big big trees and little people

“Think Big. Think very BIG. Even Bigger than that. I mean, why not? Enjoy having large, rich, vivid dreams and goals to aim at. Entertain in your mind and your being the best, the most wonderful you that you can be.  Imagine doing all sorts of marvelous things and activities and having any and all of the good things you want. See yourself going the places you want whenever you wish. Never be poor in imagination.

Create whatever positive images you want. See them in full color, glorious movies in your mind with vibrant, incredible sound.  Smell the smells, feel how amazing it feels to live like this in all of your being. Wrap all the sensations around you and realize that this is absolutely possible.

See it, hear it feel it and live it in your mind throughout each day as often as possible. Think on it, experience it again and again from when you wake up until right before you fall asleep. Then create it for yourself.

You don’t have to know how, yet, but as you continue to imagine your goals a positive idea will come. Ideas will begin to flow. Your own mind will begin to deliver a plan for you to translate your glorious positive future into physical reality.

Always think big because you will go further than if you only think small. Never rob yourself  of the opportunity to enjoy all life has to offer.

Only you can do this for yourself. Begin today and then keep at it until you are who you want to be, you are doing the things that are important to you and you have legitimately acquired the things you wish for.

In your imagination always imagine the best for yourself and others. For you to get what you want does not mean anyone else has to go with less. Create abundance – manufacture plenty for all – plenty of good feelings, good will, plenty of love, freedom, passion, excitement, happiness, joy, wealth, health and all well being.

You can do this and YOU can make it all happen.

So never think small when you can think really, really big.” Rex Sikes

big big trees and little people


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