You Need To Get Agitated Or You Wouldn’t: Discover Why!


“There is a response to challenges and disturbance that can make everything okay and much better. Few people embrace this notion because we aren’t raised to do this. We are raised to try to figure out what is wrong and  fix it. We focus on the wrong aspects of it.

We are raised to avoid problems. We are conditioned to blame, to look for fault when they arise. We complain, whine, fret, worry, get angry, depressed, hate, accuse, fight or flee when the occur. We become miserable and miserable to be around. We get agitated.

Agitation is good. We use agitation to clean our clothes. The water, clothes and soap are agitated to remove the dirt. As water is heated up the atoms and molecules are agitated. Water bubbles and boils. Our food cooks the same way. From a big bang order occurred.

Challenges Make Life Interesting – Never Run From A Challenge

Out of chaos stars are born. Troubled circumstances and problems are avoided by us. That seems natural because we want it easy. Yet, the kite rises against the wind. We sail our boats the same way. Turbines agitate the water to power crafts through the sea.

When challenge and trouble appear embrace it. There is opportunity to learn and to grow. Celebrate that tough time instead of trying to avoid it. If you can learn to do this you will have breakthroughs. You will move through the troubles faster because you won’t resist.

What you resist persists. What you let go of drops away. You don’t have to do a happy dance with the ‘what’ of the problem, the specifics or particulars of the situation. If you don’t want to, don’t. Instead celebrate the opportunity to learn and grow.

Overcoming Challenges Makes Life Meaningful – Be Grateful

Your muscles grow because of the resistance added weight provides. The tissues break down and repair. Then they grow in size. Without the challenge or resistance your muscles would not grow. We develop through challenges. Can we develop without them?

Yes, we can. Yes, we do. We develop both ways. When crisis occurs it is an opportunity to be grateful. Yes, take care of the issue and problem solve. The manner in which you do it is important. The more you embrace, accept and celebrate the crisis the more you benefit.

Keep in mind the saying, ‘it is always darkest before the dawn’. Accept that your challenges are good. Imagine they were placed there for a purpose. Whether true of or not, this mindset can make a big difference in how much you learn and how quickly they resolve.

I Am Stronger Than This Challenge And It Makes Me Even Stronger

In the Bible, the tiny David, rushed toward, his problem, the giant and slew him, declaring this day ‘god will be victorious’. That is the mindset of a champion and one you and I can cultivate. Challenges are met head on with faith that you will be the victor. Decide to win.

Don’t avoid. Don’t look for them but when they come realize you are bigger than your problems. Don’t allow them to be bigger than you. They are lessons waiting to be learned. There is hidden benefit within so stay open to finding it. Appreciate the opportunity to grow.

Gratitude works wonders. Be thankful. Stay convinced you will prevail. Keep the faith. Don’t give up. It is easier to do all this when you are appreciating the situation instead of fighting with it or complaining about it. Accept it. Celebrate it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy the new day!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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