Do This: You’ll Be Happier And Succeed More Easily

“Some people feel if they aren’t working hard they aren’t doing enough. They keep trying this and that, They fill their minutes with activity but not accomplishment. It is just busy work but not actually productive. People struggle to get ahead.  They try hard to be happy.

Stop struggling.  Stop trying to work so hard. Stop trying. Start doing that which benefits you. Begin letting go. That is a difficult concept for most people who may have been conditioned early on with the beliefs  it takes hard work to succeed. That’s brainwashing, really.

I’m not suggesting you do nothing. Action is a relevant and  an important part of moving forward. You must take steps. However, you can laboriously take each one or you can move smoothly. You can glide. Learn how to glide and move forward with ease.

You Only Lose What You Cling To – Let Go And Live – Allow 

Your body doesn’t struggle to grow or age. it just does. You don’t even have to think about it. Plants and animals don’t struggle to grow. Growing is a natural process. You are either growing or dying. You are either being nourished or starved. Movement is natural.

What you put  your attention on, what you decide to pay attention to, determines whether it is easy or hard. Energy flows where your attention goes. If you think something is difficult, it surely can be. Perception is everything. You get what you think about. Get it?

Begin to think ease. ‘This will be easy. It is normal and natural for me to succeed. Abundance is natural,  It is my nature to be happy, healthy and wealthy. I can easily and effortlessly accomplish anything I put my mind to. I generously give and I allow and receive.’

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

You get what you think about.  So think abundance is your nature.  It is the nature of the universe. Humans limit abundance. People restrict resources, but there’s not shortage of ideas, in reality. There is no shortage of love. We don’t run out of real love. We don’t.

Live life with greater ease. Stop making it hard on yourself. Yes, keep working, but with the correct attitude, you will make it happen faster. This is why reading the right materials daily is important. Fill your mind. Listen to inspiring audios. Hang out with positive people.

Imbibe positivity. Fill yourself up with great, wonderful, delicious feelings. Be better than just okay. Be thankful and feel true gratitude. Savor the sweetness of all the good, blissful feelings you can enjoy. Put your attention on finding more of these. Skip, jump, sing, hop, and dance. Play and make your work play! Celebrate everything!”  Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “Do This: You’ll Be Happier And Succeed More Easily”

  1. This is a really great post! I try to live in flow as much and as often as I can, which, for me, means to play more and work less. The more I see my work as play the more I get done and the better quality of work I get done.

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