The greatest gift of all!

the greatest gift is time

“Some people ask me: Why I stayed to be with my children and raised them from birth instead of going back home?

Because the time is well spent.  My children are a gift to me and this world. I am so blessed.

Whether there are delights, issues, illnesses, whatever life brings, time spent with my children is a wonderful gift to me and I believe to them.

I choose to stay, after the divorce, and raise my kids, to be a full time DAD, and to spend every available moment I can with them. From birth to present,  all this time they have been growing up.

I love being with my kids!!! Some day i will face that empty nest, but I have none and will have no regrets.

I will have all the memories and magical moments I savored through the years to keep me company. That is all worth every second!   YES, I am glad I decided to be with them.

Each second I am around and with these amazing young humans has contributed to me in so many incredible ways. I am so lucky.

My children are wonderful people. I am blessed and gifted to have them in my life and to be in theirs. Life is absolutely grand and I couldn’t be happier. I am please with who these kids have been, who they are and who they are becoming.

I only hope that someday they are as happy about being together as I am. At least they will always know I loved them, I cared for them and I was absolutely dedicated to them, without any question. If they can feel that their DAD loved them, believed in them and enjoyed them so much that he wanted to be with them, in good times and not so good time, come what may, no matter what, perhaps,  this knowing will warm their hearts and comfort them in troubled times.

I’m glad I did!!!

I love my kids, I am blessed. ” Rex Sikes


spend time w those you love



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