You Will Never Have Or Succeed If You Never Do This!


“I want to emphasize a principle from an important recent post. All the principles shared here are crucial to your success. They are the foundational material for being, doing and having anything you want in life. Your building can only go as high as the foundation is deep!

You must decide what you are worth! Establish your value. What are you worth? What do you deserve? Decide. Are you worth having the life of your dreams?  What is having the life of your dreams worth to you? What you are willing to do and give to become what you want?

Decide now! Act on it within 48 hours! Why 48 hours? You should act even sooner. 48 hours is the outer limit. When you decide to take an important step the sooner you implement the better. You make a commitment to yourself and act. You follow through on it! Get it?

The Major Value In Life Is Not What You Get But Who You Become

You keep your word. Someday never arrives. Today is the day. Now the only moment you have! 48 hours is a window for you to take action and prove to yourself that you do what you say and that you make things happen. You prove to yourself YOU are in charge!

THEN keep at it. Keep doing it. Persist and continue to follow through no matter what. Have courage and a steel will. Let nothing deter you from being, doing and having what you want.  Make yourself the person you want to be. Start living the good life.

Be, do and have what you want on your terms! Create your best life ever.  Remember, nothing is free. Cheap is cheap. You get what you pay for. Go for the best you allow yourself to have. Go first class in your mind and life. Expect good things. Have good things! Do it!

You Should Think – My Word Is Law – So Be It – I Make It Happen

Remember, you don’t go into the grocer and say, ‘give me food.’ You have to pay for it first! There is an exchange of money or energy.  A wood stove doesn’t give heat until you first load it up with wood, strike a fire and get it going. Your car doesn’t run on empty!

You fill it first. You had to do something first to get the money, to give to the gas station to fill your car, so you can drive it to where you want to go. Without your first actions you won’t get there. Get it? They won’t just give you free gasoline because…

There is no such thing as free or a free ride when it comes to personal change. You must pay first to get back. You give and receive. The Law Of Attraction says the same. You become what you think about most often. You get back what you first put out.

He Who Is Not Courageous To Risk Will Accomplish Nothing In Life

WHAT are YOU willing to do for yourself? What will you do to be, do and have anything and everything you want? What is it YOU WILL do? If you do little, then  expect little in return. YOU will determine the salary the universe returns to you based on your merit! Get it?

If you give nothing, you will get nothing. Losers only become bigger losers until they stop losing and determine to win. The decision to win carries with it the responsibility to act. Give to get! Get it? You must act in order to receive. Stop waiting and star initiating!

What are you willing to do? What are you willing to give? What price are you willing to pay to make your dreams come true? What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to sacrifice? What is it? You must determine what you will pay for what you want to get!

You Always Are Right Where Your Thoughts Take You

Some people won’t give up their favorite TV show. Would you? Would you say, I won’t watch streaming shows until I have what I want? Would you give up concerts? What about fishing? How about giving up gambling? How about dining out less or grabbing coffee?

What will you give up in order to get what you want? Money; how much will you spend to have? If you aren’t willing to change and pay the price then don’t expect to receive. Don’t expect to change. Stay the way you are because you will. Nothing much will be different.

Many people say they want things better but don’t do anything to make things better. They complain they cannot afford it. They don’t have time. The truth is you can afford anything you want when you prioritize. You will have to sacrifice for a while, but it is worth it!

What Will You Give – Pay – Sacrifice – To Become The Best You

People demonstrate what is important to them everyday by how they live, what they spend money, time and energy on. Everyday people let you see how serious they are about making their life glorious or living stuck or less than gloriously. What about you?

What is important to you? What is so important you will do anything positive and legal to make it happen? How will you allocate your resources differently? These are important questions! If you want new friends you don’t get them hanging around the old ones!

You have to change things in your life if you want things in your life to change! You must put gas in your car in order to get where you are going. YOU must pay someone for the gasoline. SO what will it be for you? Are you important enough to you to get what you want?

Mistakes Are More Honorable And Useful Than Doing Nothing

Do you understand this? You aren’t entitled to anything. You won’t luck into it. You can create it and make it happen. If you want to make dinner decide what you want to have, travel and shop, pay the grocer, gather the food and spices, your supplies and pay for them.

You must pay to travel; your means of transportation. You must pay for what you traveled in and what you wear out to the store. Your groceries, the utensils, cooking medium and where you cook. If you live in a jungle much is still the same. You still gather and create.

It doesn’t mysteriously happen without your effort.  You must commit your time, energy and money, to make things happen. People want free stuff all the time. They whine and complain they can’t afford things. They live in lack and stay there rather than changing.

Don’t Fear Dying – Fear Living With Nothing To Die For – Live Fully

I hope by now you are not one of them?  However, as I said before, if you’re happy where you are at, god bless you. If not, then DO something to make a difference for yourself. Stop missing out, stop excusing or blaming and pay the price! Pay what it costs!

Pay whatever it costs to make your life what you want it to be. Make your life incredible! If you don’t known  how YOU CAN LEARN HOW AND YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO DOIT! Everything worth having is worthing fighting for and making it happen. Become it!

Decide what you are worth! Keep asking yourself! What are you worth? Do you love and care enough for yourself to make good things happen? What can you do to get what you want? What are you are willing to do, and give, and sacrifice to become that?

Commit To Create Your Best Life Ever – Live Your Dreams – Today

Henry Ford said, when he knew what he wanted he never let ‘no’ or ‘I can’t’ interfere. You need to decide. Decide now! Then act on it within 48 hours! Make yourself the person you want to be. Start living the good life. Be, do and have what you want on your terms. Create your best life ever. Celebrate now! Celebrate then! I am here to help. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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