Trump And 30 Causes Of Failure: What Holds You Back?

“How many of the 30 causes of failure are holding you back from the success you desire and deserve? How many of these causes, cause leaders to falter and fail? Use this list of Napoleon Hill to assess where you are, what holds you back and what you can change.

Use the list to assess those in leadership in government around the world, President Trump, our Congress and Senate, state and local leaders. Evaluate those who lead your schools, churches and businesses. Become sensitive to, and alert to, leadership in life.

Trump: 30 Causes For Failure – Do These Hold You Back

The main point of these 3 videos is for you to look at yourself and discover what areas you need to improve so you can begin making your dreams come true. A good leader, leads oneself first, and because one can lead oneself, one learns to lead others as well. Learn from this list. Learn from these 3 videos. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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