I’ve Extended My Bare Bone Sale For You! Prices Going Up Soon!


Sale Ends Jan 2, 2017  Prices going up!

My Dear Reader and Friend,

Many of my blog readers and my students have asked me to extend the sale so they could get what they wanted not just for them but as a gift for someone important to them.

BECAUSE THEY or YOU ASKED I decided to extend my offer on some of my time honored, tried and true, proven, personal development products at this time!

Many of you have acted already to take advantage of the added time. I am happy to be able to do this. Those of you who want to get some of these learning tool act now.

Use the the link below. Since my new site is still under construction
it will take you to an older page of mine. I decided to make these
products available for you at the prices they were back then.

It’s incredible value! The products are excellent! They work when you put them to use. http://amazingrex.com/order.htm

Because of how former sites were developed and the software used it has been a laborious process attempting to gain access or extract data from the different software.  So this is how I am offering this.

Read on!

Best Wises For A Fabulous Year End And Beginning!


Here Is My Bare Bones Sale For Holidays!! ORDER TODAY

You will love these products as so many others have. They are
absolutely tried and true. They have stood the test of time!

‘How To Get People To Do What ‘ Home Study Program
The title says it all. This program helps you persuade others respectfully and without coercion. This is a must have program! Great for adults! Marvelous for kids! Listen and Learn. Recorded live during training. Excellent for getting along better with others professionally and personally. Great for closing sales in any area! Comes with manual and 14 mp3s. A true favorite!

‘Attitude Activator’ Audio mp3 format.
Change your attitude and you life! You change what you are capable of. People have loved this audio for many years because of its versatility. If you want to make personal changes this audio program is for you! You can use this audio to make any of the changes you desire. For example: You want more energy, or you want to relax use the Attitude Activator. Want to gain more weight or lose weight use the Attitude Activator. You want more confidence or you want more peace use the Attitude Activator. This program will guide you. For use with headphones. Comes with instructions and 13 mp3s A best seller!

‘You Can Read Minds Too’ pdf.
How to connect with people and understand them better. Develop your intuition. Lot’s of exercises. You will learn how to better
communicate, read people and develop your intuition. 114 pages of
critical information everyone needs on overcoming obstacles, creating rapport, goal setting, affirmations, Directed
Questions, visualization, meditation, intuition and so much more!

Get one, two or all three as a bundle. Great for you. Wonderful as
gift. These are all now digital products. Products are emailed to you.
You Can Use PayPal Purchase

All – bare bones – cut to the chase. No fancy packaging. Just top of
the line information and change technology! All digital delivery.

More information is available at this web page – None of the products will ship. These are now digital products. That is an old page that will be updated. Prices are going up!

2016 has been astounding! 2017 will be even more incredible!!

For the holidays I am keeping the prices the same as they were when
that page was active. The bundle is an absolute steal! Order today.


Get one, two or all three. Great for you. Wonderful as gift.

There you have it!  All – bare bones – cut to the chase. The products
are simple. Mp3s and pdfs. No fancy packaging. Just top of the line
information and change technology. All products are digital delivery.

That is it. No heavy marketing. I was going to include testimonials
but decided to just leave it simple. Either you want it or you don’t.
You can read about these special products at on the web page.

This is my intellectual property (IP) and copyrighted  by me. I ask
that you be respectful and not copy, share, duplicate (without
expressed written permission) or in any other way pirate these

More information is available at this web page – None of the products will ship.

***These are all now digital products. Products will be emailed to
you. ***  This is an old page that will be updated. Note the terms and
conditions apply as specified on product page. Prices will increase!

For the holidays I am keeping the prices the same as they were when
that page was active. Order today. Just Click The Order Link Below.


NOTE: I have a number of new training programs I am offering. I
continue to do live events here and possibly where you are.
Sponsorship is always an option.

I have online programs that are part of my new offerings.
MENTORING PROGRAM. This is an exciting way to uplevel your life and your skills. The mentor program will be a series of webinars and
online training. Skype calls and/or teleconferences. We may have one or two live events scheduled as well.

If you want mentoring in NLP or the Law Of Attraction and Science of The Mind now is the time to act. Make 2017 a fabulous year! One on one coaching is still avilable in 1/2 hour and hourly increments. Respond now by email.

I’ll keep the Mentor Program and New Coaching Clients open until
1/2/17 too so it is easy for you to take advantage of right now.
Respond by Email.

To Order Programs – Click The Order Link Today. Ends 1/2/17


All products purchased through PayPal. Delivered zipped by email

PS Be sure to get your FREE Personality Code Assessment below in signature!

PSS If you receive this more than once by email we apologize. We are updating systems and there seems to be an email glitch of some kind we are working on to resolve. IF you didn’t get it by email that may be part of the issue too. Feel free to let us know either way.

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