How To Have Fewer Problems And More Joys


“In my last post I pointed out that agitation is good. After all it is a part of life. It benefits us and we can use it that way. I pointed out you don’t need to seek it nor should you avoid it. Rather, embrace it and be thankful for the opportunity to grow and develop.

Be bigger than your problems and challenges. Learn to speak of them differently. Consider them situations rather than obstacles, problems or challenges. If you say, ‘there is a challenge’ you are affirming it as something challenging.

Please understand this. It is always as you think and say it is! Perception is everything. If it is a difficulty in your mind and you say as much, you keep locking it in. You keep on perpetuating it. Instead, reframe it as, a situation or an opportunity, or even a blessing.

Be Careful What You Plant You May Have To Eat It One Day

Say, ‘a situation has come up’. ‘There is a new opportunity before me’. There are many variations you can use. Remember your attitude determines your altitude. If you label something a problem it is one, at least in your mind, at least for you. Get it? Do you?

Stop calling things as troubles or bad events. Come to see them as opportunities with benefits that may not be obvious yet. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Speak and focus only on what you want and not what you don’t want. Speak how you want the future to be.

Stop affirming troubles and start affirming all the good in life. It will work out. Eventually, it will so begin now to affirm that. You don’t know how yet, but trust that it will. The more you focus on the issue as a problem the more you attract problem thinking and problems.

Thoughts And Words Are Seeds – Be Careful What You Plant

Remember, you get what you focus on. That is why reframing, letting go, embracing the opportunity and celebrating with gratitude is transformative. Let go of it being a problem and embrace it as a situation or circumstances that contains a seed of opportunity.

The benefit will be revealed as you successfully negotiate it. As you stay open to possibilities and affirm the good around you  you are more likely to see the possibilities. The more gratitude and celebratory you are the more of these good things you get back.

The more you will find. I have discussed in other posts this ability of your brain. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) looks for matches in your experience for what you hold in your mind. What you think and say, determines much of what you find in the outer world.

What You Say Is What You Get – You Create Your Reality

What you are focused on, what is important to you, you begin noticing. It was always there you just couldn’t and didn’t see it. Like when you spot other model cars like the one you just bought. Birds of a feather flock together.

The energy you put into it is the energy returned to you. I prefer positive energy returning to me. How about you? Energy flows where your attention goes. If it goes into trouble then troubles remain or return. If it goes into blessings then you get that back.

Consider feeling blessed no matter what happens. It is what it IS. We never have enough information to know what it truly is or what it all means. Therefore, consider yourself blessed and have faith, trust that ultimately everything all works out for greater good. It does!

What Precisely Are You Affirming Only Create What You Want To

Be optimistic. Even if the ‘difficulties’ remain a while you are better equipped to navigate ‘troubled waters’ with a positive, optimistic attitude. A negative attitude isn’t going to help you. A defeated attitude doesn’t provide benefit. A poor attitude gets poor results.

A champion’s attitude will see you through. Feel blessed. If you learn how to feel blessed no matter what occurs, NO MATTER WHAT, you are transformed. Life becomes incredible. It is you who will have changed. When you change the circumstances don’t really matter.

You matter! Please understand this. It is up to you! Gratitude and feeling blessed is the difference that makes the difference. From within to without. From above so below. Live in deep appreciation for everything and every moment is blissful. You will find a profound, deep inner joy. That is why I remind each of us, everyday, to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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