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Expert Shares Secrets For Great Success And Abundance!


“Athletes and Olympians know training and conditioning isn’t anything anyone wants to always do.  It can be cold and rainy.  The champion can be sore and tired but they condition and train anyway. Training can be grueling but the champion commits to doing it.

Muhammad Ali said ‘I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ He persevered  in the present. He did whatever it took because he knew it mattered tomorrow. Our commitment and habits are important.

It’s the daily habits that keep us going when we don’t feel we want to. It is the habit of doing! It is the mental habit of doing it anyway. Athletes train and condition their minds, and their will so when they ‘don’t feel like it’ they do it anyway. It works because of their habits.

If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You They Aren’t Big Enough

That is the power of habit and conditioning. Ali further stated, ‘It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction things begin to happen.’ Napoleon Hill said the same things many years earlier. As did ancient mystics.

For centuries people have known and shared what works. Many come across it. Many hear it. Few apply it. Your negative conditioning doesn’t take a break because you don’t feel like it. So develop positive habits and keep going. Condition; train yourself.

Constant and consistent daily repetition of positive thoughts, feelings and actions is practice. It is rehearsal. When you practice correctly long enough you get good. Practice the winner attitude as Ali and others have and you can actually master it. It works!

To Be A Champion You Must believe You Are The Best 

Create habits that serve you in your pursuits. Create supportive habits that help you to be happier, be healthier, make more money, get along with others better and enjoy all of life that much more. Practice the gratitude habit. Commit. Condition yourself.

Once you do, you will significantly improve your life. You will overcome blocks and limiting beliefs and un-supportive habits. You will explode your ability to manifest and create positive experiences. You will manufacture more abundance. You’ll be happier.  Learn to do this right now. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make the day fun!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop Working For Money!


“Apple CEO Tim Cook stated, ‘If you work only for money you will never be happy. You will never have enough.’ The article was posted on Facebook and many people responded complaining that he didn’t know what they were going through. The were mad at him.

It’s easy for people to miss the point when one is caught up in hardship. If all one is focused on is making ends meet, getting out of debt, and paying off bills one may have a skewed version of reality. That reality is hard. Lack fills the mind. Struggle is all one knows.

Make family, or love, or freedom or something else more important than money and work for that. Money won’t make you happy. Be happy first. Live for a larger purpose than lots of cash. Make your end result something valuable. Money isn’t really a good motivator.

You Are Already Rich – Notice All You Have That Money Cant’Buy

Wanting money either comes from lack mentality or greed mentality.  If you have a larger more important vision you will do whatever it takes, yes even struggle, to make ends meet and rise above. You will do it for the love of your family or your larger goal.

Money, seems to be a good motivator, for most of us, but it truly isn’t enough. When you seek fulfillment of a larger purpose, and as you improve your situations, you feel better. Feeling good about what you are seeking, feeling it is worthwhile, is a better motivator.

Actually, it works best if you feel better first. Then work at your larger purpose. If you feel good first it means your thoughts and feelings are aligned. It means your head is screwed on correctly so that your feelings and actions flow more easily and readily.

Outstanding People Have In Common – Absolute Sense Of Mission

Cook’s point seems to be if all you want is money there will never be enough. If you think money will save you and make you happy and free then you will always just want more.  Instead, look to something more valuable to fulfill you and pursue that. Greed isn’t great.

Pursue your larger vision first and money may follow. Working for money isn’t enough of a big reason but your children or your parents may be. It is difficult to listen to people who have a lot of money because we fall into the ‘that is easy for you to say’ syndrome.

‘You don’t know how we struggle’. My guess is (and I don’t know his history he could have been born to wealth, but if not) he worked hard to get where he is. Most successful business owners worked and struggled fiercely. Most don’t get a free ride to the top.

Some People Are So Poor – All They Have Is Money

Bottom line if you want to end money woes develop yourself. Educate yourself on how to make and handle money. That is good. Instead of seeking money seek to make yourself happy first. Get your head and heart in order. Pursue higher values than piles of cash.

Live your passion. Pursue your passions. That will keep you interested and dedicated. Your focus will be on what you love and enjoy instead of what you don’t have. We get what we focus on. Stay focused on good things. Be grateful for what you already have. Enjoy life to the fullest now. Don’t miss out on it. Live! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is your day. How are you going to live it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do This One Thing And Claim Greater Power And Control!


“Many people do not want to face the fact that everything we do is by choice. Though science estimates we are 99.5% or better unconsciously automated by thinking, feeling and behavioral habits, we acquired while growing  up, we still have some ability to choose.

Mostly, we have the ability to choose to change our habits and neurologically rewire our thinking, feeling and behaving. That is where we find our power. When we replace the conditioning we acquired while growing up we become free. Yup, truly free!

We recondition ourselves with supportive thoughts, feelings and behaviors that serve us better than the old ones. Some people don’t believe this is possible and remain a victim of their conditioning. Others step forward and decide to do whatever it takes to change.

Think And Speak Positive And Positive Things Will Happen

The point is we still have some choice left in us. That tiny portion of conscious choice is an incredible gift. Because of it we can determine to accomplish many incredibly things. Therefore, it is important we use it wisely, productively and positively. Aim it for good results!

One important exercise in awareness and developing positive control and power is to begin to listen to what you say. Listen and make changes. Do not say anything that you do not want to become true for you. Whether you think this is a possibility or not.

Adopt the mental frame that it is. Imagine your words are powerful and even magical. Whatever you say will manifest. Therefore, pretend anything you say comes true AND do not say anything you don’t want to come true. Only speak what you want to manifest.

Talk More About Your Blessings Than You Do About Your Burdens

Choose your words. Choose what you say to yourself silently and out loud to others. Become aware that you can choose to rephrase and even rethink it. Don’t allow yourself to speak anything other than what you choose. When you choose you exercise your power.

Do it. Try it on. Listen and become aware. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Put a positive watchdog or guard before your lips. If you utter something that isn’t what you want go ahead, change it or re-speak it. Do this for at 30 days consistently. Be rigorous.

A couple things will happen. You will become so much more aware of your automated thoughts and things you say. You will notice how NOT positive you are. You will notice how what you say supports what you don’t have or the problems that repeatedly occur.

Speak Victory Not Defeat – What You Say Is What You Get

You will notice things changing for the better. You will notice yourself speaking in a more targeted and productive way. You will get clearer on what you want. You will become more positive and potentially more productive. Everything can change! Stick with it.

My hope for you is you discover you true power and your true self. You can and will. I hope you will stay with it and make it a life long habit. If you do you will discover things you never realized possible. Happy journey. Have fun. Be thankful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight yourself today!  Discover something new today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Unless You Do This You Are Bound To Fail!

horizons wind-point-phil-koch

“For nearly 40 years I have asked this question in articles, presentations and seminars near and far, ‘What is it that stops most people?’ What is it that prevents people from being happy, having the career they want, a great relationship and living their dreams?

Some answer fear. Some say doubt. Others answer procrastination. Apathy some say. Others chime in struggle, it’s too hard. Failure, they give up. I get many similar answers. What is the bottom line? What are all these made of? What is common among these?

Thoughts. A thought. A mental packet of elctro-chemical energy is what stops most people. People think they are afraid. They have thoughts of doubt; they think it is too hard. They tried and are convinced they can’t succeed. They think, ‘I’ll do it later.’

Who You Think You Are Or Are Not Can Hold You Back

This is why I have been a champion for gaining control of what goes on in your head, between your ears, and in your body. People allow themselves to lose out, miss out, not have what they want and don’t even try because of what they think repeatedly day in and day out.

The truth is this! ALL IT IS IS A HABIT! You think it otherwise? Of course, you do AND that IS the point. People have learned lines of thinking that they repeat blindly throughout the years that determine the course of their lives and they do not change it.

They think the same thing over and over and wonder why life doesn’t change. IT WON’T either unless people change what they learned to do so well. In order to change one needs to know a changes is necessary. One needs to become aware. Awareness!

Discipline Is Your Friend Not Your Enemy – Create Good Habits

Then one needs to know what to change and change it. If you are engaged in a non-supportive or destructive habit then you must first realize it is the habit causing the problems and replace the habit with a better, supportive productive one. Get it? You must do something.

If you do nothing everything remains the same. Some people try many things, they change jobs, they try to diet, they change partners, they move to different locations BUT their thinking remains the same. That is why they marry the same person again and again.

That is why they find themselves repeating the same mistakes in different places. Their thinking remained the same. Take charge of your thinking and you can begin to change everything for the better. You can make improve your life. You can improve everything.

The Only Difference Between A Good And Bad Day Is Attitude

After all it is only a thought. Thoughts can be changed. The thoughts you think are the basis for your feelings and your actions. What you think and believe create your reality, your present and your tomorrow. Your thoughts form your experiences.

Learn to change your thoughts! Learn to manage your thoughts. Learn to take charge of your thinking and you will improve your life! Everything can begin to change when you choose what you think. You win when you tell your brain what to think instead of your brain telling you. Take charge! Choose! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Surprise yourself!  Do something new today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Don’t Need To Get All Pumped Up And Motivated!


“How important is confidence? Is it necessary? What about getting motivated? Do we really need to get pumped up before we get our tasks done? Some people don’t trust motivational gurus or seminars. Sometimes for good reason. So what do we actually need?

Confidence is absolutely important. Competence is also important. WISDOM may be needed more than either in order to discern when to be confident. YOU SHOULD be confident that you can learn to do anything and confident you can do it once you have mastered it.

Both confidence and competence are part of the same set . One without the other is meaningless. I don’t have to be confident I can walk over to the other side of the room and get a book from the shelf, today. I don’t need that because I already AM confident I can.

When You Believe In Yourself Anything Is Possible

WHY? Because I have successfully done so or similarly many times. More than anything one needs to behave as an infant does. The infant doesn’t know any fancy words like confidence or competence. The infant just keeps doing it until a successful habit.

That is how we learned to do everything from birth on. We just did without judgement. We learned to roll over, sit up, balance, crawl, walk, feed ourselves. Imagine where we would be if we had given up anywhere along the line to acquire those abilities.

Imagine what would have been the outcome had we thought ‘this is too hard I can’t continue.’ What if we thought, ‘I’m not good enough to feed myself. I can never do this.’ We didn’t judge or assess how difficult or how long things would take. We simply did until we could.

Don’t Be Pushed By Your Problems Be Led By Your Dreams

Nearing toddle stage the influences around us helped us to not be so tenacious. We learned about ‘failure’ and ‘success’. We learned there were punishments and reasons to not do things. We learned to lie to save face and get away with things. We learn defeat and to feel bad.

Prior to that there was no such thing as defeat.  We just did it until we could do it. We mastered many major skills without thinking about it. We didn’t read books or need to get pumped up. We didn’t whine or complain. We just performed endlessly until we got it.

We were conditioned out of being tenacious and learned to be afraid. We gave away our power. That is what happened back then. We can continue to whine and complain and make excuses about that time. We can blame those who did their part to raise us.

Know That You Can Do It And You Can Become Unstoppable

Here is another way to think about confidence when people say they need confidence. Because some people are confident they don’t have any and will boldly tell you they are certain they have none. The snake is swallowing its own tail. Understand this phenomenon?

Confidence can be no different, in this regard, than worry.  Worry is negatively planing for the future. Some people are certain things won’t work out. They are confident about negative circumstances or certain they lack certain abilities or opportunities. Get it?

You can affirm something in the positive or you can affirm something negative. You can be certain things will work out or that they won’t work out. Confidence that you can is the same as confidence that you can’t. There is no difference in the feeling of certainty.

Follow Your Dreams – Believe In Yourself – Never Give Up

However, one form of confidence results in being able to do something positively while the other results in you positively being unable to do something. Aim your confidence at what you want to do in a positive way. This is where confidence can be most useful.

Be confident, believe that you can learn what to do. You are in the process of discovering, learning, starting out to gain skill in an area. As you gain the skill your confidence in your abilities can go hand in hand. Keep the faith that you can learn and you can master it.

You have mastered many things in life. Some great and productive. Some not so great and burdensome. Because you have done both you can now decide which to master in the future. You can choose to master skills or not. Whatever you decide is precisely what you do!

I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I Think I Can 

You can live in the past from that conditioning OR you can choose to be different. You can choose to let it go. You can choose to learn again to live as that tenacious child. You start right from where you  are at, in spite, of your conditioning. You can move forward.

When you believe you can do something it does make doing it a bit easier. You want to believe that you can accomplish you goals. It provides extra juice, hope, courage and tenacity for getting the results you want. If you don’t believe in yourself it is tougher.

You may never move if you aren’t confident or certain that you can. You do want to be confident you can get your outcomes. You must have faith, unwavering faith, that you can make happen what you say you will. You win more often when you have a champion mindset.

Keep Going Until You Get There That Is All You Need To Do

That doesn’t mean you need to get all pumped up. You can have a quiet conviction that you can steer your ship through troubled waters if necessary. You can and you will do whatever positive it takes to make your dreams come true. You are certain you can!

Let go of whatever reason ‘why’ you can’t. Look for and wrap yourself in the reasons why you can. No matter how difficult look for solutions not at the problems. Turn your attention to the small, baby steps you can take consistently to move you from here to there.

That’s what the infant did. The infant made small micro muscle movements again and again and again, correcting as necessary, to hone the skills and behaviors of balancing and feeding and whatever was learned at the time. You and I can do that again. Take tiny steps.

Winners Aren’t People Who Never Fail But Ones Who Don’t Quit

Figure out what you want and go for it. Make tiny, positive, daily progressive steps towards accomplishing your goal. If you want to make more money, for example, what do you have to learn? Do some research. Who do you have to call? What do you have to sell?

What are the resources around you? What can you do? If you think nothing, that you can’t do anything, then you aren’t thinking very hard or well. There’s always something positive, small, and not that difficult, you can do to move forward. Explore, think and discover.

Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to accomplish? What step can I take. What can I do?  Break down what you want to accomplish. Chunk it down into small manageable bits. Once you take your first step, repeat the process for the next. Just do one step after the other.

Adjust And Continue – You Can Always Find Or Create A Way

Little progress at a time is better than no progress over time. If you do nothing you will be in the same place days, weeks, months and years from now. Doing a small bit each day will take you further much faster. Begin now. Determine what you want and move on it.

I end each blog with find things to be grateful for. It is repetitious. It is meant to be! I repeat things over and over because these ARE important and it takes repeated exposure to sink it. Anything worth learning and having is worth repeating. Once is never enough.

Find your way. Drop the excuses. Take charge. Live fully. Feel grateful. Manage your thoughts. Be thankful. Choose how you will make it be. Appreciate everything. Take another step. Express gratitude. Inch by inch. Get it? Okay now celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Whether Or Not You Realize It You Are Doing This To Your Self!


“What do you want? That is an important question. Some want money, stardom, love, fun, family, excitement, simplicity, relaxation and more. Some want better toys and things. Some want to connect deeply with another person. Others want to find their purpose.

Science indicates more and more that what goes on in our outer world, that which we call reality, is actually a reflection of our inner world. Our brains interpret trillions of bits of data that come into us through our senses. We assimilate and draw conclusions.

Our data is run through perceptual filters and then filtered again based on our beliefs, values, conditioning and experiences. We make all sorts of inner transforms and computations outside of of conscious awareness and create a personal map of reality.

Your Inner World Reflects Your Outer World

This map is individual and shared. It is agreed upon outside of awareness. It becomes a governing by consensus. We share a ‘common reality’ or map while we have an ‘individual map’. These can wildly differ while agreeing at the same time. This is amazing.

We are map makers and meaning makers. We assign value to a representation of reality, that we create, because we don’t actually experience reality EXCEPT through our neurological filters. We are steps removed from it. We only know our filtered, created reality.

Our ‘reality’ is a projection. A version of what’s ‘out there’ or ‘in here’ because by filtering data we leave things out. We aren’t even aware it is missing. It is deleted. We either never received it because it was filtered OR we are unaware of it because it is out of our awareness.

To Change The Outer World – You Must Change The Inner World

We distort things. A good example of this is Van Gough paintings. They are a creative distortion of what is ‘out there’. This is a talent. Plus, we generalize. We can recognize many different forms of chairs without having to learn each every time. We are talented.

Our filters limit us but they are also the basis of our creativity and genius. We have to work with what we have, don’t we?  So though neurological transforms we create a map of reality, a representation, or better yet a re-representation, of what is out there. It is a map.

According to science, AND mystics, religious leaders and philosophers we don’t really have much to do with reality. We only know re-representations of it. It is just as if we have an actual road map of our entire life and universe. Our brains map our reality.

The Map Is Not The Territory – The Map Is The Map

Hence, we draw conclusions, make rules, form beliefs, all on limited bits of filtered information which is missing elements and distorted. We don’t have the whole truth in its entirety! We have a map put together of snippets of this and that. Our map is incomplete!

Remember maps you hold in your hand? Now days we have GPS. It is the same. It is a detailed representation of the roadways so we can navigate. It doesn’t contain everything you see along the road. It can’t. It is a representation of what is there. It is smaller and limited.

Our maps are smaller and limited than what is actually ‘out there’. They are incomplete. We live in a microcosm. We don’t have a complete picture. We couldn’t. The map by definition IS smaller than what it portrays. We have an incomplete road map of our universe.

Remember You Operate From The Map Not From Reality

We may have many maps and share many similar maps. To the degree that we share and understand each other’s maps is the degree to which we have rapport. We can understand where the other person is ‘coming from’. We have elements in common.

We see through the glass dimly. We impose our inner reality, our map, on the outer reality, We use the lessor to define the greater and miss many important things. There are no limitations in reality. The limitations exist in our map. Limitations exist in our thinking.

That is why Henry Ford could correctly say, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are correct’. If we want things to be different for us we need to make better maps. We need to stop limited thinking and think better. The outer reflects the inner.

Make A Better Map – Create What You Want – Say Yes To Life

I repeat. The outer is a reflection of the inner because the inner is all we actually have. We mistakenly think we are dealing with the outer but at all times we are dealing with our re-representation of what we think is going on based on our neurological filtering. Whew!

So to the point. Life, out there, mirrors our thoughts. We create the reality we live in either consciously or non-consciously. The sooner we realize this and take responsibility for it the sooner we can begin to have more of what we want to have. We can become deliberate.

Instead of haphazard creation based on prior faulty conditioning we can choose consciously what we deliberately intend to experience and we can take inspired action steps to bring that new reality about. AS you keep your thoughts positive you create a positive life.

Limitations Don’t Exist In Reality – Limitations Exist In The Map

You create new experiences because you brain looks for these opportunities you otherwise miss. You get what you focus on. If you are focused on problems you are apt to miss positive opportunities as they present because the opportunities aren’t in your awareness.

They aren’t in your map. If the location you want to travel to isn’t on your map how would you get there? Life mirrors thought. If you keep your thoughts positive you create a more positive life. You create more positive experiences. You notice more! You experience more!

Say yes to life and life will say yes to you! You get back what you put out. What you think about you become. Get it? Be grateful and enjoy all of it and all of it can transform in wildly wonderful ways. YOU are doing it! You are changing your map! Understand? Do you?

As Within So Without – As Above So Below – You Create Reality

Take charge of your life by taking control of your inner thoughts and representations. Say yes to life. Delight and enjoy and you will discover more to delight and enjoyment. Think and feel abundance and you will experience more abundance. YOU are doing it! Create what you want. Be grateful. Have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today delightful!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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