My Word Is Law. Is Yours? It Had Better Be!

“My word is law. I, sometimes, wish other people felt the same about their word. When you give your word – keep your word. How can one tell if your word is worth anything? Your word is backed up by your actions. You follow through. You keep your commitments.

My son used to say, ‘I didn’t promise to… because I didn’t use the word promise.’ I attempted to point out that when you say you ARE going to do something, whether or not you use the word. ‘promise’, it is a promise. You agree to act on your word and do what you say.

Keeping your word not only gives you credibility it allows others to rely on you. Your reputation precedes you. If you keep your word AND go the extra mile to provide value to another you do yourself a world of good.  Success comes to those who care about others.

Respect My Time – Match My Effort – Keep Your Word

You aren’t worth doing business with, or even hanging around with, if you can’t be relied upon. If you are always late, or say you will do something but then don’t do it you can’t be counted on. You are abusing other people when you don’t show up on time.

Time can never be gotten back. If you make people wait you are doing them a huge disservice. In the movie business, if you show up on set, at the required hour, you are already late. You should be at least 15 to 30 minutes early. People shouldn’t have to wait on you.

No one cares about your excuses. Don’t blame god, the weather, your kids, the dog, traffic or the economy on why you didn’t do what you said you would do.  No one cares about the reason why you were late. The reason you were late is you didn’t leave early enough.

Always Be Honest – Stay Consistent – Keep Your Word

The reason you’re late is you didn’t care enough for the other person to actually be on time. You didn’t respect the other person enough to keep your word. You were thoughtless and careless. Own up to it. Be responsible and accountable for your actions. No excuses!

If you say you will do something and you don’t or you keep missing deadlines you are abusing people. When you agree to complete something and don’t, you mess up so many things for other people relying on your part in the process. You actually do harm.

Perhaps, you have never considered how much you cost people when you break your word. Now would be the time to start. Make it a point to keep your word and do what you say. Be congruent. Be honest. Be reliable. Be likable and you will get further, faster.

People With Good Character Keep Their Promises 

Develop the reputations for being one that follows through. Develop the reputation of one that helps other people get ahead. When you do, and when you help celebrate their success, they will help celebrate yours. Together, you will independently rise. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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