The Number One Reason You Aren’t Happy Or Rich Yet

“Most people want a better life. I am sure you do. I do. You may want improved circumstances. You may desire strongly. You may have wanted it for years and years, more than anything, only to be frustrated, confused and upset that ‘it’ hasn’t happened. Right?

There is a reason why you aren’t getting what you want. Inner work is based on a few things. The first two are critical. Napoleon Hill said. ‘What you can conceive and believe you can achieve.’ He elaborated. You must know what you want and make it a white hot obsession.

You must passionately desire it more than anything. Perhaps, you already do. The second ingredient is MOST IMPORTANT. You must believe you will get it. You must expect to make it happen. You must know with certainty it is yours. Without expectation you won’t get it.

Whatever You Think About You Bring About – Focus Wisely

To wish and want but not to expect to get it, is how most live their lives. Instead on being certain it is coming, no matter what, people put their attention on the evidence they don’t have it yet. They complain and focus on current circumstances. They re-create this.

You must want it and know you will make it happen. Wanting is not enough! Expecting it, eagerly anticipating it, no matter what currently is going on, is THE inner work you need to get good at. You only receive what you expect. What you expect IS what you attract.

So, if you have missed this important point up to now, you need to learn how to make things happen! You need to learn how to better use your mind. You can’t keep doing what you have always done and think it will be different. It won’t! It will remain the same or worse.

What You Think About Most Of The Time You Become

Take charge. Invest in you. Stop creating what you do not want! Learn to direct your mind and your will to create and have what you want to be, do and have. Anything you can conceive and come to believe you can achieve. You will get it. You can have it. It is always completely up to you. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “The Number One Reason You Aren’t Happy Or Rich Yet”

  1. The three “action words” are concieve, believe and achieve. Concieve see yourself with it in your hands in your mind. Believe keep it in your mind and feel it get stronger each day. Achieve you must reach out or physically get up and go get it. To perform at the Magic castle: magic’s highest honor I had to concieve the idea. Next I held it in my mind and finally I drove for three days from Ohio to Califrornia to perform on their stage. This resulted in me being the first and only magician in the history of Ohio to be invited to perform at the magic castle.

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