The Open Yet Hidden Secret To Learning And Transformation

“The secret to learning and transformation is hidden in plain sight. It’s something nearly everyone knows about but doesn’t actually know, apply, and transform from it. It isn’t intellectual at all. It is experiential. You must do it to benefit by it. Knowing is not enough.

The secret is to be willing to change! The secret is to be open to the possibility of changing and transforming. The secret is to be willing to let go of long-held limiting habits and beliefs and explore something new. The secret is a willingness to learn and be teachable.

The secret is flexibility and flow. Every moment of every day presents opportunities to go beyond what we have done before. Each second there is the possibility to let go of past garbage and conditioning. Yet few do, because they are comfortable as is.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Skill Comes Of Doing

Unless you are willing to become more of who you already are within, you remain the same. Within you is a vast treasure-house of resources that you miss because you do the same old thinking, feeling and actions every day. Change is possible! Get it?

You can go beyond the past chronic limiting condition and live life so much more easily, effortlessly and blissfully when you are willing. Willingness means you actually do it. You let go. You trust. You explore, you live in the present moment, flow and are flexible.

If you always do what you always did you always get what you always got. Now is the time to do anything else that is positive. Do anything differently. Smile and laugh more and make it a habit. Do things in new ways. Take a different way to work or school. Explore.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way

Use your thinking differently. Ask Directed Questions ™ and do affirmations. Set new positive routines. Read and fill your mind with positive thoughts more frequently. Live with enthusiasm. Dance, sing, skip, vibrate high. Jump with joy. Try it. Try these. Be grateful.

Try new things. Build something wonderful for yourself. Create your best life ever. Be willing. Have fun. Be playful. Look for the good, the lesson, the opportunity and the blessing in all circumstances and with all people. Fraternize with positive, uplifting people.

Help someone. Uplift others. Be a light! Express your enthusiasm, affirmations, your life and daily stories, positively and vibrantly! Stop focusing on problems and circumstances. Let go of negativity and lack. Focus on abundance and well-being.

The More We Do The More We Can Do – The Easier It Gets

Trust that everything will eventually work out. Realize it is all up to what and how you think, feel and act. Your results begin and end with you. Come Alive. Only you can do it for you. Stop blaming others and circumstances. Take 100% responsibility for yourself. Be willing to learn. Be willing to change. Be willing NOW. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “The Open Yet Hidden Secret To Learning And Transformation”

  1. Great post Rex! As my favorite, and a very heavy-duty and for real, shamanic teacher often says, ‘experience actually experienced’.


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