Gratitude & Attitude – what are you waiting for?


gratitude magic

“Magic happens when you are absolutely grateful. When you are thankful you are feeling good. When you are feeling thankful you are more positively energetic, upbeat, uplifted, and happy. You feel healthier and greater well being. You vibrate at a higher level.

The whole world opens up, you feel more alive, things look brighter, sounds richer, feels amazing. You may even notice smells and incredible tastes. You think brighter thoughts you feel brighter. You feel wonderful and blessed. Gratitude is a wonderful experience and the more we feel grateful the more we feel this way.

You see you become what you think about, what your predominant thoughts are through out each day. What occupies your mind in fact occupies your mind, your time and your being. You get what you think about. If you think worried, anxious, depressing thought guess what you get and how you feel. Do you ever feel like doing anything in really sad or stressful times? Nope, my guess is NOPE you do not.

That is because what occupies your mind occupies you. IT actually holds you hostage. When you are thinking poorly, negative thoughts more and more keep coming to you because frankly, that is how the mind works. The mind works by association so one thought leads to another regardless of whether it is a positive or negative thought.

So one thought opens the way for more thoughts and those open the way for even more thoughts and it is a vicious cycles, spiraling downward if those thoughts are less than glorious thoughts.

Face it thoughts affect us and determine how we continue to think, and they very much affect how we feel and our physiology and how we use it when we feel bad ( depressed people never look or act very happy do they – in fact you can spot them by how they stand, sit, walk or move – head down, shoulders slumped, no energy, sighing a lot). So thoughts affect how we feel and move. They affect our state of being.

When you feel confident and powerful you think, act and move differently. You have seen people straight back, chin up, chest out, and unstoppable look in their eye, a radiance in their face, energy when they speak. It is very different how the body is and how the person feels and acts.

Yup, thought affect us in powerful ways and you get what you think about. Like attracts like. So if you think negative you get more negativity in your person. If you think positive you get more positivity in your person. It is consistent how this works. You get what you focus on.

The obvious question is what have you been doing up to now? Should you or could you be doing something differently that makes your experience of life much, much more wonderful? If you are not happy with the results you are getting then you have to change what you are doing to get better results!

When you are happy, pleased with what you have, feeling joyous and grateful your state of being opens you up so you can attract more. You create space inside yourself, you operate at a higher frequency, you move through the world feeling good and attracting good feelings. Isn’t this truly what you want and how you want to be?

We have all been around people who make us feel wonderful, or more alive and we want to be in their presence as often as possible. We also know those people who are energy vampires and we want to flee their company, or at least we should whenever we are able. Granted, sometimes they are family members and you would prefer to help or support them. The best way to help them is to raise your own energy, be grateful for them, allow them to be as they are without lecturing, insisting or pleading. Simply be happy they are who they are and that they are in your life. Keep the attitude, the gratefulness and the faith and watch how things eventually can change.

Wouldn’t you like to be the kind of person others find positive, attractive and whom they would want to be around?

If you want to make a change in your life and have life more wonderful it begins by making a decision to follow through.

So decide today.

Take an inventory of all the things you are thankful for. Every little thing you can imagine is worth acknowledging, as are the big things.

It is a great practice to make a list 25 things I am grateful for and look it over and add to it each and every day. Do it in the morning or at prior to bed time. Preferably both times and reflect on these things throughout the day whenever possible.

Really be grateful. As you look for what makes you happy and grateful each day you will discover more and more. The law of association will help you to find more and more. You have to grease the wheel sometimes but when you do it more and more becomes available to you. Remember like attracts like, you get what you focus on – it actually expands AND you become what you think about most of the time though out the day. You determine the quality of your experience and you life by the thoughts you keep.

Choose Gratitude and Thankfulness as a life style. Do this every day at least once, twice or more often as possible. Praise or celebrate each moment and your life will significantly begin to improve. It can become more incredible that you could ever even imagine right now.

It can absolutely delight you beyond your wildest dreams. Do it! Begin today. It is amazing! Try it!!!” Rex Sikes


bad attitude like flat tire

Do you want positive changes in your life? Do you want your life to change? Then you must change things in your life. If you are focused mostly on what you don’t want then you must change that to focusing on what you do want. If you know what you don’t want you know what you want to avoid and move away from or escape from but when you know what you want you know what you want to move toward, what you want to include, what you want to be, and do and have. Knowing and focusing on what you DO want provides purpose and direction. It inspires you to begin to go after what you want. This is important because you get what think about most of the time. You experience what you do as a result of the direction you are traveling in thorough your thinking.

You must change your thoughts, your attitudes and your beliefs if you want things to be different. different. If you want to be better, feel better, act better, and have better things in your life then you must change your thinking for the better. You must set a better, more positive course. You must decide to focus on what you DO want and maintain a positive focus.

When you do decide to take charge of your thinking then your feelings and your behaviors will change. When your thinking, feelings and behaviors change your life will change. You will think, feel and act differently which will allow you to create what it is you want and you will be able to attract what it is you want.  

You can make your life radically better, easier, happier, healthier and wealthier but it is all up to you to do that. You must take the first step.

Regardless of the storms around you you must keep the faith and maintain the destination as a captain at sea would. Yes, momentarily assess what you have to to navigate the troubled waters but don’t focus on the disturbances keep focused on what you want and where you want to end up. Whatever reality provides keep focusing on getting you goal, on getting to your destination without ever giving up and your life will change in amazingly positive and powerful ways.

You already know what you don’t want so stop thinking about those. Think instead full time on what you want and making that happen. Even if you don’t yet know how, as you proceed that information will become clear to you along the way because you will be directing your mind to what you can do and will do. You will find the information, the tools, the necessary needs to make your future possibility a reality. Stick with it and you will see. It will unfold.

Sure, you don’t think so right now, because you are not yet in that process. But you can be. Once you are you will be astonished at how incredible it can be every single moment.

So what are you waiting for? There is never a better time than now to start doing anything that is good for you, better for you and that will bring you increased happiness and well being. The person that hesitates – waits. Do not delay.

If you determine to keep what you want in your mind and think positive thoughts and find all the wonderful things and reasons you are happy, thankful and grateful for YOUR ENTIRE LIFE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

Begin today!

Begin today  to develop an new attitude and then you will discover all the many different wonderful places you can go.

” Rex Sikes




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