Not Doing This Literally Robs You Of Your Life!

“Everyday you are being robbed. That absolutely sucks. Has anyone ever taken anything that belongs to you and not returned it. Not good, right? Every single day you are losing out.  Every day you are missing the mark and ending up with far less than you could have.

Each day you lose time. You lose energy. You lose opportunities that bypass you. Have you ever had an idea you thought was great, a money maker, but you didn’t take action on it. Someone else did and they enjoyed great success. Opportunities like that, may come once.

You may be reading the newspapers online and offline, articles on FB and more of the same, daily. You may be posting your displeasure and arguing with others. You may be viewing countless hours of video or attempting to get the very latest breaking news .

What You Read Has The Power To Change You 

You could be gossiping with co-workers and neighbors. Playing online games and gambling. Perhaps, you run down to the casino every few days to try your luck. Perhaps, you are reading trashy romance or popular novels one after the other. It doesn’t matter.

There are lots of ways to spend time.  It is important to feel good. Some things make us feel really good, which IS really good. Other things distract us from feeling not so good. They are ok. They bring pleasure and guilty pleasure but they are a substitute for good.

These distract us from ourselves and from our life. We can never get our time back. Ever! Wasting time robs us! So, how we spend our time, should be a priority for each of us. It is probably an accurate statement, that you could make better use of your time.  Am I right?

Reading Can Change Your Thoughts – Your Words – Your Actions

If you want to change, and transform yourself and your life into the best it can be, then there are things you need to do, that help you do that. One of these is reading. Reading inspirational and motivational books. Not just any book that comes along but some of the classics.

You’d be better served if, daily, you spend your time reading Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes, Wallace Wattles, Neville Goddard, David Schwartz, Joseph Murphy, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, and Abraham Hicks. Feed your mind some positivity.

Get some positive nutrition. Don’t get pulled down into the fray, rise above. Do some daily mental conditioning. If you could read for an hour each day that would be wonderful. If you think you can’t, then read whatever you can. 30, 20 15, 10, 5 or even a minute. Get it?

Your Life Does Not Get Better By Chance – You Change It

How you spend your time is crucial to your happiness and success. The more time you spend feeding and conditioning your mind for positive thoughts and enjoying positive feelings, the more positive actions you will take, that lead to positive outcomes and results.

Get it? Read these books and let them inspire you and direct your mind. Why read? Because when you do you use your imagination. You visualize and can picture yourself happy and successful. You affirm. You think, ‘I can do that!’ ‘I will do that!’ You use your mind.

Stop robbing yourself and start caring for yourself. You have to value your time and energy and how you use your mind and feelings.  Put an end to distractions that rob you. Instead, put your mind to good use. You never get back the time you waste! NOW, is the only time.

It Is Important To Think Positive And Feel Good Most Of Your Time

Remember, the more time you put your mind to better use, the more likely you are to get the good results and have the lifestyle you desire. Spend time feeling good. Use your imagination. Affirm your happiness!  You’ll feel happier and more successful as you do.

You’ll get further, faster, when you spend your time, filling your mind daily, with good, positive, reading material. Utilize  this blog as part of your regime. Spend time being inspired and feeling grateful. Practice appreciation for everything in your life. It will change you. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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