The #1 Reason People Can’t Make The Law Of Attraction Work

“It isn’t about attracting. It is about creating. It is about causing. It is about making what you want to happen, happen. When you take charge and create THEN you instigate the Law Of Attraction, but not before! This is why most people fail to get what they want.

To make things happen in your life, visualize. Affirm.  Commit to creating. Make things happen. This is absolutely,  the most powerful things you can do. The very act of creating the mental image you want to manifest in the future IS the power you need to put to work.

Imagining is different than seeing. Giver’s get. You plant seeds. You take charge. You are proactive.You are creating on the inside what you one day want on the outside. As you do this you begin to impress on your subconscious how you want things to be. You are doing it!

Sow Little And Reap Little – Sow Big And Reap Big 

You give energy to creating the visualization and you get it back. Hold the visualization firm until you get the results. Affirming and visualizing IS the way to create amazingly wonderful feelings. Feelings drive the show. Positive feelings supercharge our efforts.

You want to ‘vibe high’, and feel as good as you possible, throughout each day AND when you visualize and affirm.  So make it a habit to feel these feelings and positive thoughts as frequently as possible. Use your imagination. Invoke your power. Create big and reap big!

Decide to make it happen and you will put the other laws into action. The results you get are the ‘effects’ of your ’cause’. Be at cause because then you can have what you can conceive of and believe you can have. Remember, Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important that knowledge.’ It works. Begin creating. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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