Obey The Law Or Suffer The Consequences

“There is lots of mumbo jumbo about transformation, the law of attraction and changing your circumstances. There are books and articles that claim to reveal what no one else has previously. There are writings that positive thinking etc doesn’t work.

Here is the truth as I understand it. There are principles and laws. Laws work whether you believe in them or not. If you don’t understand and respect the law you are bound to get hurt or disappointed in the very least. Consider the law of gravity

You may choose not to believe it or work with it but if you step off a high place gravity will win. The same is true about electricity. No one today, yet understands electricity, but they know how to work with it. They understand what you can and can’t do. You must know it.

If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Some Things 

You will get hurt if you don’t do things properly according to the law of electricity. Properly applied it can light a house. Improperly applied it can cause death and destruction. The same is true with the law of attraction. You work with it as it is and benefit or you don’t.

Most people don’t know it. They don’t understand it. They still are subject to it. They may not even believe it. Yet, they still get lackluster results or ‘bad’ things happen because what they fear most they bring upon themselves. It works either way.

If you want to create good things then you have to work with it the way it works. You can’t do it your way. Most people simply are not prepared to do what it takes to make it work. They dabble, but they don’t master working with the law. Hence, they are disappointed.

Insanity Is Do Things The Same Way But Expect Different Results

You must learn how to work with the law to benefit from the law. All good things can be yours when you apply yourself to it. If you want to transform your life it is up to you to do what it takes. If you wanted to be an Olympic swimmer the same applies. You need to do!

You must do what it takes to get the result. The Law Of Attraction can seem like magic once mastered. Until then you must go through whatever it takes to learn to master it. If you are willing and do so great things are in store. If not, don’t expect much to change. Get it?

If it is to be it is up to you to work with the law. Begin by practicing gratitude in all. Be thankful for all things. Even the things it seems to be counter-intuitive to be thankful for. When you can count everything a blessing, and feel it fully, then everything is a blessing. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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