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If You Don’t Do This No One Will Do It For You!


“Between your ears and throughout your cells you have an intelligence that enables you to live all your dreams. You have destiny fulfilling neurology. The only issue is whether or not you tap into it or not. Most people don’t but you can. You truly can!

Become aware that you are infinitely resourceful. You already have all the resources within you to make any change. Most people just don’t believe this. Even if you didn’t you can easily find them, cultivate them and begin making things happen. It is all within you!

It is all within your power. You just never thought of it this way because of the mixed messages we get all during our formative years. ‘You can do anything’. ‘Go to school, work hard and if you are lucky you might catch a break’. We get all sorts of messages.

Tenacity Isn’t Just The Most Important Thing It Is The Only Thing

These form the foundation of our beliefs. Still, regardless of what we incorporated as our own we have had a myriad of experiences, and each, whether successful or not is, laid down within your cells, you neural pathways and memory banks. All you have to do is remember.

You can remember and access these. If not you can make them up for real. You can create resources and combine resources to make new ones you never thought you’d have. We are amazing creatures we humans but many of us have lost site of that. We live ho-hum.

We don’t have to. You can accomplish and do anything within natural laws. Nothing can stop you if you resolve to do it. You will always find or create away around any obstacle or hardship. You simply have to decide on what you want and then believe you can get it.

When There Is Will – There Is The Way – Go For It – Never Give Up

If you don’t believe it you never will. If you aren’t inspired and motivated to make your like work on all levels you never will. You will eek out your ho-hum existence instead of living life on your terms. Live as a champion, a victor, a wealthy, benevolent leader.

Stop being less than and start being more than. Start being the you you were born to be. Believe and you can accomplish anything you conceive, said Napoleon Hill. His book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ is responsible for more people becoming millionaires than any other.

Don’t wish! Don’t wait! Don’t expect others to do it! You do it! You make it happen. If you really want to you will find or create a way! You will keep going until you do if you want it badly enough. Less than that don’t expect much. Give up or get going. It’s your choice.

Stop Sniveling Start Living – Live As A Champion Live As A Victor

If you don’t go after it nonstop who is going to do that for you? Do it yourself! What are you waiting for? The only time there is to act on your own behalf is now! Do it and make the difference. If you fall get back up. If you ‘fail’ learn from it and go on. Don’t stop! Keep going!

Make it happen. Make it happen or stop whining and complaining and blaming others. Tough love here. YOU can do this! You can live an incredible life. Start now. If you don’t believe it decide you will. I and others have told you how to develop new beliefs so do it.

No excuses and no BS. Take action. You don’t need massive action you just need to take the first step and then follow through with each successive step. Get it? If you aren’t motivated do it anyway. I and others have told you how. Start doing and stop missing out.

If You Don’t Do It For Yourself No One Else Will – You Just Lose Out

As you move forward keep a journal of the insights, the lessons, the goals, the plans, the intuitions, the learning and the things you are grateful for along the way. Everyday do something small or large to move you forward. Start appreciating who you are. Make your dreams come true and start to celebrate everything!”

Don’t just dream. Make your dreams come true!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Buy It When The Gurus Say You’re Screwed

horizons loves-pure-light-phil-koch

“Have you ever noticed that the self help law of attraction gurus tell you you must focus on what you want and that you attract only what you are. They emphasize the positive and the wanted and tell you to eliminate and ignore what you don’t want and wish to exclude.

Then they turn around and tell you the problem is you and your unwanted beliefs and behaviors and turn your focus from what you want to what you don’t want. The hidden recesses of your unconscious. They tell you it is hard to change and necessary.

I think they should tell it to you like it is. Yes, you learned old programs and were conditioned to believe them over time. You accepted them without realizing it and the are automated and reliable. they work without you having to think about it.

You Have All The Tools And Resources In You To Make Any Change

The brain works as it is designed. Learn, wire in neural pathways and automate it. The brain doesn’t care if the behaviors or thoughts are beneficial or not, good or bad, true or made up. Those aren’t in its pay grade. It only does what it is designed to do.

Keep you alive and help you function day to day. So if you learned to smoke and it became a habit, you smoke. One day you consciously decided to quit. You try but it is difficult. The huge engine of unconscious behaviors and habits run on and on.

As they are supposed to. It is not trying to sabotage you or prevent you from anything. It is doing what it learned to do.  It is working perfectly as it is designed. The only thing you need to do IS TO focus on what you want and nurture that.

Start Where You Are – Use What You Have – Do What You Can

Remember, the story of the two wolves inside you that are fighting. The one that wins is the one you feed. Feed what you want. If you think it will be hard then it will be. If you think it easy it will be. Beliefs are like that. What we belief tends to be the case.

We see from out mindset. We don’t see what is there. We see what we believe to be there. This is another function of the brain and the reticular activating system; to find matches within our experience and within our circumstances to our habitual mindset. The old one!

If you want to find new things you have to change the mind set. Stop thinking you are sabotaging yourself and realize you work perfectly well. You have changed some of your desires and now you want to go after them. Old habits remain but you can replace them.

Stop Doubting Yourself – Put In The Effort To Make It Happen

The easier you think it will be the easier it will be. It most likely won’t happen over night. We should still think realistically. It will happen soon enough as you keep at it. Encourage yourself, nurture yourself, feed yourself the positive, the productive, the joyful.

Leave the sabotage to the gurus selling another reason why you need them. Find your inner strength and happiness. Find your delight and celebration. Yes, there may, and most likely will, be speed bumps. That is all part of the wonderful universe we inhabit. Don’t focus on the speed bumps. Focus on where you want to end up. Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Today think spectacularly!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It’s Already Here: You Don’t Have To Look Far To Find It!


“You are already complete. Ancient mystics and philosophers have told us this forever. We are missing nothing within. Yes, we think we are but the truth is we already have everything we need or want. In Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) we have a tenant that states:

You have all the resources already within you to make any change. Some people don’t believe that but those who do WILL discover the truth of that statement. When we think we are limited in any way, we are. When we think we have everything we need, we actually do.

We’ll uncover those resources, become more creative, more aware and more apt to discover and notice those resources whenever we need them or want them. The Reticular Activation System of our brain finds those matches within and without us. It works this way.

You Are Already That Which You Seek – Accept And Allow It

It works, but only for those who are open to it. If you are closed you don’t know what you miss. It’s no different than standing before a closed door you’ve never stood before; you don’t know what’s on the other side. How could you? You can’t. You don’t have access.

But if the door is open you can see what’s there. You can enter and explore. Being open to possibilities is the same. The more open and available you are, the more you can discover and benefit. Staying open is the trick. Let go of beliefs that don’t support and limit you.

You already have it all. You simply have to learn to accept this. Once you begin to accept it you will begin to experience it. As you experience it, the more you do, the more you will. When you accept and believe there are no limitations you become free.

Be Silent And Listen The Inspiration You Seek Is Within You

The freer you become the more free you become. The easier it is to manifest. The more you manifest the better you get at it. Everything is similar to a muscle. It grows with use. It begins with acceptance. It begins by dropping negativity, doubt and defeat. It begins with trust.

It begins by accepting your true resourceful, abundant nature. It begins by accepting yourself as a creator, and attractor. It begins by claiming your power. It comes with recognizing who you are and what you are able to do. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper.

Stop telling old defeatist stories about lack and defeat. Start telling stories about love, happiness and success. Make it so. You don’t wait for it. YOU do it. Discover who you are. Drop inside and get acquainted with the true you. You are divine. You are incredible.

Be Still – The Answers You Seek Come When You’re Quiet

Accept it and live it. Feel it. Experience it. Remember it. IT is who you already are. Appreciate it. Be grateful. Live it. Savor it. Expand it. Allow it and receive it. Encourage it. Celebrate it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Let your light shine more today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch

Guidelines For Getting Along With Others While Talking


“Here are a few tips and principles that will help improve you ability to connect and communicate with another person. Stay open and positive. Don’t label the other person as a poor or bad communicator.  Don’t judge them that only makes things worse.

Assume you are missing the point rather than judging them. Take responsibility for listening better. Blaming them won’t help. If you change what you are doing it might. Stay open.  Assist them in being clearer. With your help you may create better understanding.

Everything depends on your intent as a communicator. Are you seeking to understand or ridicule. If you make judgements and insist they change to suit you it actually inhibits the process. You shut down and it is more difficult for them. Don’t let emotions get in way.

Not Everyone Thinks The Way You Think Or Knows What You Do

Make it easier for the listener.  Help the communicator be clearer if able. Ask simple questions politely to help them clarify their points. Gently and patiently bring it out of them. Elicit it gradually. Take responsibility for making the process go nicely for both of you.

A frame you can adopt to help you is to assume they don’t know any better. They can’t help but do it the way they are doing it. It isn’t their fault and they aren’t bad. It is just the way it is. Imagine helping a small child to do something well. Encourage them along.

The goal in communicating is to build a bridge between parties. It is to learn to speak the other person’s language rather than insisting they speak yours. While it might be nicer if they did it your way be the bigger person and adapt to them. Be flexible. Be a chameleon.

Not Everyone Believes What You Believe Or Acts As You Act …

Change what you are doing so you can get along with more people. If you only have one way of doing something you are limited in the number of people you can influence. If you adapt and help make the process enjoyable you win more friends. Make them feel at ease.

Help them feel comfortable speaking with you and they will want to do it again. Make gentle and direct eye contact. Listen intently and once in a while repeat back to them what they said so they know you are listening. Do the same if you want them to be clearer.

Repeat and ask them what is meant. Always be polite and respectful. Nod and ‘uhhuh’ or say ‘yes’ also once in awhile. Don’t stare. Talk less and listen more but don’t be completely silent looking like you are in trace. Engage, be appealing. Smile, encourage them to talk more.

Remember This And You Will Get Along With A Lot More People

Ask questions but don’t interrogate. Don’t ask so many they feel they are being put to a test. Give them some room to be themselves. Often it is best to sit next to them than opposite them. Or sit t the corner of a table rather than across from each other.

I’ll share more as we continue. For now implement what you learn. Action is the proper fruit of knowledge. Expect to have a nice time. Mentally shower them with love or gratitude or peace. Your outer behavior does reflect your inner behavior, whether it is positive or negative, so keep it positive. Enjoy communicating and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate with friends today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Knowing Comes From Doing: The More You Do The More You Can Do!


“To know and not to do is to not know. Anyone who tells you something will or will not work and that person has not done it, truly does not know. Listen to those who have done what you want to and who have started out as you have started out. This is important.

When choosing a mentor of guide it is important the person began like you began. If they came from wealth and you didn’t they shouldn’t be your mentor. If you want to play basketball and they haven’t they shouldn’t be your mentor.  Get it?

Do not listen to people who haven’t done what you want to do if they haven’t done it. Naysayers are plentiful. Don’t even listen to yourself. It is easy to say no. It makes a difference to actually attempt to do something and follow through until it is done.

Thoughts Lead To Feelings Lead To Actions Lead To Results

When I was younger I didn’t think autosuggestions or affirmations worked. They certainly did not for me. I couldn’t get them to try as I might. I’d try and give up. Then I’d try and give up. The same sort of thing many do when wanting to quit smoking. Try and stop trying.

I thought it doesn’t work. Maybe it works for others but not for me. I was either too smart or too stupid to get it to work. I didn’t know how. There was a hidden secret. Others were just better and I not good enough. I had reasons, blames, excuses and complaints.

Other people today will tell you they tried it and it doesn’t work. They are not experts. They are people who gave up. Am I too harsh? Perhaps, or perhaps not harsh enough. Losers complain while winners celebrate. If they can’t succeed no one should succeed.

If You Do Nothing There Will Be No Result – Take Action

Do not let anyone rain on your parade. Not even yourself. Do the thing and you will know. Don’t do the thing and you will never know. To know and not to do is not to know. If you read books to try to change yourself but don’t take the action steps to do it you lose.

You don’t know. Information will not change you. Only applied information correctly, consistently, for long enough will change you. It is always, usually, most difficult in the beginning. Yes, along the way there may be other speed bumps. Over all it gets easier.

With application it gets easier to do. Once you make it a habit, a routine, a daily ritual it is easy to do. You do it because it is your new habit. If you want to your life to change you have to change  some of the things in your life. You cannot continue the same way.

Doing What You Aways Did Will Get You What You Always Got

Do it! Learn to control your thinking. Do it! At one time I thought it impossible. When I was younger I quit many times. When I was older and prepared to face a challenge I committed to it.I stayed with it through easy times and the tough times. I continue to commit.

Challenges arise. I maintain control. I continue to exercise control. If I lose it. I much more quickly regain it. My life is most incredible as a result. I developed mental toughness and gentleness. I did it because at one point there was nothing else for me to do. I mean that!

I had to do it. I felt overwhelmed and lost. Even though I had lots of skills and knowledge and experience I hit a wall. A huge wall and my first thought was ,’I can’t live like this anymore’.  I had to find a way to make what I want consistently occur. I had to be in charge of me.

Resolutions Require Only Words – Results Require Actions

I started back at square one. I began applying what I knew didn’t work. I re-read Napoleon Hill. I did it his way. I did it my way. I used my Directed Questions™ I had developed earlier. I made it my mission to control my thoughts and emotions and get better results.

Eventually, it began working. There were ups and downs. The difference for me this time was I was prepared to face the down times and see it through them. When they got tough I  exclaimed, ‘Bring it on!’ I was determined to be bigger than my problems.

Previously, in my old conditioned life, when times got tough, I’d think, ‘I knew it. This doesn’t work. Why me? ‘ I’d quit. I’d go into negative, depressed, woe is me, worried thinking. I’d worry about what was going on, not going on or what was coming up.

The Result Of The Action Depends On The Quality Of The Action

It sucked. Once I decided ‘no matter what’ I was going to see it through, I saw it through. I continue to do so. Whenever thoughts came up I didn’t like I’d do a trick I’d learned in the 70’s and say ‘cancel’. Later, I replaced it with, ‘No thanks, but thanks for sharing.’

These helped me identify and deal with unwanted thoughts or feelings. Sometimes I had to say it numerous times in succession. I found it easier to say ‘thanks for sharing’ because I didn’t try to fight it. I simply acknowledged it and went on. I didn’t let it interfere.

Regarding circumstances, I’d think, ‘It is what it is.’ However it works out ‘it is what it is’. I respond but not get caught up. I realized whatever I do may or may not work. It will end up how ever it ends up. I still can pursue what I want but I am not married to the result.

Failure Only Happens When You Give Up Trying – Never Quit

The result will be whatever it is. I will have to adjust as necessary. These practices have been so freeing and have helped me move forward. I love my life. I love what I have learned and applied. I love how I have evolved. I love I still am evolving, learning and applying.

Don’t believe me because I say it works. Believe yourself when you make it work. That is the only actual way to know. Many may say many things. People said, we’d never fly or land on the moon. The experts of the day said that. Experts don’t know either. Unless…

Unless they have successfully already done it and leave the door open for other possibilities. Your friends and family may say you are silly for thinking a certain way. Be respectful. Do not be gullible either. Make sure you are getting good, accurate info from each side.

Winners Are Not People Who Never Fail But Who Never Quit

Don’t leap without looking. Don’t invest your time, energy, money or more into schemes. That is not what I am talking about at all. I am talking about developing positive, powerful, personal habits that help you get through life more confidently and joyously.

You can learn anything and master it. The more you do the more you can do. Step by step, you journey. Drop by drop the tub fills. Make the effort. That is what makes the difference. Develop the mind set of a winner and champion. Develop and unbeatable attitude.

Become invincible in your pursuit. Never stop. If you fall get back up. I learned how important it was to continue on. I learned that gratitude made it far easier. When you consider EVERYTHING a blessing you can say ‘bring it on!’ Be grateful for the challenges too. You will do it. Commit to it today. Have fun. Never stop AND Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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50 – 50 – 50 Don’t Miss This 50 – 50 – 50


“My philosophy honed from over 40 years of training, and the rest of the years of my own life, is go ahead and dip your toes in the crap pool but dive into the wonderful, incredible pool. Immerse yourself in the goodness by keeping yourself focused on positive feelings.

Does this mean we are never angry, fearful, doubtful or sad? Absolutely not. It means we feel what is going on. We allow it. Accept it and then move on. We acknowledge difficulties but we don’t get caught in them. We don’t wallow in our problems.

Too many people bask in the crap when they could, read that again, they COULD bask in all the wonderfulness life offers. They do it because they were conditioned to do it. They really don’t know, or have any better way to think or behave. It is all they know and do.

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To It Takes Perseverance

I am for being a mental warrior, a champion. Bring discipline to your mind and feelings so you can discover what is possible when you do. If you don’t do it you won’t know. AND what you don’t know and have no experience in YOU don’t know and have no experience in.

That doesn’t mean you will never know only that you don’t know how it could be different right now in your present. In order to know and experience the difference you must do something different. You do understand this, right? If you do not know YOU DO NOT KNOW.

You cannot keep doing things exactly the same way and expect things to change or be different.  If you always do what you always did you DO ALWAYS get what you ALWAYS GOT. That is how it works. This isn’t rocket science it is quite simple and easy to grasp.

Will It Be Easy – Nope – Will It Be Worth It – Absolutely

You keep doing things over and over again that you may not want to because habits are reliable. They work automatically. They are neural pathways of behaviors that you learned through repetition over time. They are well practiced and rehearsed. They are habits!

This may include negative thinking and limiting beliefs, feeling sad or anxious, or biting your nails, twisting your hair or smoking. Each habit is developed either by repeated exposure or repeated practice. For something to become a habit you have to do it over and over.

You may not have considered it practice to smoke but each time you sucked on a cigarette you were practicing the habit, and developing the habit of smoking. Same is true about biting your nails, feeling bad or thinking you are worthless. You did it enough times to master it.

Focus – You Can Do This – Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill

You learned a skill that resulted in less than glorious thoughts feelings and behaviors. Get it? It actually is a learned behavior as is any skill you have ever learned. Walking, talking, reading, writing, and each and everything that you do well. Those are habits too.

There is the opportunity to change each of less than glorious habits. Since you learned them to begin with you can learn to replace them. It takes focus, dedication and perseverance. Many people try quitting smoking many times using many methods.  Right?

Because they haven’t quit yet doesn’t mean they can’t quit. Unless they decide it is impossible and keep doing it. You can do anything you decide you can do. To change, first decide you are bigger than the challenge facing you. Second, cut the problem down to size.

You Get What You Focus On – If You Dream It You Can Do It

Approach it with successive baby steps. You are bigger than your problem and you break it into tiny manageable bits. It is like climbing a ladder to the top. You go up one wrung at a time. You eat and elephant bite by bite. You travel one step after the other.

Some people have never learned to do this. If you haven’t yet then this is your starting place. You need to first learn how to think powerfully and positively. Learn to manage and control your thoughts and feelings. Everything is easier after you learn this.

Master your thoughts and feelings and your challenges become more easily dealt with. You transform yourself into a person of solutions instead of a person who has problems. Is it easy? No, not always. Some days it is harder than others. BUT It is simple.

Instead Of Why You Can’t Give Yourself Reasons Why You Can

It is not complicated. You can do each piece. Are push ups easy when you start doing them at first? Nope. Do your muscles get sore? Yep. The same is true of mental conditioning. You will have good days and bad days. Get over that. That is what life is, sunshine and rain.

You can have far more better days, feeling better than ever before when you apply yourself and learn how. It can be incredibly amazing but you won’t know until you actually do it. If you begin and quit you won’t know. You have to succeed to know what success is all about.

If you are like some people, you will claim you tried it, but IT doesn’t work. You assume because you gave it a shot, but didn’t continue, that you know all about it and how it doesn’t work. The brutal truth is you didn’t do it long enough or well enough to succeed at it.

What The Mind Of Man Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve

That is not to blame you. That is to get you to take responsibility for what you do. Hey, if you don’t like snails after you ate a few, you are allowed to say, ‘I don’t like snails. I tried them and I don’t enjoy eating them.’ Okay, just own up to what you did and what you don’t do.

Perhaps, you didn’t try all the possible variations until you found one you did enjoy, but you did try them and didn’t like them. Saying ‘I don’t like them’ is not the same as saying ‘snails are horrible’ or ‘nobody should eat snails because they are bad’. Do you get this?

Yet this is what many people do. They give something a shot and then conclude there is something wrong or not valuable because they weren’t able to make it work for them. You must hang in there. It isn’t that IT works it is that YOU work. You make the difference.

Start Where You Are – Use What You Have – Do What You Can

Don’t say, ‘I did a bicep curl a couple times and nothing happened. Bicep curls are foolish. Any one who does them is wasting their time.’ That may be your opinion but who cares. Opinions don’t matter much when it comes to reality. However, they help shape the reality.

Opinions shape your experience. It is likely you may not know the benefits of bicep curls or snails because your opinions may prevent you from ever trying them again. SO YOU WILL NEVER EVER KNOW and if you are okay with that so am I. Just own it.

Don’t blame others or circumstances or make excuses or whine. Own that it is not for you after a couple of non-successful attempts. Admit that you don’t know if it works or not. Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t but YOU are not willing to find out. THAT at least is honest!

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Talk Is Cheap – Do It

Be honest with yourself and others. If you do things that others have done for centuries, that have worked for the people who have made it work, it is likely, ultimately, it will work for you too. Figuring out how to make it work seems more important than giving up.

But that is just how I think about it. Make it work. Find or create a way. Develop your power and your mental toughness and positivity to the point where you can make, create and attract what you do want. Make it so. That is the choice you have. Do it or don’t do it.

If you decide to do it realize you are not an expert to begin with. You need to have realistic time expectations. Everything takes time. An oak tree takes time to grow. It takes time to get good at baseball, playing a piano, becoming a chef or chess player or a swimmer.

Only You Can Change Your Life – No One Can Do It For You

Yes, you can get some experience early on but to become proficient, to become a master, takes time. Learning to control your thoughts and feelings and behaviors after however many years of not doing this, will take some time. Everything takes SOME time, doesn’t it?

It may surprise you how quickly things can begin to shift for you, especially if you do a little bit daily. BUT expect to be in for the long haul. If you commit to ‘I will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes’ you are well on your way IF you really mean it.

That is why people who bottom out often become great successes. They have no other choice. It is either move upward or stay on the bottom. Once they decide they hate the bottom and won’t accept being there any longer they move to get what they want.

Change  I Can’t Into I Can – Pretty Soon You’ll Say – I Did

You can too. I hope you don’t have to bottom out to do so, but if you think about it as if you have no other choice but to succeed, then you can. It is either I do this or… If you are 1000% committed and there is no stopping you YOU will succeed.

Now let me tell you about a man whose story I was recently introduced to. You know that an Iron Man Triathlon is one of the most grueling forms of self punishing competition there is. You swim for miles. Bike for miles. Run for miles. It is brutal on the body.

Some who attempt don’t finish. Some do one so they can say they have. Can you imagine how you must feel doing one of those? If you make it, it must be elating. If you make it I image it must hurt too. I have never done one so I can’t say. I can imagine, however.

A Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Your Circumstances

From reports I have heard some people suffer a lot. They do, however, consider it worth it. Some, in spite of the pain and hardship decide to do another one. Can you imagine that? All the training. The sweat, blood, tears. Then the competition. Let’s do it again! Huh?

James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy, has done a few. He decided to do 50 Iron Man competitions. That is a heck of a lot of triathlons, wouldn’t you say? 50 and he completed 50! Isn’t that amazing? That is truly being dedicated. WOW, can you imagine that?

NOT ONLY did he complete 50 competitions he did it in 50 days AND  in 50 states! Do you understand this? 50 of the toughest competitions mankind has in 50 consecutive days in 50 STATES. That meant do the ironman and travel. That meant no recovery time.

Do It – Be Brave Take Risks – There’s No Substitute For Experience

That meant do it, finish, travel to next competition and do it again the very next day. Then do it again and again. He completed all 50 in spite of the fact that every expert, athlete, doctor and triathlon competitor said it was impossible. They all said not doable. NOPE!

Not only not doable but lunacy to think it possible. Right? They told us the 4 minute mile was impossible. They said, we would never fly or reach the moon. Who said it exactly? Why the experts of the day, of course. The authorities. Those in the know. All said NOPE!

Mr. Lawrence was told he could not succeed! BUT HE DID! He holds the records. The most Iron Mans in a year. He first did 30 in eleven countries. That was 2012. In 2015 this 36 year old swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles each and every day for 50 days.

Positive Attitude Changes Everything You Get What You Focus On

My point? He is born into the same world you and I are the same way. The difference between you and me and him is he decided he would do it then he set out to accomplish it. He didn’t think magically it would be attracted to him. He created the challenge.

He met the challenge with no other talents other than being human and committed. You and I COULD do likewise. Perhaps, we could even surpass his record if we would only try. Even if we didn’t reach 50 we would do more than we might have because we had a goal.

Because we were committed to going further than we ever had before. If one can do it, others can. After the 4 minute mile was broken numerous people did it within months of the record being set. Since then it has constantly been broken again and again.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t – You’re Right

That is because once something is done by one person others begin to believe it is possible. If you believe something is possible you are well on your way to achieving it. If you don’t believe it possible you won’t ever personally know because you won’t attempt it.

Or you will give up after awhile stating , ‘I knew it couldn’t be done’. Don’t let your own thoughts prevent you from being the best you you can be. Learn to take control of your thoughts and emotions and behaviors and make the world your oyster.

Find out what you can do when you put energy into it. This is how you evolve yourself. This is how you overcome adversity and defeat. YOU meet it head on realizing YOU are bigger than any challenge. Develop the champion mindset and don’t let anything stop you and you will be triumphant. Do it. Celebrate it! Then celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it happen today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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This Is Just How It Works! Accept It Or Don’t


“People are marionettes of their own making. They dance on strings;  the result of the conditioning process during their years growing up. They can be freed from this conditioning. They can be freed from habitual ways of doing things. They can learn to be free.

It is an unconscious learning process. That was and still is how we learn most everything. We learned to sit up, balance, crawl, walk and feed ourselves unconsciously. We learned from modeling others and experimenting. We didn’t read a book or talk our way through it.

We learned it all without much conscious effort, other than intent. We tried and continued until we succeeded. During this time and through our early childhood development we adopted other’s beliefs and values. We accepted other’s points of view.

It Is What It Is – Accept It – And Take Charge Of Your Life

Now we live from that conditioning. We made their beliefs our own without ever fully examining them to discover and decide whether we wanted them or not. We learned most of them unconsciously. Today, most of us don’t even know all that we believe inside us.

We operate habitually, subconsciously. We are unconsciously competent at being who we are. We don’t even have to think about it. Those beliefs are us. Well, not really, but they fit so well we don’t know where those beliefs start and end. We identify them as ‘mine’.

Those beliefs become ‘my beliefs’. They have to do with whether the world is a friendly or cruel place. Whether it is good or bad to be rich or poor. They determine whether or not we feel worthy or unworthy of money, love, success and possessions. We live from these beliefs.

You Were Born To Win – You Were Born For Greatness – Be It

We don’t even know how many we have. Beliefs tend to cluster as grapes do. They seem to come in bunches. Until challenged or provoked in some way, or until we attempt to do something outside our personal comfort zone, we don’t even realize they are operating.

When we consciously attempt to change  ourselves we encounter that habitual, unconsciously competent set of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We encounter those well worn neural pathways. The electro-chemical firings of our beliefs scream ‘Whoa! No you don’t!’

Consciously we call it self sabotage or resistance.  It isn’t any such thing. It is self preservation mechanisms. It is homeostasis. It is the brain working perfectly as it does. The Amygdala, a part of the brain, works to keep everything the same and consistent. It is protective.

You Were Born To Be A Champion In Life – Accept It – Live It

It works to preserve the status quo. That is it’s job. If you want to stray out of your comfort zone your Amygdala rushes in to keep you from getting hurt. It fears for your life (metaphor) it wants you safe rather than sorry. It doesn’t know any better and it works perfectly.

It doesn’t know a penny from a million dollars and it doesn’t know an imaginary threat from a real one. It treats it all the same. You want to lose weight and it reacts by keeping you heavier. You want to make more money and it responds by having you spend more.

Status quo. It works as a thermostat does to keep the temperature the same as the set point it is at. It works to keep you in your comfort zone no matter how uncomfortable that may be. It works to maintain all your prior chronic, habitual, negative conditioning too.

If You Want To Be Better – Do Better – It’s All On You – Create It

Because we have learned to be who we are we can also deliberately decide to learn how to change who we are. We can learn to improve ourselves and operate from a new set of consciously chosen programming instead of the programming we did not get to choose.

This is incredible, fantastic news and it has been around since ancient times. Only more recently neuroscience has helped to validate what few have known for eons. Many hear it but few live it. Many are called but few are chosen. It is a secret out in the open.

We can change and we have been told how. Still, few actually bother to attempt it. Why? Because they are conditioned to not attempt it. Our own programming rises up and says, ‘it will be too hard’, ‘it’s not worth the effort’, ‘you could never do it’, ‘can’t teach and old dog…’.

Everything We Know We Learned From Someone Else

Still, the truth is you and I and anyone can change if we decide to. You, and I, and anyone can live it when we are ready to. This helps us understand the statement ‘the teacher appears when the student is ready’. When ready one accepts that one can change and begins.

Prior to ‘being ready’ one listens from one’s old, chronic, habitual conditioning. That conditioning, isn’t all bad. Some of it is supportive and some isn’t. Good taste or wisdom means you can determine which is which and let go of that which does not serve you.

You can create or learn and embrace that which does support you. It is simple to do but not always easy. Changing any habit can seem tough at first but if you decide to change it you can absolutely change it. Some don’t because they don’t believe they can.

Do Not Let Your Past Dictate Who You Are – But Learn From It

Nor do they give it enough time and effort to make the change. Again, the concepts are simple enough. Yet, most miss them. In practice one must believe and commit and see it through. Humans can make most any change they put their mind to. Truly!

They can become more positive and powerful than they presently think they can. They can get better results than they have gotten in the past when they focus on what it is they want. It isn’t airy fairy wishing! It is the art and science of getting what you want.

A champion athlete knows what is necessary to compete at that level. The same is required to create a champion mindset. It isn’t wishing and hoping. It is action and work. It can be difficult but it can also be fun and exciting. It means becoming aware and noticing.

Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will – Believe

It means taking responsibility and control. It means managing your thinking and feeling. Whenever you discover you are thinking negatively you shift back to thinking positive. Not always easy but doable. You do it as often as you need to for as long as you need to.

Learning new habits means you correctly repeat the new behavior or new thinking of thoughts over and over again, for a long enough time, for new neural pathways to be laid down. You do it again and again, long enough, until it becomes the new habit. YOU do it.

You do it until you get so good at it you no longer do it consciously. It becomes automatic and habitual. It is just how one goes from playing scales on a piano to being a good pianist, a good baseball player, chess player, chef, seamstress, bicycle rider. We do until we ‘get it’!

The More You Take Responsibility For Your Past And Present …

Habits take time and energy to acquire. Most of yours you acquired growing up. NOW it means deliberately replacing the ones that don’t serve you with ones that do. The process needn’t be thought of  as difficult. It can be fun, exhilarating and exciting. It can be a blast.

Going from the old you to the new you can be an incredible journey. You will think and feel and see and tell yourself and others new things. You transform. It can be positively incredible. So don’t think of it as arduous just because it means replacing habits.

Getting good at any sport, swimming or golfing, can be enjoyable even though effort and commitment are involved. However, how you approach personal change may be from a tired old, negative mindset. Then it won’t seem much like fun and delight. But it can be.

… The More You Are Able To Create The Future You Seek

Change can take time. It can also be almost instantaneous. It can be many different things. It is many different things. Mostly it will conform to whatever you believe it is. So choose how you want to think about it. That can be your first lesson.

You decide whether it will or won’t be fun. Get it? THAT is how it works! YOU make it happen. You are doing it. Enjoy it or not. That is up to you. Easy or hard?  That is your call. When it is tough do you wimp out or love a challenge? Will you commit and be unstoppable?

Will you give up along the way? You decide. It is your journey. A great beginning point is to begin with gratitude. Feel thankful for what you already have and what you are able to do. Be grateful for everything. Live in appreciation! Delight in all of it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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