen in the right time, even if you presently don’t know how to at this moment. The how will come in time. BELIEVE IT!

THINK ABOUT THIS: You develop such a powerful, unstoppable, positive mindset in the face of all odds that you can’t help but bring about what you want and desire most. What you are obsessed about, what you think about and talk about and dream about day and night you will make happen. You develop the wherewithall to accomplish anything and you keep on going until you get it.

It Is WHO You Become While Pursuing Your Wants That IS Most Important!

Fill yourself with delightful thoughts and feelings and you’ll accomplish them soon rather than later.  Remember, it is simple. You’re either trusting or you’re not. You’re either believing or you’re not. You’re either patiently waiting or you’re not. You’re either making your dreams come true or you’re not. You’re either positive or you’re not. You’re either feeling good or you’re not.

You’re either contributing to making things happen in a positive way or you do not understand this process. Wherever you spend most of your time; whatever occupies your attention the most; whatever are the predominant thoughts and feelings that you think and feel; whatever consumes you IS WHAT YOU CREATE AND ATTRACT!

You get back what you focus on. You become what you think about! You get back what you put out there. You create what you think and what you feel. If you’re getting what you don’t want instead of what you do want it is BECAUSE you’re focused on what you DON’T want. You need to change that!

The Problem: Most People Are Focused On What They Don’t Want

You have to focus on what you want. They harbor doubts and worries that it won’t happen. You have to stop this and believe you will make it happen in time. They think they are consumed with their goals if they spend a minute or two, or five minutes, or a half hour a day thinking about their goals when most of the time they are thinking about distractions.

You are not believing and celebrating and expecting and consumed pasionately with your dominant chief aim if you are whining and complaing and blaming and gossiping and fearing and doubting and upset with the little and big things that happen each day. If you are caught up in the daily drama of living you are missing. You become what you predominantly think about.

The law of attraction IS AN ACQUIRED attitude and mindset that you bring about by dedicating yourself passionately to creating the life and future successes you want. You learn it by trial and error and through overcoming hardship. You learn to pay attention, concentrate and focus your mind on making what you want happen like a laser beam. You set your sights on the target and never give up.

It All Starts With Believing You Can Do It.

Through this you learn what to do and how to do it. The reality is success is 99% mental and 1% effort. When the mind is right the effort comes easy. It MAY require massive action BUT you are prepared to do it. You have cultivated a winning and expectant mindset. You have made your mind a powerful ally and tool. You are focused and prepared. You are powerful and unstoppable!

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and belive you can achieve!’ said Hill. It begins within to bring about the results without. It isn’t luck or wishes being granted it is the application of principles and dedication that brings about the results. YOU do it because your mind is set to do it. You work alone and in friendly co-opeation with others to make it happen in spite of opposition or circumstances.

You train your mind to be positive and look for opportunity. You develop success practices you make into automatic reliable habits. Lombardi said, ‘When the going gets tough THE tough gets going!’ You do it because you have evolved yourself into the kind of person who succeeds. This is why Henry Ford’s statement is so accurate and applicable. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right. It is all in what you think.'” Rex Sikes

This is your day to celebrate!

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What Kind Of Person Are You? Are You A Wisher Or A Wanter?

the man on top of the mountain didn't fall there

“Do you hope things will happen or do you make things happen? Do you wish or do you want? Are you only a dreamer or someone who achieves what they put their mind too? Are you a ‘someday’ person or do you feel the moment is now? What kind of person are you?

Attitude is what separates those who hope and dream from those who want and get. Attitude is what makes someone a Can-Do person and a person who achieves their dreams. Achievers are people who have clarified specifically what they want, set their mind to getting it and keep going no matter what may present itself as obstacles.

An achiever is willing to pay the price. An achiever takes 100% responsibility for his attitude. The achiever maintains a positive mindset and maintains it daily. She looks for solutions and the lessons in every situation. The achiever always continues to learn and is flexible while others don’t and are not.

The achiever knows it is 99% mind set and 1% effort that makes the difference and are willing to put in the effort to be successful. They know that obstacles contain within them seeds of advantage and opportunity and search for these while others wallow and give up when times get tough.

The are courageous and tackle problems even when fearful. They do not let their thoughts or problems stop them. They wrestle it down to manageable size and move forward in spite of fears. They are able to do this because they work on keeping thinking right. They believe they can do it even when they don’t yet know how they are going to.

They don’t sit back and wait for some day. They initiate and act. The don’t think someone or anything outside of them will do anything for or to them. The take charge! They don’t whine or complain. The take charge of themselves and the situations. The decide they will dictate how things will be instead of letting events or circumstances rule the day.

They may fall and fail many times but they don’t stop. They persist. They learn and look for solutions, adjust and adapt as necessary along the way to their ultimate success. They understand that defeat is only temporary and that troubles are just a part of life. It may be darkest before the dawn but that never stops them. They bring their own light.

Yes, attitude is everything! They do not hope to make it happen they know they will make it happen. They accept that when there is will there is a way. The can laugh, delight, feel joy and bliss. They are able to celebrate life and live with passion. It is not all work but lots of play. They can have fun and have a great time on their way to accomplishing what they want. They feel good most of the time!

You can hope or you can have. You can dream AND make the dreams come true. You can develop a Can-Do mind set and learn to become unstoppable. You can be, do and have anything you want. It is simple. Because it is simple most people never bother to do but you can. Earl Nightengale called it the strangest secret because it is so simple most people missed it.

You become what you think about! That is truly the secret. You get what you keep thinking about day and night. It doesn’t matter what it is. Positive or negative whatever you most think about you create for yourself. This is why it is YOUR responsibility. Whatever you hold in you mind you have in your life. If you want it different you have to change what you are thinking about. It is 100% up to you!” Rex Sikes

This is your day. Make it whatever you want it to be!

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