Probably The Toughest Thing You Need To Do Is This!

“I am not saying it is difficult, but some will think so. This is probably the toughest thing you need to learn, to do and to master. Once you have accomplished this the rest becomes so easy. Actually, it is all easy. We are the ones who make it tough. We think it is hard.

Therefore it is. Mindset rules. Your attitude determines everything. If you think it difficult it will be more difficult than if you know it is easy. While there are always delightful surprises, realize, if you think it is tough, and it turns out not to be, you made it so to begin with.

You thought it would be hard and you acted the same even if ultimately it turned out not to be. Our thoughts shape our reality. So the toughest thing you need to learn to do is let go. Letting go actually is easy, most people just think it is difficult. So then it is.

If You Want To Be Happy – Then Just Be – Learn To Receive – Enjoy

Let go and let god. Trust the universe. Trust source. Trust your higher self. Stop intellectualizing. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to do it. Let go and trust the universe will provide. Your subconscious will see you through. Maintain a positive mindset and let it happen.

Then you think, feel, say and do all the right things. Then you align with what you want. There is no friction. No resistance. The issue is most people try to do another’s job. They try to do the work of the universe. I mentioned I bought some CDs recently. That is true.

That is what I did. I ordered them. I paid for them. I acted first. I knew what I wanted and I put my order in. I paid with faith and cash that I will get them. Nothing is free and you must go first. Demonstrate your faith.  I let go and let the company and PO deliver them.

I Am Too Positive And Optimistic To Be Doubtful Or Fearful

I can’t do their job. I don’t want to. Still, many people put their order in and then try to do all the things to make it happen. They create resistance and frustration. They focus on lack and time frames and get their undies all in a bunch. Relax, let go. Let god or the universe.

Call it whatever works best for you. The thing you and I, all of us need to do, and we have not been conditioned for this from birth, but conditioned against it, is to know what we want, ask for it, order it, pay for it, and eagerly and thankfully receive it. Get it?

Acting as if means you act as if you already have it. You believe it is yours. How do you believe it? By pretending. Do that long enough, correctly, repeatedly and you will develop the belief. You will transform and renew your very own mind. If you don’t, you won’t!

We Can’t Solve Problems With The Same Thinking Creating Them

Learn to stop trying to do the universe’s job and do your part instead. Do your part really well. Then you open the pathway to get what you want. You remove the blocks and obstacles because you allow. You align your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to receive. So do it. Master this and you become a master manifestor. Meanwhile, always celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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