Why Trump Might Be In Trouble: 10 Major Causes For Failure

“Napoleon Hill stated there are  10 major causes of failure in leadership. Recently, I shared with you the 11 attributes of a successful, good, leader, so you could assess yourself and people in leadership positions against that list. I hope you will do it.

I share these causes for failure for the same reason. It is important to know and understand what does and doesn’t make a good leader and what does and doesn’t lead to success. Again, honestly, assess yourself and those around you. Most importantly, assess yourself.

10 Major Causes For Failure In Leadership PT 2 Is Trump Effective

Watch the video and make the assessment. It will help you in everything you do. In order to lead others you must first be able to lead yourself successfully. This is important to note. In addition, one rarely, if ever, gets wealthy or successful alone, but by enlisting the aid and cooperation of others. Get it? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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